Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish saying this man would be walked to that shop. Vividha recalls the video. Ravish says he has a little girl with him, but how could he walk far with her. Atharv says but you are saying he stays around, why did shopkeeper not identify him, maybe he is not from this area. Vividha says Kailash never liked to go far from shopping, he stays there. Atharv says we think he is Kailash, but maybe he is not. She says there is difference between guess and intuition, mum’s intuition is saying he is there, we should go and find out.

Vividha asks them to come. Madhav asks where are you going. She says we are going out, we will come soon. He says no, you won’t come, I wanted to show prize yesterday. She says I will take you for icecream once I return. He says no, don’t

go. Kangana comes and says Madhav, your mumma got late yesterday as she was finding your fav cornflakes. He asks really. She says yes, let her finish her work, we will play. She takes him.

Guddi says I will come along. Ravish asks her to stay at home. She says Kailash is my dad too, so I have right to come along. Vividha says Madhav is alone with Kangana, stay at home, everone went to temple, we can’t leave Madhav alone. Ankit asks her not to worry, he will tale care of Madhav. They leave. Ankit sees Kangana and Madhav. Everyone try to find Kailash. Guddi says none has seen this man. Vividha says some people have seen him. Ravish says yes, but maybe just once, I think he does not stay here. Vividha says the people saw him alone. Atharv says he would be taking ration, the shop keeper told me that someone does not come home to take things, the delivery boy takes the goods and that man silently keeps money and takes things. Guddi calls that man mad. Ravish says no, he is clever. Atharv says we can know about him once he calls the shop for delivery, this time we will catch him.

Kangana takes care of Madhav. Ankit looks on. Madhav finishes the food. Kangana asks him to have bread and butter. Madhav refuses and runs. She asks him to have it. She tells stories and feeds him. She sees Ankit and asks him to come and have breakfast. He asks her to have food.

She says you can have food and keep an eye on me. He eats food. Guddi says I don’t think he will come. Vividha asks her to go home but she won’t come till she finds her daughter. Guddi asks don’t I worry for that baby, we should be practical. Vividha asks her to have patience. Atharv and Ravish ask them to stop it. Atharv says ration owner called, he said that man asked for delivery, we will get our child back. She says I will take all answers from him today.

Kangana plays with Madhav. Ankit looks on and smiles. He suddenly gets dizzy and holds the table. Kangana looks on. Ankit sees the food plate. He thinks why is he getting dizzy. He sees Kangana and says she added something in food. Kangana smiles.

Ravish, Atharv, Vividha and Guddi see the delivery guy keeping the packet. Atharv says he will come now. He asks them to have patience, that man will come. Ankit faints. Kangana asks what happened. Ankit asks what did you add in my food. Madhav looks on. She takes his phone. Madhav asks what happened to him. She says don’t know, now we are alone at home. Everyone see the person in black coat and hood coming to take the packet. They get suspicious.

Atharv asks Vividha not to hurry, we will miss him. They all follow the person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @aleya do u know when starparivar awards.

  2. Happy Birthday wishes to our lovely JNDSD. Bcz of this we got Atharv sujatha , Vividha Atharv sujatha , Sujatha chachi , Madhav , Gungun , Payal , E phar Indhumathi ji , Raveesh , Guddy etc. Most imp: Our hot couple SHIVIK. Thank u so much to the entire team of jndsd fr this outstanding show. Gud mrning Vitharvians. Have a great day , a jndsd day……….. Hi Vikram & Shivani , u r fantastic actors and have a bright future. Happy anniversary to both of u. LOVE U SHIVIK.

    1. Usha. Happy anniversary of jndsd. Congrats.
      Ya .such a wonderful experience we got by jndsd .Never ever can forget.
      And our vikku &shivi .Hatts of them.such a sizzling chemistry both of them have.
      And our cutipie kabir.And the great actors vineetkumar, shilpa Thulaskar, Aparna Goshal, Nidhi sha ….. Can’t forget ever.
      But I love the most my heavenly couple shivik.
      Thankuuuuuu so much Mr&Mrs patnaik for giving such amazing couple and a beautiful and unique story and big thanku to prateek sha for directing our show in such a amazing way.Thanku to all once again?????????????????

    2. Hello usha sis…I miss u so much..I can’t see last 10 episodes…I will see them today..Now I am okk sis…Some times head is bleeding…And pain..So many medicines and checkups…Really bored..
      Sis..Njn ippozha innalathe comments vaayiche..Vishamikkalle..Varanullad eppozhayalm varum..Nammlk onnm cheyyn kazhiyillalo..Avrk vendi prarthikka..Pinne nammale snehikkunnavare kurich aaloikka.nmml strong aayitt nikknm..thalararuth..mattullavare nmml venm aashwasipikkn…Sis..U can share ur every..Feelings here..We r one family…Kooduthl onnm ippo paraynilla…..inn celebration..Time alle…Pazhaya karyngl onnm orth veshamikkaruth…Be happy always..We want to see ur happy face not tears…Love u alot sis????

      1. Hi Sweety sis , so happy to know that u come back to home. It will take more time to bcm healthy as bfr. Till then don’t try to strain ur head. Just avoid usage of phn fr some more days dear. And Umma , don’t worry da. Makkal vedhanikkunnathu kanan oru ammaykkum kazhiyilla . Ithu nammal ennenkilum avarude place il varumbozhe ariyoo. Vappaykkanenkil sankadam ulliladakkan kazhiyum , bt ummayukku athinukoodi kazhiyilla. Kooduthal onnum sambhavichillallo.Athinu dhaivathodu thanks parayanam ketto. Ummayodu ente anweshanam parayanam.Thalararuthu ,nammude ellavarudeyum prardhana koodeyundu ennum parayanam . Sari nannayittu rest edutholu. Okke bhedhamayittu ella episodes um hotstaril kanam.Ippo rest anu main ketto. Gud mrning dear. And happy jndsd anniversary to u dear sis.I’m so happy to say that i too a big fan of jndsd.Only bcz of this ,we get a sweet sis here.

      2. Aliza111

        sweety nice to meet hwau . missed u a lot

      3. Yeah sis..i am taking rest..Bt today..I want to enjoy with you friends…Thank you sis ror ur concern for me…Glad that I get u as my first friend here…
        Ippozhum ummade veshamam mareetilla atha or sankadam..Athond njn ente vedankal onnm ummanod ippo parayarilla..Paavam tension adich oru paruvakm..Pinne sis..entem brother ne njnglk nashtapettatund..Athond sis nte veshamam enik nannayi manassilkm..Athine Patti kooduthl paraynilla…
        Pinne njn ummanodum cousins nodum okke njn sis ne Patti parayarund…njn hotstaril ippo kandorikka..Bore adichonda..Ippo enik kuravund…Sis nod samsarikkumbo nalla relief aanu…Njn inn super happy aanu…??????
        Nammlk adich polikknde..inn jndsd fans nte divasa…
        Let’s enjoy…It’s party time!!!!!???

      4. @Sweety sis , enjoy , enjoy ….. Let’s forget all our sorrows and starts a new life in this anniversary with our jndsd. Bcz this is the perfect day fr this, than any other day , right ? So enjoy dear. Gud aftr noon dear. We will go to uncle ‘s home today evening .So cann’t watch today’s episode or to cmnt here. May be tmrw will come back , don’t know exactly. So see u later . Take rest , don’t hesitate to take medicine & food . OK. Umma ye thirakkiyathayi paranjekkane ketto. And episodes , now a days our vitharv were rocking , same like phase 1. Enjoy & take care .

  3. Hloo…My all jndsd…Friends….
    Gud mrng…..How r u all??i miss all of u very much…Now I am okk.and back to home…Feeling so happy… i have to take rest for 3weeks more …Previous day’s it was bleeding in my head..And they didn’t allow me to touch the phone and strain too much…I was in a depression.. Because my mom is not recovered from that shock..And every time when she look at me and cries…I can’t see this pathetic situation of my mom..Till now she is not recovered and sometimes faints..Doctors said that due to hearing that accident news she get shocked..For a second she thinks that she will lose her daughter..It will take time to her recovery..
    Any way friends…I made so many people in hospital including doctors ,nurses,staffs,my relatives,cousins, neighbors,friends etc..Etc.. People to vote for vitharv…80 vote from me…And others..70 ..???
    I completed my target..???
    Thanks to all who pray for me..And consoling me…
    This is clebration time…????????
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OF JNDSD…Come on..Let’s celebrate..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Iam happy that you are gud….recover soon dear…..

    2. Sweety dear don’t be tensed .
      Ellam sheriyavum.we r praying for ur speedy recovery.ammaku tension undavum .atu sweety thanne mati edutha mati .
      Plz be safe nd happy .keep smiling dear and u have done a great job in voting ??

    3. Happy to c u recovered epam nanai rest adukana ktooo good mrng dear???

    4. Thank u all for ur concern..Love u all…..??????????

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    Happy birthday to jndsd…….hurrah..it completed one year…??????????????????????

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    Gud mrg guys have a nyc day….????

    1. Sunanda12345

      Sweety also

    2. ?gud mng di and have a nice day

    3. Gud mrng dear sunanda and have a nice day.
      Congrats. Today jndsd’s first anniversary.
      Let’s celebrate ?????????????????

      1. xyz chechi sugam alle chechik. Chechi inne orupad miss cheiythu.
        Chechi enik camp undayirunu chechi.
        Athum attapaddi I’ll. Katill ayath kondu network undayirunu nillya. Chelapol oke range undavum. Eppola povunath ennu arayillya. Njan comment cheiyan kure try cheiythu . Pakshe comment type cheiyumbol
        network poyi kittum. Egane oke vote cheiythu chechi. Pakshe enik vendi ende brothers,neighbours ,friends ellavaram vote cheiythu . Ente brothers kure id’s undaki vote cheiythu. Avar screen shots eduthu kannichu thanu. Pinne power bank kondu poyath kondu athu vechu charge cheiyan patti. Athum HOD parajath kondu power bank kondu poyi allangil enik orkan vaya chechi.
        With oke konda chechi comment cheiyan pattilya. Anyway jndsd birthday pramanich njan veetil payasam undakan povunu. Ravile 10 manik annu veetil Vanuatu. Horrible ayirunu camp. Atta oke undayirunu.
        Chithikan vaya. Jndsd ude birthday alle njan ivide santhosham kond thulli chaduva. Veetil elavarum parayunath ninte birthday anno itharium santhoshikan ennu.

        Good afternoon chechi

    4. Good mrng dear have a great day???

    5. Asana321

      Good morning have a good day to you

    6. Good afternoon sunanda dear.

    7. Aliza111

      tnk u . happy anversary vitharv shwerav and jndsd

  6. Hlooo
    @usha sis,xyz,aailya,pinky,Sandy,aleya,linah,suman do,sunanda,raone,143,veer,vimala,vismaya,asana,nikh,Rani,dolly..Etc..Etc..Jndsd vitharvians..(sorry if I forget anyone)
    How r u all???..
    @nikh..Yesterday’s update was superb and appreciate ur effort..???
    @viz pinky,how is ur exmz??Forget about the results.it is not the end..We have to move on..And find out the career which suits u..Which ur heart says..It’s fine for me..Be happy always..

    1. Hi sweety dear. How r u now? I know u r completely nt fine but happy to see u back.But take rest and don’t give too much strain to ur head.
      I m good and excited for today’s celebration. Our jndsd completed 1 yr.
      Congrats dear.
      Let’s celebrate .it is the party time.enjoy yyyy ???????????????????????????????????????????????

      1. I am ok dear…?
        Congratulations…????..Let’s enjoy today…

    2. Hiiiii sweety these many days i am really worried about u and ur health.take care of urselfe and also ur mom.become her strength and look that she be happy every time.finally happy jndsd anniversary dear.

    3. Hy sweety , I’m fine and take rest ,dear?

    4. Sweety kutti. I was shocked to hear about your accident . I hope you are not much hurt. You being sick is making me feel sick.I hate when the people I care about are not well. Iam praying for your healing and comfort dear.
      Sweety dear An illness is like an unwanted guest dear.We have to face it with smile and wait for it to pass. The sooner the better. So get well soon dear. Pinne ella amma mar igne thenya sweety. So don’t worry dear.

      Today is the day to celebrate so no worries dear.

      Good afternoon dear.

  7. @sweety we r so happy u r came. today we have to do party for u came back and jndsd completed one year.hurryyyy

    1. Yeah…It’s party time for vitharv.Fans…..????????
      Let’s enjoy…together

  8. So today is that day ..may 9 the 2016 the day which is responsible for giving such fabulous frnds and a beautiful family ,????hai all usha chechi,veer bhaya,viz pinky,sweety,sandy,nikh,aleya,xyz,143,sunadha,sumen Akka,linah etc etc and all sry if i forgot any name ….happy anniversary jndsd and happy bday payal????? the a lot for giving us atharv sujatha the king?and sweet vivi?madav,sujatha,kk etc etc and this a unique love story and great magical chemistry by shivik none can replace them ???can’t express my happience in words let’s celebrate hope next year we can be together praying for that ….love u jndsd love u shivik love u my fends????

    1. Hi Vismaya , yes dear.Today is so special fr all jndsd fans . Happy anniversary wishes to u too dear. Gud mrning & have a nice day .

    2. Hy dear,y u r right its celebration tym and I am really happy and excited on this day ?

  9. Hloo…Frnds…I have an idea..Every one plzz share ur first impression on jndsd..
    1.Which scene u seen for first time..??
    2.Which scene make u impressed on jndsd??
    3.Which make u attracted to this serial??
    4.Any other unforgettable experience on jndsd which u didn’t share in tu page..
    5. Most favorite scene of jndsd??
    6.most favorite dialogue..
    7.most favorite phase
    8.most favorite costume of vitharv.
    U can add any other things related to jndsd..
    Guys..We can celebrate one year of jndsd by sharing our experience of jndsd between tu page friends…Just for fun..
    Come on …Share ur experience…

    1. Sunanda12345

      1-their first meeting ?
      2-atharv courage,vivida love 2 her father..
      3-vitharv love
      4-ntg like that
      5 -tabela scenes of vitharv
      6-ess Jamin par…. (atharv’s dialogue when he keeps marriage proposal 2 vivida..)
      7-phase 1 &2
      8-vitharv starting costumes… (when they start serial )

      Tq for asking dolly…such a cute game…


    2. Asana321

      1.Vivi’s entry to atharv’s home to milk (1epi)
      2.jndsd’s first promo in mandir
      3.shivani&atharv bonding
      5.Vivi’s proposal to atharv
      6.all atharv’s dialogue
      7.phase-1(vitharv love)
      8.atharv’s phase 1 kurthi/vividha’s present gowns
      Thank you dolly di
      Nice game

    3. Hi dolly dear. Wonderful idea. But pblm is that for me I can never select a particular scn or dialogue as favourite from jndsd. Bcz I m mad for jndsd and loving each & every thing related to jndsd except some illogical black magic tracks,twists & turns …
      But I will give u my answers.
      1.I like the 2nd promo of vitharv (at temple) and in srl every phase 1 scns especially that scn which vividha’s duppatta falls on atharvs face when he coming to ajmer on bike.
      2.can’t select a particular scn every phase 1 scn
      3.The unbeatable chemistry bw vikram &shivani as Atharv &vividha and the unique personality of atharv sujatha.
      4.nothing like that I already shared everything here
      5.each & every scns of phase 1 but the
      beginning of vitharv love was in pushkar. So I love pushkar scn too much.
      6.is zammin par jo eed rakunka and the empowering dialogues of Atharv to vividha.
      7.phase 1& 2
      8.most favourite costume is the red Kurtha of atharv and white salwar and yellow duppatta of vividha when they went to pushkar. I love that costume so much.
      OK thanku dear for this .
      Good noon

    4. 1)1st promo of the show…
      2)1st episode vitharv meet.. and there journey..
      3) vitharv love and mother & son bond.
      4)nothing like that but., JNDSD gifted many friends…
      5)all vitharv scenes…especially vividha visit Atharv house., after marriage challenge to kk… My favorite scene..
      6)vitharv 1st vachan dialogue’s.
      7)phase 1&2.
      8)pushker track(vividha white Chudidar) and Temple haldi costume… And phase I and present costumes..

      9)Favorite bgm…
      Shiv tandav and old title bgm..

    5. 1.viv buying things for some pooja
      2.how to say one each and every scene i got impressed
      3.scenes bw vitharv
      4.unforgettable????my parents don’t know that i am watching jndsd.they will never allow me to do this.for hiding from them i have done many silly things..They r just unforgettable.still my parent’s don’t know this & still i am continuing them??????.for the first time i have hidden something from my mom and i am not feeling sad or guilty for this instead i am feeling very proud.
      5.there r many but one is atharv bet scene.it that scene he will open his shirt in front of everyone it is hot,funny,talented, unforgettable……and many scene.his way of walking style in that scene was ????. Still I have no words to describe that.
      6.atharv mrg announcement dialogue and all 7vachan dialogues r my favvvvvvvvvvv ones. they r epic word’s and I don’t think so we will listen to that type of words again on TV industry.?????????????????for the creator sunjiv ji..
      7.phase one…and half of 2 also
      8.phase 1 costumes r just ????????
      This game was nice dolly.thank u for this and love u soooo much ????

    6. 1 there first meeting that’s payal bday?
      2each and everyone
      3shivik magical chemistry there unique love???
      4 nthng like dat..
      5 vivi proposal ,all there hugs??
      6 atharv sujatha empowerment dialogues
      7phase one
      8 of course atharv sujatha Ajmer dress with rudrash vivi too….Ajmer dress code ……????
      Thsnx for these great idea dolly happy anniversary..???

    7. To be frank ,when i saw the first promo ,felt nothing special . Thought that this would be just like an ordinary love story and showed no interest to it. So i missed first 1,2 week’s episodes too(bcz i was in hostel in that time ). 1) frst scn i saw : vividha was praying , she heard Adharv’s calling fr payal and saw him . He was searching fr payal in bike. She was in yellow shirt and vividha in rose colour churidhar. I didn’t understand who is payal at that time. 2) scn impressed : can n’t say one particular scn.All scns of phase 1 r my fav. 3) Shivik chemistry , Adharv ‘s hotness , boldness , Sujatha & Adharv ‘s relationship , ajmeer&tabela scns , vividha’s cuteness etc etc etc ………………………………. 4) unforgettable experience : Nothing like that . 5) fav.scn: all scns of phase 1&2 .If u ask fr one ; Atharv tried to make vividha smile when she revealed her decision if marrying Atharv to kk. Both were crying bt tried to hide their tears & make others smiling . Shivik really nailed at that scn. 6)All dialogues of Atharv sujatha. Bt there is 2 dialogues of vividha which made me crying . 1st : ” Raveesh ek acha insan hei bt vo mera Atharv nahi hei ” 2nd : To raveesh – ” meri beta ” (abt madhav) & to Atharv – ” hamari beta “. 7) fav phase : No dbt, both phase 1&2 . 8) All costumes of phase 1. Most fav is : when vividha opened her mind to Atharv ,she was in red churidhar with black dhupatta & Atharv in white shirt .OMG that was so hot fr ever. Hi dear , this is really a fantastic game and i ‘ve enjoyed a lot .Thank u so much fr this lovely treat dear.

    8. Nice idea dear…???..i cannot take particular one..Bt I will give u some most liked ones
      1.their 4 the vachan
      2.vitharv love for each other
      3.their bonding and simplicity of the serial like location,simple costumes,attractive dialogues..Etc..
      4.An unforgettable experience is..I got so many sis and bro..I so thankful to jndsd for this.
      5.Vitharv cute nok jhok..,all tabela scenes,pushkar scenes.baby atharv scenes
      6.Atharv rescued guddy from chintu and that dialogue to Vivi and kk.Another one is…all time favorite..Mein zameen…One more..7th vachan..Atharv sujata laut ke aayega…….
      7.phase 1and 2
      8.atharv all kurtas..Vividha..All phase1 churidar and current track costumes
      Thank u dolly for this wonderful idea…On the special day of jndsd fans..??
      I too want to know everyone’s choices

    9. 1 )vitharv going to pushkar for finding payal then I watched from the beginning
      2) mandir promo
      3) the flute bgm ?
      4) nothing special as such but after memorizing atharv’s dialogues I started doing many things which I thought that I
      cannot do.
      5) in pushkar atharv lifting vivi and ask her to do puja Nd break her fasting.
      6) every dialogues of atharv especially giving 7 vachans and promising to vivi that “atharv sujata Lautke aunga”??
      7 ) phase 1 and 2
      8) costumes of 1st episode ..atharv’s blue shirt and vivi’s red choli

      It’s really interesting dear ..superb idea ?

    10. Aleya.marzan

      1.mandir scene on promo

      2.atharv giving courage to vividha

      3.vitharv love,atharv dedication to his mom

      4.when i didn’t used to comment then vitharv marriage i couldn’t express that

      5.atharv vividha fall on gober i mean cow dung i can forget that all my life sooo new

      6.dil kya chahta hai woh chahnewale ka dil hi jane

      7.phase 1

      8.vitharv manali costume

      thnq for this

      yaadein taazaa ho gaye

  10. Thanks usha for accepting me

    1. Hy rani, welcome to our family ??

    2. Hi, rani , don’t say like this. There is no srry & thank u in frndship or family ,right ? Bt i said srry since we knowingly ignored u at first . Otherwise we all r frnds and no need of acceptance or rejection here. U can share ur views abt jndsd &vitharv with us at any time and i’m sure we will always with ur happiness & prblms. Gud aftr noon dear.

  11. Happy b’day jndsd..its the time to celebrate..i we were in same place,then we would arrange a get together and rock jndsd party.

    1. Hiiii rani….say we neglected u these many days becoz of that virus but now welcome to jndsdfamily sry for late welcome.yes u r right if we r at one place we would have done get togetter but no problem we can do it in tu page.it is our home right.thank u tu for giving us this wonderful home and wonderful frnds &family?????

  12. Hi friends.
    Good morning and good afternoon.

    Happy birthday JNDSD..

    Congrats to JNDSD team
    JNDSD fans for successful journey of one year completion

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hi @143 have a nyc day

    2. Happy jndsd anniversary dear…and thank u for wishes ?????????????????????????????

    3. Good afternoon 143.

    4. Gud afternoon 143 , happy jndsd anniversary ??

  13. Pooja94

    Hi everyone im new to this site and can anyone tell me how to write a fanfiction on JNDSD plzz.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hii pooja welcome dear…
      At left side u will see menu bar in dark black colour..press it and then click submit article in the options of menu bar…
      Then u can write fanfaction…

      U R dp is soooo cute ??

      1. Sunanda12345

        At the top of tellyupdates

      2. Pooja94

        Hi sunandha thanku i alreafy submitted the first episode.. But how could it show that only in JNDSD page?? there is no option for selecting the serial name there…And by the way r u a telugu person??

    2. Hiii pooja welcome to jndsd family…???and happy jndsd anniversary to u ?????????????

      1. Pooja94

        Hi pinky thanku.. Wish u d same.. I want to give a gift for jndsd family oj this special day in the form of fanfiction i already updated an episode.. But it didn’t published yet.. i know u r a telugu person.. Yes im also a telugu girl frm hyd

    3. Pooja94

      Hi sunandha thanku i alreafy submitted the first episode.. But how could it show that only in JNDSD page?? there is no option for selecting the serial name there…And by the way r u a telugu person??

      1. Sunanda12345

        Pooja I am telugu person….
        We need 2 mention that ff is from jana na…they only verifies it and publish at jndsd page….don’t worry dear……

      2. Sunanda12345

        I mean need not…
        They will publish

      3. Sunanda12345

        Pooja are from hyd..gud…
        Iam from bhimavaram w.g dist

        Any have one more jana na lover…to write fanfaction…..

      4. Pooja94

        Sunanda.. I wrote and submitted the episode by 11am but it didn’t get published yet..How much time they will take to publish it?? ahhh i wish to start it today only as its our JNDSD anniversry 🙁

    4. Hi pooja , welcome to our jndsd family. Happy anniversary wishes to u too dear.

      1. Pooja94

        Hi usha.. Thanku nd wish u d same ?

  14. Sunanda12345

    Guys any one watched ARAMBH serial promo…
    Telugu heroine karthika(radha’s daughter) is acting as heroine in this serial

    1. Asana321

      Karhika nair ( south Indian actors) is the heroine
      Rajneish duggal is hero
      This is a historical fantasy serial
      I think this is a big budget serialserial

      Karthika nair have no chance in movies????
      Why she acted in serialserial??????

      1. Asana321

        Sorry serial* repeated

      2. Asana321

        Sorry serial* repeted

  15. Hai my dear friends . How are you dears?.
    xyz chechi,usha chechi,sandy,sweety,143k
    vismaya,rani,nikh,suman di, 143,nazneen,
    viz pinky,diya,linah,sunanda,Aleya,lakshmi
    ooshi akbar,vitharv fan,Joe,nikhat ,sam and my new friends veer,dolly,aam,Asana etc.

    Happy birthday to my JNDSD baby. ????????????.???????????????????????
    Mamta Patanik,thank you for giving us
    VITHARV. Especially my ATHARV SUJATHA.
    And a special thanks to the title song of jndsd. No other song can replace it.

    Prateek shah . You gave soul to my vitharv.
    Iam not getting words to describe you. From bottom of my heart I want to thank you. Vineet ji,shilpa madam,dadi,nidhi,uma
    too played a very important role for the success of jndsd. And I also want to thank each and every person who are part of of the jndsd family.

    Because of jndsd I have got wonderful
    Sisters and Friends here. For this iam very grateful to my jndsd.

    Iam very excited today.???????????????????????????????????????

    1. Hiiii aailya….missed u sooo much these many days.did ur exams got completed.happy jndsd anniversary dear ?????

    2. Asana321

      How are you didi??
      Actually I am new here but I am silent reader of this page in recent 2 / 3 months

      1. Asana321

        Where are you di in recent days??
        I am very happy saw your commentcomment

      2. Asana321

        Sorry comment*is repeat again

    3. Vimala also

    4. Sunanda12345

      Hi aliya…r u our before aliya…or anju who is using aliya name? ????

      1. Sunanda dear. Don’t worry. This is our real aailya nly. Look at her dp .Our aailya is back .This is nt that bl**dy virus anju. Don’t misunderstand aailya dear .

    5. Hi aailya dear…Happy to see you back…how r u ??.How is ur exms??Is it over..??

    6. Hai aliya happy to cu back and very happy to c u back in this fabulous day???
      Missed ur comments so much anyways thnx dear for coming back???happy anniversary dear

  16. usha chechi njan camp innu poyath ayirunu chechi. Narkam ayirunu. Pinne chechi A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves,for they are still alive in our hearts. So don’t be sad usha chechi. Amma kurich time eduthalum ellam Sheri ayikolum. And the life goes on.
    So be happy for the uncle’s sake dear. Otherwise he will feel sad. Pinne usha chechi ude birthday kazichu enne karyum
    earlier comments vayachapol annu manaslayith. Anyway Belated birthday wishes chechi. Enik ennalum wish cheiyan pattilalo. Iam feeling sad for that.

    Good afternoon chechi

  17. Aliza111

    guyzz ningal aarum enne mind cheyathathil valare sangadam thonarund . ee vacationil boradichittan nj frndsine kittum enn vicharich ee pagil join cheythad . but nj register aayal kurachenkilum mind cheyyum enn vicharich . ivide aleya kkum sunandakkum raoneinum mathrame enne ariyathullu enn thonunnu ningal oro cmteters ineyum annversaryiyum gd mrng ingum wish cheyyumbol ente per undo enn njn nokkarund kanathumbol orupad vishamam thonittund> pls enne ningade koode kootanam enne abyarthikunnu.
    . ningalde ee family like oruma kanidittan njn join cheythad but ningal aarum enne mind cheyathumbol feling heart broken

    mistakes undenkil shamikukka. enikk cmplt malayalam areela . iam trying to learn even now . njn oru malayali alla . i was born in washington . but ente 7 agilan nj kerala vannad ippo 7 years aayitt kure okke padichu ningade malayalam cments il ninnum padichu . usha chechi thich vannathil sandosham und. sweety kk vendi nj prarthichittund ennum. viz pinky ude suicide msg in reply ayakathirnad sangaman feel cheythitta.
    ninigal elllarum ente ff vayich cment cheyyanam pls .
    ethrem valiya msgin sry.
    ini ningalde familyil enne cherkanam.
    @ra one . if u stopo writing y should we write . sunanda ‘s and urs ff and os inspired me to write so believe that failures r stepiing stone to succes pls keep writing
    @ sunanda di happy with ur os result keep writing and inspiring
    @sweety . happy withu r comeback and wellbeing
    @pinky . never think about suicide . if ur present and past is bad believe that ur future will be better keep hope it will keep u live

    my ff 4 th episode link here . pls read it and previous episodes pls
    @ aleya u can call me di . i dont by thinking that never depart me k? srinhju is a baby girl but u r some matured i think so if u like calling me di u can cntinue it .
    sry for this msg in malayalam there is nthing much i said i juz said in malayalam that juz join me in ur family cauz i love u all

    1. Aliza don’t like that dear we r one family , right. U have been in Kerala for 7 years and u speak /type nicely in malayalam .Gud job ?

    2. Asana321

      Good afternoon di

    3. All jndsd fans are one family dear..Don’t say like that…U can join us without any permission..?
      U r good in Malayalam..?
      Now I am going to read ur ff…All the best dear..?
      Congratulations … Enjoy… Today is our day…..

    4. @Aliza, don’t say like this dear. Now u r also part of this jndsd family & most imp. thing is that no member of this family should never feel loneliness or insecurity here and we should never allow this too. U can always share ur views with us.When i started cmnting , no one was here to chat
      with. Bt aftr that i got sweety sis as my best frnd & then slowely made frndship with all .So no need of worries dear. This is just a temporary prblm. Whenever we get 100 percent sure that u r a genuine fan , then we will defntly reply ur cmnts. This is just a safety measure that we take to prevent virus attack of this page. Anyway , welcome to our small world.U will get all of ur support , replies ,wishes & frndship until u won’t loss our trust with u. And happy to hear that u too r a malayali. Keralathil evideya ? And padikkukayano ? Gud evening & happy anniversary wishes to u dear.

      1. Aliza111

        nj ippo kerathil malapuram settledan . njn juz 14AAN . IPPO 8THIL padikunnu

  18. RAOne

    hello from my side……

    first sence which saw when Atharv challange to kailash regarding his marriage with vividha.
    2- kailash and atharv powerful performance…. most important… Indumati ji and Atharv jodi(best).
    3- reason to watch this serial are…. it was out of the box.
    * vikram’s powerpack performances and his name Atharv Sujata…..
    most important Shivani….. her cuteness, smile, sweet voice etc…. can’t describe.
    4- when my maa used to watch this serial…. i uesed to say that i’m watching because i like vikram performance… but real reason was actually Shivani…. it no longer secret now
    because now everyone will come to know about this once my commet publish….
    5- whenever Shiavni had a smile on her face are my fav sence……

    6- fav dialogue are……
    * tu pagal h kya? oh!!!! Oh!!!!!! and intro by vikram of all the family members of ravish…
    * “aaye!!! kabhar dar agar meri maa say iss tarah baat ki to yahi ghad gunga…Atharv sujata bhi mara nahi h” to ravish.
    * when ever he called…sujata or sita…. that was funny and excellent…..
    * some of atharv promise which he fullfilled…. returning from death…..
    * kailash… dialogue….
    * when he inside foot inside…..kailash home(remember with powerpack dialouge)…..
    * when he brings guddi home……and he ask my what did your mother taught you..

    6-phase 1 and when vikram was pagal….. i enjoyed great time…..

    7- vikram phase one look….. and shivani no matter she is always beautiful.

    one best maa tere bahu ki wrist size is this…. that was really beautifully protrayed…..

    when vikram see vividha bloods and then he turns dhoni and beats dadaji……

    their guitar music…….i like most…..

    most important thing…….

    Atharv and sujata bonding……
    atharv and indumatiji jodi..
    vineet sir powerful dhamal….

    many more but it will be two long then…. haa…haa…..

    1. Asana321

      Hello raone bhayya

      1. RAOne

        hello Asana dear…. how are you…. what do you study…..

      2. Asana321

        I am fine bhayya
        I am completed my plus two and waiting for result

  19. Sandy dear convey my wishes to your parents. ?????????.

    And congrats to you also for the jndsd anniversary.

    1. Aaliya dear ..u r back? missed u a lot ..u went for camp,what type of camp?
      I will surey convey ur wish and jndsd anniversary wish to u also dear.?

  20. Sunanda dear iam very happy that you got distinction. Keep it up dear. Well done dear. And happy anniversary.

    1. Yeyyyyyyy aailya dear. Finally u came back. I m nt getting words to express my happiness by seeing u back.u know dear I really had hope that u will come today. Bcz I know u can’t neglect today. Our jndsd’s first birthday. Anyway I missed u too much .
      Pinne enthinte camp ayirunnu? Ethra days ayi kandittu. Attapadi enginundarnnu? ?.kattil adichupolichille?. Ethra days undayrnnu camp ? Atta okke undarnnalle. Sho. Orupad buddimutti kanum alle. Especially network illathe.Enkku athu orkkane vayya. Pinne epsds llm kanan pattyo? Ippo nammude old angry young man Atharv is back.serikkum ippozhathe epsd kanumbol vallathe relief thonnunu. Slowly they r back to phase 1 .
      Pinne aailya de perum paranju a virus vendum vannirunnu. Nammude pavam chila frnds avale accept chykyem cheythu. Bcz avar aailya ennu peru kandu thettithirichu. But appol thanne njn avarodu parjnrunnu aval a virus anu aailya alla ennu. Pinne avlde thani roopam aval thanne katti .
      Pinne aailya ku Nethra enna peril oru frnd undo ? Aailya paranjitta ennum paranju Nethera enna kutty cmmnt chythirunnu. Aailya de frnd anennm paranju. But njn believe chythlla. Sorry aailya de frnd anengil. Bcz njn paranju aailya thanne vannu cmnt chythe njn believe chylla ennu.
      Pinne aailya ku vote chyn patty ennarinjapo happy ayi.bcz enkku fear undarnnu vote chyn aailya ku pattumo ennu. Bcz njn vicharichu vendm asukam vallom ayo ennu.Anyway good job dear.njnm multiple ids undakki vote chythttund. Enkku shivik win chyenanthm award vangan stages kayrnnthum kanan kothiyakunnu. Vitharv thanne win chythal matyarnnu.but IB namukku parayanu.?.
      Pinne starplus nte partiality kando .vitharv is nt in music vdo ???. Ellam IB,yrkh,yhmb ,dbo stars ??.
      Pinne Ippo veetil undo ? Camp kazhinjo?
      Sukamalle aailya kku. I m good &excited for today’s celebration.
      Today is our day dear.Very very happy anniversary to u dear.Let’s enjoy ????????????????????????????????????????.
      Pinne payasam enikkum venam Ketto ???????????

  21. Nikh dear I had a camp these many days. And that too in forest. There was no range.
    Because of that I couldn’t comment. I couldn’t not wish you on your birthday. Please accept belated wishes from me. And all the best for your exams.

    Happy anniversary dear.

  22. Viz pinky iam happy that you did your neet exam well. I will definitely pray for your success. Happy anniversary dear.

  23. RAOne

    thanks friends for your support i will back soon…… and now i also promise whether serial end or not i will continue to write for this serial……… happy one year to you all……….
    @viz pinky, sweety,Linah, veer,aaliza,sunanda,sandy,dolly,Usha dii,Aleya.marzan i will be back……… sorry if i forget mention in any one name you all live in my heart….. i will be back with FF soon……. for some days I am busy……..

    Aaliya happy to see you back….again hope your orginal one because….some one tried to use your name many a times and played with us…..so hope you can [email protected]

    yeah……… 38 episodes more for 400 hundred…. again celebration.

    1. Hai dear Raone thank you dear. Iam the original one only. I commented you but my comment for you didn’t publish yet.
      Don’t stop writing . You have got the talent to write. Don’t waste it. Move forward and don’t loose hope. And try to learn from mistakes and one day you will definitely reach your destination. Try for it.

      Happy anniversary dear

    2. Hi RAOne ,happy to hear that u will come back with ur writing . This is our rock star. Happy anniversary wishes to u too bro .Oh this is the secret to watch jndsd: Vividha ! Nice dear. U r funny too. And u know onething :fr girls , this is Hotty Atharv. How is this ? Gud aftr noon dear .

    3. Thats RAOne.. we know that u could not stop writing ..waiting for ur ff ?

  24. Congrats sunanda..happy for u..

  25. Nazneen Syed

    Good afternoon friends ?.
    Happy anniversary of jndsd to all of you.
    @Sandy di. Convey my wishes to your parents.
    @Sunanda di. Congrats di. Well done ?
    @Usha di. I’m happy that you are fine now.
    @Aailya Di. Di I missed you so much. How are you di? I’m good.
    @Sweety di. I hope that you are good now.
    Don’t worry di it takes time for a mother to recover from this.

    1. Hi Nazneen , gud aftr noon dear &happy anniversary wishes to u too . All the very best fr ur exams dear.

    2. Thank u for ur wishes dear..I will surely convey ur wish ?

  26. Nazneen Syed

    I can’t comment more now because my exams are near so I have to prepare for 2nd semester.
    @Dolly. Welcome to our jndsd family dear. My friend name is also Dolly.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hi nazneen missed u r comments…all the best for the exam…

    2. Hi nazneen…thank u for welcoming me..All the best for ur exams…It’s not my real name it’s my pet name..

  27. Usha njn ipaza msg kandath,njn malayali aanu..ini nisha enn vilikallooo.

    1. @rani ,why not ? Bt i got so muh frnds , sis ,bro, love , care ,everything here through this name. It ‘s my Amma’s name & i love this more than mine. So i don’t like to change this ever.Bt u can call me if u like. Keralathil evideya ? R u studying ? NJan frm kollam. Gud evening dear.

  28. Viz pinky I also missed you so much dear. Love you. My exams are over and I had a camp that too in forest. There was no proper network. Because of that I couldn’t comment. Happy anniversary dear.

    Sweety ik njan comment cheyuthath vayicho. Happy to see your comment. Iam fine dear and exams oke kaziju.

    Sunanda dear iam the original one only. If you have doubt you can see my dp icon. Happy anniversary dear.

    Adana thank u dear. Happy anniversary dear.

    Vismaya thank u da for your love. Happy anniversary dear.

    Nazneen dear iam fine. I also missed you dear. Love you dear. Happy anniversary dear.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Sry aliya I doubted on u….really very sry ??????????

    2. Yeah I read ur reply..Now I am fine..Dear…sometimes feeling pain..But it’s okk….Today no one can control me…It’s celebration day??????…
      Happy to see u back…How was ur camp??aailyaye Sherik miss cheythu.. Especially XYZ sis…
      Have a nice day dear…Enjoy a Lott…Be happy always..

    3. sorry for being suspecting against you i didn’t intended to do it… but you know what the truth is….

  29. @Aailya , so finally u came back here. Happy to see u back dear. Bt njan pinakkathila. U could inform us bfr going fr camp. We missed u a lot dear ,especially xyz ,we can feel her sorrow with ur absence here. Which camp ?NSS Camp ? Innu vannathe ullu alle ? Pinne payasam ningalkku mathrame ullo? Nammalkku tharilla ennano ? One more thing ,than illathirunnappol aa virus vannirunnu ,thante perum paranju. Enikku birthday wish cheythu. Avalude dp yude colour ekadesham same ayirunnu &cmnts valare polite um .So njan reply kodutheda. Bt pineed entho prblm undennu thonni , thante dp check cheythu .Appozhaya abadham manasilayathu. Kure vazhakku paranju ,bt entha prayojanam ,alle? Oh athu potte , ethra nalayi kandittu , othiri visesham undakum alle ? Voting il participate cheythu ennarinju. Welldone . Pinne phn nu range illathathu ,chinthikkane vayya . Ente uncle nte placil bsnl& airtel nu range illa. So phn dead ayirunnu. Oh marannu : thank u so much fr ur lovely birthday wish . Happy anniversary to u too dear.Baki viseshangal (abt camp) pinne parayam . Enjoy the day &enjoy the payasam.

  30. Aleya.marzan

    is any one online now for all of them good after noon

    n whoever wished me return wishes for them

    1. Gud evening…Dear..

    2. Asana321

      Good evening

    @sunanda,asana,XYZ,viz pinky,Usha,Sandy, Raone,sweety,vismaya,143…..
    I just thought of a fun today.. That’s why I made it…
    Enjoy a lot…Once again..congratulations to all of u ..
    And we are trending today on Twitter @5 pm Ist..#1YearOfJNDSD Every one plz participate in it..And show our love towards jndsd..❤❤

    1. I forgot to mention aleya sorry..Dear..Thanks to you..too

  32. My many comments are not publishing. What happened. ????????
    I replied to xyz chechi,usha chechi,dolly,sunanda and raone. But did not get published.????????????????

    1. Aailya .Don’t worry dear .we know that some of our cmmnts won’t publish sometimes .
      Enikkum same situation face cheyendi vannttund. No pblm .we all know that u already replied to us but didn’t get publish.
      Good evening dear

  33. https://www.instagram.com/p/BT3eswrgJJS/
    See this what our cutie doll is doing with her dad ?????

    1. ???she is naughtier than madhav

  34. Pooja94

    Hi guys… Please read my FF u r mine forever.. And please give ur feed back in comments section on my ff post.. I hope u all like it .. And i will try to post one episode everyday ?

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