Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata asking Atharv how does he know about keeping flowers at that place. Atharv says the vase was there, so I kept it there. Ravish hears him and leaves. Ravish recalls Atharv’s words. He goes to Atharv’s bike and asks Vividha about Atharv liking the bike a lot. She says yes. He breaks the bike parts. Vividha asks what are you doing, stop Ravish. Atharv comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing Ravish breaking the bike.

Ravish recalls Vividha saying this bike is very close to Atharv’s heart, this is not a machine, he used to call this his GF and named it Julia. She tells what happened when Atharv lost the bike once. Atharv gets angry and pulls his sleeves up. Ravish and Vividha wait for his reaction. Atharv sees the bike broken. He talks like kid again

and asks did bike beat you. He kicks the bike for beating his captain saab. They all get shocked. Atharv says I m feeling hungry, I m going. He goes. Everyone get upset.

Ravish goes. Vividha cries seeing the bike and cleans it. She thinks I m double adamant to remind Atharv the memories, I will not let my identity of Vividha Atharv Sujata end. She goes to the stable at night and sees Atharv sleeping. Similar moment is shown. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….

Atharv drops his hand. She worries and recalls her marriage with Ravish. Saawre…..plays………… Ravish sees her and gets sad. Atharv turns and sleeps. Its morning, Ravish sees his car parked outside the house with marks on the exteriors. Atharv greets Ravish. Vividha and everyone come and see the car.

Vividha asks who has done all this. Ravish says Atharv…. Vividha asks what are you saying, Atharv can’t do this, why will he do this. Ravish says because I damaged his bike. Sujata and Vividha say no Atharv can’t do this. Ravish says we will go inside and talk. Vividha asks do you mean to say, Atharv got his memory back. Dadi and Sujata ask why will he act, he will come back and hug his old life. Abdul uncle says you don’t know Atharv, he will teach living to life. Ravish says I will find out, we have to make one more try.

Atharv feeds the cows. Vividha sits on his bike and says Atharv, I m going to drive bike. Everyone hide and look on. Vividha says I don’t know, but I will try. She starts the bike. Atharv smiles. She leaves on the bike. Everyone worry. Sujata says Atharv is there, I know he is not in senses, but even then he will not let anything happen to Vividha. Atharv recalls old moment when Vividha has driven the bike. He shouts Vividha and runs after her. Vividha worries as bike goes out of control. Atharv runs like a normal person, like before.

Vividha sees him. Atharv sits on the bike behind her and controls the bike. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….. Vividha gets glad and smiles. Ravish says its very late, I will go and see. Sujata stops Ravish and shows Atharv and Vividha coming on the bike. Atharv stops the bike. Vividha and everyone look at him.
Vividha says Atharv, you…… Atharv signs no. He sees Ravish in the mirror and gets tearful eyes. He talks like a kid and asks how did I drive the bike, it was good right, I m very tired now, I will have food and come. He goes.

Vividha asks Ravish do you still feel Atharv is hiding his memory recovery. Sujata says why will he do this, why will he not want his old life back. Ravish says does he feel, if he gets fine, he can’t stay close to Vividha, and lose her. Vividha says no, Atharv will never do this, he did not hide behind anything, he always faced life, he knows Vividha is his, he will not hide for me, he feels his right on me. Sujata says I also believe so. Ravish says I know its painful that he got his memory back and acting. Vividha says he is still a kid. Ravish says Vividha, Atharv has seen me in mirror. So maybe he did acting to become kid again. They get shocked.

Ravish says we have to do something that only you two know. Vividha tells about temple incident. Ravish says this time, we all will be inside home and not try to see him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vitharva fan

    Hello friends now it’s confirmed that atharva in doing drama. I think he want to get Ravidha close, becoming villain know vividha get close to ravish as she think he is better than atharva. I am sad from today episode it’s breaking my heart

    • Vitharv_lover

      How can u jus say u r a vitharv fan ?? U r not .. atharv is not a darpock or one who feels he is low .. u r fully wrong !! There is nothing called ra..bidha !! Didnt hear what vividha said “vividha is atharv’s” .. so vividha only loved one person still loves him!! And atharv knows he has full right on vividha..

    • Sonu

      I pity on u for saying atharv as a villlian and doubting vividha’s character being a vitharv fan.

    • Vitharv

      U r welcome to comment, but shows well u r not vitharv fan.. Not just comments but name too..

      It’s not Vitharva, it’s vitharv… So plz if u like other one to pair with my vividha then sorry u don’t know about vitharv love. So don’t use my vitharv name like this..

  2. Tanusri

    I think so Atharv want to make ravish vivdha together so he is hiding his memory recovery and when he lost his memory ravish helped him so he want to help ravish

  3. nidha

    Today’s episode was mind-blowing…
    I was right atharve is acting
    He is acting becz he knew about Ra…vidha marriage
    my atharve is back …yippeee …..yippee
    Vitharve fans lets celebrate 💃 💃🎊 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊 😊 💃 🎊

  4. Joe

    I have one doubt really ravish lves atharv?? I dont think so he always misunderstood atharv i dont knw y.. He alwayz blames atharv fst vividha molested case nd 2 nd guddi murder now he taught atharv is acting.. Atharv is bst nd he never do acting.. Nd todayz epi vividha says vividha atharv sujatha.. I lved tht dilogue.. Nd atharv alwayz rescuse his vividha.. Tht is atharv sujatha..

  5. nidha

    Sonu …u r a cs student….am maths and my sub is computer science…we are studying programming now …

    • Sonu

      Hai nidha ,pavi,xyz,ashna,alfiya,dhrishya and all vitharv fans.And nidha iam happy that ur sub is computer science.I have programming in next sem dear.

      I told yesterday itself that my atharv regained memory. I knew it by seeing his tears and expressions.

      Iam very proud of my atharv.He is so selfless like his mother sujatha and not like suman who is dirty and very selfish.But I lost my cool when ravish said atharv is acting because he don’t want to loose vividha.I am angry on ravish for his way of thinking.What did he think of my atharv.
      I know the fact that vividha will never leave my atharv. She is only made for atharv and she can go to any extent to prove that.
      Finally Vitharv
      Shivik. FOREEVER 💗💗💗💗💖💖💕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Pavi

    Our Atharv’s memory is back.”he knows Vividha is his”,super dialogue.Vitharv only.Hi Malayali fans Alfiya,Nidha,Sonu,xyz,Drishya,Ashna.Hope you are fine.

  7. Pavi

    Our Atharv’s memory is back. “he knows Vividha is his”,super dialogue from our Vividha.Vitharv only.Hi Malayali fans Alfiya,Nidha,Sonu,Ashna,xyz,Drishya.hope you are fine.

  8. NITA 26

    OMG ,,, how badly we missed these type of vitharv scene… atharv just love u baby,,,
    want to see more an more ane more VITHARV SCENE..
    And don’t want to comment any thing about Ravish,, lets him to do what he wants to do. looking forward..

    love u VITHARV ,,,,

  9. MR

    Atharva natak karthahey he got his memory back my question s y he s doing dizz drama ???? Is ravish s their disturbance for vitharv?????

  10. NaveenS

    So it seems Arthav’s memory is and I guess it’s been back since after the hospital when Vividha fasted and prayed for him. Being such a selfless person he did not want to cause anymore trouble for Vividha than she is dealing with at the moment.
    I’m sure he has another motive for keeping his memory being back a secret.
    This is becoming a tear-jerker day by day.

    My questions:
    – Is Ravish really who we have been shown to date?

    – Who killed Guddi and why?
    – Who tried to kill Arthav?
    – How did daddyji hand get injured and why was he bidding it from Suman.

    Anyway writers need to bring the story on track by revealing all these mysteries so the real love story we signed up for can continue. All these countless crimes in the mix might be a plot for us to forget about Vitharv and I’m not falling for it at all.
    It does not matter how nice they paint Ravish I still don’t trust him one bit.

    One a side note…I’m so glad I have not seen Suman’s annoying face for a few episodes now. Her complaining and nagging was getting on my nerves.

    • Karan

      NavenS, with u on every comment. Atharva had regained his memory and there is a reason he is hiding it. The truth is something that only Atharva can reveal. Vividha loves Atharva and the show will end with their union becoz Vividha will fight him tooth n nail to make him understand that they r meant to b together. Her dialogues today made it very clear.

      But that Mangalsutra holds her back from helping Atharva….Ravish needs to get her out of your clutches soon. Y do I have a feeling that Atharva knows something about Ravish that could harm Vividha n the family. That is Y he is pretending? It could also b a possibility that Atharva is trying to unite Vividha with Ravish since he knows about their marriage.

      Today’s episode was good. But again wonder Y did Atharva ruin Ravish’s car. ….that gave him a clue that he had recovered….

      Also if u notice when Atharva is alone with Vividha he gets close to her just he usually self with no hestation that shows he still loves her and wants her in his life. But the minute he sees Ravish he backs off ….Y …is jt becoz Ravish could harm Vividha???

      • Suman

        True Karan. I am proud of my girl vividha. Only she can make atharv understand dat she belongs to only him n vice versa.

      • NaveenS

        Yes Arthav is keeping having his memory back a secret for a reason. I’m sure he does not trust no one at Vashtish house. Our focus is on everyone else but Ravish because he appears to be the good guy.
        Ravish could never be selfless because if he was he would have released Vividha from this marriage long ago.
        He claimed he wanted them to stay because he promised his father to take care of Arthav but he has his selfish reasons because he know if Arthav leaves Vividha will leave as well.

        I’m sure Arthav did not ruin Ravish’s car. I have a feeling Kalash did that. Arthav is not that petty.

  11. Sunanda

    Nice episode
    I think the temple incident is when atharv nd vividaa went 2 shiv mandir
    I think soooooo………..

  12. aisha

    I think atharva get to know that ravish and kailash are united it may happen and then when sujata scolded atharva for falling rice wht did he say usne giraya what does that mean if he is acting hope vividha atharva union
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharvand what was that rubbish first vividha is recalling her kiss and then her marriage which was of no meaning for her

    • Sonu

      Dear Aisha atharv regained memory after the vachans only.Before that it was baby atharv only.It is clear from his expressions

  13. Naina 15

    Didn’t like the way ravish keep thinking towards atharva ,,, ,Firstly he thought ATHARVA murdered guddi, then this reason of doubting on atharva .
    ( atharva hiding his present condition .becz atharv think if all get to know that he got his memory back he could not come close to vividha !!!!!!) what a nonsense..

    just love vitharv together.. want to see more vitharv scene

  14. [email protected]

    Guys is he really acting???☹☹☹☹☹
    Bt y???
    cnt it be a fluctuation of his memory???

    if he really wants to sacrifice thn y he still tell Viv tht she is his ???

    ahhh😈 today’s episode was very bad …frst she didn’t went near atharva like n her dream in past…

    second he is acting…

    if he really wants to sacrifice thn thr is no meaning of getting well…

    no more comments fr ths epi….the worst epi i hv ever seen!

    • Sachin

      No no …temple one is different..

      once vitharav went to temple fr shiv ji puja…whr Viv told hw to make wiz by seeing through fingers across nandi’s(shiv ji vahan)ears…

      Bt i cnt remember whether ths leaf scene was thr or nt….

  15. amrutha

    I don’t know y vividha still keeping mangalsutra as she is determined about her life with athrav.if she firmly wants to go back to her love then y she would not ask divorce from ravish sofar.now every one aware of her affair.wts in her mind .making two brothers life hell.

  16. Eswari

    It’s interesting episode . Actually I want to know one thing. Why vivithaa thought about marriage? The next scene she told that atharv knows that vivitha belongs to him. What she thinks about ravish and atharv? I think vivitha is in big confusion. She can not take a decision that atharv or ravish. Any way I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode

  17. xyz

    Oh really what an episode.i feel very sad .atharv regained his memory.but he is acting.i think atharv don’t want to snatch happiness from his brother .bcz if vividha realised the fact then she will defiantly leave ravish and accept her atharv.so atharv acts in front of vivi.when ravish comes bw vitharv ,atharv feels guilty as vivi is his Bro ‘s wife.no atharv u have no need to sacrifi ur vividha to ravish.bcz vividha is only of atharv sujatha.no one can change it.and guys don’t say atharv as villian.he is acting for his brother. It doesn’t mean villian.our atharv always sacrificed everything to everyone.but this time it will nte happened. I hope vividha will make understand him that she can only love atharv nt any other.and atharv can never see sorrow of his vivi and at last he will dfntly accept his vividha.vitharv are soul mates so .no one can sprt them.end game will be vitharvvvvvvvvvvv💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  18. Priya

    I read in a recent spoiler that Ravish will hug Vividha to console her. This invokes anger in Atharv and he beats up Ravish. Damn eager to see that. No offense Ravish.

  19. Mia

    Hi i m new
    I will share my thoughts- I m not ravidha fan nor vitharv.now viv is stand for her love is bcoz of ravish support not her own.bcoz if her own love power so she take stand in her marriage time when her mother GM &sis all r with her but she did not .& 1 more thing is that she is atharv’s viv to ath. ye kabhi nahi chata ki uski life K liye uski viv. kisi or ki life spoil kr de.or baad me use chod de kyoki shadi kr K Akela chordne ka dard us behtar koi nahi jaan sakta Jo usne apni ma m dekha h.now come to ravidha when ravish ask Viv kya ye shadi apki marzi ae Hui h TB viv.say yes now a husband fall for his wife so wat wrong &now come to present epi. where some people say that Ravi is eyeing his own wife so wat yr he is also a human he love her wife & vo apni wife ko ase kisi or K saat dekhaga to use v dard to hoga Na it all fault of viv.she could not take a good decision on time & ruine a innocent person life.viv.Jo guts abhi dikha rahi h vo use TB dikhna chahiye tha bcoz she is atharv’s viv.

    • Vitharv

      Arey ja, jaa and start watching episodes from day 1..wo shaadhi waali episode bhi dho, teen baar dekh.. Maybe u will realize why vividha married, how she married.

  20. Sonu

    Don’t get emotional vitharv fans .We know our atharv sujatha,he is so selfless and everyone cannot be selfless.One should have a good heart for that.
    We vitharv fans should be proud and appreciate him for all his goodness.
    It is 100% sure that vividha will make atharv understand and she may try to attempt suicide for winning back atharv’s love.Our atharv cannot see vividha in pain

    So be happy vitharv fans The girl is vividha who supported our atharv in every thing.

  21. Mia

    Ab kuch log bol rahe h ki Ravi is -ve if this is true so all fault of viv. use koi hak nahi tha kisi K emotiona ka majak banane ka.&agar vo sach me atharv ki viv. hoti to apne pyaar K liye kuch aesa nahi karti jiski ijajat uska pyaar(atharv) Na deta ho

  22. Shivani

    I dont know why…but i feel some kind of mystery around ravish and kailash…what if all this isnt ravish’s true face…i just feel sometimes that he doesnt want atharv’s recovery sincerely…anyway i just hope vividha doesnt let atharv sacrifice their love for society or anything…

  23. sudheer

    Fully confusing epi, but I strongly believe adharv didn’t acting. His mind&heart didn’t accepted that ravidha separation. Cause he forget his love vividha. He thinks only vividha is captainsab’s wife.
    Anyway i think tmrw epi proves that adharv is acting r not.
    Another point, ravish character is sooooooo beautiful in this show. I don’t know ravish childhood happy r not but if he gets vividha’s love he is so happy
    Director ji pls unite ravidha with vividha’s love. I hope this is possible.

    • Sonu

      @sudheeer from yesterday’s episode itself we can see that atharv is acting.He want’s to sacrifice his love for brother ravish.

      Are u so foolish to think that vividha will move on with ravish.How many times she have to prove that she loves atharv only.
      U ravidha fans cannot see that.If atharv is not accepting vividha as he is guilty.No problem our vividha will convince him.

      • Suman

        Leave yar. Vividha declared her self vividha atharv sujatha. She can tell the whole world also if situation demands. I don’t know about others but atharv sujatha n vividha atharv sujatha stands for their words n promises made. Vividha will die as vividha atharv sujatha never vividha……….. Ravish vashist. That’s d end.

    • Karan

      Wish I could ……Unfortunately buddy I can’t ….ain’t the writer, director or producer of the show….. U r reading my opinion and making him one in your mind. Ur mind so u have every right to make Ravish HERO…..apko kisne rokha !!

      Will b happy 2 read your version!!

  24. Mia

    I love both atharv character & ravish both r good & some special qualities theirs bonding as a step-brothers r awesome but bcoz of viv. dono me se ek ka dil jaror totega. some people say that Ravi is kabab me haddi to is haddi ko laya kon …..vivdha. Atharv kahta tha ki pyaar apko himmat deta h bure halat m larne ki but viv. don’t understand him usne to larne ki jagah deal karna jyada jarori samja or kisi ki life barbaad kar di. Marriage is not a game if she know ki vo vivdha atharv sujata h so why she should do this.agar Ravi is not a good person so wat can she do nothing bcoz now all things she do is just of Ravi’s goodness

  25. imaginer

    I think atharv acting for ravish. becoz if vividha and ravish know about atharv recovery, vividha would not be with ravish and also ravish will unite vitharv as promised but he have feeling fr vividha. so atharv does not want to give pain to ravish and also viv feel guilty. so for all this atharv is acting. maybe atharv make ravish to get a girl for him and then he stop acting. so that they all get relvd. and of course he known about kailash and to avoid him from making problem to his family
    besides all when he became normal and how does he know about ravish and viv married ravish,……….

  26. imaginer

    yes, if atharv became normal viv leave ravish and also ravish unite vitharv as promised. BT atharv would not want to see ravsh pain for viv also give guilty feeling for ravish. atharv will made ravish to get a girl and the he comes normal so that all will relvd from pain.

  27. Kritika

    Hello Everyone!

    I started watching this serial only recently and Im in love with it!!!
    I really hope Vividha finds out about Atharv getting his memory back soon!
    I have a question. Why does Atharv address Vividha as ‘Ji’? Why does he call her ‘Aap’?

    • Karan

      Hi Kritika, welcome abode. ..Atharva used to always address vivi like that out of respect 4 her.

      Glad u like the show but the phase 1 was heart rendering and if u have d time catch the show from episode. 1 to understand it. U will enjoy it even better.

  28. shona

    I am literally confused about only one thing..what vividha want? ravish or atharav..if so cvs give proper logical track…and atharav is not so mahaan and if he is so he would have not scratched the car scene….he must not have to act…and with the spoilers like atharav beating ravish for hugging vividha then what happens to the act of joining ravidha together which is happening automatically…with the beating scene it is clearly shown atharav is not mahaan…so please stop saying this word and also why some of them r saying ravish as negative one…..and above all a simple question everything in life is not happening acc to our wish..and mrg is not a joke….now it is kind of like vividha hoving extra marital affair with atharav….perfect situation…a real love defnition is not there in atharav vividha story…and day by day vividha is becoming b****h…it is national television and sp is showing such crap nonsense to viewers….

    • Sonu

      Shona,u have no right to criticise my atharv.Who told u that we describe atharv as mahan.We have no words to describe him.It cannot be even found in dictionary.
      MAHAN is the chanting mantra of ravidha fans not vitharv fans okay.
      How dare u call my vividha b*t*h.She is a pure lover. She didn’t hide matters from ravish and ur mahan ravish itself promised vividha that he will make vividha unite with atharv.
      It is ur ravish who is very disgusting person,who is eyeing on her bhabhi.
      I don’t find nothing bad in atharv harming car,it is clear that atharv loves his bike very much and he will not tolerate anyone who is harming his bike.
      He harmed bike not ravish.
      No one in the world will tolerate if he sees his lover get’s intimate with another person,that is natural and also atharv knows that vividha is not happy with ravish
      Ravish and Vividha are acting to get intimate with each other and vividha is also acting as if ravish is going to rape her.That is that matter why my atharv got furious and tried to beat ravish.Need any more justification.
      Brainless ravidha fans😤😤😤😤

    • Bhanu

      U lost ur common sence. How dare to call vivi b***h haa. She is not in extra marital affair she only trying to recall his memory. Haa Atharv is mahan. My suggestion is to u is plz watch the show from first. Mrg is not a joke but without love there is no mrg. Vivi’s true love. She’s heartly & soulfuly loves only Atharv. Vivi doesn’t love ravish. Some relations are made for broke like their mrg. There is reason behind this type of behaviour of athrav kkk.

    • Sweety

      U lost ur common sence. How dare to call vivi b***h haa. She is not in extra marital affair she only trying to recall his memory. Haa Atharv is mahan. My suggestion is to u is plz watch the show from first. Mrg is not a joke but without love there is no mrg. Vivi’s true love. She’s heartly & soulfuly loves only Atharv. Vivi doesn’t love ravish. Some relations are made for broke like their mrg. There is reason behind this type of behaviour of athrav kkk.

    • Vitharv

      U blo*dy b*t*h, u r b*t*h.. How dare u call vividha as b*t*h ,u b*t*h.. If a girl stands for herself then u will call her b*t*h..
      U knew nothing about vitharv.. Just STFU, don’t dare to blame vitharv.. U can comment about that ravish.. But don’t abuse vividha, hope u got it b*t*h

  29. raghav

    Stop dreaming that ravish going to be villain. He joined his hands with kk.remember he is ready to sacrifice his life for his nation .after all for a girl that too get back his wife he won’t play double game.if he wants to harm atharv he could do that before.he is not that cheap to play with someone’s life.ravishs doubt on atharv in vividha molestation case is justified .did he know about fake atharv .he is not a lord to know that someone else is doing it disguised as atharv.and he did not know wt is atharv that time.in that car matter also he was correct.i too can’t believe if atharv have done something like cars break failure etc. I can’t think of that atharv would do so.i know he is so great he won’t think of doing something bad for anyone .

  30. sai

    Dear CVS it’s my sincere request plz stop showing which does not exist in real life.if it exist Na u know wt will be the consequences in India.though it is entertainment sake but do nt think of everybody can receive it as it is entertainment.most of teenagers are following it .u know it is the crucial part of life as this is the age to make life or break a life.its unimaginable to guess how they look at the situation.most of (not all)them feels themselves as a hero or heroin . if they follow wt u r showing in this serial if they implies that in their life then it is not the same wt s in ur serial.please use this serial as a medium to deliver something good and healthy for society.

    • Dimple

      Hello y are u taking it from wrong side. It will not happen in everyone’s life. Its example of love of atharv and vivida. Take phase 1as a example not phase 2. Plz take it as a positive.

  31. 143

    All u guys r saying that Atharv was regained memory back and acting like a kid to unite ra..vidha.
    One doubt. If he really want to sacrifice. He should clear it out.y need to act.
    He should explain vividha abt his decision.
    There is another thing to think. If Atharv wanta to unite ra
    ..vidha…den Staying infront vividha.doing act like kid. How will vividha get close to ravish. Know her Atharv was ill. It’s a wrong idea of doing sooooo….
    Director was not just confusing us.. He was misleading the show with stupid idiotic thoughts.

  32. Apple

    Precap incident is about Datura fruit…and the plan is
    Vividha always forget datura fruit in pooja plate for shiv ji.
    So as per plan in precap..vividha didn’t kept datura fruit in pooja plate.,so that Atharv will get it.if he get it then it will be clear that.. Atharv doing kid dramaaaa

  33. Ajjoo

    OMG Atharv is back……….
    hey this the time for celebration……… but I can’t understand that why he acting like kid…. its too sad.
    we want vividha atharv moments back.not ravidha’ s. ravish is jealous on atharv that’s why he always blaming on him.it’s not right.
    Now my Darling show in Malayalam toooo. its great but I don’t like the title name…. Mounam sammatham..

  34. Nazneen Syed

    Good morning Vitharvians😊.

    Atharv please aise mat karo .Vividha sirf tumhati hai.Usse Kisi aur ke pass mat jaane do.

  35. Nazneen Syed

    @Priya.I’m also waiting to see that scene 😁

    @Sonu.Which programming language will you learn? C or C plus plus.

  36. Nikhat

    @Priya can u send me D link where atharv was beating ravish…. And why was he doing dt???and beside did why ravish was hugging vividha… 😈😈
    Why dry r creating so much confusions…. if vividha.. is damn sure of her decision… den why ravish is my giving her divorce… I am damn sure do after d truth will come out den dey will unnecessarily drag d episode…. Jst want VITHARVA… VITHARVA… AND ONLY VITHARVA…. 😄😄😄😄🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  37. Nazneen Syed

    Agar Ravish Vividha Ko Atharv ke saath nahi dekh sakta toh voh apni aankhon pe Patti bandh le ya to Delhi vaapas chale jaaye😁

    I think Ravish itne jaldi Vividha ka peecha nahi chodega.Voh apni bhabhi se kaise pyaar kar sakta hai????

  38. Nazneen Syed

    Wow Atharv Ravish Ko maarega hahahaha.I want to see that.😁
    Tab jaake shayad Ravish Vividha ka khayal apne Mann se nikaal dega😁😋😄😝😤😜

  39. Suman

    Today no more comments. I am very proud of atharv sujatha n vividha atharv sujatha. They r proving again n again they r just made for each other. How many twists the story may take but the story line remains same. I am very confident about my girl vividha atharv sujatha. She proved she is strongest female lead. No confusion. She is straight forward n clear. She proved many of us wrong, who were doubting my girl character. Der u go. @143 as u saying how ra………. Vidha united if atharv stays in front of her, may be the reason for atharv drowning in water n not returning back even though he knows swimming like pro. I saw one pic of family members vipul, his wife Bua were in white, which proves all assuming atharv is dead. Some funeral shoot I think. After dat atharv returns as atharv sujatha I think.

  40. Vitharv Forever

    Utter shame on ravish, cheap low thinking that atharv is acting to stay close with vividha..idiot, even as u say if atharv is acting he would have now realised vividha just needs him, so why should he fear about staying away from vividha..

    If atharv is pretending there maybe some reason, love my vitharv… Vividha truly said, atharv knows well she is only his..

    Ravish ur words about atharv proves u r son of suman, cheap mentality.. Why would atharv fear to say he is well coz of losing vividha… Haha joke of 2017.

    Even if atharv pretends, maybe if he is(hope not) doing this to unite vividha and his captain, I just don’t mind because vividha knows how to make atharv accept her . She is much more stubborn than atharv and no wonder she will even beat atharv to make him understand her love. Only thing I believe is my atharv was, is and will be good forever.

    I think atharv may act to avoid vividha and just like she made him love her, vividha will again jump from cliff and atharv will accept vividha again.. Maybe writers need more masala and drama..

    Vitharv will unite.

    • Love shivik

      Yes dear, u r right.. Maybe vividha will again try jumping from cliff, so that they will unite..
      Regarding ravish, what can we expect from him.. After all he is suman’s son..

      My shivik will unite.

  41. Fan of fans👼

    How madly atharv run after bike to save vividha. Anyone can see the intensity of his love .. now if atharv get separate from his love(vividha) then there is no true word like love.

  42. Nazneen Syed

    Pata nahi pehle wala Atharv sujata kab lautega??

    Ravish jaldi se Vividha Ko divorce do jab tak tum usse divorce nahi de dete voh Atharv ke kareeb nahi jaa sakti😞

  43. xyz

    You are absolutely right vitharv fans.atharv has no need to act for ravish.what rubbish that ravish said atharv has fear that he can’t close to vivi.actually ravish has no brain.vivi herself want to close to atharv.then why did atharv fear.?.no it is nt fear my atharv only wants his bros happiness. He sacrifices his vividha to ravish.ooh my atharv how poor and selfless u are .deftly ravish is nothing infrnt of my atharv.ravish u can be proud as atharv is ur brthr. But at last vividha will dfntly convince atharv.and atharv has no option other than accepting atharv.and don’t give vividha to that ravish……..

    Because kurangante kayyill poomala kittiyapolakum (kurangan-ravish,poomala-vividha)😆😆😆😆😆😆
    Vitharv foreverrrrr💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  44. xyz

    And once atharv said that sujatha is cheated by his husband.(sujatha&ramakanth separated) and that thing will never repeat to Atharv’s life.so u have no other option atharv.pls accept ur vividha and go to some nice place an assure that there is no raveeshes to eyeing u with jealous.common atharv we want vitharv

    • Suman

      At 2.30. tomorrow or day after tomorrow vividha kidnaps atharv for ang Laga De romance. Now he is very angry on vividha for making him to rk.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.