Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish saying Atharv has seen me in mirror, so maybe he acted to be kid. Vividha says you feel his memory has come back. Ravish says yes, I have to prove this, we have to do something that you both know, think if there is anything. She says Monday fasts….. FB shows Vividha lighting diya in aarti plate and doing puja. She says I used to forget tree leaves every time I did puja, and leaves used to get in the plate, then once I checked in between puja, I opened my eyes and saw Atharv getting the leaves. Ravish says that’s it, now truth will come out, we have to be careful, Atharv should not see our arrangements, else this plan will not work, he has always seen us hiding, this time we will be inside home, and none will try to see him.

Vividha goes to do

puja and calls out Atharv. Atharv looks at her. She says I m doing puja for my monday fast, don’t make noise and don’t come to talk to me. He asks will you give me prasad after puja. She says yes, sure. She takes the aarti plate without the leaves. She prays. She opens eyes and sees leaves in the aarti plate. She thanks Lord and says I knew you will answer my prayers. She rings the bell. Everyone come out in balcony. Vividha shows the leaves.

Vividha runs to Atharv and calls him out. She cries happily and shows the leaves. She hugs him and says I knew you will get fine. Jaana na dil se door……plays……… Vividha kisses him on cheek. Atharv gets away and asks Sujata to see Vividha is kissing him. He wipes his cheek. He acts like kid. She asks did you not get this leaf. He gets hurt. She checks his foot and asks how did you get hurt. He says don’t know. She says I will apply ointment. Ravish and everyone come. Ravish says I told you all, Atharv got fine. Sujata thanks Lord and says Atharv got fine.

Vividha says he does not remember anything and cries. Ravish asks how did leaves come. He thinks who made the leaves in puja plate. Kailash hides and looks on. Kailash thinks you can’t understand I have kept leaves in puja plate. He recalls hearing Vividha and Ravish’s plan. Kailash sees Atharv sleeping and puts leaves in aarti plate. Kailash thinks I have damaged car to put blame on Atharv. FB shows Sujata seeing window open and asking who is there. She goes to check and shuts window. She does not see Kailash inside her house. Kailash goes by the window. He takes a stone and damages Ravish’s car. Kailash goes back to Sujata’s house. FB ends. Kailash thinks I want to make Ravish sure that Atharv is liar, one day Ravish will hate Atharv and make him out of house and heart, once Ravish leaves Atharv, its easy work to make Atharv out of this world, I will do this work happily and easily.

Atharv asks Sujata to come and play. Sujata sees his injury and says I will get medicines. Vividha comes. Sujata asks for painkillers. Vividha says I will get it. Sujata asks her to be with Atharv and goes to get painkillers. Vividha treats his wound. He says I m very strong. She asks how did you get hurt. He says I fell in swimming pool. She asks what. He says someone pulled me and I fell down. She says Vipul pushed you right. He says no, Vipul did not push me, someone pulled me inside swimming pool. She asks him to recall well, did Vipul push him or did anyone pull him. He says someone pulled me, Vipul was saving me and saying Atharv Atharv, and I fell. She says I have to tell this to Ravish. She thinks who is the one who made Atharv fall down in pool, I can’t tell this to anyone till I find out.

Ravish talks to doctor. He says doctor said if Atharv did not recall memory here, its useless to have hope, we have to go back with Atharv for further medication. Dadi cries and says don’t know I can see old Atharv again or not, smiling, lovely, smart and naughty Atharv.

Ravish, Vividha, Atharv and Sujata meet everyone. They leave. Kailash looks on. Atharv sleeps on the way. Vividha recalls Atharv’s wound and words…. She cries. They reach Vashisht house. Atharv rushes inside and greets Suman and everyone. Chutki runs and hugs him. Dadi Bua also hugs him. Ravish signs no to Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua asks Ravish to have hope.

Vividha thinks someone is among them, who does not want Atharv to get fine, I will find out who is he.

Vividha wakes up and gets tensed. Ravish wakes up and sees her gone. Vividha gets the rope by which someone pulled Atharv in swimming pool.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aisha

    no words to say but that wet kiss was amazing sujata dekh vividha mujhe gili gili kiss de rahi hai when will they unite vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. 143

    kailash kasyap..the evil started his cruel and cunning activites with our Atharv Sujatha…Atharv should teach him a lesson.

  3. Joe

    Ravish akwayz blames atharv nd always atharv proves her self to innocent.. Nd how many people try to kill atharv sujatha y he alwayz pointed by other people.. Wat is his fault.. Patince everyone(vashist house mum nd kk)atharv sujatha wil be back soon.. Dont worry killers..

  4. lina

    pelli anaedi rendu manashula kalayika kadu rendu manasula kalayika ani ardam. I hope dis serial prove dis only.

  5. 143

    Again a new suspense started.. vividha detective activity will again start in Vashista’s.

    i doubt on suman and dada ji, who pulled Atharv into pool…

    i feel its none other than.. dada ji,, but mabe did with someone’s help. and suman also involved with dada ji.

    wat u guys sayyyyy
    who is real culprit?? suman ji or dada ji?????

  6. lina

    pelli anaedi rendu manashula kalayaka kadu pelli anaedi rendu manasula kalayaka ani ardam. I hope dis serial proves dis only.

  7. Vitharv Forever

    This is what my atharv is.. He is true, genuine, pure..
    Haha without knowing about atharv, many labelled him as villain.. Cheeee…
    My vitharv will unite…
    Little sad coz ajmer episodes are over..
    It’s disgusting to see suman..
    Waiting for vividha to become vividha atharv sujata.

    • Vitharv

      Yeah dear, atharv is such a loving charm.
      Now I feel goosebumps wondering how my atharv saved vividha and came back driving bike..
      Atharv whether he is conscious or not, he will save his vividha and he is there for her forever.

  8. xyz

    Oh God what is this .for a second I also thought that my atharv was acting.he regained memory .how wrong I was.i am really very sorry atharv.actually he is nt acting and not regained memory. I am proud of u vividha.u have no need to prove ur true love to atharv.u really love atharv.and who is trying to harm atharv is kk r any other. And I am a little sad that l again miss ajmeer.how atharv will missed.and I can’t see that scene which all are beliving atharv is dead and the funerals.no even for a minute I can’t see that scene.now I am only waiting for my real atharv and teach a lesson to kk.

    Come back ATHARV SUJATHA……….luv u VITHARVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  9. Nazneen Syed

    Today’s episode was vry disappointing.😞.When will Atharv regain his memory.Eagerly waiting for their union.

  10. 143

    Awsome episode ..Again this episode…proved our Atharv Sujatha innocence and ravish thinking abt atharv wos wron……………….hip hip huryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    vitharv vitharvvvvvvvvvvv

  11. Eswari

    Good episode we can not assume anything let’s wait for future story but I believe captain he knows how to handle problems he will solve everything two brothers join their hands and teach lesson to kailash . Ravish did not doubt on atharv just he tells his opinion. As a viewers to see a yesterday episode we had a question on atharv is acting or not. Like that ravish also. It’s a common thing. We support u captain. U carry on.

  12. Eswari

    Captain will help to vivitha to find that black sheep. I think in this triangle lovestory vivitha decision will be final. That’s what I want to say.

  13. 143

    funny thing is that black cat(Kailash Kasyap) was roaming around two houses…no one seen him…so funnyyyy yarrrr…. black cat ..black catttt where r u???? come out and face your daughter vividha..then u will not need to anywhere …she will throw u out of this world…

  14. Sunanda

    You kailsh kashayp wt prblms u r creating😠😠😠😠😠😠
    Only some days they show ajmer

  15. sudheer

    Suman does not want adharv to get fine. Suman ur doing worng. Wat r u thinking ur if u r killing adharv. Vividha loves ravish. Nooooo. Its wrong this type of unite u wants. This is un fair u & ur son. If u try to kill adharv ur son far away from ur life. Ravish don’t stay with u.
    Another point I know this epi proves dat adharv doesn’t recover.
    One more thing I think some thing fishy in adharv’s past. I don’t know. This is only my feeling.
    Anyway precap is more intersting. I feel future episodes roots are only for ravidha unite.

    • Pinky

      Hi…… @sudheer, u r right
      I feel same suman koi aisa galati na kare ki ravish or vividha ke pyari si riste kharap ho jaye…..

  16. Sachin

    m very very happy today…awesome episode! finally it was atharv’s fluctuations nt acting…yepee nw at least tht sacrificing case isnt thr! bt nt so sure wt wtill happen wn he gets well…will he accept viv or try to avoid her bt fr sure viv will make him understand tht they cnt live without each othr!

    and one more co incident happened the day athrva got drowned i told tht its nt vipul! and yea i also felt and also thought of ths situation tht some one might have dragged him in with rope! and hurray my imagination proved to reality today…

    any way atharv is coming within 13 days so y sad vitharvians just enjoy!

    and yea of course its suman and dadaji who drowned atharva or else kalindi’s young bf!

    btw who was in precap?was it ravish or dadaji- with hands and shirt seemed dadaji…need to watch again tht clip inorder to get clarify!

  17. sudheer

    adharv is dead and his funerals scene coming on future epi. But adharv’s dead is not true. It’s only ravidha planing for finding adharv’s culprit in vasist house.

    • Vamshi

      When i see ur comments i feel like u comment as if ur d assitant director of d serial…N u always find something fishy in each n every ones character sometimes u say ravish is not suman’s son..n now ur sayin somethin fishy in atharv..Y dont u comment on d present track n wait for the nxt episode

    • 143

      God has given 8th sense to @sudheer…he can even tell director’s fate toooo…wat sudeer…. Am I right.

      Keep predicting….

  18. Anam

    I hate that stupid kasha Kalish he just can’t bear his own daughters happiness
    &hi agree 143 its funny 😂 but how come no body spotted him?????

  19. nidha

    Am fed up of this serial….
    Am going to take a break from the serial …I don’t wanna waste my time,but I will be in touch with telly updates…i will comment daily ..
    I will watch the serial after everything get sort out…
    today’s episode was too disappointing..the most disgusting fact of this serial is that ,vividha is again on her detective avatar without even considering the need to reveal guddy’s murderer…they are not revealing it,it is sooo disgusting
    Ravish seems to be mysterious sometimes..
    It is suman who harmed atharve,the female Dracula or vamp suman is again eager to suck atharve’s blood ..
    Am not able to see kk& vashishtans harming atharve again …

    Hei Sonu do you have any classess tmrw as I heard tmrw is vidyabhyaasa bandh..

  20. Piya

    I feel the killer/culprit may be kailash kashap, Suman or Daddy jii. I really felt vipul is innocent when they took him under custody. ‘Cos vipul is not that greedy.. yet his attitude is to become wealthy but not as cunning as suman and daddy jii.
    Something hidden truth is their. That has a link with guddi’s murder. I really had a doubt on those 3 , which i mentioned earlier.
    But atharv acting is soo cute… bahoot pyaraa tha. Vividha ka 🤗 aur 😘 soo cute and lovely… and his explanation also… vipul bhayyah is helping me.. woh bolla ki atharv atharv.. mein ne gir Gaya… I wish the serial shd not drag much… I really wish suman shd also be the culprit…. I really hate her… Suman – the Chudail.
    I really like yu people Telugu loo comment chesaru… with out hesitation by heart tho merru comment chesaru…. that’s really good..

  21. Piya

    Hie sachin, this is piya…
    Of course it is ravish…. really ??? Are yu sure??? After 13 days atharv will
    Be normal???
    How du know….
    And sudheer is it true atharv funeral is going to happen…. ???

    • Sachin

      Hii piya di! wassup? yea m sure tht he will be back within 13 days! as per sunjiv puri’s details( he is the writer)….i think u havent gone through my day be4 yesterday’s post! bt np i m posting again and abt tht funeral i havent checked tht yet , hope sudheer will provide u its details! …

      here is the link its saying 15 days bt already 2 days over so i said 13 days…Lol


      check here bt quite below as it was posted on 7 th january!

  22. NITA 26

    still Atharv didn’t regain his memory and if someone of vashist family is responsible for that then why all plan failed at ajmer, there was no one of vashist family except ravish,,,

    dragging to much one incident and story getting bored day by day.

    but love vitharv scene ..

  23. Karan

    Again surprise episode ….not yet time for Athar ca to be back. NaveenS good comment on Atharva not being petty. Kk behind these tricks …..well let’s wait n watch what’s lined up….

    Back to Vaishth house so expect a boring track on investigation again….

    13 days …..to go…..countdown begins!!!.

  24. Suman

    I saw one on location video also, Bloomi, ravish sister were acting. Ravish n vividha sitting with police man n were discussing some thing. May be about atharvs death. I am very confident about CVS. They don’t even dare to spoil atharvs character. Vikram acting 👌👏. He will be back with bang.

  25. Mia

    Jo people keh rahe h ki ravish ko Ajmeri nahi Jana chahiya tha une aaj clear ho gya ki agar vo atharv K saat ni hota to kk use maar deta or koi kuch nahi kr pata vivdha v nahi kyoki usne to apne pita se phale hi haar maan li h( shadi K time) vo sirf vaishth’s pr hi apni jasusi dikha skti h or apne guts v apne pita ko nahi.

  26. Mia

    1 more thing I remember agar yaad ho to vivdha ne apni shadi K time kaha tha ki (deadbody is ready to marry) something like that now I say something about this us deadbody ko phir se jeena ravish K good nature ne shikhya or vivdha aaj apne pyaar K liye fightback kr rahi to vo v ravish K support ke karan.

    • Shivik

      U mad, ravish never taught her live.. It’s atharv who gave life to vividha… Foolish girl.. Ja jaa kar phir ek bar episodes dekh…

  27. Mia

    People who r said ki ravish vivdha ko atharv se chinna chahta h they r totally wrong kyoki ravish ne kabhi v vivdha pr apne pati hone ka hak nahi jamaya usne sirf vivdha ko support or uski help ki h jb v vo problem m thi or ravish ne hi hamesa vivdha ko atharv K paas veja h (apne pyaar or dard ko chipakr).aesa kon sa husband kr sakta h ki apni wife+love ko uske pyaar ke paas vej de usne apni feeling se jyada vivdha or atharv K pyaar ko support Kia h that’s call true &selfless love .

    • Shivik

      Shameless ravish, who is touching and hugging vividha even after knowing well that she is only atharv’s.. Even family got to know the truth, still how was he luring at her at ajmer.. If in precap, it’s ravish hand on vividha shoulder, he should feel shame..

      Don’t talk about my vitharv and vividha.. Why is ur ass burninyif vividha stood for herself… Have some shame… Cheers you are disgusting and because of u like people good girls get bad life

  28. indera sanichara

    Writers why are you draging the story by not showing Kalish and his evil doing. Please dont create problems between Ravish and Artharv. Vividha please divorce Ravish and Artharv memory will come back. Remember your promise we love together and die together.

  29. vimala A

    @shiivik dnt blame ravish.he is just supporting his wife.mia u re r8.i agree with u.writers ravish or atharv dono mein se kisi ko bhi negative mat banadena and dnt spoil their bond bcz of dat evil kk.

  30. Ramya

    Cha ajmeer lo 2days unaru improvement ledu ani velipoyaru.oka roju lo tagipodaniki adhi emaina head ache ha.Mali maku head ache suru e roju nundi vasist family valla

  31. 143

    Hi…..frnds @suman,nazneen syed,Joe,nidha,Nita 26,sachim,karan,Anam,TUFFY,sree,NaveenS,xyz…and all vitharvians..
    A very good morning.
    Have a great day.

    Waiting for today’s episode….

  32. 143

    Hi suman ji,, when ever u give upcoming news….I feel like.. U r doing same as in our Telugu film “Aha Naa Pellanta” kota srinivasarao..did..
    Hanging chicken infront😱😱, and asking people to😨😨 feel of eating chicken😃😃 by eating white rice..
    U also posting news in front us and saying feel for it… Like in movie..

    Just kidding… plz post the link.

      • 143

        Yeah…suman., someone posted youtubelinks..that r Atharv missing..scene.
        but u said..u have scene family members wearing White dress feeling Atharv no more..
        i want that link yarrrrrrrrr..

  33. 143

    In precap…The one who hold vividha from behind..was not ravish..I think it’s Dada ji… Ravish hands r long and thin, Dada ji’s hands r short and thick.

    Wat u guys think..
    Is it ravish or Dada ji.

  34. Nazneen Syed

    @143. Hi.Good morning 😊

    @Nidha.I’m studying engineering 1st year dear.WHAT ABOUT YOU?

    @143.I also think that Suman and daddyji are behind this.

  35. srishti

    i feel that cat is none other than kailash kashyap.nd guddi’s death of an accidental. .i think guddi jaan gai thi kk ke bare me aur kuchh aisa hua ho dono k bich jisse k ye accident ho gya.shayad…

  36. srishti

    i feel that cat is none other than kailash kashyap.nd guddi’s death of an accidental. .i think guddi jaan gai thi kk ke bare me aur kuchh aisa hua ho dono k bich jisse k ye accident ho gya.and someone of vashistha house’s is with kailash.i think so..not sure..

  37. Nazneen Syed

    @143.It’s Ravish’s hands only not daddyji’s.What will daddyji do in late night and why he will touch Vividha.?

  38. Pinky

    Hello ravidha fans. I always reading ur comments or ye sab mujhe bahat achcha lagta hai….
    Ek humble request hai aap sab se aap apni comment ravidha ko lekar karo. koi comment aisa mat karo jo vitharv ke against ho…. Stop fight with each other… I like ravidha most but also respect vitharv’s love.

    Baas ye mera request hai agar hosakta
    hai to mano warna ignore kardo.. 0pz don’t mind ok ……

  39. Mia

    Hi shivik i m not mad I know vivdha learn from atharv how to love & live but I told after marriage when she was just lifeless than she learn from ravish how to live & trust.ravish always support vivdha or tb v jb vivdha ravish K saat misbehav karti h or use hurt karti h .Agar vivdha ravish ko pyaar nahi kr sakti or use happy nahi rakh sakti to use ravish ko hurt karne ka v koi hak nahi h.

  40. Nazneen Syed


    I read in latest spoilers.
    I hope its true.

  41. xyz

    If ravish will give divorce to vividha with full mind then he is such a gentleman and he will prove that he is Atharv’s brother and will prove that also he has selfless mind like our atharv.i hope he is not a canaille to love his bhabhi vividha after know all truth.

    Waiting for vitharv REunion💑💑💑💑❤

    • Suman

      Don’t know. but we know atharv not going to die. He was just missing. Family members think he is no more. N that dulhan costume may be for creating separation scene.

  42. Nikhat

    Wat d hell is dis yaar… Plz someone tell me.. Wat will happen??Atharva will be dying and vividha will be marrying to ravish… Why?? And if dey are recreating the scene den why dey ar doing dis???? Plz somebody tell me Wat d hell is going on??

  43. vimala A

    Hi @pinky.i think they are recreating wdng sequence.by dis atharv will get back his memory.may be that’s why he told atharv sujatha will be back in 15 days.atleast after dat cv’s will clear our confusion whether it is ravidha or vitharv without dragging anymore.hope best for ravish.

  44. Sachin

    @ suman di as and vitharvian fans …ths cn be a positive thing too?cnt i be?

    just think tht after divorce atharva and viv are marrying with full customs and rituals!

    hope ths is the case or she might be trying to make athrava remember his past with these way! bt hw will she managed to get KK in ths incident??

    and m sure she isnt moving on with ravish!

    • 143

      good thought..@sachin.,,if it happens as u said.,it would be good.., we are worried as these serials directors won’t make show that much easy ways…every time CV’s will introduce new dram and make us mad/helpless..to accept it…
      that’s wat the problem.

    • Suman

      No Sachin it can’t be vitharv marriage. I don’t want also now. Because serial also ends too soon😂. I am very sure vitharv is end game. Let them take twists n little dragging also allowed.

  45. esha

    They should have shown more of Ajmer.Why Ravish doubting and accusing Atharva.Doesn’t suit him.Reunite Vitharva

  46. Shruti

    @mia Sahi kaha tumne …ravish is very supportive.. Aur kitni care Marta h WO atharv and vividha Dono ki

  47. 143

    omg ….wats going on…vividha in bridel dress…

    wats happening.. just unable to bear wats going..i should refresh my mind,,by watching phase 1..and should catch up today’s episode.. sharp 5.30 pm..

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