Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha cursing Kailash aloud. Kailash comes out of Sujata’s house, all wrapped in bandages. Sujata is shocked seeing Vividha’s pic. Atharv says I have to go to her. Sujata says come, we have to go far from her. Atharv says I have to go to her.

Sujata says whatever happened is because of her and her father, she is blaming you, you are taking her name in madness. Situram asks where are you going, that way is main gate of the house. Sujata says last time we went like thieves, this time I will save my son. Situram tries to stop them. Ravish comes home and stops them. He asks where are you going. She says don’t know, but far from here. He says I m bearing all this and keeping you here, after Atharv attacked her. She says don’t do favor, let us go. He says

not today, I will drop you tomorrow, my wife is missing. She says pray she never comes back, your fate is getting fine.

He asks how can you say this. She says she is a curse, I thought you are the enemy, but she is the enemy whose bad sight was around my son. Ravish asks how can you talk like that about my wife. Vividha comes home and says because this is true. Ravish gets shocked seeing her back. Ravish goes to her. Atharv says Vividha….. Ravish stops and looks at him. Vividha smiles seeing Atharv and says Atharv…….. Ravish gets another shock and looks at both of them.

Atharv walks to Vividha. Kho na dun mai paake tumko……plays………….. Atharv says you got hurt and holds her face, asking does this hurt. She says no, its not aching, I can’t see tears in your eyes. She holds him and says don’t cry please Atharv. She hugs him and cries. Ravish looks on shocked.

Sujata goes to them and pulls Atharv away. She slaps Vividha. Atharv and Ravish come and get between Sujata and Vividha, to protect Vividha. Sujata taunts Vividha that she may have done some good deed in last birth, that she got two lovers instead one. Ravish gets shocked and looks at Vividha.

Ravish says I asked you, you could not tell me, I could not hear it. Vividha says I m sorry Ravish, I could not tell you, before marrying you, I and Atharv loved each other a lot. Ravish cries. Vividha says we still love each other, we were separated, but no one could separate us, I can’t think of anyone else, so I did not join relation with you. He recalls how Vividha reacted in mandap and after marriage.

Vividha says this secret was like burden on my heart, I did not get chance to get rid of this burden. He recalls her words. She apologizes and says I could not tell you anything before marriage, I did not know I m going to marry you, I love Atharv, he taught me meaning of love, he is not just my love, but my strength also. He gets away and says if Suman knows this………

Vividha tells Atharv and her love story to Ravish. She says I was blackmailed to deal for Atharv’s life, this marriage is just a deal, Atharv was beaten up badly and I was forced to marry. She says but I got good people here, a loving mum, and you, I was dying with guilt, but I did not get chance to tell you, I m really sorry Ravish, see the fate, you married me and you were taking care of Atharv. Atharv plays and smiles.

Vividha says you are bearing this by my decision, I know I did wrong, one side is marriage and other side is love, whatever decision I take, many lives will be ruined in it, sometimes decisions bring a loss, maybe you kept some last birth relation, Atharv always had self esteemed, and just helped others, he did not like to take help, he has a house and his own life. She tells Atharv that he has to fly high. Atharv says I have more plane drawings, come I will show you. Vividha says no, we will go back to your home. Atharv says no, I can’t go out, else Ravish, Sujata and Situram will get annoyed, you come with me. He holds her hand. She says no, no one will be annoyed with you, I promise. Sujata takes Atharv’s hand back. Vividha looks on shocked.

Vividha says till Atharv does not get fine, you are my responsibility. Ravish says Atharv is my responsibility, you don’t know our this birth relations, Atharv’s and my father are the same man. Vividha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunanda

    Omg! Omg! Day by day truth is cmg out. Atharv vivida conversation is very nice.
    Today’s episode is very nice. Will sujata agrees for vitharv relation.

  2. iamsofianeak

    I WANT TO SEE THIS SERIAL GUYSSS LOVEED THE PAIR BUT DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ! shall i see the show or not ! atleast someone caan write me the story of the show till now brieefly

  3. ammu

    Nice episode..after this prblms n all i hope vitharv…vitharv love is jst amazing n valuble .. Today i rly liked the conversation bw vitharv “i cant see tears in ur eyes..dont cry atharv..pls..” when atharv cried by seeing vivithas injury..it was rly heart touching..love u vitharv.👫👌👌👌

  4. Deepika

    Todays episode really bad vividha want’s to leave ravish go with athrav how can she do that she didn’t think about ravish mother ……..ravish cried so hurt

  5. Horizon

    Feeling very sad for Ravish. It s not his fault & not even Atharv’s or Vividha’s. Kailash planned everything after all. What so ever, it is true that Vividha & Atharv love each other from the deepest tunes of their hearts. Not even being married to anyone else would break their bond. Guys, see how much they feel for each other, see Vitharv’s conversation today. I think Vitharv should reunite at any cost. Writers should bring another girl for Ravish who can truly love him at the end.

    • Amalina


      |Registered Member

      eri yaar di, aaj ka epi was good, but tomorrow’s epi may leave us heartbroken….. so dont have high hopes and expectations…

  6. harsha

    Really awesome episode I just want vividha and adharv because its should be new like hamari adhuri khazhani….. TRUE love should be immortal….better writers may join them by death….

  7. sona

    Are jyada filmy hone ki jarurat nhi h all serial are sem avi dono responsibility bolengey fir baad me dheere dheere vividha ko ravish se pyar ho jayega fir jab atharv will get well soon to vividha confuse hogi thode tym ke liye athrv ke pass v aayegi fir usse realise hoga k o married h ravish ki o v atharv ke sath marraige bhul kr ar usse ravish se pyar ho jayega ar o uske pass wapas chali jayega ……ar atrv villain ban jayega ……dats allll……

  8. Antonio conte

    I think at last atharv die somehow..it’s like bollywood movie though I can’t remember.it’s salman,ajay devgan,Aishwarya..movie..may be… not sure.

    • XYZ

      I th8 l f d movie 2.. aish luvs salmn bht frcd 2 mrry ajy, latr srchs fr slmn wid ajy, bt finally realizes she actually luvs ajay nd cums bck 2 him aftr rejctng slmn politely… Hum dil de chuke Sanam movie..
      I wnt sm sweet endng fr Ravish.. He’s so good nd pure @ heart

  9. sudheer

    Todays episode really nice and good fr vidharv and bad fr ravish.
    But suman-ravish fb?
    Vividharv love is true but how much?
    Anyway finally ravidha only. Not vidharv.

  10. indera sanichara

    Well the truth is out at last, nice ephoside when two people love each other this much, they can climb the highest mountain for each other. Writers thank you. Kaiash your suffering start.

  11. Vidya0000

    Thanks for the written update.
    Luv u ravish really he proved tdy he is an army dude. Luved the way he felt pain for his mom.

  12. Shivu

    I just don’t understand why some people are supporting ravish and vividha jodi…just bcoz they r married… haven’t you all seen vitharav episodes… ravish came in middle of vitharav…

  13. Suman

    I started watching dis serial recently.,from ravidha marriage. I thought vividha should be with ravish leaving past. But started watching from 1 St episode. Heart touching love story. After watching all episodes I felt vividha is only atharvs. N I feel pity for ravish but dat marriage was just agreement for vividha for d cost of atharvs life with kailasam. Writers should re unite vidharv. The bond between vidharv is too intense n sweet.

  14. ammu

    VITHARV FOREVER.. THTS ALL..otherwise this srl will become a bigggggggg wasteee. There must be another girl for ravish…..pls writers dont play with vitharv love n their feelings..reunite VITHARV..
    Also i hv to tell or advice something to ravitha lovers that u should watch the entire(from starting ) episode of jndsd in hotstar..pls…then am sure u should become a big vitharv fan…dont support ravitha..u hv to understand onething also that vitharv love each other a lot..not ravitha tht is a one way love..vivitha cant love ravish ..atharv is in her heart..try to understand the feelings of vitharv atleast..it s a rqst..🙏

  15. Havilah

    Vitharv’s love is really heart tuching… I love Vitharv.. I hope Atharv will get soon.. then Vitharv’s should reunite..
    Vitharv’s love is forever..

  16. Shona

    With vithrav track the trp is is 0.9 …..wow intese …brave track…writers will suffer a lot….in the coming weeks it will be reduced and serial will be shut doown by the sp channel….stupid track……vividha only concerned for athrav must hve not married ravish…third grated b****…….

  17. Sneha

    Please repeat telcast of this serial as working people like me who likes to watch this concept are having problem. Repeat late night as 5.30 not justiable for many viewers

  18. Suman

    S u r right ammu. After watching vidharv episodes I loved them very much. N atharv his character is portrayed very nicely by writers.

  19. Suman

    S I agree with u ammu. After watching vidharv episodes I loved them very much. N atharv his character is portrayed very nicely by writers. Just watch episodes around 15 th July to 20 th July. Especially 19 th n 20th very emotional. Atharv action 😍😘

  20. Divya

    Wat the hell the writters are doing…….marriage is not a game…….they shouldn’t have married vividha and ravish…….wat abt ravishnow.i love vividha and atharv……but it is INDIA…..there are some values here…..marriage is a great relation.writters shouldnt have done this.i hope ravish wil get a girl who loves him……..i want atharv and vividha to unite…..feeling sry for ravish

  21. Deepa

    I feel too bad for ravish … iss sab main ravish piss gaya bechera …. she can’t go back to atarva it is not possible ……. if usulo Pe chaleto

  22. Antonio conte

    Why all you fight between ravish’s and atharv’s fan…main culprit is ramakant…why did he marry 2 person..such a shame….then what you expect from his daughter in laws……lol

  23. RV

    Everyone knows I’m an avid Viv/Atharv fan but, iv watched today’s eppy again. Viv kept saying ‘you’ to Atharv, that he needs to go bk home, bk to his house, his life, his work, fly high himself n until he gets btr he n Sujata r her responsibility. Y only til he gets better? Surely him getting btr is one thing, but their pure luv is wot Wil win n bind them together forever? Or Wil Her marraige to Ravish win over? Sujata promised she Wud unite Viv n Atharv but now she’s begun to hate/blame Viv n she herself won’t want Viv n Atharv together so story Wil b interesting to see where it goes…. I’m just going to put it out there, Kailash is bandaged up why??? Also has he got one of the goons to do plastic surgery n change to look like Atharv so that he wins, so that he ensures his daughter never sees Atharv in the same light again??? Luv to hear others views…..

  24. sudheer

    Vividha adharv ni tana strength ani love chesindi, adharv vividhani tana luck ani love chesadu.
    So vividhaki tana strength adharv kadu ani telisina, adharv ki tana luck vividha kadu ani telisina valla love?
    Ee visyam kailash artham chesukonnadu kabatte kailash vallani vidadeesadu.
    No doubt at all ravidha altimate. Not vidharv

  25. latha

    Ravish and vivida get together. Because both are husband and wife.vivida only with ravish.writers please respect our culture. Love is past in vivida life so plz get together ravidha this is the correct.

  26. Havilah

    Ravish : Bhai hai wo mera bauj nahi.. mera family usse accept kare ya na kare main apna bhai ka sath detha hun.. chahe uskeliye mujhe apni family ki againest kyu na jana pade…

  27. Sigaram

    Yes RV you are correct, y vividha said that Atharv and sujata are her responsibility until he gets fine, does that indicate she will be back to Ravish after Atharv gets fine…

    • Apple

      Arey yarr…That was a precap.. Scene…
      I think Sujatha won’t agree vividha to be with Atharv… That is y vividha asking sujatha till atharv get fine..she will be with atharv..

  28. Mahi

    S at last writers unite ravidha as most of you said about Indian culture. Ya culture is very important for sure.even though I feel vidharv r soulmates. They r cheated. Even though they r not together they feel pain for each other. Cheating is not our culture.three of them will be not be happy. If ravidha r United in real life situation. Some where it’s just a compromise.but writers can take turn at any time. At present it is looking like ball is in vitharvs court actually it may not be true. Vividha may give importance to marriage only. It’s my fear. I love vidharv very much. N it’s ramakants last wish also. N vidharv r not teenagers to fall in infatuation. Their love is true. hope writers unite vithar.

  29. Apple

    #Upcoming……#Ravish tells #vividha that now this mangal sutra have no value thats y he takes out #vividhas Mangal sutra & said i free u from this burden of mangal sutra

  30. Horizon

    If Vividha decided to stay with Ravish, it will be useless & it will destroy his life, because she do not love him. If Vividha & Atharv reunite, it will bring light for 2 lives, then Ravish could find his perfect match. Vitharv should unite at the end. That is the empowerment through real love…… Vitharv only!

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