Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha telling Uma that she has seen Atharv. Uma gets shocked and asks what, you have seen Atharv. Dadi gets shocked and asks Uma to keep phone on speaker. Vividha says I have seen him, he was here, are you listening. Dadi says maybe you had some illusion, you may have seen someone else. Vividha says no, he was Atharv, he has come back. Dadi and Uma cry. Dadi says I wish he came back. Vividha asks why can’t he come, I m saying he has come back, he promised me he will come back, you know I sense when he is around, I m saying you, he was there, why did he not meet me. Uma says listen to me, he can’t be Atharv. Vividha asks how can you say this. Uma says I m sure because…. Uma cries. Vividha asks what did you get to know about Atharv.

Dadi takes phone from

Uma and says if he was really Atharv, he would have met you, spoke to you, but he did not talk to you, so maybe you saw someone else, take rest for some time, we will talk later. Ankit worries.

Uma asks Dadi why did you tell this to Atharv. Dadi says yes he was Atharv. Uma gets shocked. Uma asks what are you saying. Dadi says when anyone’s wish is not fulfilled, the soul wanders in the world, if the person loved someone truly in his life, he comes back. She says Vividha has seen Atharv’s spirit.

Ravish gets bath and comes out. He sees Vividha in room and tries to go back in bathroom. She turns away. He takes his clothes and says I will change inside, you relax please. Ankit says no all this is nonsense. Dadi says no, this is true, that’s why I said I feel Atharv’s presence around me, the idol got missing, the door opened….. Uma gets thinkings.

Vividha goes downstairs. She sees the family. Kalindi’s son stares at Vividha. Suman asks Vividha to sit, I was talking to Uma, I told her you both will go for patphere after Karwachauth. She gives tea to Vividha. Suman asks Vividha not to be surprised, its Sunday today. They tell none takes bath except Suman and Ravish before noon, we all did not had bath, we were waiting for you. Vividha asks why. They say to play Antakshiri.

Uma says till when will we hide truth from Vividha, we have to tell her, if she gets to know truth from someone else, she will never forgive me. Uma is worried as she has hidden big thing.

Vividha plays Antakshiri with Ravish’s family. Ravish smiles seeing Vividha. Suman asks Kalindi to sing. Kalindi sings Hoton pe aise baat….. Ravish says I m sorry, I can’t sing. They all ask him to sing. Suman says when you sing by heart, it touches heart. They all insist him to sing for Vividha. Ravish agrees and sings Phir aaya dil majbur kya kijiye…..

His sister says it seems sad, sing something great. Kalindi’s son says I have that song for new bride and sings Mehendi Laga ke rakhna…… Ravish smiles seeing Vividha, while all his family members dance. Ravish’s sister says we will make Sunday special, by Ravish and Vividha’s dance.

Uma says I will talk to Suman, Vividha can’t refuse to her. Dadi says yes, if Vividha comes here by listening to Suman, did you think when Vividha gets this bitter news about Atharv, will she be able to go inlaws again. Uma says we can make her sit and explain her, its wrong to lie to her, Vividha will decide if she wants to go back or not, I don’t want her to stay in forced marriage.

Ravish and Vividha refuse for dance. They all insist. Ravish agrees and asks them to ask Vividha. Vividha says I don’t know dance. Suman says no one is expert here, not even Ravish, just dance as you can. Ravish forwards hand to Vividha. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays……….. She holds his hand and a vase breaks. He holds her back, and sparks lit in the switch box. Vividha and Ravish go for dance. They dance and the chandelier starts falling. Suman smiles seeing them.

Everyone smile and clap. Vividha stumbles and he holds her. Ravish sees the chandelier falling and gets away along with Vividha. Suman and everyone get shocked.

Suman tells Ravish that such things happened when Vividha came here for the first time. Ravish tells someone that he can’t hide this matter and have to tell family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. noooooooo wat rubbish is happening vividha dancing with ravish I hate this epiiii I don’t want to see this vividha is only for atharv….plzzzz stop all this and bring back atharv we need their love story don’t change the love triangle I hate this epi………….??????????missing my vitharvzzzzz

  2. I think atharv become soul that the things happen when ravish nd vivida dance.
    Iam sure that atharv is a soul
    I am very sad for atharv.
    Plsssss get him back

  3. What’s happening in the show

    Y this ghost drama? ??
    Did atharv really dead. …
    Any of u guys have news abt atharv? ??
    Plz reply. ..

    1. I think adharv is dead .all the things that are happened tells us that adharv was dead.
      I also thought that the soul was adharv’s. But he was alive. In a telugu movie the soul of the heroine came outside when she was gone to coma.After recovery,she became normal.

      1. Yeah. .I know. .r u telugu. .I’m also telugu. ..I love that movie(Endukante Premanta). .Some wat different from ghost movies
        Actually some times I also think as u said like atharv soul out of his body due to coma state….same as in that movie

  4. [email protected] are cute,i like tis pair…

    1. Wt nonsense? how did u thought like this? Adharv,vividha are such a sweet couple? Did you watch it from the beginning?

  5. Who is ravish talking to? Is it kailash? Or maybe sujata or Abdul Chacha?

  6. I hate this serial….i hate ravish and vividha pair…..seriously…atharv should come back…where is he????plesa bring back my atharv…

  7. I have this strong feeling that Atharv has really died.. I don’t think the makers are unnecessarily sprucing up a ghost drama…. Shit Atharv has really died… But why… even if ravish loves vividha.. The magic between vitHrv can’t be created

  8. I missed today episode. ..anyone tell.me.. in precap.–was Ravish talking on phone? or directly to a person? ?

  9. nice episode today. i like this

  10. Finally its confirmed. ..it’s Athar’s soul .he was…broken that vase..lighting spark…..

    Come on atharv be coollll
    Goto kailash or ankit…but not in Ravish house

  11. Its total rubbish can’t accept vividha and ravish has pair so bring back Atharv and unite the love birds back

  12. Hey can any1 tell me does Vividha know Ravish and Atharav father r same..??. Has Vividha seen Atharav dad ???

    1. Vividha didn’t know that atharv and Ravish r brothers. .
      She didn’t know about Atharv’s father directly. But she meet him once in a temple. .but she didn’t remember that

  13. No atharv is not ghost and all… it’s something else and atharv will come back soon with a bang

  14. It would be better. ..Atharv became ghajini. .rather than a soul….
    Don’t understand. ..from where to where dis show going. … I am so sad….With dis stupid writers/director

    Y don’t dis stupid director care for viewers views

  15. Perhaps it is Ramakant spirit being restless, because of Sujata and Atharv suffering, his soul can’t R.i.p. Sujata not only lost her husband to Suman but her Bahu as well. Too bad Ramakant did not leave a will stating Atharv is his son.

    Should Vividha fall for Ravish, then evil Kailash wins!

  16. I really love ravish & vividha s jori.

  17. Ns4 in precap ravish talks 2 phone

    1. Thanks alot.. for d info and ur [email protected]

  18. Atharva is under the ravish… M sure… And very soon atharv come…

  19. If it is atharv’s soul….who is ravish hiding in the cupboard room….Omg unable to take that atharv dead

  20. Guys its nt true…atharva is alive nd m 200% sure…hw cn u believe i all these souls nd all,its all rubbish…writers are just putting up a ghost scene nthing else….according to me wn Viv will know tht atharva is no more she will shatter bt due to family’s requirement she will carryon her life with ravish nd later atharva returns bt till tht time it will be too late nd Viv would hv accepted ravish,so she cnt go with atharva….therefore atharva will become -ve nd all nonsense….

    hope writers don’t take the story as told by me..plz

  21. He said his son WL marry vividha, but didn’t specify. His family didn’t know he had another son ‘Atharv’ they felt he was talking about Ravish, so the marriage of Ravish and Vividha was arranged instead of Atharv and Vividha.

  22. Waiting for atharv…I wanna see athravida onceagain

  23. May be that soul is ramakant soul not atharv.because atharv is alive

  24. Oh that’s gr8…two people has agreed that there is a soul …but it’s not Atharv. ….said it’s Ramakanth soul.. Ok!!!
    I have a question for u guys @Aliyah @sri
    Wat’s the problem for ramakantha soul when Ravish touches r dance with vividha? ???

    1. Because ramkanth wants vividha to get married to his son Atharv not Ravish, & his wish is not fulfilled. This can be a reason.
      Anyway i dont think that this is related with the ghost track. According to me Atharv is alive @ ravish’s house. May be he’s doing it, because he knows only vividha & he cant see Ravish with her.

  25. Yes I to agree that soul is ramakanth not atharv.athrv is real hero of this serial.

    1. Vividha saw adharv at the outside of the house and she told dadi that she felt it was adharv. Vus ka kya?

  26. This serial is worst without atharv.

  27. Guys…don’t believe atharav is dead unless his dead body is shown…they are just fooling us wit this nonsense ghost drama

  28. Its so sad Ravish and his family are innocent ..why did Vividh agree to marry..honestly she and her father are both responsible if Ravish’s family suffer.What was she gona do??fight her father and ruin another family and return to Artherv when he shows up??tell me is it possible and will it be right??Sorry but Vividha has dug an even bigger hole for herself. Please don’t ruin this serial by bringing in crap story line..

  29. I think ravish know that his father have other family and he is looking after atharv

    Hi to everyone

  30. Where is atharv I can’t see viv with ravish…not at all…plz somebody rply….I want only atharv and vividha as pair and nobody else….plzzzzzzz

  31. Dear Writer,

    I am really sorry to say this but i just can,t understand your’s drama. Seriously you are spoiling the meaning of Love and marriage relation. Now a days film industry has been became role model for youth. So, you have the major responsibility to make the youth understand the values of love. Before marriage only Vividha became part of Atharv. Mentally and physically she gave all the things to artharv and now one more guy came and married, this is such a nonsense. So as per your drama girl is like a pr*stitute ? she will do all the things before marriage with one guy and after marriage with some other guy. In Indian culture marriage will happen only once with one person whom she loves. plz don’t make these type of serials.

  32. Nice episode ?

  33. Think this serial is taking on the English film Ghost. Don’t know why tho as it doesn’t suit an Indian serial…. Also Bhuhas son is looking at Vividha with bhoori nazar, I don’t like it. Plus Vividhas getting involved wit Ravish’s family, kinda cheapens wot she shared wit Atharv. How can she share soooooo much wit one person n then be wit someone else, don’t like it…. Sorry directors, not my cup of tea really anymore…

  34. Don’t make stupid drama strong part atharve brings him

  35. indera sanichara

    Ravish please go away, writers please bring back Artharv come on find a good solution for Vividha and Artharv we don’t want to see a Revenge plot again I am fed up of all the others serial full of revenge only.

  36. Ohhh pls get back athrav

  37. I think the writers are losing the plot. It is possible that they initially did not intend to have the Artharv role for as long as they did as I read somewhere that they had signed the actor for the Ravish role long ago and he had to wait. Artharv actor was awesome and captivated the audience along with his mom. Because the initial actor was so good now with this second guy the setup home family is awesome however if they now show the female lead swaying towards the new guy then her role will look cheap and the beauty of her role with Artharv will have no value anymore. All the suspense n stuff currently look meaningless. I think the writers are buying time deciding on which way to go.

  38. i luv vividha n ravish part but vitharv is d besttt…plz cm back atharv we r missing u…ravish dont fall 4 vividha as c has atharv i feel pity 4 u….vividha plz wait 4 ur atharva im sure he wil cm back 4 u…luv u vitharv

  39. Guys i want 2 say u some thing
    There is a telugu mve ”endukantae premanta”in that mve heroine is a soul hero is nrml.heroine will be in coma she is only visible 2 the hero only.becoz there luv is true like that vitharv luv is true may be atharv is in coma nd his soul is cmg 2 viv.
    Who will agree with me?????

  40. Marriage is not just like a doll play. So rabish and vividha pair should exist.

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