Jaana Na Dil Se Door 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Atharv getting close to Vividha. He asks what is her heart thinking. She says I forgot. He says you don’t remember anything. She says don’t you feel like keep watching the person and fill them in eyes, everything else looks useless, just wish to hide the person in heart. He asks her to then fill him in eyes and hide her in heart, he belongs to just her. He holds her close. They have an eyelock. Saanson ko saanson me…………plays………….

He removes her glasses. He says her eyes get him more closer. They close eyes to kiss. The alarm rings and their moment breaks. She worries and says its 2am, its exam tomorrow, teach me first, else I will fail. They get back to study. She feels sleepy and sits for a while. He teaches her and then turns to see her.

He sees she slept, and removes her glasses. He kisses on her forehead. Guddi sees them and says good night Atharv. Atharv leaves from the balcony.

Its morning, Sujata asks Atharv to wake up. He says I had to teach Vividha, did she go college. She says she went and would be coming now, how can you sleep for so long. She makes him go and freshen up. She says now Atharv will take half an hour to get ready, but my husband would be waiting for me there, if I go, Atharv will ask many things.

Dadi gets her friends at home and talk about Atharv. Dadi says Atharv will come and greet me now, you all will get jealous. Her friend asks her to do puja paath as per her age. Atharv comes out and Dadi smiles seeing him. She asks her friends to see Atharv, even they will like him. Her friends also stare at him. One of her friend whistle and other friend feels Atharv is very hot.

Atharv greets Dadi and says I have seen you and now all my day will pass well. Dadi introduces her friends to him. He says it means Ajmer’s all beauty came together, do you have any beauty club. They laugh. He says sorry, but Indumati ji is the best. Dadi smiles. Sujata asks Atharv will he go to factory at night. He asks how can I stop these beautiful ladies’ hearts and gives them flying kisses. Dadi and her friends catch his kisses. Vividha comes and smiles. Atharv asks her how was her exam. Guddi asks the same. Vividha says is exam goes well, marks will come good, I scored 95/100. Sujata says great, Vividha’s result came good, now go to factory Atharv.

Vividha says no, someone told me that I don’t use my mind and don’t wish to give exam being a coward, when I passed now, Atharv should know he lost the challenge. Atharv smiles recalling her words. She says one who lost challenge knows what to do, don’t know its easy to say or not, person thinks when his turn comes. Atharv asks her not to think of his thinking. Uma asks whats all this. Vividha says don’t worry Maa, you will know who is coward, I knew Atharv can’t do this, leave it, Dadi he is a coward.

Atharv opens his shirt buttons. Dadi, her friends, Guddi and Vividha smile. Sujata and Uma look on. Atharv removes his shirt. Dadi’s friend says Indu you are lucky to see him every day. Dadi says he takes bath infront of us every day. Uma asks Vividha whats all this. Vividha says he can’t go ahead, some people don’t try being afraid to lose. He says losers think so, the one who wins will not be afraid to lose. He removes his belt. Dadi and her friends get shy. Guddi and Uma turn face away. Atharv keeps his belt aside. Sujata asks Atharv what is he doing.

Dadi says let him do what he is doing. Vividha cups her face and smiles. Atharv opens his jeans button. Vividha says stop, its over, challenge is over. Everyone get relieved. Atharv says no, let challenge get completed, why are you acting as coward. Dadi’s friend asks Vividha to lock Atharv in a treasure trunk. Sujata calls Atharv shameless and asks him to wear shirt. He calls Vividha coward.

Sujata makes him wear shirt and turns his face. Vividha laughs. Atharv’s father comes there and sees Sujata and Atharv. Sujata sees her husband and turns Atharv’s face to other side. Uma also sees Sujata’s husband coming. Atharv talks to Vividha and they smile. Sujata worries.

Uma tells Atharv that Sujata is lucky that you are her son, Vividha is lucky that you are her life partner, I will be lucky when you become my son in law, don’t know when will Kailash agree, but I m sure Atharv will keep Vividha happy always. She hugs Vividha and Atharv. Kailash looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s epic was fab….
    Vitharvzz just rocked it??????? loved it

  2. Devga

    Hahahaha hw cute… So sad atharv did it…. But i knew vivi would stop him…. Lol….. Yuck irritating kailash and aniket

  3. Divya padmasani alias Divya Ravindran

    Why these couple are not marrying in future

    1. Thts d most silliest thing.vividha going to marry athrv’s step bro.then athrv will goto her sasural ashis father’s house. Then full 3rd class drama same old 2bro,1girl Tussle. Full story will b changed sad

  4. Nice epi….

  5. Shivik fan ?❤?

    Hahahaha ?? today’s epsd ws so funny ??

  6. Nice episode.
    Loveely vitharv scenes
    Love that jodi. Poster of jndsd is superrrrrrrb

  7. Why are they soooo cute??? :’) I dont want anyone to come between them….:(

  8. waiting for uma to stand against sugar patient kailash…
    But every time i watch this telecast ,i’m afraid i have to stop watching it after vividha’s marriage with atharv’s bro, thats why i hate seeing atharv’s father,,
    Maybe if it happens like sarsawatichandra , that vividha will again marry atharv,i will be glad..

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