Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guddi angrily thinking of Ravish and Kangana. She throws the clothes out of her cupboard. He asks her to clean the junk from her mind, as she said she trusts him and his love, I will never move back from my promise I will never cheat you, I was just helping Kangana. Guddi asks does he still want to keep the promise by his heart, I feel this ring is not part of the promise, I feel you are helpless that you could not unite with Kangana.

Vividha comes and asks Ravish to come along, she has to talk urgent thing. Guddi asks what happened. Vividha says I have to solve few things. They go. She shows the photos of the little girl. Kangana sees the photos. Vividha says this man would have met you, he swapped our babies, he has ruined our lives, don’t know how many wrong

things he made you do.

Kangana says sorry, I did not see him, he always used to cover his face and meet me, I just remember his hair was similar. Atharv says we can’t identify anyone by hair. Kangana says I told you, I did not see his face. Ravish asks do you remember by which number he called you. She says its old thing, I was not mentally fine, I don’t remember. Ravish looks at her. Atharv says such people change disguise. Ravish says you did not see his face, he would have changed number, what can we do now.

Vividha recalls Sujata’s words. Vividha says you saved that number by letter K, what’s that. Kangana says I don’t remember well. Ravish asks her to think well and recall, maybe if you remember anything, its very imp for us to know. Kangana says I remember a bit, the man used to talk like he knows all of you very well, like he hates you all, he wants to take revenge, he used to talk much about Atharv.

Atharv says why did he hate me. Kangana says sorry, I can’t help you right way, but he said that he will show Atharv his status, he hates Atharv a lot, he used to talk as if he is chanting mantra. Vividha recalls Kailash. She sees Atharv and cries. She asks Kangana was his name Kailash. They all get shocked. Kangana says yes, this was the name, he did not tell his name, he said once that Atharv will know he is facing Kailash Kashyap. Atharv gets angry.

Kangana asks how do you know him. Vividha says he was my dad. Kailash goes to the girl, who is sitting under the table in some dark room. Vividha says I m not shocked that he is alive, I told you he loves himself a lot. Guddi says we should inform Uma. Vividha says no, she will feel better and I will tell her, we need more proof against Kailash. Ankit says it means Papa is doing this, he is alive, where is he. She says I don’t know, but I just know, I will find him. Vividha says she ruined my life, I will see him, she snatched my Atharv from me, then snatched my daughter, he will be punished, I will not leave him this way.

Atharv gets angry and says Kailash is your dad, think again, do you want to punish him. She says I don’t know him as dad, he has hurt us a lot, now his fight is with a mum, not daughter, I will get him punished, we are close to finding our daughter, we should not regret that we did not find her. He agrees. Ravish asks from where shall we start.

She tells him about the school in gift shop area. Ravish shows the map and says shop will be nearby, the man would be living close if he came by walk, his shoes have mud on it, it means he came by walk. They all look on.

Atharv says there is some man who gets things delivered at this place. They all follow delivery boy to find Kailash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god kk ho our angry man atharv sujatha is back his face his eyes his anger when he came to know its kk???really remembering old phase??and vivi ho her dialogues were awesome???love u vitharv u will defenitly find ur daughter with the help of guddish???

  2. How did Kailash know it was vividha’s and adharv’s child when even uma and sujatha dint know it…??

    1. Niveditha, it is JNDSD. Villain is more clever than lead characters. Don’t think abt logic. When CVs declared that Madhav is not Vitharv son….Do u find it reasonable? Madhav’s habits always remind Atharv. But still he is not Vitharv son. After this do u still expect logical track from JNDSD CVS??

      As per my understanding,CVS may wants to go for Kk reentry track. And also angry atharv(phase 1 story line). For this they need some strong reason. Kk-viv deal(marriage)… with this point definitely they can’t have much Hero-Villain face-off. This child swap will provide enough base for kk reentry.

      I see +ve things from the last couple of episodes (more focus on vitharv,,Viv as a working woman-doing some business). I hope CVS will work to bring back viv lost glory.

  3. Episode starts with…
    Guddi room: guddi taking all her clothes from her cup board and throwing it all over the room in anger…
    Ravish came to room and asked her to drink milk .. but she said room is not clean first I have to clean the room but ravish said “first clean your mind is necessary … I promised you that’s not enough?? You only said you have trusted me.. you have trust on the ring which I gave you… but now… I have helped kangna b’coz I wanna help her.. if anyone in her place I’ll do the same thing… you know me very well… I never take my words back… I never betray you… don’t think too much… no need to worry.. if you wann tell me anything then I’m here only.. “ ravish kept the milk glass on table and turn away to leave the room…
    Then guddi called him ravish and ask.. “you said you stick to your words.. how do you stick to your words?? Like this only or else with your heart?? I don’t know why I’m feeling like this so many times.. this ring is not the proof of your love which is you want to be with me.. but it is the helplessness of you can’t be with kangna… “ at that time vivida entered the room by calling ravish… guddi covered herself.. viiv didn’t see guddi’s tears.. viv called ravi to talk with him some imp.. guddi ask viv ..” what happen?? Any thing wrong??” vivi said “ nothing…. Somethings are there to solve .. I’ll tell you..”” and said to ravish come soon I called kangna also down… vivi went out of their room…
    In hall… everyone is in the hall only… viv gave photographs ( which showed in yesterday episode) to everyone… and told to kangna see this photo again and he is the same person who met you years ago.. he wanted to talk with you also.. he is the one who swapped our childs.. he ruined our lives.. I don’t know how much he lied to you and he is the reason for all your mistakes… so plss see this photo and tell me do you know him or not?? Kangna said…” sorry vivi I wouldn’t recognize him he always come in front of me by covering his face … he is so clever,.. but I can say one thing his hair also similar to this…
    Atharv said.. “we cann’t recognize anyone by hair.. try to remember .. do you remember anything which is useful to recognize him… “ but kangna said.. “ I told you na I didn’t see his face “
    Ravish asked;;” do you have any number from which he called you.. ?? “ kangna said.. “ it is very old one.. and at that time I wasn’t in my senses so I didn’t remember anything.. “ ravish asked her to think again and tell this is very very imp to them…
    Atharv said.. “ his number is not useful to us… that type of persons can change the numbers like clothes.. think about other things… “
    Ravish said..” this photo is not useful.. kangna didn’t see his face… he could change his phn num.. so what to do now??? “
    Vivi remembers when sujata told her about kangna’s phn and the contact which is saved by letter “K” and vivi said to kangna.. “ you saved his number by K letter.. K means what??” kang said..” I din’t remember correctly but may be his name’s alphabet is K … sorry I’m not able to tell you anything… I’m not able to regain anything… “
    Ravish sais to kang “ please think very carefully and tell .. you will remember something.. think something which had happened b/wn both of you via phone or face to face think… this is very imp to us so please think.. all means vivi guddi ankit all ask her to think you have remembered something right think think… she was thinking… and said.. “ he talk about you like he know very well about you… and like he hates you all so much… he wants to take revenge from you.. he talks a lot about atharv.. “
    Atharv gets shocked and ask.. “ he hates me.. why did you feel like that?? Did he said anything like that?? ??” kangna said.. “ I’m unable to tell clearly but he said.. he will show atharv’s status to him…. He hates atharv a lot.. he said a lot of times this thing …”
    Vivi remembers the scene when uma told about her father to her… and she remember kk’s scenes..
    Vivi ask kangna .. “ you saved a number by letter K right?? Does his name kailash?? “
    Kangna said.. “ yes his name is kailash only.. but he didn’t tell me it clearly but one day when he is so happy he said.. now atharv has to face kailash kashyap..” atharv gets angry..
    Kangna said..” I know I shouldn’t ask this but how do you know him?? How do you know his name??”
    Viv said.. “ once upon a time he was my papa.. “
    They showed a dark room with without a proper ventilation in that room .. a little girl( obviously vitharv’s girl) throwing everything in the room … a man ( of course kk) try to stop her.. finally she went under a cot.. and she sat under the cot..
    Vashisht’s house…
    Guddi said “papa alive till now??”
    Vivi said.. “I haven’t shocked he is alive or not.. I told you na.. he cann’t do any bad thing with himself.. he loves only himself.. “ guddi said.. “ but we have to inform maa right.. I will call her and inform her.. “
    Vivi said ..” no ..not now.. she is not feeling well now so after her treatment we will tell her..”
    Ankit said..” it means he is alive.. but where is he now??”
    Vivi said.. “ I don’t know where is he but I know one thing .. I’ll find him.. to ruin his own daughter’s life he didn’t leave a single chance also.. he ruined my life .. first he snatched my atharv.. now he snatched my daughter from me… he have to punished.. I’ll not leave him that much easily…”
    Atharv said.. “ kk is your father.. think once again .. do you wanna punish him for his sins ?? “
    Vivi said.. “ I don’t know the father which you are talking about.. I’m just talking about kailash kashyap.. and I’m ready to face him… whether you agree or not.. he gave so much pain to us how much he can.. now he is not fighting with a daughter but with a mother.. I’ll punish him definitely… atharv you are also a dad.. think from a dad’s side.. we are near to finding out our daughter … we should not regret that we couldn’t find out our daughter.. we have to find out our daughter..“
    Atharv said..” you are right..”
    Ravish said.. “ but where to start”
    Vivi said..” the gift shop is in old delhi.. in Mukherjee nagar.. and there is only one school in Mukherjee nagar.. he didn’t come to that shop from very far.. he may live there.. so we have to find him there only.. “
    Ravish showed the map and said.. “we are talking about this location only.. and that shop also here only .. so that man may live near to this area.. if he came by foot ..”
    Atharv interrupted and asked.. “ how can you tell by foot?”
    Ravish said.. “very easy.. his shoes have mud.. shoes have this much mud when they came by foot only.. so he came by foot only.. and from which place he came may be there will be some construction work is undergoing.. “
    They all look on…

    1. Aleya.marzan

      why did u wrote whole epi dear. good night

      1. Actually when I saw this page episode is not updated…
        So I started typing total episode..
        But after completion of total typing i saw this page then this episode updated.. So why to waste this much typing i just commented this in comment section…
        Ha ha ha..
        That’s it… no other reasons for this..

    2. Oooooomg!!!!!!!!nikh what is this what u have done.its just mind blowing no words to say.hands off to ur patience.really great this much big comment that also update ?????…It was very difficult to type this much but u have done it with patience.

      1. Hmm… Em cheyali chepu.. Na mind asal balekunde nina anta pichi pichi ga unde em chedama ani chustunte e page open cheste inka episode update cheyldu and mona episode chala late ga update chesaru anav kada so nen episode chustu type cheydm start chesa anta aipoye sariki ikda update kuda aipoindi so anta type chesi waste cheydm ndku ani comments lo post chesa ante..
        E comments section kuda chala boring ga tayaraindi asal.. Chudu rojuki okaru maym avthunaru.. Suman akka ledu 143 kuda ledu aailya kuda ledu and xyz kuda 2 days nundi ledu..
        Sare le nen kuda ranu ika konni days… Xam inka 15 days kuda ledu chala undi chadivedi so chadvali and free ga unpdu I’ll comment here in this 15 days ok..
        Tarvta ela aina em pani undadu..
        Anyways gud mngg…

    3. ? ? ? wow Nikh such nice update u explained everything in details… love it if i hadn’t watched this episode i would have imagined that i have watched it just by reading ur update;bravo! keep it up.

      1. Thank you linah….

    4. Nikh it just awesome hands off to ur writing skills????and good mrng dear

      1. Thank you vismaya..
        A very very happy mngg dear..

    5. Asana321

      Superb update

      1. thank you asana…

    6. Actually ur way of expressing desparate of late uploading is nice .
      U have a done so much work in typing ..great ??

  4. It’s look like cvs copied daughter miss part from Bollywood movie “Shivaay”..in this movie song also used for back ground once.

  5. Hi frnds,sis &bro. I could n’t watch the episodes or read the cmnts frm 4th may .Bcz my uncle (Amma’s elder bro.) was passed away on 4th may due to heart attack. we’ve come home, frm there, just 1hr before. Guyz , don’t know what to say? There is no scope of happiness or peace in my life frm last 3 years. First i lost my bro. second grand ma & now my uncle .I cann’t control tears while i ‘m writing this.No one in this world with fate like this. First I thought that i should not discuss this with u , bt aftr i felt that i ‘ve to do this. Bcz we r one family , right ? U all were with me in my happy moments ( birthday celeb.) & hope now , u all ,can make as normal as before. Till now I couldn’t watch episodes &will start watching tmrw morning. So nothing to cmnt abt the show. @Sweety sis , how r u dear ? Did u leave frm hospital ? how is ur head ache? @Pinky sister’s , today u ‘ve neet exam ,right? How was ur exam dear ? @Aleya sis , srry dear i couldn’t achieve my target (vote fr vitharv) . What abt the last date ? I ‘ve done 23 votes only. There was no range fr both bsnl & airtel in my uncle’s house . So my phn was also dead. GUYZ, DON’T feel bad abt me , bcz I always here with something bad news. I too not interesting in this . Bt still I ‘ve no frnd to share these except u.( I complete my college & my frnds r busy in various courses now . In my coaching centre also there r no intimate frnds ,bcz all r brilliant students and ‘ve no time fr anything except studies . I missed my college & frnds a lot.) Bt aftr start cmnting here , i feel better & more comfortable like my college frnds. That’s why sharing my worries &problems . Hope u can understand my feelings. Now time is 12.00 am . Gud mrning frnds.

    1. OMG ,this is so lenghty. Srry frnds.

    2. Usha chechi u r our strength .vishamikalle , chechiku entundenkilum njangalodu share cheyam karanam share cheyumbo we feel better . Njangal eppozhum chechide koodethanne undu ?
      Eniku swantamayittu chechi illa . So I’m seeing my elder sis in u ..luv u chechi ??

    3. Oh I’m sorry Usha..
      Plss dear don’t worry…
      Try to control yourself…
      Just think everyone’s final destiny is that only..
      We can’t do anything in that.. Just pray for peace for their souls..
      I wish you have to come out from all these asap..

    4. Sunanda12345

      Usha dear u r really gud…u R wishing all members in a nyc way….don’t worry dear..life is like this only..we have 2 mve on…keep smiling dear…????

    5. Usha chechi viehamikathe chechi alarkum sambhavikavunayala so fate namaknthu cheyanpatu chechiku vishamam kanum but namal control cheynm chechiku sadness ayelum happiness ayalum plz njagalod share cheyanm njagak athu bhayankara sathoshama???so plz chechi karayel ..plz its a request

    6. Asana321

      Don’t worry
      Keep smiling

    7. Sis my exam is ok.how r u sis???sry for late reply i am busy in voting vitharv so only i did not read any comments.RIP to ur uncle sis.don’t worry sis as nikh sad we have to think that their destiny is only up to there.I can understand ur sorrow sis it’s very difficult to come out of all these things I to have Bro even i can’t tolerate if he get small wound also but for u it’s really a big shock.but what we can do sis nothing na.so only stop worrying from now and another thing never feel that u r alone see how many ppl r there for u.we all r ur sis,bros and frnds right.as u told we r one family we can share everything here everything so never estate to say anything to us it may be your sorrow or happiness .we all really love u sooo much sis.?????

    8. RAOne

      didi please don,t cry beacuse……. when u cry it hurts to those who are associated with you…..who love you…really if you will be sad their soul won’t be able to rest in peace….
      i know your pain…. it really hurts…please be happy for those who love you….who can’t see tear in your eyes….because dii…. I hate tears yree…………….don’t be sad… keep commenting……

  6. Aleya.marzan

    hi all.
    voting ended or no
    good night

  7. What a power packed episode. Every one were good. Vitharv are very unique breed of actors, again loved them today. Very very excited to watch VITHARV face off with KK. Poor little princess is also suffering because of that evil KK. This KK is stone hearted. Vividha atleast is speaking out her anger but Atharv is boiling inside. Volcanoes are erupting inside Atharv and their lava is flowing through his red hot eyes. Angry man AtharvSujatha is back. Loved his expression, intensity in his eyes ,tightening of his fist when he heard KK’S name. Inspite of his anger on KK, Atharv still wanted to know Vividha’s opinion on fighting KK, this is what AtharvSujatha is. No matter what, for Atharv what matters is Vividha, her happiness, her opinion, her acceptance. Vividha’s answer to Atharv on KK was superb. Cameraman was spot on today, Atharv’s anger in his eyes and Vividha’s tears from her left eye were very neatly captured with minute details. Excited for this track. But I feel VITHARV will get their daughter but KK will somehow escape.
    Get ready KK ab tera baap AtharvSujatha aagaya.
    Even though direction and editing is still lagging, very happy with the track because it has some emotional quotient and is meaningful.

  8. What a wonderful day it is for the JNDSD Fam. Show got extension. KK gonna come back. Microwave AtharvSujatha is back. Vividha supporting Atharv to fight KK.
    KK vs VITHARV track on the way. Really missed KK very badly during these 7 months. When I watched the phase 1,2 for the first time I was really impressed by him as villain. When I started watching Phase 1,2 multiple times, KK was more of a comedian than a Villain for me. I really loved KK’S weird expressions and the diction and dialogue delivery. I love KK but I hate him.

  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/sunjivpuri
    Hurryyyyy our jndsd got extension.it is conformed by sunjiv ji.thanks to all jndsd vitharv fans who have done lot of hard work to make it happen.thank u all sooo much ?????

      1. Oh relaxed happy news???

    1. It really is a great news ?
      Feeling relaxed ?

      1. Sunanda12345

        Yesssss very happy for the news

    2. Thanks for the info pinkzz…

    3. Really good news..
      Thanks for the news dear!!

  10. The nerve of kk he didn’t even spare his granddaughter from his sworn hatred towards Atharv.Am just waiting for their confrontation. This time Atharv don’t spare that kk, teach him such lesson that he will never forget in his entire miserable life.

  11. Yeah, kk is in hot soup don’t know who will save him this time, Atharv used to restrain himself coz of vivi now vivi herself has declared war on kk ;vitharv’s daughter too has started retaliating against kk it’s going to be much fun to watch this. And kk is he insane or what where in the world is he keeping vitharv’s little girl in a rathole ? ? ? .

  12. What an episode frnds …the angry young man … Our real atharv sujata…
    Vivi u understood easily that its ur papa because u know that he can go to any extent to gain his happiness and pride..
    I thought that kk is looking after their child but he is threatening her….wait dear kk ..vitharv is on the way….sabka badla lenge tumse….

  13. Sunanda12345

    Hiii guys….
    Episode was superb…Finally vivida get 2 know that kailash is dng all this…
    Atharv blood boils…by hearing kailash name…omggg angry in his eyes…
    Angry vala atharv sujata is back……

    @@@@nikh dear….hands off to u r writing…??????

    Guys today computer science exam for me..


    1. Gud mng di and all the best for ur exam ?

    2. Thank you sunanda…
      Gud mngg… Have a nice day..

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      1. Sunanda12345

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    2. International fans….Contact me or pinky on Twitter..
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      Indians fans also contact me I want ur help…Those who r free today plzz…Contact me through dm..i will share u some ideas..We have less time..
      Voting will end today..
      Every one make sure that u r voted from ur every..Gmail ids and fb accounts….

  16. Really it is a great episode…
    Atharv’s eyes are just amazing…. He can act with his eyes also…
    I didn’t think they will think about kk this much early.. But vivi thought directly goes on kk..
    Nice at least they know the enemy now..
    Remaining they will do it..
    I know this kk made that girl as a psycho..
    Such a stupid kk..

  17. Asana321

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  19. Sorry friends.. For no comments for few days…but I always here only and reading ur comments.. But unable to give reply… Actually hot summer, sometimes heavy rain…and too much of traveling.. to here and there…unable reply u guys… Sometimes I type half comment and immediately, some work calls me back..
    Again a long journey tomorrow night for Tirupati with my family. After that I think I will be free..
    Anyway congrats to @nikh, viz pinky for ur result and all the best for mains @nikh and @viz pinky., all d best for meet xam.

    BTW suman sis also busy with her children 2dolls…and Saturday their family visited kalahasti..(suman sis vala daughter ke gundu cheinchadaneki velaru..)

    1. Sunanda12345

      It’s ok dear….but how u r contact with suman di?????

      1. Twitter chating (DM)..

    2. it’s ok…
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  20. Asana321

    Hai all
    Tomorrow is the first anniversary of jaana na dilse door
    Advance happy anniversary jndsd
    Thank you jndsd team
    Thank you vikram & shivani
    Thank you director
    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????

    1. yes.. it’s anniversary right…
      may 9th 2016 its starting day…
      we have to celebrate it definitely..
      and really thank you so much for introducing a great character like atharv sujata..
      and thanks for the greatest love story..
      thank you jndsd team also…

    2. Sunanda12345

      Let’s celebrate

    3. Yup tomorrow our day we have to celebrate thnx a lot for such a a beautiful love story and also for microwave atharv sujatha vivi ??????happy anniversary jndsd …and also for giving such a wonderful family frndz kk let’s celebrate balance tomorrow gud afternoon frndz????

      1. Hurrayyyyy tomorrow is happy to u of jndsd .
        On 9th may ,2016 we got our jndsd. ?
        On 9th may, 2016 we got our precious vitharv .?
        On 9th may ,2016 we got our talent ki dukhan Atharv sujatha. ?.
        From 9th may ,2016 I got my precious friends in TU page?.
        Now tomorrow 9th may ,2017. Our jndsd’s first birthday. Happy anniversary of jndsd .Tomorrow celebration?????????
        Really hope ,vikku will never go for
        any trip like last time .

        Heyy all jndsd fans congratulations.
        Let’s celebrate ????????????????????????????????

  21. @Usha dear my sincere heart felt condolences to you. I know how it feels to loose your loved one, we all share your grief ;I just pray to God to give you strength and courage to be able cope with in this trying times. Like it is said God does not give us more than we can take . We might not be able to understand and start questioning why us but God surely knows why this things happen so just trust in Him and He will relieve all your sorrows.

  22. Aleya.marzan

    good after noon my warrors
    can’t wait to say happy bday to jndsd.
    pl……. vote 2dy is last day

    1. Aleya did u see my comment.pls reply me ?????

  23. Hi guys, gud afternoon. @143 how have you been? glad to see you back. @sunanda, Nikh, Pinky all the best in your ongoing exams.

  24. Hi my dear friends. Good afternoon.
    Sorry I couldn’t comment for 2 days bcz yesterday I had exam .so I didnt get time as I had so many to learn .And also raining, lightening, thunder oh God.
    Coming to last 2 epsds, those were fantastic. I feel I got my old jndsd back .The angry young man Atharv sujatha &his wife iron lady vividha atharv sujatha. Oh great. ??.
    Lyrical epsds .The feeling of parents by the departure of their first kid ohhh vitharv nailed it.They presented those characters amazingly.No doubt commendable acting.
    Especially atharvs anger in his eyes when he heard the name kailash kashyap. Oh atharvs eyes r so special. I could see a volcano in those 2 eyes it is just at the edge of explosion. When he will face kk then it will explode.And Mr devil kk will bcm ashes by his fire of anger.
    Enough of kks cheap game. Now it is Atharv’s turn .Get ready kk , bcz now nobody can determine ur fate except Atharv sujatha. I m waiting for that ,The revenge !!!!?????????????????????????.

    And I also got the information that our jndsd got an extension. Really feeling very happy &relief same time. Bcz I was too scared of losing our vitharv and u all my dear friends. Now thank God????.
    Voting will end today na .Don’t know what will be the result? I really hope for our vitharv &atharv and praying too.
    This time I really miss aailya. Bcz she was so exciting for voting in spa. And me and aailya had been waiting for long days for SPA. Look what happened now?
    Aailya where r u dear ? Don’t know she could voted or nt ? No infmn. But I m sure u will vote as much u can if have no other pblm.But where r u??????????

  25. Usha. Sorry dear .njn ippozha cmnt kandathu.Vishamikkanda dear. Jeevitham ingane yanu. Nammal onnu prateekshikkum God namukku mattonnu tharum. Athu pole maranam orikkalum nammude kayil ulla onnallalo. Ellam God theerumanikkum. Namukku athu anusarikkanalle pattu. Godnu ishtappetvare nerathe kondu ponkunu. Angane vicharichu samadhinkku Ketto.
    Usha nalla vishamathil ayrkkum alle. But evide Usha frndsm ayi share chythakondu oru alppam manasinte bharam kuranjille.
    So just forgot that dear and pray for that soul .ok dear.
    Good afternoon

  26. yeah,, but I didn’t get a thing;can u translate it in eng. please dear.

  27. Usha dr..i don’t know how to console u…we allll are with u dr..relax dr.

  28. Pinky,i have a doubt..

  29. I tales a lot of time to ipdate the episode only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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