Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Atharv working somewhere and getting g some consignment. He smiles seeing the boxes. He says this is the first step towards my dreams, its harness machines, I have waited a lot for this success. But every success looks useless without Vividha, every dream looks far, I wish you were here at this time…… He recalls Vividha. Pyaar bhi bangaya hai jaisa gunaah……..jaana na dil se door………….plays…………. He cries.

Vividha comes there to meet him. Atharv gets pleasantly surprised seeing her. She says you would be happy right. He says yes, I m happy now. She says you came to my house and got my dad insulted, you would be happy. He says I did not insult your dad, I just came to give you bangles, my mum has arranged everything, she made that dupatta by

her hands and made your sized bangles, you could have taken it for her happiness. She says I would have accepted, but not increased her hope, it would hurt more if hope got high and relations break, can’t you understand this. She cries. He asks why are you crying, I can’t see your tears. She says I can’t see my dad’s pain. He says I did not know your house has guests, I saw them asking about A written on your hand, I could not leave seeing you standing helpless, I did not wish to insult your dad. She says but questions are raised now, how will I answer them, how could I stop them from questioning, whom will you answer. He sees the slap marks on her cheek.

He asks about the marks, did Kailash slap you. She says no, you did this, its all because of you, my Papa did not raise finger at me, he gave me freedom, he raised hand on me because of you. He gets angry and says he should have not done this. She says he is my Papa and can do anything. He says I can’t bear this, that the girl who is part of my life….. She says I m not part of your life, come out of your dream world, I don’t love you and don’t want to marry you. He asks her to say just one truth and holds her. He says look in my eyes and answer me, if your Papa’s pressure was not on you, what would your heart say….. She looks at him and cries. He says tying cloth on eyes does not get darkness, open eyes and see the light, then you will see everything which you have hidden from yourself. Police come there and the car headlight flash on them. They check the boxes. Atharv asks what happened, stop them, my machines will break, its dairy farm machines, it will break, I will show prove, its my land, wait. The police constables break everything. Atharv and Vividha try to stop them. Atharv asks inspector to stop them, you won’t get anything here.

Constable says I got this and shows the plant. Inspector smells the plant and says so you are preparing this….. you are farming Afeem/opium plants. Atharv and Vividha get shocked.

Inspector says we were finding this here, you started planting opium in dairy farm plant. Atharv says trust me, I have no idea about this. Inspector says you think I m a fool, you are arrested, you explain in police station now. Atharv says wait. Inspector says sit in the car, else I will drag you. They push Atharv. Atharv gets hurt. Vividha says this is wrong, Atharv did not do anything.

Kailash goes to Sujata’s house. Sujata gets shocked. Kailash throws the bangles on her face. Sujata gets hurt. He says I explained you a lot, you and your son are deaf and blind, now I will show you, save these bangles, I will be in use in bad time, your bad time is standing infront of you, you did not keep your son away from my daughter, I take this responsibility now, your son should not be seen around Vividha. She says I don’t know your enmity, whats bad in Atharv. He scolds her and says Atharv is not even equal to Vividha’s nail status, he is dreaming to marry my daughter, you are bearing your past and I think you will bear the future badly, your son has insulted my daughter’s respect. Atharv says Sir, you are mistaken. He falls down.

Vividha holds him. Atharv gets glad seeing her supporting him in bad time. He says if I had mirror, I would have shown you that you are denying till now. Police takes him. Sujata asks Kailash to stop it, you are forgetting that you are standing under my roof and saying bad to my son, I m proud of Atharv and his decision to marry Vividha, they are made for each other, I regret that you can’t understand this truth. He gets shocked. Sujata asks him to go, you can’t understand or make relations, and we keep relations. She shows the bangles and ties in her saree. She says I will make my bahu Vividha wear these bangles. He warns her and says you will fall soon, I will make you apologize, remember this. He leaves. She says why did he say this and worries.

Vividha tells inspector that Atharv is innocent, I know he can’t do anything wrong. Inspector asks what are you doing here at this time with this guy, are you romancing him, this guy is farming opium here, who are you, seller or buyer. Atharv and Vividha get shocked.

Sujata sits on her knees and folds hands to apologize to Kailash. She cries and says save my Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today i loved vitharv scenes… Felt really sad for atharv… Sujatha pls dont beg infront of that kailash… U are a strong women.. Pls dont do that

  2. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    now kailash crossed all limits…and vividha is blindly trusting him…its good that vividha supported him in his bad times…precap made me cry…

    1. Hai lets hope viv atharv jodi not get separated. Vividha jana na atharv ki dil se door

  3. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    all of u are welcome to our VITHARV FAN CLUB…

    1. thanks mohi but if vitharv broke then i will also broke which i don’t want too

  4. Hitler kilash .in an interview atharv sed that he will bring viv to his house as his wife .its so interesting but poor viv one side her papa and other side atharv who really lov her oh my god what happens?

    1. good news

  5. Loved the dream sequence…the background song was very emotional…
    Loved the reaction Atharv gave when he saw the mrks on vividha’s face…he is really very possessive abt vividha… true love?? seriously with every upcoming episodes this serial is taking on heights to add to the excitement of people…really loving this serial…

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      yes he is very possessiveand he cares for her a lot…but till today its only onesided love…

      1. I think aftr seeing Atharv getting beating from the police she will strt realising feelings for him…hope this turns out to be true n soon we can see both the love birds fighting for their love against the society…fingers crossed

      2. no mohi vividha b atharv se pyaar krti hai bs accept nhi kr rhi us hitler ki wjha se

    2. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      no sis…I think as sujata is pleading to kailash to help atharv…so kailash will come to police station to get him bail…seeing this vividha will trust her dad more…hope this won’t happen…

      1. O God dis kailash is damn irritating… he is evn scary too ? but I hope when vividha sees Atharv’s wound she realises her feelings for him n soon she gets to knw the truth that her father is behind for all this . But this irritating kailash is making no stone unturned to have a control over vividha ??

    3. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      yes I agree with u…kailash wants to be good in vividha’s eyes so that he can control her…

  6. today atharv words are amazing…. every single words about vividha is heart touching…. his anger on seeing marks on vividha’s face so lovely….. plz unite this lovebird….luv u VITHARV…their moment is so special,unique n cute….best jodi ever….best serial…sujata plz dont lose hope….looking forward for next epi

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      the best part was when vividha took atharv’s side in police station…but this lovebird will only unite when vividha will realize her real feelings for atharv…hope this happens soon…

      1. hope so and wish it too

  7. I have seen in coming story that vividha marrys a rich guy not adharv…..very Sad to Hear This..is It True….

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      even I have heard the same…somewhere it is also written that the guy who will marry vividha will be the step brother of atharv…everything of this will get crystal clear only when sujata’s past will be revealed…lets wait for it…but I don’t want VITHARV to get seperated…sujata said true that they are made for each other…

      1. i read it too but don’t want it

    2. yar acha cha bolo

  8. Gowri is this sure…

  9. i never expected dt sujata will fall weak infront of that selfish kailash and atharv….the way he loves vividha….dt cant be explained. After humse hai life this my fav show.LOVE U VITHARV….

  10. Yes its true.??

    1. Oh noo?????

  11. Poor Atharv..so hard working. Always faces hurdles.

    I expected Vividha to fall in love with Atharv. And Atharv being a fcused guy will.later fall in love with Vividha.

    But here Atharv is in deep love with Vividha and it is taking ages for Vividha to realise her love.

    Very nice to see such a caring guy.

    But precap was a bit upseting. Sujatha losing hope so soon

    I guess Kailash would do something really bad with Sujatahaa family..which might lead to their emotional blackmail amd then Vividha marrying Atharvs step brother

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      yes even I was expecting the same…that vividha will first fall in love but here the story is different and interesting…lets hope that this serial also don’t loose its charm by later making atharv mad and trying to break vividha’s marriage with his step bro…

  12. Such an emotional episode?

    Cant see atharv falling weak and crying??

    Loved the song jaana na dil se door? when atharv was thinking about vividha..and then vividha slowly coming towards him❤
    And then atharv’s killer smile seeing her??????

    Atharv continuously convincing vividha..maybe she would have confessed..but…. Damn..!! This police???

    Aggghhhh how badly the police was throwing away machines????

    Kailash??????? wanted to hit him badly???
    Well done sujata for speaking against him??..but the precap???nooo..???

    Vividha trusts atharv and supported him..very happy??

    I wish after this incident kailash truth come out infront of vividha that he was behind all this

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      hope that kailash’s truth comes out soon…but I am disappointed with precap…

  13. Thanks for the update?

  14. Atharv is so good. How much episode in jana na dil se door tv show. Play. In. Till end

  15. Atharv and vividha are really so cutee..???❤❤
    Love to watch them?

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      yes they make a good onscreen couple…

      1. They have a lot of fun offscreen too i have heard.
        Dont know if you already know about it
        but there was a bet between vikram and shivani..and vikram lost it..as a result he had to be personal boy of shivani for a day 😛 😀 😀

    2. Yes arshdeep I also heard the same…with very less time they became very good frnds…their off screen interviews are jst awesome…in one interview vikram says she has a million dollar voice and asked her to sing den shivani told him in every interview you are doing this ? agn in some other interview vikram told that Atharv belongs to middle class family and this madam is super rich so she is wearing super rich type of clothes and I m given dis typ o clothes den shivani told they want to show ur hotness and then vikram says for that I have to be hot also ?? …love them both ??

      1. Awwww haww sweet??????
        Can you give me link please?? I also want to watch

    3. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      awwww…….so sweet……plzzz give us the link………

      1. Guys here is the link

        And this is 1 more link of another video…I like this video too very much…shahi bhog on the sets of jaana na dil se door ??

  16. vitharv rocks!!! Sujatha plssss dnt falll on.his legs for heaven sake :'( :'( :'(

    How dare u..bullshit!!!
    Stupid fellow whu sucks everythng..Get Lost man!!!

    Poor atharv cant see him.weak..n tht moment whn.vividha hold him.Awwwwwwwww!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ heavenly….
    Yes..they r Made for Each Other..Perfectly..!!!!!!★★★★★

    nice epi but pls dnt let ppl.fall.under Kailash!!!!!!!
    Make him fall on Atharv’s Legs…
    He deserves tht..crazy Kailash!!!

  17. atharv’s acting seems to be so real and when ever he remembers her and today’s vitharv scene specially when he talk about that kailash shouldn’t slap her just love it writers plz. don’t do any mess with the story plz

  18. precap vividha should see the precap scene and realize and accept her father reality

  19. it’s bg specally when the serial name line sung by male was just awesome and heart touching so superb plz don’t mess with this serial writers i shouldn’t say but i am saying
    yeh 1 chetavni hai iss serial k sath koi dash mt krna

    1. ya i agree wid u.

  20. i think dahleez is a much better serial than any other serial on Star plus. please do not mess up or stop it. If the rating are bad- timing may be shifted. wish i could talk to the director of dahleez and congrajulate him/her and the producer also.it is after nearly 20 yrs that i am hooked on to a serial after star trek and Mahabharath-by Chopra s on sundays.

    Please do not stop dahleez

    1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      dear this is JAANA NA DIL SE DOOR page…and yes dehleez is also good…in the starting it was full of charm but our VITHARV is not less than anyone…

    2. Dehleez is a wonderful and a veryy realistic show i feel..
      But better you say this on their page then only maybe someone will listen to you

    3. Raji ..we like this serial and so we are posting on this page. if you like Dehleez..no offence.its your choice ..so post your opinion on that page.

  21. Listen guys… I just read in today’s newspaper that there will be change in show’s timing. It will be now televised at the 10:30 time slot.
    Also Shashank Vyas Balika Vadhu fame Jagya will be introduced as Atharv’s step brother n probably would marry Vividha.

    1. Shit..cant watch it at 10.30 🙁
      And i heard about shashank
      Even when you see photos in google there is a pic with vividha in between and atharv on one side and shashank on other
      Hope they dontchange the lead pairs as it is a trend these days 🙁 :/

    2. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      10:30pm time…so what about dehleez…

  22. I have seen a video on youtube in which Atharv geys beaten up too badly by the police in the police station. Tjey beat him so hard that his faceawells and too.many wounds on his body . Chachaji and Sujatha hold him while coming out of PC.

    May be thats the reason Sujatha pleads Kailash to help her

    1. OMG cant watch this 🙁 🙁

    2. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

      so sad…I am damn sure that kailash is behind all this…may be he will save atharv and again become great dad in vividha’s eyes…

  23. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    so again we completed half century comments…initially this serial used to get hardly 2-3 comments…lol…

  24. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    guys if u all don’t have any problem then plzzz give a short intro of urselves…

    1. Me Arshdeep Kaur..18 years old
      From haryana india


      1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

        hi…this is mohi…btw 17 and 18years…from UP…

    2. Me Vishaka Kashyap from Assam… 19 yrs old

  25. Dehleez is going to get off air soon.

  26. This is what was written in the report. Jaana na dil se door is getting good rating so the channel wants it to be aired on prime time so that ratings get more good.

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