Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Avinash saying about some package. Ravish asks what package. Avinash recalls the box he kept inside the door. He says ten and dies. Inspector says its second murder in your house, this is new case of Captain Mehra’s murder. Ravish says some outsider has done this. Bhoomi taunts Vipul about Kalindi and Avinash’s affair. He asks her to shut up, see someone died here. Vividha recalls Avinash’s last words.

Sujata thinks of Situram’s attack, Guddi’s murder and attack on Atharv, the people here are getting cheated and also cheating, what is happening, Avinash died infront of us. Atharv asks for videogames. She refuses to give him video games, and says I will beat you. He calls her bad and rests to sleep.

Kalindi asks Vividha to trust her, Avinash

did not kill Guddi. Vividha asks how much will you lie, don’t you know anything what happened, Guddi was killed by Avinash, he said those last words that none will be saved now, you both planned all this to kill Guddi, you are saying you don’t know his plans, tell me what did he mean. Kalindi cries and says I don’t know anything. Vividha says there was black cat print on the coat, whats the explanation, you are crossing limits of lying, please tell me what happened with my sister. She scolds Kalindi and asks her to say truth. Kalindi cries and says I did not kill Guddi. Bhoomi and Vipul come. Bhoomi asks Vividha to see Kalindi’s state and give her some time. Vividha leaves.

Ravish says someone has shot Avinash from outside, when I came out, I did not see anyone, did any sniper do this, who has shot Avinash and from where. Daddy ji asks why are you tensed, police will find out. Vividha says don’t know Avinash killed Guddi or not, I feel there is something we are not able to know, I mean this can’t happen suddenly, he got shot when we asked him about Guddi, what can this mean.

Daddy ji says I m sure Avinash lied that he did not kill Guddi and her death is accident, you found Guddi’s culprit, you showed courage as soldier’s wife, and our blood has stained my face black, I know what you are going through, life does not end here, you think of your and Ravish’s life, its long life. Vividha says I feel there is something we don’t know, nothing ended, something new is going to start, you remember what Avinash said in his last time. Ravish asks her not to take his words serious. She says just Avinash knew some things, he was signing about the package, and that number 10, what could he mean Ravish.

Atharv turns spy and looks around the house for some game. He greets everyone. Sujata calls someone and orders a video game for Atharv. Ravish gets a call. Atharv asks everyone did they see his video game. They say no. Atharv gets the box which Avinash kept. Ravish says it was inspector’s call, he wants to meet me. Atharv does not pick box and asks Ravish did he see his video game. Ravish says no. Atharv says everyone lie, I will not let anyone play, does none know where is my video game, Vividha will be knowing of it.

Vividha says what did Avinash try to say. Ravish gets inspector’s call. Vividha says how can Kalindi be sure that Avinash did not kill Guddi, who has done this. Atharv comes to her and asks did you see my video game. She says no, I did not. He says Sujata has hidden it well, shall we find it together. She says not now, later. He says not okay, come. She says I m tired, please. He says I will lift you and take you, if you don’t come. She says don’t trouble me. He lifts her and takes her outside.

Avinash’s house is checked by police. Inspector says forensic team got strange things here, we are trying to find out what was he doing, please come. They go and see Avinash’s lab. The man says we got huge amount of gun powder. Ravish checks the things. Inspector asks anything wrong. Ravish says Avinash was making an explosive device here.

Atharv tells Vividha that you got fat. She recalls their similar moment. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……. Ravish recalls Avinash’s words hearing about some package found.

Ravish goes home and asks them if they get some package, its in this house. Kailash says Atharv, your life will just have darkness, I will not leave you. Ravish gets shocked seeing the box with Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG what’s going on…… Let’s wait for next day twist…….. I can’t understand how i will react????????such a strange show, but i like it becoZ i m watching only this serial so i must wait for end of this twist. I ?????????????ravidha……

  2. Is kailash behind all this. When avinash opened the door kailash shoot him bcoz he said the truth
    Very interesting. ……………..

  3. What is in that box? ????,,

  4. Why did That Kalindi n her sleazy boy friend tried to kill Atharv? Jaana na dil se door has become a Hitchcock mystery now, n what else James Bond? Or is it really Kailash’s doing?

  5. who killed avinash and guddi? is it kailash? he can go to any extend. DEVIL

  6. Culprit is kailash…. ???

  7. Atharva stolen todays episode. Jana na dil se door bg on vitharv. Now also u want ravidha, separating vitharv. N tomorrow one scene is der, where ravish saves vividha n falls on her. Don’t know wt CVS want to prove. One day vitharv one day ravidha. Disgusting. I am feeling happy, vividha remembering fbs how many times atharv saved her.

  8. who is d lead hero.. atharva or ravish? writers… first clear this mess…

    1. Ravish is main lead. Dadi ji tells us in recent YouTube video( ravish saves vividha). So finally ravidha. I am sure adharv turns to -ve. May be abheer and adharv r frnds.

      1. Stop ur new bakwas story which makes Atharv role -ve. Stupid how be atharv and abheer r friend????.

      2. Ha ha. Atharv n abheesh friends. Plz ilanti alochanalu neeku yela vastayi secret cheppava. A is dairy farming background. N abheer army. Hehehe. Y can’t ravish n abheer both from army. Vividha nu okasari save cheste ravidha na. army person yevari nayina save chestaru. Marriage bond lo vundalsindi prema. Vividha can’t give dat to ravish.

  9. I couldn’t watch complete episode…..?…because of the fine arts fest in college,I reached home lately…
    But tnkzzx for the update
    On coming to episode, I loved vitharv scenes.. They are too good …
    There is a lot of new twists ,the culprit and the aim behind the murder is beyond our imagination
    Kailash an irritating fellow,an inauspicious,the villain of own daughter’s life
    I am fed up….but I still have hope in vitharve…i am sure about one thing,after the complete recovery of atharve he will sacrifice his love vividha for ravish,but if ravish is a good hearted person he will surely unite vitharve
    I think atharve will be the one who will play major role to find out the culprit,at end he will reveal the culprit

    1. Yeah I too feel same. Atharv should find real culprits of guddi murder and whole plan made by culprits.
      U said right abt kailash most irritating fellow. But now whole Vashista’s r irritating.

  10. gys, yadd kre wo episode jb ravish ne kuchh terrorists ko pkra tha .ho skta ha k ye v un terrorist ka hi kuchh plan ho.eagerly waiting for next episode.

  11. gys, yadd kre wo episode jb ravish ne kuchh terrorists ko pkrne ke dauran mara tha (ek team k sath).wo operation success hua tha.ho skta ha k ye v un terrorist ka hi koi plan ho.waiting for next episode.

  12. wat suman ravida scene..but in the precap shows atharv find out that box na..i lve todays vitharv scene..atharv acting is superb alwayz..

    1. S. Some on location video, where vividha found some thing. Ravish came n thrown it away both felt on ground.
      https://m.youtube.com/watch? v=oBLc6RaZugU

      1. It may be a bomb

  13. I think this will continue going like a mystery story and everyone will know about vividhaatharva before the dtory of murders solve and while saving atharva in between ravish will die and atharva and vividha will unite and vividha will not fall in love with ravish hope for the best

    1. Come on ! Don’t say like this..
      Such a trgic end for such a nice guy..not justified.. I think he can unite them in anothr way..

  14. Pls tell me who will finally marry vividha I just want atharv n vividha if it’s not Pls tell me so that I can stop this serial started wth something n ending wth some thing else

  15. Simply bravo vividha she can feel the wrong going to happen., like in previous Atharv feel wrong going to happen with them.
    For a second I felt I have seen Atharv nature in our vividha dis time. His thinking, his ideas,facing troubles.
    After all she was his(Atharv’s) girl right.

  16. Hi all, I m not a frequent commenter but wanna to tell something….I’m ravish fan actually but wanna to ask who wants ravidha, but why? How come we can imagine that stupid, looser vividha with such a great man.in Today’s episode athrv did superb but z it fair holding some others wife n asking u became fat although he z mentally sick but he knows she z others wife…by this wat msg serial makers going to give us, just nothing. They want to by showing one day vitharv n other day ravidha by thinking that audience likes only romance may be. But no makers we want some ethics, msg along with entertainment plz. Lik other shows telecasting in the same channel. I feel kalindis character better compare to vividha, at least she sticks to one not eye locking with others. Sorry if I hurted any one’s opinion.

    1. Sry?? but i think its problem in ur sight of view.
      First thing I should clear Ravidha’s marriage was not existing anymore ravish himself removed vividha’s mangalasutra.so now vividha and ravish are moving as friends. Not married couple any more. Maybe ravish can fall for vividha. But vividha can never fall for ravish.
      And abt Atharv and vividha.. Do you really feel they are romancing each other. Its ur thinking problem. Atharv was a mentally ill. Behaves like child.How can u feel romance b/w them. For ur logic, mentally ill person was younger and she was young lady.so they r doing romance right???. Now simple answer one thing, if the person was not younger or elder.. He is a child and behaving same as Atharv.As Atharv was behaving with vividha. Then also u will call it as romance b/w young lady and a child. I pity for ur thinking.
      Finally y r u guys giving value for two bodies action not for 2 souls heart beat and their love.
      Many generation can pass away but thinking will never ever change Right!!!! Wat humans we r????

    2. Aunty(Kalindi) is better that vividha.How did you say that!!!!!??? She kept relation with two young guys in this age.Don’t know how many from young age. And was not like dat she loves nly Atharv. Ur view was wrong and director making audience confusion.

    3. If atharv was in state, where he understands vividha is already married he should not touch her, condition wouldn’t be like dis. Just season one. He is not coward like any one. He is straight forward. He used to share everything thing with his mother whether it is wrong or not. Ravish without telling his mother after knowing truth instead of proceeding for divorce indirectly forcing her to be with him. N sharing eye locks with a girl with whom his elder brother involved. If u feel pity for ravish means it is his own decision. Mentally ill means their brain works similar to a kid. A kid want to play with his friend wt is wrong in it. Ur way of thinking is very ill. Did u see any girl romancing with kid. Always bashes a girl character. U can see romance with kid can’t u see a man forcing his wife to be with him.

      1. Not just it is watch season one

  17. I have a doubt.. Are they (Ravish and his grandpa) really army people or not..how can they feel matter is finished with Avinash death. How can they forget murders happened in their home and feels matter ends..such a stupid army officer’s???.vividha???? was better than these fools..sry if any1 got hurt???

  18. I think Ravish is the murderer

    1. Plz plz don’t say like this, ravish character is supooooooop yar enjoy this ?????????????☺☺☺???????????

  19. Literally how vividha and ravish r missing abt Abheer. Both have doubt on him and he was missing when Avinash was killed. I think Abheer killed Avinash.

  20. Omg!!! That evil kailash was back once again. Poor kailash becoz of atharv he was living like a street dog in Atharv’s house.

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