Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sujata telling Situram that Atharv listens to Ravish, I don’t know why he did that with Ravish’s wife. Atharv says Sujata, I did not do it, I did it. He sees Ravish and Vividha’s wedding photo on the wall. Dadi asks Guddi did she not learn wearing clothes properly. Guddi calls her dressing loud. Dadi says I know you are jealous of you, my Vividha used to value me. Vividha comes shouting for Kailash. She says I got to know everything, no need to hide face and sit, come out. Uma and everyone get shocked. Uma says you here at this time. Vividha says get Kailash Kashyap out, that man promised me that my marriage will be price of Atharv’s life, but he did not do this Maa. Ankit worries.

Uma, Dadi and Guddi cry. Uma says I wanted to tell you that Atharv is

not in this world. Vividha says no, Kailash decided Atharv’s life will be worst than death, he did that with my Atharv. She cries.

Uma asks is Atharv alive, where is he. Dadi asks Vividha to say truth, where is Atharv. Vividha says Atharv is alive, there is difference in living and taking a breath, every moment Atharv is bearing all this, he has lost his mental balance, he is not Atharv whom we knew, he is not my Atharv now, whose thinking was to fight with the world, he has lost his thinking today. Uma, Dadi and Guddi cry. Ankit gets shocked. Vividha says Atharv was talking like a kid, all this because of that man, where is he, Kailash come out, no one can save you today, not even family, I have to settle scores of Atharv’s every breath. She shouts.

Sujata asks Atharv what is he doing. Atharv asks her to see the photo. Sujata asks who. He shows pic to Situram. She asks Atharv to come. Situram says come fast, entire family can come back anytime. Sujata takes photo from Atharv and does not see it. Sujata and Situram ask Atharv to come.

Dadi asks Vividha to listen. Vividha says time to listen is over, get Kailash. Guddi says Kailash is not here. Vividha says where is he, take me to him. Dadi says none knows about Kailash, police said Kailash is dead. Dadi says how police got the blood stained clothes and said he died. Uma says I don’t believe he died, he is alive. Vividha says we all believe so, he is alive, devils won’t commit suicide, he get killed, and today that will happen.

Vividha goes out and gets Kailash’s pic. She says if its devil is alive, even then his bad deeds got him killed for me, he is not my father, I was unfortunately his eldest child, so I m doing his last rites. She tears pic and throws. She gets angry and lights fire to his pic. Ankit worries. Everyone look on as she burns the pic. Vividha chants Ram naam satya hai. Everyone cry.

Vividha says she is doing last rites of Kailash’s soul, the bad soul who did not care for anyone, not of family, wife and children, his soul was so selfish that he has hidden a devil in a human’s body, who made a happy cheerful guy into a lively dead body, he ruined Atharv, today I disown Kailash from today and this is not the end of this relation, I will also end that relation in which you pushed me, I married for Atharv’s sake, and I will break this marriage for Atharv, I curse you, you tortured Atharv and Sujata, wherever you are, your soul will suffer more than them. Dadi asks Vividha are you sure Atharv is alive, did you see him.

Vividha says yes, he is alive, he stays in same house where I m staying. Uma says that house, what do you mean. Vividha says I also want to know, someone else is using Atharv’s situation, I have to find out who is that person. Uma asks what will we do now, what about Atharv, how will you get justice. Vividha says this is beginning to get justice, I have to do a lot, I m root of all his problems, my love became poison for him, he has kept all 7 promises of his love, today I promise I will solve all his problems. Uma cries. Vividha says I will do anything to help him.

Sujata asks Atharv to come. Atharv pushes Sujata. She sees Ravish and Vividha’s wedding pic, and cries. She recalls Atharv’s words. Sujata cries recalling all the happenings. Maula….plays…… Ravish gets thinking and leaves from the hospital. Situram holds Atharv. Sujata and Vividha cry.

Sujata says Atharv you are going far from Vividha, come. Ravish comes home and says wait, where are you going, my wife is missing. Sujata says thank Lord that she is missing. Ravish says how can you say this about my wife. Vividha comes home and says this is true. Sujata angrily slaps Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shah_dhara

    wow.. Thank God..Finally..

  2. Todays episode was good n interesting now the ball is in Sujata’s court

  3. Sujata should know better

  4. Wat a teriffic epi n intresting precap…atlast now evrythng wil b clearedeagerly wtng fr tmrwz epi…naya starplus n nayi soch first epi was rly worth it

  5. Omg! Omg! Wt an precap. Tq u writers that u bring vivida nd sujata face 2 face.
    Maybe sujata got some angry down by beating vivida.
    Very very egerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  6. So it is ankit hiding in sujata’s house. I think I’m precap sujata was going to take atharv from ravish’s house. Now ravish will learn the truth, spoiler says vividha will break her marriage and spend life getting atharv well. Sujata doesn’t know the truth also why vividha married ravish that’s probably why she slapped her.

  7. Tomorrow’s prepac really superb I think everything will reveal tomorrow.
    …will ravidha will separate then show won’t be nice

  8. wow interesting precap,i wish suman too overhears their conversation.

  9. Super episode. I’m waiting for tomorrow

  10. Then who is fake atharv.lastest news says he is twins of atharv

  11. What is the timing of repeat telecast of jaana na dil se door?i missed the episoide.

    1. Mrng 7 am…..ND 11am

      1. Vo time pretty bi miss hua tho hotstar pe dekhlejiye Aap…..

      2. From today pardes me hain mera dil started.so JNDSD is not telecasted at 11 am.thank u for the information

  12. @sushma that’ll be another twist if it’s true. But in yesterday’s episode it didn’t look like the fake was wearing a mask. Hopefully everything will come out now, I too hope everyone hears what vividha has to say. At least suman will know the truth too.

  13. Navz

    Thank God . Some movement started in d serial????

  14. After a long time mind got hpy by watching today s episode n precap..eargly waiting for vitharv reunion…jaldi kijiyee pls…cant wait more…?

  15. Ok so now whatwhat? she lives the younger one for the elder one??one and then help him get well and marry him..that’s bullshit and reality doesnt go like that

  16. Vividah is the main source of the problem.
    She ruined Artharv life. She do deserve the slap from Sujata…….. she still have confident in her dad which is stupid he choose n shown her that he is marrying her to someone else yet she believed he won’t kill Artharv come on! She is so blind in this show lol I want see how much now can she do for her love n which side will She choose?????

  17. Wat de hell them do them could at least tell us in today episode that who the fake Aarthav really is.

  18. There is no point watching this story less garbage.

  19. indera sanichara

    Mind blowing performance Vividha, good ephoside writers. I wonder what Vividha would have done to Kailash had she find him, I glad she severe all ties with him. I am glad she is going to dedicate her life taking care of Artharv, just hope her wish come true writers.

  20. at 7 am&11 am the episode will be repeated pinak

  21. Now .. I am eagrly waiting for Vitharv’s reunion..

    I hope there won’t be happens any thing problem for reunite of Vitharv..
    Plz …. Don’t spil Atharv & Vividha’s love… Vitharv’s love is great and True forever..

    Hiii… Sunanda, Nithya ,Aswani , Meghana, keerthi , Sudheer, Deepika and Jessy… how are you my friends ?
    Say your opinion about that Vitharv’ love should success or Not ???

    1. I think ravidha should unite

    2. Never till ravish alive

    3. May be vividha also mentally ill like adharv. So ravish & suman cares her. In that state vividha again molested by fack adharv/vipul/seturam. So that time ravish saves her. Vividha moves on ravish. But vividha mental ga cure ayina tharuvatha. Atharv gurthostadu. (atharv mentally ill ayina vividhani mathrame gurtunchu konnadu but vividha ki adharv gurthu ledu) so vividha thanu adharv ni love chyaledu ani telusukoni ravish tho life share chesukontundi. In that time vividha sees lawyer- ravish- ramakanth deal. Vividha ravish tho aa deal gurinchi aduguthundi. Ravish tells total story. Appude vividha-adharv la love gurinchi ravish ki telustundi. Then adharv ki help chestundi & adharv life save chesindi ravish ani telustukontundi. Then vidharv reunite (this time okariki okaru teliyani valluga). Vividha adharv ki ichhina 7 vachans lo 6 vachans full fill chestundi 7th vachan chestunnappudu hill meeda nunchi dooki chanipotundi( ravish saves her). In that time payal kooda chanipotundi. So adharv life lo payal vachhinappude vividha vachhindi. Payal chanipoyinappude vividha adharv life nunchi dooranga vellipotundi. So only ravidha. Not vidharv. May be I think next episode r 4-5 episode lo vidharv reunite avutaru. E story total ga Fb lo cheppocchu.
      Another point serial (3/4/5/6) episode lo uma Siva lingam dagga ra korina korika thana eddari kooturlaku thanani gouravinchi premaga chusukone husbands ravalani. So may be adharv-guddi avvacchu. Not sure
      Director tells that adhav-vividha pomisses (6 out of 7) are full filled. So vidharv love is success but marriage is failure.

  22. Why didn’t uma tell vividha that ankit also hit atharv with hammer? Ankit was at home so don’t know who was in sujata’s house.

  23. wht the hell vividha….how can u destroy ravishs life

    1. No your thinking wrong vividha always with ravish.

  24. Guys… Isn’t it obvious that the fake atharv is ravish’s bua’s son… That jerk…He’s always been behind vividha

    1. I also thought that fake Atharv is vipul.. But only three people (Ravish-seeturam-sujatha) knows abt Atharv and his mental condition.
      So now I feel that person would be seeturam.
      Only seeturam was spy on Atharv. whenever Atharv disappears from secret room that time nly fake Atharv took advantage of Atharv-vividha.. So its clear he is seeturam..
      If its vipul how do he knows Atharv’s whereabouts.. Same dressing..same head bandage..same expression like Atharv.this is opinion!!!

  25. I wish I can slap her too she deserves more slaps selfish woman .. . . U better not devorce your husband …. or else get lost from basist family

  26. It’s about time now that Ravish learns the truth about Vitharv relationship, how Kailash so painfully sepperated them, cos he didn’t want a poor doodhwala who doesn’t know his father for a son-in-law. Ravish seems to be a good person, he may have some sympathy for Atharve and reunite Vitharv,after all, his marriage is based on lies, bullying , cruelty, bloodshed etc. So sad of Atharve to behave like a little boy when he said his head hurts. I wonder how Ravish found him, if he was taken to a hospital, if he had a cat scan. Is he getting the right medication. Because I don’t trust evil Kailash, he should be put away before he do anymore damage.

  27. Finally, some light on the characters. Vividha is now behaving the way she should. Hope to see the turn out when they realize the truth. why should vividha stay with someone she don’t love.she will never be happy and take spite on the one she has to be force to live with. I root vividha and artharv.

  28. Guys plz don’t say Ravidha unite..nly vitharv should unite then nly true love wins.. Don’t want marriage win. If marriage wins that would be called as compromise not “marriage” without love. So vitharv love should win.

  29. I’m from Telugu..andhra..
    Someone plz explain this new change of star plus.. What’s the concept of नई सोच???
    Serial Logos..precap vision all are changed..

  30. First of all vividha should find who is fake Atharv?? And she has to prove Atharv innocence.. what ever happened with her was not done by her Atharv and its fake one.

  31. Kailash is turning point this story. May be he thinks adharv nijanga vividhani cherali anukonte tana name adharvsujatha kakunda adharv vasist ani change avvali. Adi jarugutunda?????

  32. May be fake adharv seturam ayite future lo vividha ki vipul valla kooda problem vastundi.

  33. Atharv and Vividha should unite..
    Becuase of this is the last wish of Ramakant…
    Ravish obsolutly fullfil his fathers wish.. so Ravish should unite Atharv & Vividha..

    1. Ramakanth wish is adharv-vividha reuniting (love sucess). Last wish kanna two families happy ga undali. Ravidha – unite ayethe suman family ki love dorukutundi. And adharv ki vividha family dorukutundi with swetha (guddi). Two families are always happy.
      Anduke kailash ee vidanga chesadu. But ankith aa time lo adharv ni hammer tho kodathadu ani Expect cheyaledu. So kailash is good father.

  34. Aswini jenny

    Sudheer meeru chadivina a novel name anti memu telusukovacha

    1. Novel name idea ledu nearly 5 years avutundi. Andulo story ila kakunda nenu first lo chepoinattu vundi. (Childhood love) but director story line change chesi nattu undi. Present episode r today episode lo sujatha aa house vellipothe ika life lo aa house lo adugupettadu. Finally ravidha.

  35. I am a new member…. I do read comments and written episode but I never comment on them don’t know why but today’s episode was super good and I hate ravish for beating Atharva…?????…….

  36. Vivida is back…she desrve more slap…..nly vitharv

  37. vividha destroyed ravish life.he loves vividha

  38. Plz tell me new repeat telecast timings plz as it is not coming on regular timings I.e 11am & 10.30pm as it is replace by another show..

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