Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv coming to Vividha’s house. He tells everyone that he has written A in Vividha’s mehendi. They all get shocked. Atharv says Vividha was always helpless, she is quiet as she does not wish to lie, I wrote A on her hand, because my name starts with A, Atharv. Kailash says the groom’s family has come to see Vividha. Atharv gets shocked. She gets teary eyed and looks at him. Kailash asks Atharv to get out. Atharv says I will go, but after talking to Vividha.

Bharadwaj says so you are milk supplier’s son. Atharv says my mum’s name is Sujata. He goes to Vividha. She cries. Uma worries. Atharv shows the bangles to Vividha. He says my mum made this bangles of your size, its for ghanghor, you refused to take these, now I m refusing to keep these bangles with

me, I did not get the bangles here to enter your life forcibly, but because these bangles has my mum’s love, now you wear it and throw it, its your wish. He gives the bangles to her. Ankit says how dare you and raises hand on Atharv. Atharv holds his hand and scolds him to teach him manners. Vividha looks at Atharv.

Sujata waits for Atharv and worries for Kailash’s reaction. She feels guilty that Athaarv has gone there because of her tears. She prays for Atharv. Atharv gets teary eyed seeing Vividha.

Atharv clears it to Bharadwajs that its his decision to marry Vividha, she did not had such intention, she did not say anything to show she has feelings for me in her heart, she does not want to see my face or talk to me, its my mistake, don’t hold her responsible for this, Vividha is a perfect girl, perfect daughter, if I said anything wrong, I m sorry. He folds hands and apologizes. Vividha looks at Atharv and cries. Atharv leaves.

Bharadwaj asks Kailash did you call us to show this drama. Kailash apologizes and says I did not know that guy will come here. I assure you, Atharv will not become a problem now. Bharadwaj says Atharv has given bangles to Vividha infront of everyone, whats the guarantee that he will not create hurdles for Vividha and my son. Kailash says I guarantee that, I will see this matter. Bharadwaj and his wife leave. Kailash asks Bharadwaj’s son to explain his dad. The guy says I felt glad meeting Vividha and thought she would be best life partner for me, if she really likes Atharv, I suggest you get her married to Atharv. He leaves. Rajender says Kailash, you made good joke of yourself. Rajender leaves too. Vividha says Papa…. and gets scared seeing his anger. Kailash slaps her hard. Uma holds Vividha and hugs her. Dadi shouts Kailash….. Kailash cries.

Sujata sees Atharv coming home and runs to open the gate for him. She worries and asks what happened, why did you get much late. Atharv recalls what all happened at Vividha’s house. He holds his head and angrily goes to the stable. He removes his shirt and starts cutting the grass in the machine. Sujata asks what happened, was Kailash there, did he say anything, is Vividha fine, did she say anything to you, tell me, I m worried. He recalls Vividha and their moments. He says groom’s family came to see Vividha, my Vividha was sitting there infront of them, its her marriage. Sujata gets shocked and says so what….. how did you get scared, Vividha is not just your life, but also a part of your soul, how will anyone make her away from you, she is important in your life, she just has to come here. He asks sure. She says yes, you have truly loved Vividha from heart and soul, but fear and love can’t be together, you are Vividha’s fate, Kailash is not a Lord to change her fate, he has to agree one day that relations are not made by ego and rigidity. She pacifies Atharv. She thinks I did not see Atharv so afraid before, he is afraid to lose Vividha, don’t separate them Lord.

Uma tells Vividha that I did not see Kailash so angry before, you don’t sit quiet, speak up. Dadi says its not Vividha’s mistake, Atharv did everything, but I regret that Kailash’s hand which used to bless Vividha, not slapped her. Ankit blames Vividha and says I wish to beat Atharv. Guddi scolds Ankit and asks him to get lost. Uma asks Vividha to get up. They hear some sound. Ankit asks them to come fast. Uma asks Vividha to come fast and see what Kailash is doing. Vividha rushes to see Kailash hitting his hand with a stone, punishing himself for slapping Vividha. Vividha and everyone stop Kailash. His hand bleeds. Vividha and everyone cry seeing Kailash’s tears and bleeding. Kailash says I have slapped you Vividha, I have always blessed you. She holds his hand. He says its not your mistake, its Atharv’s mistake, I have gone mad and slapped you. Vividha hugs him and says Papa please don’t do this, its not your mistake, what you are doing is wrong, don’t punish yourself for my mistake. She thinks Kailash got insulted because of me, this won’t happen again, I have to make this fine. Kailash thinks I slapped my daughter, I will end Atharv’s game.

Kailash warns Sujata and throws bangles on her. He says you could not keep your son away from my daughter, so I take this responsibility now. Atharv and Vividha meet. Police arrests Atharv. Vividha shouts Atharv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thnq fr sch a quick update right frm epi one….i hope u vl maintain d same….xoxo

  2. Atharv was hell shocked on knowing that the groom’s family came to see vividha . It was so sweet of him when he mentioned Vividha as My Vividha…true love ? please dnt separate ViTharv…such a cute couple…love them…

    1. Yep loved to watch him insecure too????

      1. Yes arshdeep…he his too good…and today Vikram was looking damn hot…love his acting and his expressions are adorable specially his eyes…?????

    2. wishing the same please writers use your heart in this matter instead of brain as heart is always right

  3. I liked atharv a lot tdy and this kailash stupid trying to blackmail vivi but i like his action and guys i support kailash fr the thing he does tmrw (i mean throwing bangles on sujatha) will anyone support me???

    1. kailash is not stupid he is DEVIL

  4. Emotional episode…i was almoat teary eyed when Atharv was praising vividha evn though knwing dat the groom had come to see her…

    Vikram was looking damn hot…love his eyes ?????

  5. OMG kailash slapped vividha..???

    Poor vividha tied between love and her father?

    Love sujata and atharv bonding?❤
    Parents should be the one like sujata who understands and stand by their children
    Not like kailash…egoistic and status minded ??

    Kailash will continue doing his stupid things??
    This way how vividha and atharv will be together..will be an interesting thing to watch..
    So looking forward to tomorrow’s episode?

    Thank you for the update??

    1. Hi Arshi! ???

      Coincidentally, I Just came today on this page to take written update. Just saw your comment. ? Good to catch you here.

      1. Hey areeb.. Feeling great to see someone known over here 🙂 😀

    2. I totally agree with u for ur’s fourth line about parenys

  6. i really wish dt sujata’s prayers get answered and atharv only deserves vividha noone else….

    1. wish the same heartly

  7. Precap sounds interesting as atharv and vividha are going to meet??
    Seems complete situation planned by kailash??

  8. Yes arshdeep…he his too good…and today Vikram was looking damn hot…love his acting and his expressions are adorable specially his eyes…?????

    1. He is really very hot?? and shirtless today?????❤❤

      1. Yeah it was the highlight of todays episode…I m in love with him ??

      2. Me too?????????

  9. shilpaullahas pathak

    The serial is very good don’t make any changes vividha n atharv are very good in their character. please don’t change d track don’t indulge any third person between atharv n vividha. vividha is beautiful n so decent looks n atharv is dashing man. the serial is quite different from sas bahu character exiting is their to watch d episode.

    1. please fulfill shilpaullahas request it’s mine too please use ur heart writers please

  10. Ooh vividha…

  11. Lovely episode atharv praises vivida

  12. I think Kailash is behind getting atharv arrested and getting the police. I hope vividha realizes that she loves atharv. Dont separate them

  13. Have been watching this show for three days only. Don’t know about the story much will watch the starting episodes later on getting time. ?

    Loving Artharv – the intensity on his face which changes in a smile on seeing Vividha is just making me crazy to watch this show! ❤

    Overall, loving the Mother- Son duo. ? PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. ?

    1. Areeb must watch from day1…asap..
      Such lovely..beautiful scenes of vividha and atharv??❤

  14. Wowwww…its amazing…I like vividha and atharv’s pair…plz don’t separate them…they r really made for each other…and kailash …he is such a Hitler…he is not trying to understand his daughter’s thinking about love…love the serial…JAANA NA DIL SE DOOR….??

  15. I love Atharva nd vividhas pair…They look very cute….made fr each other…pl don’t separate them..Atharva shud win his promise…looking forward to see more romance of Atharva nd vividha…serial is good…

  16. Oh my god. Atharv becoming so weak with fear of losing Vividha.

    Looking at Atharvs reaction today ,kailashs emotional blackmail, I think the predited story of Vividha marrying Atharvs step brother, atharv going mad post marriage is gonna tirn true.

    How much ever Vividha might love Atharv, finally she has to obey her father.

    Oh please do not seperate the lead pair. All of us are niw so addicted to Atharv and Vividhas pair , thay its tough for us to even imagine their seperation.

    The show wull definetely lose viewers post leads seperation

    1. don’t say this we didn’t want that ridiculous track in the serial plz

  17. omg atharv get teary eyed knowing about vividha’s marriage….plz don’t separate this two….atharv so bold n strong says MY VIVIDHA love that part….nice episode…best serial…nice precap…atharv n vividha love u so much

  18. Guys the show completed 1 month…so happy…Earlier this show had only 8-9 comments and now it reached upto 22 comments…so happy that the show has gained so much of popularity in jst 1 month….
    Best serial I have watched till date …different from other typical saas bahu serial…love Vitharv and their awesome chemistry… love jndsd…

    1. but prey that ridiculous track not to happen because if it happen then writers will get so many lectures from me and they will not like it

    2. Ohh great … 1 month completed??
      Infact comments reached 37 now?

  19. One thing I m nt able to understand is that how suddenly atharv started liking vividha???

    1. Exactly?? i never thought he would fell for her soo easily..and soo early..
      But love to watch this majnu atharv too??

    2. love didn’t takes time to happen it takes time to understand and accept and other wise they spend a whole day with each other in past

  20. today’s episode was nice specially the to see the intensity of atharv’s feelings for vividha was great as it picturised really heart touching scene
    PRECAP now vividha can’t remain kailash prisoner what will she do now as she can’t leave atharv in a condition that he is in police station and now she can’t hide her love for atharv even 0.000000001 percent

  21. Hey u know i got dream that vitharv get married but that is nt possible naa

    1. don’t say this yar every thing is possible if god give some brain to writers which obey our wishes

  22. Superr serial but hope vitharv dont get apart

  23. Hey pls pls anyone know the link to post an ff , i wrote an ff on vitharv and i want to post it but i donno the link if anyone know pls pls pls comeforward and help me

    1. There is menu option at top
      Click and then chose submit your article..fill required details and TU will post it after some time

      1. Tnx a lot arshdeep soon i ll post it once again thank u sooooo much

      2. My pleasure
        Will surely read it?

  24. If u want i ll post it here once pls pls if u read this reply me

  25. ridiculous yaaarrrr.. howw couldddd vividhaaaaaa alwayssss fal in kailashhhhhh trappp…. plzzz dnt dooo dizzz yaaarrrr….

    dizzz kailashhhh s sooo manipulatinggggggggg.. how can a parent be lyk dizzz?????

    aftr seeingg todays episodeee.. i realy felt lyk cryinggg… atharv dnt falll week in luvvv yaarrr… u hav ur own dreammm… dnt forgotttttt tattt… yaaaaa.. luv s important in lyf… btt proving to the wrldd who raised vce against ur mom was alsoooo important yaaarrrrrrr… u hav to b strong mannnnnnnnnn…. fight for ur luv nd dnt forgot ur drmzzzzzz mannn

    nd plzzzz director dntttt bringgg datt.. step brothr crapppp dramaaa nd at alllllll…. plzz make d stry of atharv fulfilling hiss drmzzz.. nd showw vividhaaaaaa as a strong gal…. whooo il stand against liee nd fight for her luv.. nd d crisis faced by herr…. v r readyyyyy forr watchhh tat knd of storyyyyy.. plzzzzz

  26. in otherr seriallllllllllllll herooo il be d victim of manipulation….. bt hereee dizzzz vividhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… plzzz gallllll open ur eyessssss nd seee ur dad’s truee colour……

    atharvvv… ………. i already lyked u inn channel v showwww……. btt nowww falling forr urr mr. sparking eyesssssssssssssssssss.. plzzz dnt be dizzzz cutee yaarrrrrr

    1. u r right now vividha should open her eyes and see atharv’s true love and how his dad is manipulating her…

      1. Yaaa…. hopee tatt hapensssss soonnnnnnnn mohiii… bt in daily soaps deyyyy bringggg out d truthh onlyyyyyuuu at d vrry lsttt lasttttt stageee of d seriallll…. hope tat doesn’t hapenssss in dizzzz serialllllllllll….

        kailashhh i hatee u mannnnnnnnnn….

  27. I agree wth u priya but did u watch new promo ??? In that they shown atharv’s dream part and coming to vividha i too hv same feeling abt her she should b strong and support atharv in fulfilling his dream.. Pls director sir dont seperate dem this is all our vitharv fans request

    1. What is there in new promo???

  28. hi vitharv fan plzzz after posting ur ff tell its name on this page…kailash has brainwashed her daughter a lot and now doing drama of punishing himself…

  29. nooo vitharv fan.. i didn’t watch yaarrr………..

    nd aftr posting ur ff… plzzz post urr linkk heree yaarrr………….. waiting to read ur ff… al d bstttt

  30. Half century completed today??

  31. hi frnds lets make a VITHARV FAN GROUP on this page like skr fans made….those who like the idea plzzz reply me here…

    1. Offcorse we can make?
      I will always be there

    2. Me too mohi

  32. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    plzzz reply frnds…

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