Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Avinash asking Vividha to go to her sister, the same way. The lights come. Avinash gets shocked seeing entire family. Ravish aims gun at him. Vividha goes to Ravish. Ravish asks Avinash to come downstairs. Aditi asks Avinash why was he hurting Vividha, did you kill Guddi, tell me. She cries. Atharv says black cat has killed Guddi. Vividha shows the envelop and says Avinash came to find this, it has the proof of his crime. She shows the blank paper.

Avinash gets shocked. Ravish says Avinash killed Guddi, and tried to kill Vividha, thinking this letter has his love affair truth in it. Aditi says what’s there to hide, everyone know about me and Avinash. Vividha says he was not hiding your and his affair, he was hiding his and Bua ji/Kalindi’s affair. They

all get shocked knowing this disgusting truth. Suman asks Kalindi is this true.

Vividha says its true, Ravish and I laid this trap, I called on landline to talk to Ravish, to make him hear us and get trapped, Atharv has told everyone that black cat has killed Guddi, look at him. Ravish asks Avinash to turn around. Everyone see the cat print on the coat. Atharv says he is the black cat, he has thrown Guddi down. Vividha says I got Avinash’s messages in Kalindi’s phone, Guddi got to know of their affair, so they both killed Guddi. She cries. Everyone get shocked. Aditi also cries. Daddy ji asks Kalindi to say all this is a lie. Vividha says this is true, I will tell what happened that night.

She says Guddi may have not seen Avinash with Kalindi, Aditi and Guddi fought and the phone fell down. Aditi fell down and Avinash pulled Guddi back, Guddi was trying to get free and would have threatened to expose Avinash and Kalindi’s affair, so he has thrown Guddi down, Atharv has seen cat print on his coat. Kalindi cries and says this is a lie.

Avinash says its your misunderstanding, this is wrong. Aditi says I loved you Avinash, what did you do, you had affair with Bua and killed Guddi. Kalindi says I know what you are thinking, I can’t deny having affair with Avinash, but he did not kill Guddi. Avinash says yes, I just wanted to scare Guddi, not kill her. Ravish says you are lying. Avinash says wait, I will say what happened. FB shows Kalindi asks Avinash how did you make this mistake. He asks her to come out and meet him. She argues and says I came to know about you and Aditi.

He says she is after me. She says I have seen your and Aditi’s pics, why did you cheat me, I will tell everyone and see Ravish’s reactions. He says its big misunderstanding, I want you, trust me. They hug. He says there is just you in my life. Guddi sees them and claps. She says what a family, there is much drama, you love Bua and Aditi also, but Bia your family will not like this, pack your bags, I will tell everyone. Kalindi asks Avinash to do something, else they will be caught. FB ends. Avinash says I did not do anything. Kalindi says then we both went upstairs, we have seen Aditi and Guddi fighting,

Avinash catches Guddi and gets her upstairs. Guddi says now I m going to expose both of you. He says don’t think to do this mistake, else…. The lights go. Guddi says its show time. Vividha calls out Guddi. Avinash catches Guddi. Atharv sees him. Kalindi says Avinash has run out of the window but he did not push Guddi, he was just scaring her, someone else has punish her. Avinash says I did not kill Guddi. Ravish says don’t try to fool me, you can’t run away today, I know its not simple matter, you made this coat on order. Vividha says yes, we went to that tailor, he said someone made this coat stitched on Ravish’s name. Avinash says no, I got this myself. Ravish says Guddi’s murder was planned, tell me your plan. Kalindi asks what plan. Vividha asks why did you kill my sister. Ravish asks Avinash to say why did he kill Guddi. Avinash runs away. Ravish says stop Mehra, else I will shoot. Ravish aims gun at him. Avinash gets shot.

They all get shocked. Avinash falls down. Suman asks Ravish what did you do. Ravish says bullet has hit on his chest, it means someone else shot him from outside. He runs to see. Suman says someone call ambulance. Ravish does not see anyone. Avinash tells Ravish that you were right, this chapter does not end here, but you will never know the truth, you all are going to die soon. They get shocked.

Ravish tries asking Avinash. Avinash tells some code. Vividha says he was saying something, what did he mean.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Funny more twists I am going crazy at these twists first affair then now this new avinashi code like davinci code

  2. Hanshu

    cute love story turned into suspense thriller 🙁

  3. Kalindi u r disgusting ……. Oh god ….. One more culprit Is there……..whose that??…… (U all r going to die soon) what is it mean?? ……. Is anybody take revenge.. them….what’s that code???

    Is the culprit situram or chintu……..?? Or ??

  4. Day by day getting bored.. already give up.. thought vitharv union will be back but no at all..good bye JNDSD!!

  5. hmmm abhi bhi story is unclear..Guddi ko kyu mara..and real culprit is still alive..

  6. Bakwass bana diya serial koo season 1 kitna acha thaa but now soo boringg bakwass twists atleast after 2 or 3 vitharv ko miladoo jab sey mey serial dekhna start karungi

  7. I think the director has a short term memory loss..he has fogotten that the show is a romance drama and not a thriller mystery .
    Directrs kindly try ur luck in CID..
    : D
    But hope now they don’t drag it very far

  8. What a load of craps!!!!!
    Silly me thought I was watching a love story.
    Now this who-done-it nonsense.
    Suddenly this is some Sherlock Holmes mystery.

    My only consolation is that I believe Arthav is normal but still pretending to be loopy for some unknown reason.

  9. Is suman kill guddi?what is the new twist?it is more suspense.any spoilers he kyaa

  10. really yaar enjoying it.. just enjoying the suspense

  11. Whts going on….?? rly disgusting…no words to say more .
    A cute srl turned into boaring one …tht ravish is also soooooooooo irritating..
    Stop showing him as a hero .
    .n miss u vitharv a lot….?

  12. I am sure now they r going to introduce us to terrorists. All be ready to say hello. One more information atharv sujatha going to be normal in February. So need to decide, shall I bear dis or come back after 2 months. Literally crying for turning love story into terrific terrorist story

    1. its take 2 month to show atharv as normal omg, really , suman.

      1. Yes it’s true

    2. Ok then i vil comeback in feb only……but feb aur march March mein exams hai??

    3. Suman u r hilarious, ur comments r apt. Terrorist so true!! I can’t even comment. I’ve lost all interest, the titles u’be given r so prim n proper 4 this crappy serial.

      I am done with guessing who d killer is….I don’t see a serious motive to kill guddi. And the makers keep bring unimaginable shitty twists. He keeps introducing new characters into the serial n throws them out within a week. Weirdo!!

      Anyway, If Atharva is gonna b back in Feb, looks like my patience to watch this shit has already run dry. Meanwhile time Vividha tu ash kar apne deal wala husband ke saat…..typical Vashith Bahu ban ja…..

      By the time Atharva gets well, 4 all u know Vividha would b accidentally pregnant too….aur twists kar de……then they’ll ask us to guess who is the father……

      Pathetic serial!!!

      1. S Karan, nice guess. After murder next terrorists attack. For satisfying atharv n ravish fans they split scenes for ravish n atharv to prove dem selves heroes. N vividha sailing in two boats. After dis as u Said vividha pregnancy track. Again we viewers will fight for father of vivis baby.?.we support vividha can’t involve with both brothers. She is main female lead. N others will argue vividha is indian beti. She knows how to respect mangal sutr, ravish is father of vivis baby. I am sure CVS explore our emotions n confuse us between atharv n ravish. Nice story. Even I lost interest. If people interested in suspense thriller n crime we our self watch cid. I don’t know y CVS struggling to prove dis show thriller. Fed up now. In between ravidha fans are happy. They r bearing all dis crap for shashank. N they feeling happy as ravidha couple together clearing mysteries n the bond between them getting stronger day by day. But now I came to conclusion. They will unite neither vitharv nor ravidha. They go on dragging. No hopes at all.

    4. Oh no u guys @(suman and karan) don’t even say like which vividha’s role pointed as characterless..by saying vividha to be pregnant and who is father twists…sry but those words didn’t sound good u know.
      Sorry if I hurt u guys.

      1. Mr white……we ain’t saying that Vividha is characterless. If u can watch such crap, the cvs will do anything to keep the show going. So b prepared 4 any bullshit. No sane person will buy it.

        Guys, understand logic.

      2. No actually we didn’t mean dat, but u know wt CVS r doing. We just making fun of CVS. I can bet vividha never ever fall for ravish.

  13. This going to shit wat is thz yar.. Wat r u makers want shw us.. Thy shws only ravish nd vivida i cant tolerate thiz..

  14. This serial has turned complete bullshit…guyzz they never gonna unite vitharav nor ravidha….they are making CID in the name of jaana na dil se door… the starting of this serial was awsm but not it has turned complete bullshit….the writer thinks he can show anything and we will watch it…they have included so much characters that they themself are confused whom to show…they have forgotten the real villain of this serial kailash kasyap…ankit umma indumati why the hell they r missing…they have messed up everything really missing the old episodes……the serial is moving in such a slow speed that’s disgusting… atleast finish this stupid track from 1-2 months showing same shit its really irritating…and now its unbearable m quitting…now m nt going to watch this bullshit any more…i should have stopped before only when vividha married ravish…..its time waste to watch this creep serial…buy guyzzz

    1. And why every men and women in this serial has two men/two women in their life… vividha,umma,ramakant,kalindi,kalind’s son,avinash,guddi too loved two men Chintu and ravish

  15. Is this jana na became an cid? ????

  16. What the hell it was a love story but now its a real star plus DRAMA.

  17. Wow…. I m speechless, but i think the end must will be interesting….. Ok i still wait for Happy ending twist. ?? ? ? ? ? ? keep it up…….

  18. kailash is d culprit

  19. Really discussing….
    OMG on feb atharv will be normal
    It takes months for the director to bring atharv to normal.
    Then bye bye JNNDSD.
    I’ll watch it on FEB.

  20. Jndsd seems to be more interesting…who gonna be the killer….what did Avinash 10,5 is it a secret code or anything.. don’t know if ravish’s enemies are trying take revenge …anyway prediction of most of us are going in a wrong…it is really awkward to know that kalindi is having affair with 2 young men in her grandma age…..i would like to suggest one thing to cvs ,IT WILL BE MORE INTERESTING IF CVS BRING SONY CHANNEL’S CID TEAM TO SOLVE THIS MYSTERY….ATLEAST THERE WILL BE MORE ACTION TO SEE ..IT WILL BE A BIG HELP TO VIVIDHA?…ITS MY HUMBLE REQUEST ?

    1. hahaha… agree withb you…totallyy…

  21. Nice episode.just enjoying the suspense……..ravidha is cute love story

    1. yes Ravidha cute couple

  22. I can’t take any more. Plz inform me wn atharv sujatha is back. Today is last day for Jana na mangal sutr se door or Jana na murder karke door. Wn ever JNDSD is back plz do inform me.

    1. Sravanii naik

      Seriously suman i read daily updates of jndsd but nvr commented frst tym commenting 2 u only coz i can’t stop my laughter wen u said jaana na mangal sutr se door or jaana na murder karke door hahahhahahhah hilarious baby ? kitna achii titles dii he tumee ??

  23. i think they should stop dragging guddi murder guddi wasnt a good person. only reason i watch the show is because of shashank vyas . vividha dont mean nothing .shes just a looser . arthav i used to like him from the begining of the show but ever since ravish entry arthava isnt my favorite no more

  24. CVS ruined complete story. Just because to increase trps they brought shashank vyas. As he is already well established actor. Now actual game started. Because before sv entry all used to connect with characters like atharv sujatha, vividha kashyap, kailash kashyap, sujatha, Uma not vikram singh Chauhan, shivani surve, almost all loved d emotional track. After sv entry as he is having fans already. The way of thinking changed. Like I love sv so ravidha. But people forgot about vitharv. Even I watched after sv entry only but saw all episodes. I like sv but after watching from beginning I fell in love with vitharv emotional love story. I am neutral now not, neither sv nor vikram but the season 1 is all time favorite for me. If instead of shashank some other new entry in place of ravish den d situation would be different I am sure. All dis is to increase trps. They r playing with our emotions. Dats it. N still I feel jndsd is story of dhood wala n payal ki mousi. N wn kailash vividha talking about shiv ji jaisa Pati, they showed vividha pouring water on shiv ji other hand they showed atharv pouring water on his head. I loved der screen play at dat time. Compared with shiv ji jaisa husband for vividha. Now also it is one of my favorite scene

    1. Missing season 1 very badly.

  25. Navz

    Crap crap. And just crap. Nothing else

  26. But I think ravish and vividha looks like cute couple.

  27. Yes right….I also started to watch the show daily after Sashank’s entry..
    Although I selomly watched the show before his entry..
    But now they hve made it all a trap n mystery.. Everyone is searching for the murderer and the show is getting dragged.. Its not good to create so much of suspense.. : (

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