Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chintu slapping Guddi. He asks her not to think to raise hand on him, else he will break her hand. Guddi cries and sees Atharv walking in. Atharv jumps high and punches Chintu’s face. Chintu and Atharv have a fight. Guddi asks Atharv to beat Chintu more. Atharv says the day you entered home, I have seen your intentions, you will ruin Guddi’s respect and raise hand on her. Guddi says beat him more Atharv…. Atharv beats Chintu red and blue. Chintu faints. Atharv holds his hand and drags him.

Kailash shouts Maa, Uma, Vividha and comes out. Vividha is praying at the temple. He asks what are they doing here, and gets Dadi, Uma and Vividha go inside the house. He asks them is this necessary to show Kashyap family is doing puja for their daughter, ruin my leftover

respect too. Atharv pushes Chintu down on the ground. Everyone get shocked seeing Chintu. Atharv walks in. Chintu hides behind Badri.

They all then see Atharv getting Guddi home. Om…..plays…………. Kailash gets super shocked. Vividha cries seeing Guddi. Guddi hugs Uma and cries. Atharv walks to Kailash and looks in his eyes. Sujata and Abdul uncle come there. There is prolonged silence.

Uma asks Guddi how did this happen, tell me. Atharv says ask who did this, this good valued guy of a rich family. Badri says my son can’t do anything wrong. Atharv says we will ask that to Guddi. He asks Guddi not to be afraid and say truth. Guddi goes to Vividha. Vividha sees her torn sleeves and muddy clothes. She cups her face and asks what happened, tell us Guddi. Guddi tells everything to them. Kailash, Badri, Uma and everyone get shocked. Chintu says I did not take her forcibly, she came with me by her wish, she is lying, and since I came, she was after me, she asked me to take her to lake and get her out, before saying anything to me, look at her character.

Vividha gets angry. Atharv asks Chintu not to say a word against Chintu. Badri asks him to shut up, who is he to say in between. Atharv says I can’t stand silent and see if anyone is speaking against a girl, if anyone else here spoke up for Guddi, I would have not said anything, I taught half lesson to this animal and police will teach the rest. Kailash stops him from calling police. Atharv asks why, Chintu can do this with any other girl too. Kailash says I m stopping you from calling police, Guddi is my daughter and this is my decision. Atharv says your right and wrong have led to this day, if you don’t change, such guys will come your home every day. Badri asks Kailash to stop Atharv. Kailash tries to snatch the phone and it gets high in air. Atharv catches his phone.

Kailash asks Vividha to stop Atharv. He shouts this is my family matter, stop it, this is my house, my daughter, who are you to interfere in my matter, I will solve it. Atharv says its not just your family matter, if you suppress wrong happening with girls, such guys will get encouraged, this matter should go to police. Kailash shouts to Vividha to stop Atharv. Sujata says if we let this go off, this will be a sin too. Kailash says you don’t tell me about sin, I will solve my house matters. Atharv says we small people just complain to police, its shameful for you that we care for your daughter more than you. He calls police. Kailash keeps asking Vividha to stop Kailash.

Vividha calls out Atharv. He looks at her. She walks to him and says you won’t call police, its our family matter, Papa is saying right. Atharv and Guddi get shocked. Atharv says this guy calling himself a human is an animal, he touched and beaten up your sister, won’t you tell anything, no one will call police as its your Papa’s command, it came on your Papa’s respect, I was a fool to wait for you in temple, the girl who can’t stand for her sister, what will she stand for anyone else, your sister loved you since childhood, if her love does not mean anything to you, then what will my love mean to you, you are a coward…… everyone standing here are cowards….. Vividha, Guddi and Uma cry.

Atharv says this is big family’s values, just burn these values, if values teach girls to accept insult, a daughter’s wounds and torn clothes are not seen by anyone else. He says you have cloth tied to eyes, society’s name is binding you, everyone in society is mute, deaf and blind, that’s why such devils are born, you presents daughters to them, when a daughter is made afraid, all the coming generation is born cowards, I m not regretting now, I just hate people like you, and especially Vividha, the man who keeps on saying about values and family could not do anything, its just words, nothing else….. Kailash asks him to mind his tongue, by what right are you blaming my family, do you know meaning of family, you don’t even know name of your father….. Atharv says you always taunt me on father, lets shut this matter today. He walks to Kailash to tell him something in his ear. Kailash gets shocked.

Police comes to arrest Chintu. Kailash says Atharv would have called police. Vividha says that’s Chintu, I have called police. Inspector asks is there any witness. Vividha says yes, Atharv. Kailash gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yeaaaa!!!!!!!! Love the precap <3 <3

  2. Atharv uu roczzzz. …… u r fighting is superb

    Why viv is changing her ideas. First she said 2 atharv to don’t call police. Now why she call 2 police

    Omg! Precap is superrrr

  3. Thanks Amena.. you are wonderful writer, it really needs a talent.yesterday I wrote some written updates, I know your value..Hats off to you

  4. Precap is good

  5. Hi friends

  6. Go on Vividha!

  7. ???? it was a superb epi even though there were no vitharv scenes….

    and in deed atharv said a nice speech abt families who doesn’t even mind to tell to society,fr their fame and respect….

    Viv is superb she did ra8,as she told atharv nt to do,bt she herself did as she is a family member ???…

    m sure tht the will be viv’s answer to her dad 2moro….

    what type of man is ths kailash he didn’t even scolded chintu and instead shouting on atharv…if it would hv been atharva (if someone trap him in such a worse thing)…thn kailash would hv surely killed him…

    eagerly waiting for 2moro’s epi ??????

  8. Shah_dhara

    from my end 5 ***** .. for today’s episode.. super duper.. I am doing job so can’t watch fresh episode, but repeat episode, i will .. must watch.. 🙂

  9. Shah_dhara

    I knew, when Vividha stopped Atharv from calling Police, i felt that she will call, as its her family matter.. she will definately do that.. super excited for tomorrow’s episode tooo..

  10. Actually vividha said,”yeh hamara family matter, instead of of mera family…..” ????

    1. Humara here means their.. Kashyap family matter..not of Atharv’s

  11. Hi everyone..
    Thanks Amena for this..
    Ya it was not better but it was good yet..
    Thank God Guddi spoke the truth..i had a doubt if she ll say or not..at least she stood up for right..Unbelievable Kailash.It’s shows that his Fake respect means everything to him..This type of man time after time looses everything for this so Called respect n society but still never changes..i m waiting for that day when everyone ll leave him alone in his “Badi Haveli”..Then may be he’ll realise the value of Family..Such a Disgusting character he has..N Vividha did right as it was her family matter..precap z soo gud..I just wish ? Now we ll see that Vividha,Atharv has imagined…
    Back to acting..
    Hats off to Vikram,he rocked today also..The n Guddi also…
    The story z going on a track which we wanted..No matter how many hurdles,rifts may come we just want Vitharv together..Eventually they ll survive through it..n that’ll be the true meaning of”Jaana Na Dil Se Door”..They r imperfect but together they ll be perfect..
    I ll give 3*…
    At the end thanks a bunch #Amena..i missed ur update yesterday ?

  12. Even in written update also it is “our family matter” not “my family matter”…….

  13. superb !!!!viv went against her dad!!!it seems to be quite interesting**

  14. What’s your opinion guys?????

  15. Superb episode I will gv 4 stars…Atharv acting nd dialogue was too good..waiting for 2 maro…anyhw I want them together…I keep on watching repeated episode so good they look together…

  16. Hi friends,
    How are you all?How was your day????

    1. Hey shwetha
      I am gud
      How are you dear??

  17. Hello guys……yeah really atharva is rocking his acting awesome n even to appreciate the story n dialogue writter especially for atharva dialogues it’s heart touching

  18. Frnds have you watched the promo ……vividha oppose her father from now onwards

  19. awesome episode words which atharv spoke were too good hope atharv and vividha come together .

  20. Vikram’s acting is just superb…respect man! I am already a big fan of his but aftr today’s episode …jst no words …he is toooooo good ????

  21. I just truly love d way atharv WS delivering his speech …… U rock man

  22. Arshdeep

    Superb episode..? I will rate it 4 stars..???? I totally enjoyed it.. A powerpack episode

    Atharv coming as a superhero and beating Chintu as hard as he could..?? He looked so hot seriously..?? Love you lots?❤?
    Then dragging him..bringing Guddi to her house just like a saviour for her..? Now Guddi needs to work for Atharv and Vividha’s relation han..??
    His acting is fantabulous..?? The way he spoke the harsh reality of the society..Kailash Kashyap and everyone at his house being the jailers..the trapped birds who literally cant fly from the cage..?? Just for the society this father can leave the devil who played with his daughter’s respect. OMG he himself is not less than a devil.???
    Atharv was brilliant today(as usual actually)?? the sweat on his face dripping and he pointing questions on the values imbibed by Kailash.. Superb?✌
    I thought at first that Vividha will come and ask Atharv to call the police but i was shocked at her action..she was stopping him?? but precap gave me much relief..? She is finally trying to fly.. And i am sure Atharv will always be her wings??

    And that Chintu i am unable to bear his face anymore.? Please police take him away..please.. ?
    I am eagerly Waiting for the rain sequence?

    Thank you Amena di for the update??

    1. Arshi di which,phone u r using fr commenting??????don’t mind just asking becz the emoji u send r same as me…so i hv to clarify tht tht the emojis sent frm different types of mobile is different or same…..

      hope u don’t mind…???

      1. No no why will I mind? ?
        I use samsung galaxy tab A for commenting

  23. Episode was superb… Come on vividha…

  24. Hello swetha….who is your favorite character in this serial?

    1. Hi Rathika,
      i like both atharv and vividha and also the character of atharv how he would like to help in raising vividha

  25. Superb episode and 5 stars from me

    For Atharvs performance and also for the director for this wonderful episode of showing the views how the people literally care for society.

    Yes it is true that people dont care about their family’s pain but are much more concerned of what tue society thinks about them.

    Superb Atharv you just Rock with your performance.

    Oh god Atharv literally had to persuade Vividha for her to take this step.

    Superb dialigue by Atharv. A girl who cannot stand for her sister why will she stand for Atharv who has just entered her life. 100 likes for that dualogue.

    But now I am all excited to see what Atharv would say abouy his father to Kailash.

  26. Hey guys though i regularly read the updates, am new at commenting. Is it true that shashank vyas is to play a rich step brother of vikram. I heard he is also a male lead. I just hope he doesnt eye on vividha as well. These two love story are going nice. I think that kashyap might want him to marry vivs instead of atharva.

  27. Hai Ziya…..welcome dear ……u r correct……
    After some track sasank vyas entering as a rich boy……he will marry vivi….this makes Atharv mentaly depressed …and after that vivi realises that he is Atharv’s step brother…..
    Sasank is as Ravesh Agnihotri..

    1. I will stop following this show if anything lik that happens. I just hope vitharv nevr seperates…T_T

  28. Ziya…..u can find that jNDSD shows how luv When backed with motivation ,courage nd confidence gives one the ability to discover oneself….
    U can also read that Vitharv face a lot of hurdles as their unconditional luv 4 each other is constantly tested so be cool as sasank is one of their test to overcome…..

  29. Ziya u can also read that Vitharv face a lot of hurdles as their unconditional luv 4 each other is constantly tested…so be cool yaar as sasank is one of their test to overcome….

  30. very nice episode

  31. Happy fan :)

    Super episode….
    The way Atharv beat chintu was worthwatching ……
    His dialogues were awesome……
    I will give 4****
    Whichever episode will be mindblowing…..i would only give 4**** only on their love confession i will give 5*****…….

  32. I like your show

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