Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked. Ravish and Vividha get up. Suman asks are you fine. They say yes. Ravish asks Situram to clean the glass mess. Vividha sees his hand bleeding. Kalindi asks how did chandelier fall, why does this happen when Vividha is here, even Ramakant’s pic burnt when she came here, and Ravish is getting hurt always. Suman signs Kalindi not to say such. Ravish gets a call and goes. Vividha too leaves from the drawing room.

Ravish says sorry lawyer, I could not answer call, matter got complicated, I need to talk to my family, please try to understand. He sees Vividha and says I will talk to you later. He ends call. She gets the first aid kit. Ravish says don’t worry, its ordinary wound. She says I know you are a soldier and you are habitual to

small wounds, please sit here. They sit. She holds his hand and does the aid. He looks at her.

She says I heard that you have come home after long time of duty. He says yes, 3 years later. She says 3 years, you would have missed family a lot, right. He says missing family is part of soldier’s life, sometimes we can’t even hear family’s voice, we don’t know when war day becomes end of our life, but we don’t think much, duty is our religion. She says I know, I also know that you are hiding some secret from your family. He looks at her.

Vividha says but, I should not talk about it…. I feel if your secret is troubling you, you should share it with someone, your problem will get less, I know you don’t trust me, its not your mistake, if you feel you have to share something with me, please share it, I promise your secret will be safe with me. He thanks her and says it means a lot, you came in this house and just take care of yourself, tell me if you need anything, it will be done. She says I know, and this is also done. She leaves his hand. He says I have imp work, may I. Suman tells Ravish that Situram went to check how did chandelier fall, are you fine. Ravish says fine. Situram tells Ravish that I can’t figure out how did this happen, the wire was broken and vase was also broken. They all worry. Ravish says everything that happens has a reason, if we can’t find reason, don’t say anything nonsense.

Suman recalls Kalindi’s words. Ravish asks Suman is she thinking wrong. Suman says its strange, but when Vividha came house for the first time, such things happened, lights got off and Ramakant’s pic burnt, I scolded Bhoomi and Kalindi that time, but today…. Bhoomi hears this and goes. Suman asks where is Vividha. Ravish says don’t think this, Vividha is in room, she cares for me and did my hand’s dressing, that’s importance. Suman says I know, I mean Vividha should not catch anyone’s bad sight.

Bhoomi goes to Kalindi and tells what Suman said. Kalindi says its something else, I m seeing Vividha’s behaviour towards Ravish, she looks different, there is no excitement of being a new bride, she is hiding something, it is Vividha’s secret, but I will find it out. Ravish’s sister Aditi goes to Vividha and asks her to come for shopping.

Aditi tells Vividha that Ravish saved you and I also want to be with someone who is protective. Vividha asks her about her like for Avinash. Aditi says I always want to marry an army man, like Ravish, he looks Rambo from outside but he is soft at heart, he can’t show his emotions, he is so dumb that I have to tell him to smile after I crack a joke. Vividha laughs and says you talk like my younger sister Guddi, I miss her, even she is very romantic.

Uma calls Vividha. Vividha talks to her and says I m fine. Aditi takes the phone and talks to Uma. She says Ravish, Suman and I are taking care of Vividha, don’t worry for her, Ravish and Suman take care of her so well that Vividha took my place, I m not annoyed as Vividha is my favourite too. Uma says its our good luck that Vividha stays happy there. Aditi thanks her and ends call. Dadi tells Uma that they are giving love to Vividha. Uma says Vividha was laughing today, I will not tell about Atharv, does she not have right to be happy, I regarded Atharv as my son, the sorrow for his death won’t get less, but now we have to manage Vividha and her happiness, I don’t know I m thinking right or wrong, but maybe I m selfish, what shall I do. They both cry.

Kalindi and Bhoomi come somewhere. Bhoomi asks where did we come. Kalindi asks her to use her mind, think Vividha married an army officer Ravish, Suman is so lovely saas, every girl will dream of such marriage, but Vividha stays separate, why, the reason can be hidden in her past, and we came here to meet her past. Uma sees Kalindi and Bhoomi. She says how did you come suddenly. Kalindi says sorry, we came as we were passing by, we had program to visit Ajmer Dargah. Uma asks them to come. Kalindi thinks Vividha is very simple. Uma tells about Vividha. Kalindi says she is very beautiful, she would have got many proposals by guys. Uma says we raised her by good values, she got many proposals, just Kailash and I attended it.

Situram tells Ravish that everyone went to sleep in their rooms, but Kalindi and Bhoomi did not return yet. Ravish says fine and calls doctor to come. Doctor comes and Ravish asks him to please come along. Kalindi says we wanted to know how Vividha learnt to live simple life. She thinks to know the secret. Bhoomi shows the stable house and asks whats this. Uma and Dadi worry.

Situram and Ravish take doctor inside the cupboard, to the secret room. Ravish asks where did he go and turns to leave. He stops and sees someone sitting on the floor while covering the face.

Bhoomi asks whats that. She checks the phone. Kalindi looks around. She sees Atharv and Sujata’s pic. Bhoomi says we did not get anything. Kalindi says you don’t know what jackpot we got. Kalindi and Bhoomi go home and see Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is it atharv in the room and what jackpot did kalindi and bhoomi get?

    1. May be kalindi get clue about vividha and atharv. …I mean pic or something else. .

  2. Unless she knows what that sujata and atharv are ramakant wife and son.

  3. Not an interesting episode…
    Maybe Atharv is alive….and the ghost is sujatha..
    Maybe Ravish is hiding athrav …
    if it was not atharv …then the ghost must be Atharv…
    Anyway I miss atharv sooo much….

  4. Something fishy with kalindi and bhoomi ..y r dey searching for Vividha’s truth. ..

  5. Who’s is that? Did they showed clearly. ..was that atharv in looks????
    Plz reply guys…

  6. Even vividha doesn’t know that atharv and ravish are stepbrothers. Maybe that’s what they think they’ve found out. I think ravish knows atharv is his stepbrother, probably why he was talking to his lawyer and saying he’s got to tell the family.

  7. Omg!!!! What’s going wrong with vividha? ?
    Is she falling for Ravish Or feeling friendly/pity???

  8. i was rt … atharv is there in tht room…..y didnt extent epi for more 5 min… i want to see him… cant wait….

    but where is sujata….. n now atharv is mentally challenged???? ….

    i want to know cant digest this suspence….

  9. May be the ghost is sujatha!!!

  10. if it is atharv whom ravish is taking care ..how did he got atharv there??where did he met him?? ..and atharv is in ajmer at the time of marriage and ravish is in delhi..?? how did they met?? but for sure atharv is not ghost..and the happenings are someone is doing them..i think that the one whom ravish saw in precap is doing all the ghost drama

  11. What if ghost is Ramakant, because when vividha entered ramakant house photo frame fell…we knew ramakant wanted vividha for atahrv, maybe its his ghost unless this show has ghost in it.

  12. I want to know too jassi.
    Where is sujata and Abdul Chacha? Why is kailash hiding? Does ravish know about atharv and sujata? Soo many questions, who will answer them? I think kalindi knew who sujata was. Someone overheard ravish’s conversation with situram, maybe that person is doing all this.

  13. I think ravish is evil minded nd is hiding ramakant in cupboard as ramakant didn’t love her mother

  14. But Sss didn’t they show is funeral taking place, and then what’s the need for ravish to tell family and why speak to his lawyer?

  15. Boringgggggggggg………………..

  16. Finally they got vivida’s truth

  17. Is atharv alive??

  18. Is atharv alive

  19. What truth? Atharv is alive, posted on Twitter and Instagram.

  20. I hope uma and dadi mention of kalindi and bhoomi visiting then and seeing atharv and sujata’s house and enquiring about vividha.

  21. if it is atharv whom ravish hide .. iam sure atharv had lost his mental balance ..that is why ravish is hiding from family ..

  22. Seriously some weird questions on here about Arthav got there etc
    Isn’t possible that Ramakant told his son about Arthav and Sujata?
    They were not a secret, they were just not discussed at him him.
    I’m quite father and son had a good relationship and there’s a lot he told.

  23. Sooo many questions…writers are pretty good at keeping up the suspense

  24. Literally makes no sense. How would Arthava be there in the secret room?

  25. Only ravish’s can answe these questions I think. Unless kalindi spills of her visit to vividha’s house and seeing sujata and atharv pic. It is possible maybe ravish knows about atharv or maybe not. Let’s wait and watch how the writers bring this out.

  26. According to the spoiler Ravish saved a civilian whom he had found near death on the way and has no idea that he is his brother Atharv , ok so far so good, but if Atharv is in that room alone where are Sujata and Abdul and I don’t know about you guys but I find it rare that Vividha after calling Atharvas last time and it was on , ringing still she haven’t call again . By the way I expected more from the writers , thats all

  27. Soooooo, is that Atharv under that blanket? Is Sujata ‘the ghost’ that’s protecting wot belongs to her son, Vividha. Is that y we don’t see her… I think Ravish knows more than he’s letting on regarding Sujata n Atharva. N Bhoomi obv knows bout them too, she’s one of those that has to know bout everything! I’m looking at the positive, if Atharv’s lost his memory, n doesn’t remember Vividha, their souls r connected. Maybe the start of their romance from the beginning again, but this time Vividha pursuing Atharv, this time maybe she needs to be strong fir both of them n bring him back…. ?

  28. Hogaya 2nd promise bii

  29. I’ve read in a spoiler that it is atharv in the cupboard, whom ravish found on his travels in need of help and is helping to get better. No mention of sujata or Abdul Chacha. So my guess is that they’re with kailash. Maybe they went to get help leaving atharv and kailash’s men caught them.

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