Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Kailash asking Atharv by what right is he interfering in his matter. He says you don’t even know your father’s name. Atharv says you always taunt me about my father, let’s end this matter today. He says even if I don’t know my father’s truth, Guddi knows her father’s truth, what will Guddi do now when her father is not supporting her, if this is called father, thank Lord I did not get a curse like a father, I have a mother, who is more than 100 fathers like you clubbed, she taught me to become a man, what did your father teach you.

He says I m not having anger, but I pity on you. Respecting women is real manhood, if you can’t respect woman, you are insulting your mother. Kailash gets shocked. Atharv walks off. Sujata and uncle go after Atharv and

ask where is he going, don’t be angry, stop.. Atharv asks Sujata why is she asking so many times, I m going to die. She sits behind him on the bike and says we will go and die together. They leave.

Kailash asks Guddi did she had to do this, to run away with a guy at night, you were caught by police, did I give these values to you. I have earned respect all my life and it got ruined in one moment, now Atharv and Sujata will ruin my respect in entire Ajmer city. Guddi hides behind Uma. Uma says its not Guddi’s mistake, Chintu is at fault. Kailash asks Uma will she cover up Guddi’s mistake, shall I announce her doings on tv, blaming others will not hide our blood’s mistake. Badri says enough Kailash, we have bear enough insult, we will leave. Kailash stops him. Badri asks whats there to listen now, Guddi did all this and Chintu got beaten up, end this now. Dadi shouts and stops Badri. She says all mistake is of Guddi, she ruined our respect. Guddi cries.

Dadi says everyone will say this now, but Guddi they will all say wrong. She asks Guddi not to listen to anyone, because if she hears then today, then all her life she has to listen to them. Dadi takes Guddi’s side and defends her. She scolds Chintu fir saying bad about Guddi’s character, and asks did you see your loose character. Guddi’s mistake is that she is innocent, Guddi could not identify a devil like you, how dare you raise hand on Guddi, I will show you how to raise hand. She beats Chintu with the slipper. Kailash stops Dadi.

Police comes there and inspector says we have complaint against Chintu, he misbehaved with a girl, who is Chintu. Kailash says I think Atharv did this, don’t know what revenge is he taking. Vividha says that’s Chintu. She tells Kailash that she called police here, as he said its their house matter and they should decide on it, so she decided this, not Atharv. Kailash asks you? Vividha says yes, I did this. Badri asks whats happening Kailash, stop your daughter, our friendship will get ruined. Vividha says Papa won’t stop now, Papa has stopped Atharv, now I have called police, my Papa knows whatever I do will be right. She says Kailash will support us, I m sure of it, I filed complaint against Chintu, now my sister and I will give report in police. Inspector says arrest him. Chintu gets arrested and asks Badri to save him. Badri says Kailash, I m sorry, save Chintu please.

Inspector asks Vividha to come to police station to file report and asks is there any witness. She says yes. He asks who. She says Atharv Sujata. Inspector asks will he give statement. Vividha says definitely. Kailash looks on shocked.

Later, Kailash recalls what all happened and Atharv’s bitter true words. Vividha hugs Guddi and consoles her. She asks Guddi not to cry, its not her mistake, share things with me, as are best friends, promise me, if you have any problem, you will tell me first, I will always support you, that’s my promise. Guddi hugs her and apologizes. She says I should have understood its wrong, if it was right, I would have not been afraid to tell you. Vividha asks can we put 20 by 20 inch pic in this frame. Guddi says no. Vividha says same way, every relation has a size like frame size, we called Chintu as Bhaiya, if he did not understand the limits, its his mistake.

She asks Guddi did anything happen when you and Chintu went out. Guddi recalls Chintu’s words and says nothing happened. Uma and Dadi hear this from outside the room and get relieved. Vividha asks Guddi not to worry and hugs her. Uma thanks Lord. Dadi says Uma, you were worried for Guddi, look at her, she is mature, everything is fine. Guddi says I will be careful and become responsible like Atharv, I will learn to identify people like him and then trust people, do you understand what I m trying to say, you are very smart. Vividha asks her to come and have dinner. Guddi refuses and rests in Vividha’s lap. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words.

Atharv tells Guddi that love is never wrong. Guddi asks how can we know when we are in love. Atharv tells her the signs of love, when a person becomes confident about love and can express it publicly. Guddi asks about Vividha. Atharv says her chapter is closed now. Vividha hears them and gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super….vivatha got the courage to speak up. And also i think from now vividha will run behind atharv

  2. Nice epi…. vividha did a great job 2day by opposing dat devil kailash. wanna see his face vn vivi said atharv vl gv statement definitely. & Atharv….. he’s soo hot as always… nice to see the sisters bonding…. pls writers…. don’t separate vitharv…. plsss

  3. Happy fan :)

    Nyc epi …….I would give 4****
    Atharv u r always rocking man…..Everyday my love towards u is increasing……but y vividha is not realizing yaar ……

    Now i will go to my topic….FAV SCENE nd DIALOGUE
    hmmm…..FAV dialogue was Atharv telling to kailash abt father…..
    Fav scene was when vividha told abt chintu to police n kailash getting shocked…..woow it was superb….
    Precap is confusing…but its good that vividha hears it. Now she will soon realise her love…

    Hai everyone…..how r u all…..Many members r not commenting….water happened….come on guyzzz….keep supporting Vitharv n JNDSD and keep commenting….

  4. Happy fan :)

    ” U know its love when all u want is that person to be happy even if u r not part of their happiness”
    –Julia Roberts
    Guddi is no one for Atharv …..eventhough he helped Guddi not only from Chintu but also he made her as a strong girl who should not bow her head in the society…..
    May be Atharv have done all this as a good human being but in another way…… I assume that he would be doing all this for Vivihdha…. as her happiness is her family…….

  5. Kavya25

    Nice episode…loved Atharv’s acting….first time vividha gone against her father..precap was awsm..vividha is realizing her love for atharv…

  6. Thankuuuuu Amena…
    Today’s episode was totally about Chintu..
    I m loving this slow going track..
    Dadi really rocked today ?..Kya jalwa dikhai h indumati ne?..
    Unbelievable!! Like seriously hw can a father be like that?? I mean he was still holding his fake friendship n didn’t utter a single word to chintu…ridiculous..
    Thank God vividha stood up for Guddi..
    I m sure that Guddi ll support Atharv..
    Precap Was gud…it’s high time..now Vividha Should realise Atharv her feelings..

  7. May I know which are you all from?????????

    1. Happy fan :)

      Hai shiny i think after a long time u r back…..i didn’t get u ……whether u asked our place…..
      Well Im (Ardra) from kerala…wat about u dear….

  8. Atharv u always rock with u r good dialogue…I will gv 4 star…2days episode has very strong dialogue which atharv did it perfectly…Pl writer don’t separate vivtharv…let them always b together…waiting for d romantic scene of vivtharv in rain…

  9. Wow superb epi, i wl give 4 stars.
    Am sure viv wl realize her love 4 athu. Bcoz she was sad when she heard atharv saying her chaptr is closed for him.
    Its gud as she wl realize her love.
    Dadi rocked.
    I am sad as their engagement didn’t happened.

  10. Hai frndz, i was unable to comment 4 few days. How r u people?

    1. Happy fan :)

      Hiiee….Im fine dear….water about u…
      Y u didn’t comment for 4 days?????

  11. Tq amena for the update.
    Any have that chintu god arrested. Atharv dialogue is superb about in fathers topic. Hands off atharv

    I think now viv love’s atharv.

    Gud ni8 2 jndsd family

  12. Let the most beautiful dream come to u toni8
    Let the sweetest person like Atharv comes in ur dream toni8… But don’t make it a habit as Atharv is going behind vividha n he is very busy…
    Just kidding yaar….
    Have a pleasant sleep with our Vitharv dream….
    Good Night guyzzz

  13. If the story will take a turn like kailash horriedly wants to marry vividha to a unknown to peson.Then atharv come and ask vividha to choose the right decision(as to follow her papa’s order or take a decision which she wants to do).Then vividha give priority to atharv then her father and marry the atharv infront of her father ,family and whole city.Then vividha comes to kailash and tells him that “I know Papa u feel pain but one day u will feel proud that I am married a right person”. Then her Papa said “I will challenge to one day u feel regrated that I marry this guy who is not perfect 4 ” then the story continuous like atharv winning and his family like father and brother introduction …..

  14. Arshdeep

    Another amazing episode today. Loved it totally?

    Atharv’s reaction on being called fatherless was fabulous.?? His words still ringing in my ears “Agar ise baap hona kehte hai..to ishwar ki kripa hai mujhe baap naam ka shrap nahi mila. Mere paas Maa hai jo aap jese 100 baapo par bhari hai. Meri maa ne mujhe mard banna sikhaya hai. Apke baap ne apko kya sikhaya? Yeh soch kar mujhe aap par gusa nahi..daya aati hai..” ????? Sujata was so cute today saying i will also go to die??

    Vividha too rocked today.. Kailash was speechless when she said that papa wont say anything now. Also the sisters convo at the end was beautiful.? Vividha looked so cute? Love the bonding and trust. Also the way Guddi was pointing to Atharv and then Vividha thinking about him was lovely??

    Another person who rocked today was our pyaari si daadi..ops “Indumati”.. The way she supported Guddi was good and i always wanted her to speak up as she is mother of Kailash and not he her father. Her words “teri patloon se bhi dheela tera character hai was awesome”..??

    Lovely precap..? A cute conversation between Guddi and Atharv. And good Vividha was listening it.. And was smiling..her face lit up when he spoke of love but grew pale when he said her chapter is closed. Anyways i dont worry the last time he said this next day he declared that he will marry her. Also now Guddi is there to bring them together. This time expecting a blast from Vividha’s side.?

  15. Arshdeep

    Thank you Amena di for the update??

  16. Supporting crime is more bigger crime than doing crime in that matter I supports Atharv and Veevidaa

  17. Good and nice episode. Nice to see dadi defending Guddi. And finally loved the precap. Atharv seriously needs to ignore Vividha for some time.

    All the time he is behind her n she doesnt care for his feelings. All the time papa papa papa puran.

  18. Arshdeep

    A perfect place for people like Kailash.. and thats called “HELL” ???

  19. Arshdeep

    Loved when Vividha said “Atharv..Atharv Sujata”…. Superb??

  20. Arshdeep

    Hello everyone..
    I have my exam on 24th July.. So i will be meeting you all now after 24th only.. Will miss you all❤ Take care everyone… Bubyee..??
    Keep watching “Jaana na dil se door” and enjoy the show ?✌✌

  21. sayed tarannum

    It superb. ….I want that vividha should knw his father’s reality soon…that he only show of about manners an all but in actually he is an animal who beats his wife….I hate that types of so call mans who thinks that they have right to beat women…he is such a monster. …I hope all womens of his family will be strong at once and will show him that womens are not tissues to use n through…than I wish to be that vividha and atharv both become a good example of true love….itssss amazing to watch it

  22. Good morning guyzzz…
    All the best Arsh didi for ur exams……i will really miss u n ur super comments….any way write urn exam well….

    And guys i got a news from India Forum…..don’t know whether u all know that….
    I saw a report…it was written that (don’t know who posted)
    A news in JNDSD fb page.They said Shashank approach for ekta new upcoming serial nd take his name back from Ravish character in JNDSD bcoz his character is useless in it…

    Don’t know is it correct but anyway..Im sure that Ravish is useless as at last Vitharv reunion happens ….. I just hope its true nd writers will change the story May be like wat Lalitha wrote in comment….
    If any one get this news plz share here ….i don’t have fb account so if u get any news plz plz share here….

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