Jaana Na Dil Se Door Review: Pleasant and homely concept packaged with effective performances

Star Plus’ new show Jaana Na Dil Se Door started on 9th May 2016. It airs on 5.30 PM slot. The show brings the story of Atharv and Vividha. They are poles apart in terms of status, nature and family. But its their love that binds them together. They are very distinct, and yet get connected by hearts. When love blossoms between then, their fate takes a sharp turn, unexpected by the lovers.


The show stars Vikram Singh and Shivani Surve in leads roles. It will be presenting a rich girl and a middle class guy’s love story. The female lead Vividha will be pressurized by her family to marry a rich guy, instead the one she loves. Vividha and Atharv’s love story will be breaking up after Vividha’s father gets to know about his pride Vividha falling in love with a poor guy. As the story will unfold, the story will reveal that Vividha’s husband is Atharv’s step brother.

Main Characters:

Atharv is Sujata’s son. His mother means everything for him. He is smart, handsome, knowledgeable and a dreamer. He hates his father who never turned back to know their welfare. Atharv has put up his mother’s name with him, as he wants to be known by her. He acknowledges all the hardships she has faced to raise him and educate him. He does not know much about his father. He is angry after going through much in his life. He has a bachelor’s degree and wants to do something big in his own city. Atharv initially finds Vividha bad, but then gradually realizes her good deeds.

Vividha Kashyap:jana12
Vividha is her father’s pride and most beloved child. She is naughty, energetic, beautiful, humble and a smart girl. Vividha finds her father the most humble and honest man of the world. She is raised by much love and also given good values by elders. Vividha is often regarded perfect and very down to earth, which makes her siblings Guddi and Ankit furious on her. Vividha is very close to her father Kailash. She has been living in the city of Ajmer and it means world to her. She falls in love with Atharv. Her life changes after meeting Atharv. Atharv makes her strong, bold and independent.

Kailash Kashyap:jana10
Kailash is an egoistic, rich, dual faced manipulative businessman. He is Vividha’s father. Kailash runs a catering business. He has raised his children well by giving them all the comforts and luxuries. Kailash stays with his mother, wife Uma and children Vividha, Ankit and Guddi. Kailash loves Vividha the most. He often finds Vividha bringing good name for family. Kailash is determined to get big properties in the city. He also troubles people for taking over their ancestral properties. Kailash works hard for his name and status in society.

Sujata is Atharv’s mother. She is very soft spoken, clean hearted and a simple woman. She wants the best future for Atharv. She has faced much bad time to raise her son alone. Everyone know about her single parenting and hardships to raise Atharv. She has struggled a lot in life and never lost infront of circumstances. She is Atharv’s ideal mother. She has hidden a fact from Athar about taking big loan from Kailash. She has educated Atharv at Delhi university. She runs a dairy farm business to earn a respectable living. She is a woman holding self esteem and strength. She does not accept to hear any nonsense from anyone. Sujata still has hope that her husband will come back to her. She lives as a suhagan/married woman, while facing so many questions by people on her marriage.


Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharv
Shivani Surve as Vividha
Shilpa Tulaskar as Sujata
Vineet Kumar as Kailash
Aparna Ghoshal as Uma
Snehal Pandey as Guddi
Ruslaan Sayed as Ankit

Story So Far:

jana23The story is set in the beautiful city of Ajmer. Vividha is shown buying groceries. She is proud to do all the work that a son does. Kailash has given much responsibilities to her. On the other hand, Atharv’s graduation ceremony is shown. He wins the best student award and tells everyone what his mother means to him. Atharv is determined to stay with his mother Sujata in Ajmer and work towards making Ajmer more progressing. Atharv loves his bike a lot. He gets driving to Ajmer on his bike. Vividha goes to temple and prays. She comes in middle of Atharv’s way. Fate brings them together.

jana13Later, Vividha organizes Jagran arrangements. Everyone praise Vividha to be Kailash’s pride. She gets to know that milk is needed to make kheer, and goes to Sujata’s dairy farm. She sees the cow is about to deliver a child. She comes across Atharv again. Atharv helps the cow in delivering the baby, while Vividha faints by seeing the moment. Atharv sprinkles water over her. On getting conscious, she adores the calf. She makes relation with calf and gifts her anklet to the newborn calf whom she names Payal. She asks Atharv for milk delivery for the Jagran. Atharv refuses to her, as the milk is supposed to be delivered to other customer.

jana18Sujata convinces Atharv and sends him to deliver milk for Jagran. Vividha presents the chappan bhog Prasad and makes Kailash proud of her again. She realizes Atharv has delivered the milk for kheer and gives him money. Atharv returns the money. Kailash’s friend gives his son’s proposal for Vividha. He asks Kailash for Vividha’s hand. Kailash insults his middle class friend and tells him about getting the perfect Vividha married in a rich household. Kailash dreams a good future for Vividha. He gives description of such guy while Atharv is shown the opposite.

jana19Kailash reads Ramayana and explains meaning to Vividha. She asks him to find a husband like Shiv ji for him. Kailash jokes on her wish and tells her that Shiv ji did not had good terms with his father in law. Sujata gets ready to celebrate her husband’s birthday. Atharv gets upset. He regrets that his father left them and never looked back to see their existence. Atharv shares his pain with Sujata on how people call him illegitimate. Vividha and Atharv have an argument and she remarks that he has no father to understand what father’s respect means.

jana14Later, Vividha gets to know Sujata’s story from Dadi and her mother Uma. She feels sorry to taunt Atharv about his father. Atharv saves Guddi while some guys tease her on the way. Guddi gets impressed seeing Atharv’s attitude. Vividha sees Atharv beating goons. She apologizes to him. They both have an argument again. Kailash starts eyeing Sujata’s haveli and thinks of big business once he buys that haveli at a low rate. Atharv takes care of Sujata at home. He plans to take to dairy farm business ahead by some investment. Kailash sends loan documents to Sujata by his son Ankit. Ankit refuses to go and leaves then papers.

jana16Vividha takes the papers and meets Atharv again. Vividha slips in cow dung. Vividha jokes to fool Atharv that she has made Payal wear a 25000rs worth anklet, which is lost now. She asks him to find it. Sujata checks papers. She gets glad that Kailash is offering a contract for milk orders. Atharv explains his view and rejects the contract. Sujata goes to meet Kailash. She refuses for the contract. This angers Kailash a lot. Vividha comes home with cow dung over her clothes. Kailash slaps Ankit for not doing a petty work. Atharv looks for costly anklet all night.

jana17Atharv then heads to the lake and dives in water to find the anklet. Vividha goes to the same lake for puja and happens to see him. She regrets to fool him. Atharv sells his bike to pay the money to her. Vividha accepts her mistake and tells truth to him. Atharv loses his bike because of her joke. He scolds Vividha and runs to save his bike. The garage owner refuses to return bike on same amount and demands more. Vividha feels much guilty of her mistake. She decides to help Atharv and rectify her mistake. Kailash tries to inform Atharv about Sujata’s loan and his house mortgaged.

jana9Atharv misses to read those papers. Sujata gets those loan documents and goes to confront Kailash about it. Kailash acts innocent and puts the blame on his manager. Sujata makes it clear that her son should not know anything about the loan. Vividha pays extra money to the garage owner and convinces him to return the bike to Atharv. Atharv gets his bike back. Kailash calls Sujata at home for Gau puja and humiliates her indirectly. He thinks to teach a lesson to Atharv as well.

Our Take:

jana21The show had a good beginning. It looks sweet, homely and gives a nice appeal to watch. Story pace is good till now. As per the first week, the lead actors have really shown good chemistry between them. The characters are defined well. Both positive and negative roles have started clashing to add the drama. Vikram as Atharv is doing his role convincingly. He looks the angry young man of small screen, whereas Shivani as Vividha reminds the sweet and bubbly Bolly heroines. Supporting cast is doing a good job. Shilpa Tulaskar as Sujata and Vineet Kumar as Kailash shine with their powerful performances. The title song is very apt and soothing. Everything fits in the frame well.


jana22A good family entertainment show by Star Plus. To survive with good TRPs at an early slot is quite a tough task. Given a chance, this show can do better. All romantic buffs can watch this show for the lead actors, their chemistry and intense love story.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. damn.. yaar whenever i tried to watch dizzz serial… just one thng scrool up my mind to shut down d tv.. tat vividha nd adharv cannot make up together.. i realy hate dizz factt.. how disgusting yaarr den literally very soon vividha il fal for tat rich boy likee al dailyy soaps.. bt poor adharv.. i really feel bad for him… i just can’t digest one thng.. if she cannot go against her fathr wish.. y she fal for him??? i mean… i knw.. luv cant b done based on schedules.. bt she would hav control!! atleast he il nt hurt tat much… ?? guyzz if a rich boy can luv a midd clas girl.. n fight fo deir luv storyy♡.. why cant a rich gal il fight for her luv????… deir s none such type of soaps til now.. show such type of serials except JR.. bt deir s also so manyy marges.. tat evn v can dream of itt.. lolllzz hee heee sry if i hurt any fan of JNDSD.. i jst share my POV

  2. serial’s story is quite nice but as a character he is so angry but his situations make him so but what u right in the first para that she will marry to his step bro is not good as it is the love story of vividha and atharv bring his father’s reality in front of him but don’t mess with their lives

  3. Kail ash has done justice to his role, he acts very well want to see him more.

  4. nyz stry i jzt Love it….

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