Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv where did they take Ravish. He says nothing will happen to him, do you trust me. She nods. He says these people have Ravish, I won’t let anything happen to him, we have to follow them, come. The sheep goes to the same lady who gave the taweez to Vividha. She reads note. Vividha wrote…… I m Vividha, I have reached across the border, Ravish’s brother Atharv is with me, we need help to get Ravish, give this message to army cantonment and tell them that a soldier needs army’s help, thanks. The lady goes.

Atharv says maybe they have kept Ravish here. They walk ahead and get surrounded by the armed terrorists.

The men ask them from where did they come, indians who come here will die. Atharv says we are not indians, we

are from your land. He gives their identity as Muslims. The man says we will see if you are real Muslims, come. The army officer tells senior that Vividha and Atharv are civilians and crossed border, but we are here being a soldier. Senior says we can’t do anything without head quarters orders, I did not feel so helpless till now, this uniform has tied my hands. The men take Atharv and Vividha along. Their head comes and asks why did you get them here.

The man says they have come from the other side of border, they are saying they are Pakistanis, by saying urdu, none becomes Muslim, you look Hindu by face. Atharv says no, we are really Muslims. The man asks what about your wife, is she mute, or does she not have urdu knowledge. Atharv says she has great knowledge of urdu. The man says you are fooling us, you think you are smart. Atharv says you can verify our identity. The man asks are you a real Muslim, offer Namaz prayers and show us.

Atharv says Lord’s name is not taken like this, don’t test like this. The man says fine we have other way to find out if you are a muslim or not. Atharv stops the guy and says its a chance for me to take Lord’s name, I will prove I m Lord’s man. He offers Namaz. The men look at him. Vividha gets surprised.

Ravish is tied to the chair and is unconscious. Atharv ends the prayers. He tells the men what’s said in Surahs, forcing someone for anything is not right. The lady informs the army officer about Vividha and Atharv crossing border to find Ravish. Officer says thanks for giving info, but we can’t take any action without any orders. Vividha says you have called a real Muslim as Kaafir, Lord will never forgive you, we have lost way and you doubted on us. The man apologizes and says we have to be careful as such people come in this area.

Atharv says forgiving is a good deed, we lost way and came here, now we will take a leave. He bids them good bye and asks Vividha to come. She asks how did you know about Namaz. He says we have a Muslim at home. She says Abdul uncle…. but what about Ravish. He asks her to count down till 5. She counts down, and the man stops them. The man says weather is cold, it will be good if you spend the night here. Atharv thanks him.

Its night, Vividha says its getting very cold. The man asks them to go inside, we will meet in morning. Atharv asks Vividha to go, I want to spend the night with my friends. The man says amazing…. Vividha goes. The man says we should have some jashan, do you have any likes for music and singing. Atharv says yes sure. The man asks him to start. Atharv sings Kadam badayein…..Rangreza…..Faya kun……Atharv recalls Vividha and his moments.

Vividha looks for Ravish. She finds Ravish. She gets shocked seeing him. She calls him out. She hits on the glass wall. She goes out to sign Atharv. All the men fall asleep. Atharv turns to Vividha. She signs him to come. Atharv goes and sees Ravish……..

Vividha says if they see us then… Atharv says Lord is with us. Atharv and Vividha get him out. Ravish tries to run away.Vividha asks what’s happening, tell us. Ravish says bomb. Atharv holds Ravish and says we will stay together and die together. Atharv pulls off his jacket and finds the bomb fixed to Ravish’s body. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Glad dat all of u r back………….bt Wat is dis news??????Mera dil tut gaya…[email protected] di are u sure dat d marriage will nt happen ????and atharv will pretend as baby atharv to sacrifice for ravish????????????????is d news true???????den how will it be an interesting one???????M totally confused and disheartened……Plzzzz someone reply me whether d new is correct or not??????Poor VITHARV……..I am feeling very bad……….I want VITHARV…..VITHARV….and only VITHARV

    1. Baby atharv is 100%sure. N marriage cancel 90% sure. Let us wait n watch

      1. Actually they r trying to ruin a wonderful serial by thier stupid story. What happend to the writer and drctr of the show?
        If they really want to viewrs leaving the show.
        If they don’t ready for consider the imotions of genuine viewers of jndsd then y they gave us hope for vitharv union again.?
        Now it is out of my patience.

    2. It maybe true or false. We can’t do anything. So y to worry abt it.
      If u worried abt future episode. U can’t enjoy present so. Wat ever d news won’t change till writers/director wants. Anything can happen.so be ready with our patience.

  2. Gud afternoon. ..
    Uff… again some rakshas enter this page.. don’t they have shame of course how can I expect it from that monsters..
    O director ji i’l give you an idea it’ll help you enter another 2 r 3 new youngster character and make an pentagon or octagonal love story okay then you’ll get more trp rating..
    I already quit watching this show I’m just reading written updates If they irritate so much i’l quit this page also..
    Such a stupidity and bullshit..
    Everyone know finally it’ll be vitharv only then why you dragging ravish in that can’t you give happy ending to ravish??
    Why you giving so much pain to everyone??
    In any worst case if vivida want to stick to ravish then history will repeat I can’t see another suman (ravish); another Sujatha (atharv); and another Ramakanth (vivida)
    If she stick to ravish also she can’t give her love to ravish she just compromise that’s it… ravish don’t deserve that much he does not deserve that hell life..

    1. Good evening Nikh dear

  3. @gowri ,just getlost u scoundrel .who are u here using my name megha?come on ravish fans.here vithrav fans are creating the name of us and asking forgivenes for themselves.you idiot gowri dont use our ravish fans names and dont behave so childish?are you from school what ?cant u see my dp icon?i think you are pari and neha it seems .pari and neha used very slang language for vitharivans.i dont know who are u?see vithravians this pari and so some of them gowri asked about female characters of vithrav fans?i dont who are they?gowri ,pari and so on are same it seems? i dont know who is this gowri why she is using my name?cant see my dp icon?

  4. Guys one more thing some ppl will again create some problem for vitharvians….dey will again try to insult atharv and vividha and will use abusive words….so don’t reply to them….dey are jst jealous and nothing else .jst ignore dis ppl and comment patiently……bt d news shocked me again….I was feeling very happy with Vitharvs marriage news bt now again they have started…..nw ravish will again start to say..”kya aap ko fark parta hai???parega?????”o god……m fed up….I jst want VITHARVS reunion……plz director sir don’t let us wait so much…plz unite vitharv……..and guys bye again my exams has not started yet and I was back jst to suppourt our Vitharvians……My exams are coming near so I’ll be commenting after some weeks till then a beautiful bye to all d Vitharvians and true ravish fans…..Hope so dis track does not lets our expectations down…..LOVE VITHARV…..

    1. All d best nikhat

    2. All the best fr your Xmas nikhat. ..
      Prepare well and do well…

    3. @Nikhat All the best for exams dear.

      Come back soon .We will miss you.

      Good evening.

      1. Aailya.That scoundrel is again came with another name. Don’t consider that waste fellows. I think they have no job other than disturbing good ppl.alvakathikal. parama chettakal.
        Actually they have no place in thier own other serls. They should said get out to these animals. So they r came to here without any invitation and without any self respect.

      2. You are absolutely right chechi. I can’t control my laughter by that lil’s comment. Let them do whatever they want. We can enjoy the comment section and serial in our own way.Why to ruin our happiness because of these devils . So just leave them.

    4. Nikhat. All the very best for ur xm dear.come back soon.

  5. Only vitharv…….

  6. I think the serial name not jana na dil se door it is better to put as illegitimate relations.ramkanth and sujatha have illegal relation ,and now athrav devar and vividha bhabhi illegal relation.i think vividha is like in silisila movie rekha character where rekha leaves her good husband sanjeev kumar and elopes with her lover and spend somedays with him and again come back to her husband sanjeev kumar when he met with bad accidend .in that movie silisila rekha character is worst .now jndsd vividha character is worst.

  7. Yes I got my answer… Atharv is back with the Patti

  8. In instagram….Vikku has posted a video where he was phir se ye patti………kab jaigi ye patti……….so I think upcoming episodes will be good becoz vivi will not marry ravish at any cost and then I think ravish and vivi will doubt atharvs behaviour and uska bhanda forenga dono…..and finally VITHARV will be united……[email protected] aapne patience rakhne ke liye bola tha maine kahani bana di……Solly…..VITHARV must unite…btw thank u Suman di for d reply…….

  9. @aliya get lost u rakshas.getlost from here .shame on u u being athrav fan.u idiot.i think this aliya and xyz are same persons.first tell ur self and that xyz dont compare past serial balika of shashank with present serial jndsd.than we will also compare vikram role in qubool hai and in jndsd.mind it lady.

  10. @nikh u monster and rakshas ,how dare to scold others?just getlost u scrap lady.

    1. Did I scold you??
      No right.. then why are you reacting like this..??
      It means you are considering yourself monster…
      Ha ha ha ????

    2. Who are you to ask me??
      And how dare you to question me??
      If I scold others what is your problem..??
      I think you react like this b’coz i think you consider my comment is for you.. and you accepted that you are ………
      Ha ha ha ?????

  11. They are doing tooo much .
    Even Vikram’s fed up of patti .

  12. @xyz liar again started lying.u scold our shashank vyas unnecessarily on february 7th written updates .shall i show you.and u compared our shashank in balika serial.how dare u?u scrap lady .who are u ?just getlost u idiot.we all youngsters wont spare you lady.i think you are chamelon.using different names as gowri and xyz and aliya.we youngsters wont leave u.we ravish fans all over world .we wont spare u. you cheap lady @xyz.just getlost you xyz ,you blo*dy canaille.how dare u? to scold our fans of ravish (shashank) all over world.your vikram in qubool hai is a worst character.

    1. U go to hell thendi ravi. U scoundrel raviiiiiii

  13. Watch dis video. On location video
    Vikram n shivani explaining about triangle

  14. @xyz who are you?u shameless creature.you have no work or what?always provoking shashank fans.how dare u?i think u r xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.getlost u crap .see until now we all are quiet by ur stupid remarks.but now we wont leave u.just getlost u idiot and crap .if u scold ravish fans na we wont spare u .here so many ravish fans.so better to shut ur mouth.i know u dont have any self respect.thats why u r scolding ravish fans.such a cheap person u are.i dont want to stoop so low because u are such a stoop and low level person.if u again disturb ravish fans all over world we are,we wont spare u.

    1. Get lost u stupid murthyyyy

  15. I saw a vdo that vikku and shivi tells about upcoming track that atharv acts like baby to know whether vivi and ravish love each other. And he trys to destroy the mrrge lehanga also in baby avatar. But sujatha know the fact and ask to atharv then he says he want to know the truth if vivi and ravish love each other.so if it will bcm true then he want to leave bw them.

    From this one thing is clear that mrrge fn was of vitharv.but no pblm we know vividha and ravish. They will make realise atharv.
    So at last after all these prblms vitharv union will happen.

  16. Sunjiv puri replied someone dat vividha going to slay atharv dis time

    1. N ravish atharv n vividha confrontation is also coming in upcoming episodes

      1. Thanks for the info

  17. Thaks for the info to everyone that shared , but what? Sunjiv Puri has said many times to watch and won’t be disappointed but I don’t know…. I am disappointed , fed up of the dragging and more so writers creating meaningless situations . And this pictures might be I think Vividha and Ravish taking the vachans back like they were about to do when Atharv came back , may be Vividha wants to mark closure so that everyone stop talking about her wanting to be with Ravish

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