Jaana Pehchana (10~ Sanjana Breaks The Alliance)

Sanjana looked on angrily as Anjali cried. She smiled and clapped sarcastically. ‘Wow uncle! Just wow! No, I mean what a brilliant thing you have said to us for regarding you as our father since childhood,’ she said and sighed as tears made way through her eyes. ‘Uncle, I and Anjali, both have always hugged you when we missed our father in childhood,’ she said cryingly. ‘Haan, aur humesha se aapke andar apnay papa ki chhavi khojtay rahay, ghadday hain hum ke humne aisa kiya, bhool gaye thay k ek hi baap milta hai, doosra nahi,’ (yes, and we always kept searching for our father’s reflection in you, we are donkeys that we did this, we forgot that we get only one father and not another) Anjali said angrily.

‘You remember uncle, in childhood, when I was very little, and I saw you were fallen in the muddy water and your head was bleeding, that time no single person came to help you but Anjali and I came with our handkerchief to stop your blood from bleeding, we got you out of that muddy water, and you asked about our parents, we told you that we don’t have father, so you said that now you won’t ever feel that emptiness ever, and we didn’t feel it, but today you had made that muddy water splash on us, you’ve hurt our feelings,’ Sanjana said with her eyes completely drenched in tears and went to Baldev and Saadhna.

‘Mumma, bhaiya, I don’t want this alliance to happen, no one has ever talked so rudely to us, even you haven’t slapped us ever, then no one else has the right to do so,’ Sanjana said and turned to Anjali but found her missing. ‘Where did this Anjali go? Anjali!’ she said and ran outside but found her nowhere. It was too late.

She went to the watchman. ‘Listen, did you see that girl that where did she go? The one who was looking inside the house?’ she asked worriedly. ‘Yes, she went on a bicycle and was riding it very fast,’ he replied and Sanjana slapped her forehead. ‘Where to find this girl now?’ she said worriedly and went inside to inform the others. ‘Let’s go to our house, she might be there only,’ Baldev said and they went from there while Mani broke down. ‘I didn’t wanted to do this, I did it in anger,’ he said crying badly feeling sadness.

‘Only Sanjay can make her agree now, even I don’t hate them, we’ll apologize,’ Raima said and sighed. Anjali was riding her bicycle remembering Mani’s words, she was crying a lot and her vision was also blurry, she was riding just like that with occupied mind and deep thoughts, she couldn’t see the road. She collided with a car and fell from her bicycle. The person came out from the car and helped her to her feet. It was Aryamann. ‘Anjali, what happened? Why were you riding so fast? And why are you crying?’ he asked cupping her face lovingly.

She hugged him while crying and it pierced his heart to see her tears. ‘OK let’s go to my place and talk, come,’ he said and took her to his car, she sat inside fastening her seatbelt, he put her bicycle before the backseat. He drove away unknown of the shock that’s awaiting him. As they reached his place, he got out of the car along with her and they went inside. They got inside his room and sat on his bed. ‘Now take a deep breathe and relax and tell me what has happened?’ he asked comforting her.

She narrated everything to him and he was shocked to hear the entire story. ‘This is wrong that everyone is taunting on this without any reason. Is it a crime? Have we done any mistake? Is loving someone a crime? No right? Then why they treated me like this? If I also love Sanjay, so does that mean its a mistake?’ she asked and he was shell shocked by knowing that she love Sanjay. ‘Anjali, y-y-you love Sanjay? When did this happen?’ he asked stammering. ‘In childhood, I love him since then but he loves Sanjana and not me,’ she said and cried vigorously hugging him.

He was very shocked but hugged her anyways with tears in his eyes. ‘Anjali, I understand, because the one I have loved has also betrayed me, but I won’t let you face this alone. We will face it together, you like to have hot chocolate, right? I will just come,’ he said and stood up hiding his tears but she held his hand. ‘No Arya, bring wine, I want to reduce pain,’ she said and he nodded and went. Meanwhile, Sanjana and others reached their house but didn’t find Anjali, they got worried.

‘What will happen mumma? I am so tensed,’ Sanjana said tensely. ‘I am even more tensed, your sister is mentally unstable beta, it was diagnosed when you both was born because she didn’t cry but you did, so she was declared unstable and you were stable,’ Saadhna said and started crying. ‘What mumma? And you’re telling me now?’ Sanjana said and slapped her own forehead. ‘I don’t know what might’ve happened, where can she go? Oh God,’ she sat down in shock. ‘Sanjana,’ a voice called her and she looked at the entrance door which they kept open in stress.

‘Arya? Anjali? What the hell happened?’ she said and ran to him, he was carrying her in his arms. ‘Nothing just got drunk,’ he said and went to the twins room and laid her on the bed covering her with the blanket. ‘Take care of her Sanjana,’ he said and went. She sat by her side and kept her hand on her forehead. It wasn’t hot and so she sighed in relief. She felt a hand over her shoulder. She turned and it was Saadhna. ‘Mumma, I made my sister cry, I am a very bad sister,’ she said shedding more tears.

‘No beta, Sanju is a very good sister and no one will get such sister even by searching it, so stop crying and take some rest, she will be OK,’ she replied and went. Sanjana sat on her bed deep in thoughts. Soon it was evening, She was in kitchen making hot chocolate and she felt someone hug her from behind. ‘Sanjay,’ she said and he left her. She turned creasing her eyebrows and to her surprise, he picked her and twirled her. ‘Sanjay get me down,’ she said angrily and he put her down. ‘Sorry Sanju,’ he said holding her close.

‘Just by a sorry, you think I m going to forgive? By the way it wasn’t your fault,’ she said and he smiled. ‘But making you happy is my job, I wrote a new song today,’ he said. ‘So sing it na please,’ she said and he nodded.

Bekhudi bebasi bepanah bewajah nahi

Yeh bata main wahaan jaaun kyun..

Tu jahaan nahin wo ho ho..

Saaya saaya saaya hoon

Dauda dauda aaya hoon

Tune katra maanga tha

Le main dariya laaya hu

(She smiled at his words as he nuzzled in her neck hugging her from behind)

Bekhabar besabar dil bhi ye.. begunaah nahi

Be-akal beshakal jo bhi hoon..

Bewafa nahin wo ho ho..

Saaya saaya saaya hoon

Dauda dauda aaya hoon

Tune katra maanga tha

Le main dariya laaya hoon (x2)

(He sat on her knees and stood up picking her up twirling her and put her on the kitchen counter)

Sun sako toh suno

Wo bhi jo keh saka nahin wo ho ho..

Saaya saaya saaya hoon

Dauda dauda aaya hoon

Tune katra maanga tha

Le main dariya laaya hoon

(He nuzzled in her hair sitting beside her. He kissed her cheek and she blushed)

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