Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vividha telling Atharv what love means. She says what you did is bet, its not love. She asks him how can he stop Sujata from keeping fast, is Sujata his mum or he is Sujata’s dad. She takes Sujata and does puja with her. Atharv looks on and smiles. He leaves. Sujata smiles and thinks Vividha explained Atharv, and he agreed for the first time. She prays to Ghanghor Mata and says everything shows Atharv and Vividha are made for each other, Vividha should come at my house as bahu and wife, but don’t punish this love of any incompleteness. Uma asks Vividha to come. Sujata tells Vividha that someone has stopped Atharv today, you understood me, thanks. Vividha says your love is yours, don’t let anyone judge your love. Sujata gives her bangles. Vividha gets shocked and


Sujata says this is for my would be bahu, wear this. Vividha says no, I can’t take this. Uma says I explained Sujata a lot, but she got this chunri and bangles for you. Vividha realizes Sujata got that shagun. Vividha removes the chunri and says I can’t take this, I respect you a lot, I have heard your courage stories from Maa and Dadi, if I accept this, Papa’s heart will break, I can see anything, but not my dad in pain. Vividha says explain Atharv not to dream those things where there is no hope of fulfillment. She apologizes and leaves.

Sujata comes back home. Atharv sees everything and asks did your wish turn true. She gets sad. He asks what happened. She says I had wish that I give these bangles to Vividha, but she refused, she said she does not love you, and this relation can’t happen by anyway.

Vividha and everyone come home. Vividha sees the house getting paint. Kailash tells them that its special day. He asks Guddi to make Vividha ready, the guests should just remember Vividha. Vividha asks who is coming. Kailash says groom’s family is coming to see you. Vividha gets shocked.

Kailash says I found out everything about the guy, he is from good and rich family. She recalls Atharv and walks away. Uma says she maybe shy. Kailash welcomes Bharadwaj’s family. Rajender introduces Bharadwaj, his wife and son. Uma gets Vividha there. The guy smiles seeing Vividha.

Atharv gets angry and says you had to make these bangles reach your bahu, so it will reach today itself. Sujata asks where are you going, stop. He leaves. Kailash talks to Bharadwaj and says I gave freedom to Vividha, and also responsibility, she goes to college and manages shop. The lady says we have heard good about Vividha always.

Kailash asks Bharadwaj does he want to say something. Bharadwaj asks Vividha to go inside, we will call you later. Kailash says we don’t hide anything from her, you can ask. Bharadwaj asks about Atharv, who wants to marry Vividha, we heard these rumors. His wife says yes, something happened in ghanghor puja in temple, I got to know from there. Kailash gets shocked.

Atharv is on the way. Kailash says you know the world has become bad, loafers get after good family girls, whats mistake of girls in this, I don’t care for these rumors, I trust Vividha a lot, I know she won’t do anything that will hurt our family respect. The lady asks Vividha to show her ghanghor mehendi. Vividha thinks of Atharv and shows her hand on everyone’s insistence. They all get shocked seeing A. The lady asks the meaning, who wrote this on your hand. Atharv comes there and says I wrote that. Vividha, Kailash and everyone get shocked.

Atharv tells Vividha that Sujata made the bangles for her, which she refused, I came here because this has my mum’s love, its your wish you wear this or throw. He gives her bangles. Kailash fumes. Vividha cries and hugs Uma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode?
    Liked when atharv smiled and then left..his smile?????

    Kailash??? stupid father…care only for his status…not for his daughter

    And lastly the heroic entry of atharv…”maine likha hai”??
    Atharv rocks..everyone shocks..!!??

    But he is actually not correct in doing all this…indirectly he is hurting vividha only?

  2. Superb episode asusal…
    Poor vivi struck b/w love and family…

  3. Sujatha ji we r also praying like that but ek confusion if viv marriage atharvs step brother then also aisa he hoga viv thumari bhahu or thumari bheta ki pathni bhi .but we want atharv vivitha lovestory not else dont repeat as like saraswathichanra otherwise this story is good’ dont want tragedy again.

  4. Nice episode lovely athrav. But viv is to whoo? ????

  5. Sorry forgot to thanks you?

    Thanks amena di for the update?
    You give superr faaast updates

    Ramadan mubarak ho aapko?

  6. I just luv Atharva n his cute smile.keep smiling dr.

  7. Chemistry between vividha atharv izzz too gud……
    But atharv does not behave as the lead hero should……love iz abt letting some1free and happyyyy…..
    Not ashaming n insulting them in front of ppl…..
    Sujata is gud bt should stop atharv from this kindaa drama

    1. if atharv let free vividha then she will blindly obey her father and what he does bad to her it’s also a part of building courage against bad in vividha but till now she doesn’t learn to accept truth while her dear ones don’t like it and to go against her father if he is wrong

  8. today’s episode was good but a suspense what will happen with that bangles because she can’t wear it and now it’s not seems good to give them back

  9. In the upcoming track will vivdha marry atharvs step brother? 🙁

  10. omg…atharv entry was superb so brave n courageous….like the character of atharv ……his smile is killin me….atharv rocks….love u so much…nice precap

  11. Hey guys who is arthavs stp brothr? And who is arthvs fthr???

  12. sham tiffany

    atharv!!!!!!! Wat an.entry oh god killing!!!!!!
    Ane vividha v girls r yearning.for atharvs love..but u r avoiding..please accept it viv.so tht it wuld b.more interesting to.watch u guys together on screeeen in a fairytale life.!!♥♥♥♥♥ with LOVE

    And thr cms KAILASH!!!! **** kill him.offff such an annoying person stone hearted..Fake love to his Wife..Poor lady..

    And guys keep.watchng its more interesting.Love u atharv…Atharv♥Vividha 4EvEr!!!

    Good Episode..writters please dnt suck.it up!!!!

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