Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha saying we will go your home back Atharv. Sujata makes Atharv’s hand away. She says how did you get mistaken that you can make my son away from me. Vividha says I never want to do that. I know Atharv is your life. I want to take you back in your life, I don’t want to make it a burden, you both are my responsibility till Atharv gets fine. Ravish says no, Atharv is my responsibility. She says no, you already did a lot, maybe there is some past birth relation that you kept in this birth, I will take care of Atharv, he is my responsibility and my love. He says before being your love, he is my brother. She gets shocked.

Ravish says you were saying about last birth relations, you don’t know about this birth relation, Atharv’s dad and my dad are same

person. Vividha gets shocked. Ravish says I don’t know what was in between you two, I can’t change what was there, but in coming life, its my responsibility to get Atharv his right, he has right on his rights. He is also heir of this house and will stay here.

Vividha says but Ravish…… Ravish goes to Sujata and says till Atharv does not become capable to manage responsibility, he is my responsibility, not a burden, he is my brother, if anyone is with him in family or not, I m his family, Atharv and you will stay with me. Sujata refuses and says the roof which protects this girl, I will not stay under that roof.

She says I had little to call my own, she has snatched everything, now I will not let her shadow fall on my son, that will take away my son’s remaining breath too, either we can stay here or Vividha. Ravish says Vividha is my……still my wife, I can’t ask her to leave from this house. Vividha says but I can do this. She says relations does not join when people try, I tried a lot that I don’t love Atharv, but love happened, my dad tried best to separate us, he has got Atharv beaten up and made me marry you, and our relation….. its all fine, this house, Suman, good husband, but I could not make this new relation, because relations are kept by Lord’s wish, like your and Atharv’s relation is made by Lord’s wish, I should leave from here. She cries and says I have done wrong with everyone.

Atharv says we will stay here. Vividha says no Atharv. She asks Ravish to apologize to Suman, I have broken this relation, marriage can’t be kept on lie, I will not lie more. She tells Sujata that she is her second mum, I was always your daughter, you are right, I m a bad shadow and I should be kept away, I will not let anyone get hurt, remember, even if I m not in your life, we can get away, but not separated. She cries and steps back. Atharv plays. Ravish and Sujata look on. Atharv falls down while showing a paper to Vividha. Vividha shouts Atharv and runs to him.

She asks him to get up. Sujata calls him out. Atharv recalls how the goons held him, beaten on his back. He holds his head and gets dizzy. He hears Vividha shouting and gets memory flashes. He asks Vividha why is she crying, don’t be scared, I m with you, your Atharv is with you, you are with me, no one can make us away. He repeats the same lines. He says even if the world stands against us, none can make me away from you….. Sujata and Vividha cry seeing him. He says if we get away in any accident, I promise Atharv Sujata will come back, this is my seventh promise. He forwards his hand and opens arms for Vividha. Vividha says he remembers that day when we got separated. Atharv recalls the hit on his head and acts to fight with thee goons.

Ravish looks on shocked. Atharv falls down. Ravish and Vividha call him out. Ravish says Atharv fainted. Vividha asks Atharv to get up. Sujata makes Vividha away and says don’t touch my son, you ruined his life, your shadow will become poison for my son. She raises hand. Ravish holds Sujata’s hand and stops her from slapping Vividha.

Ravish says you are doing wrong, Vividha is not responsible for Atharv’s state, your anger is justified, don’t make it unjust by getting it out on someone else, if we have to make Atharv fine, Vividha has to stay with him, you have seen Atharv got normal, like that day when I got annoyed on you, try to understand, Atharv needs Vividha.

Ravish tells Vividha that I understood you don’t value this mangalsutra, I will make you free of this burden today. He removes the mangalsutra. Vividha cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunanda

    Very very nice precap
    Tq u ravish😃😃😃😃
    Iam very happy for it.
    Ravish said right that vivida has 2 be with atharv for his sick

  2. Suman

    Really emotional episode. Atharv😍. I love vitharv very much. Even though precap shown ravish taking mangal sutra but some where I am having doubt at last writers may unite ravidha. Plz don’t separate vitharv. They r soulmates.

  3. TUFFY

    It’s possible for atharv to get better and sujata is blaming vividha, the person who can help get him better, she thinks it’s all her fault when it’s not all her fault, the main culprits are kailash and ankit. What will suman do when she finds out and who is the fake atharv?

  4. sudheer

    May be I think adharv ki cure ayina tarvathakooda cure avvanattu natinchi ravidha ni unite cheyataniki -ve ga marutadu.

  5. Deepika

    Sad episode ithink atlast ravidha will unite…..athrav get another girl in her life and becomes rich and ravidha will unite i think sooo dnt seperate ravidha ravish acting superb precap ka ravish expressions really killed alot with so much pain vividha should understand ravish loving and caring nature towards her

    • smriti

      No…i don’t want it to become a typical starplus show in which the girl finally falls in love with her husband completely forgetting her formar lover.if this happend i wont see it again

    • Vamshi

      In a relation there shld be love from both sides….so its only ravish who has love for vividha n vividha still loves Atharv…even after ravish knowing d truth that atharv n vivdha love each other i dont think they wil reunite..

  6. Simmy😘

    maybe wen athrav gets better vividha might start liking ravish and wants to be with him because wen hes removing the mangalsutra of her she starts to cry 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. mansi

    I loved ravish today a lot ,feeling bad for him, too gud Ravish we want ravidha 😍 plzz unite atharv with guddi .

    • Apple

      Majority people want vitharv reunite..not ravidha…so just stop watching show..if u don’t want.

      But only vitharv

  8. Ifka

    Marriage has no value if it’s only one sided, vividha doesn’t love ravish so why torture three people and hurt them by the so called marriage…women should be independent to choose her life partner and that means even if has to break her marriage to be with her lover, it should her choice, no compromise with something that she is not happy with….

  9. Suman

    Ya feeling pity n sad for ravish. But already his mother, sujatha,Rama kant, ravish himself, n atharv suffered a lot with compromised marriage. Even in case of Suman she was a loving wife. But they are not happy. If ravidha r United same history repeats. From starting story is revolving around compromising marriages. I feel it’s not fair to separate vitharv.

  10. Kaarunya

    No..heart is having more importance than marriage. We have only one heart n we can give space to one person. With some other person in ur heart u can’t give justice to ur marriage. Vitharv aleady got married through their hearts. Now it became too good story..This is the right track. Ravish is doing the great thing. Hats off to his support. Ravish got love from his father but atharv did not n he got mad bcoz of her..Now she is doing good thing for her love atharv..its true love.

  11. NS4

    Sad news for Ravidha fans: as in precap after removing mangalsutra …
    #Upcoming…..#ravish says #vividha now we are not husband & wife & now my responsibility to get ur married to with #atharv its a promise…..This is not a request but its an order

  12. cat

    Ifka I agree…..aaj ka epside dekhe dil kush hua…ravish ko achi ladki mil jaye ghi…dont feel sad ravish…vivida sirf athrv ka hei…i wish suman bhi yaha hotho aur uski ovr confdnt khatham ho jathi…

  13. indera sanichara

    Molly you can stop watching it if you want, because Artharv and Vividha are soul mate. Good ephoside today writers, why make three person miserable when two can be happy together. I am sorry Ravish.

  14. aishah

    God!…today i fell totally inlove with…Ravish ..hezzzz just soo understanding..i think vividha will fall for him..this shouldnt happen to any human….its torture…!

  15. Divya

    I am sooooo happy with todays episode……i love it…..kaash atharv ko sab kuch yaad aajatha…..feeling sry for ravish.he is a great man.he is ready to sacrifice his marraige for his brother.i love the cjaracter of ravish…….now i am hopping there will be no problems in lives of atharv and vivdha…..kailash dont come again ………feeling happy 😊

  16. Shona

    First of all provide a good divorce then the cvs can do the nonsense. …just by taking mangalsutra and breaking all relaations is so a game…and promise is stuppid…thank god ravish is out of this relationship with this b*****….stupid character so far in the tv industry. …..thank god the repeats are stopped….we r spared frm this torture….

  17. ammu

    Exactly ..atharv n vivitha are soulmates..no one can seperate them bcz this srl story is based on vitharv..still it shows the deepness of their relation..ravish hv jst a guest role in ths srl..i cant understand y some people supports ravitha..basis is what..rly mad guys supports ravitha

  18. latha

    I loved ravish today.ravish character very nice.we want ravidha don’t get separate them.they are best couple. Atarav turns a good friend that’s nice.always vivida stay with only ravish this is very good.

  19. soapy

    Hi All, Loved the episode today, but i do have a question, will atharv will accept vividha once he becomes fine…… it’s a big question Mark. By forced or not vividha is now his brother’s wife, will he accept the his younger brother wife. A Very Famous dialog in Tamil flim and its off the same situation like a girl loved a man very seriously but she was forced to marry a rich man and that too as a second wife, the husband after hearing her wife story decided to unite her with his lover and he will do the necessarey steps, so in the climax the lover will come in fornt of his wife and ask her to come with him taking her mangalsothram and break the marriage but wife is no mood to go back to his lover…………. Finally the lover will give a very beautifull dialog that is ” Sir, My lover can become your wife but your wife can never become my lover again, so be happy with ur wife”,. and he will move out of the country. So my mom think even this story will end in the same way……

  20. yash

    First Sujata ruined Ravish Mother life and now Atharh ruined Ravish life.
    Only in daily soaps it look great but in real life feeling bad for Ravish nd his mother.

    • Apple

      U r a fools to say that Sujatha and Atharv spoiled Suman and Ravish life…i think u didn’t watch this from the starting..so just starting watching from 1st Episode.

  21. Mahi

    No sujatha didn’t ruined Sumans life. Sujatha is first wife. Who came in between is Suman. N with vitharv also same ravish. No one did intentionally but. Circumstances did dat. Ya even I am having doubt after atharv getting fine he him self may unite ravidha. But ravish should unite them. Ravish saw love in between dem in last 2 episodes,how desperate they r with each other. Any man after knowing such love story never accepts her as wife. Better ravish move on with his life. Vividha atharv ka Hai. In this no fault of vividha also. Better unite vitharv

  22. sudheer

    Adharv & ravish both are same but relations ni respect evvadam lo ravish is more than adharv. Cause adharv chinnaptinunchi bad fate tho life lead cheyadam valana relations accept cheyadamlo naina relations ni vadulukovadam lo naina tanu chala bayapadatadu. But ravish kooda bad fate lead chesadu kani family lo matrame society lo kadu.
    So ravidha unite ayithe ravish family ki love dorukutundi. And suman also happy. Adharv ki society lo respect (father name) untundi. So director leads this way.
    From this epi sujatha irked vividha. So vividha feels bad and thinks that she is unlucky for adharv. Prev epi vividha valla puttinti nunchi anni relations ni break chestu vachhesindi. So vividha moves on ravish definetly.
    So I always tells that ravidha only.not vidharv.

    • Vamshi

      Well there r two things to be cleared
      1.Vividha broke her relations with kailash not with atharv..
      2. Atharv never wanted his father name he got his own name atharv sujatha n he has got his own respect in society…see the startin episodes ull find out

  23. Shruti

    U stupid sudheer,the serial is based on vividha and atharv ..y people are talking about ravish and vividha …really u r making fun

  24. NS4

    Guys.. is anyone here, who read JNDSD wiki Full story.. ????

    i read that full story according that “after facing many difficulties Atharv and vividha will be unite at the end”
    now that full story is not available..in wiki

    till now what they wrote in wiki that was happen vitharv seperation,, marriage with step bro,, Ravish will take care of Atharv,, Vividha knows Ravish-Atharv relation…so i expect they will unite Vitharv.

  25. Suman

    Sad n bad for ravish. Till now ravish character is portrayed as gentleman. Plz don’t spoil his character by uniting ravidha. If ravish is gentleman, he never accepts vividha as his wife.No gentleman can do dat. In front of him only vividha shown such a concern n feelings for atharv. Vividha can feel atharvs presence n atharv can feel vividhas pain even wn they r not together. It shows their love for each other. They r soulmates. Bring parallel female lead for ravish. If writers separate vitharv no meaning in serial title. Bond of Marriage great only if they love each other. True Love is greater than Compromised marriage . no one will be happy with compromised marriage.

  26. Antonio conte

    Atharv is a nice person…he will live very respectful life with his mother and fulfil his dream… make her mother proud..with or without vividha…. Bravo..atharv sujata…..

  27. Shah_dhara


    |Registered Member

    Hey Amena, we are addicted to this serial update.. 🙂 we need to know 10th november today’s update.. still can’t see on site..

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