Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha scolding Atharv like before. He asks why are you angry, I m not liking it, I m giving the milk, mad…. She sees the Payal wearing anklet and says I have kept her name, I m her Mausi. Atharv does not recall anything. Vividha says this is very special for me. Atharv says you are special for me. She stumbles and falls. He holds her, like before. Similar moment is shown. O re piya……..plays….. Everyone look on. Vividha looks at Atharv. He looks at her with intense expressions. He pushes her and asks how much do you fall. He talks like a kid, and she gets upset.

Atharv asks gungun to kick Vividha. Dadi goes to flirt with Atharv. Ravish looks on. Dadi asks how can you forget me, you broke my heart, you are very bad. She beats him with

her hair plaits. Atharv holds her hair. Dadi smiles and sees everyone. Atharv asks shall I break their hair plaits. Dadi cries. Atharv scolds her and goes. Ravish asks Vividha to do something that us important for Atharv, that is close to his life. She cries.

Atharv says she has beaten me with her hair, I will break her hair plaits one day. He goes home and sees something. He goes and sits eating the banana. Sujata comes and asks who made the rice sit, you made it fall and sitting silent and eating banana here. Atharv says I did not make it fall, he made it fall. Sujata asks who, you are lying. He says I don’t lie, you are lying, see there he made it fall. He goes downstairs. Everyone look on from far. Atharv looks around. They all hide. He goes to Vividha and asks why did you ignite fire, are we going to dance. Vividha says no, I want to tell about my special friend, will you listen.

She says my friend explained me about a relation of equality, relation of husband and wife. She recalls Atharv’s words and says we both will tie each other by love, not by any bounds, none will be lower or higher, we will cross the long journey together always, we will not take marriage as burden or chains, as love gives freedom, it does not snatch freedom. Atharv gets tearful eyed. She holds his hand. Ravish looks on.

Vividha says but we will stay together always, we can either live relations or keep relations, we will live our life, we will cross limits and live, we will remove the wall between man and woman, we will make a relation of friendship, so that when we come close, we can feel each other’s breath, we can hear each other’s heart beat, Atharv you did a lot for me, you taught me living and loving, so our relation is different. She cries and repeats the lines. She says our relation is of equality, we both will tie each other by love, not by any bounds, none will be lower or higher, we will cross the long journey together always. She forwards her hand and asks him to promise her. Atharv holds her hand and looks at her. Jaana na dil se door……plays…………… Atharv sees Ravish and Vividha. He gets his hand away from Vividha. He says we are not same, we are different, you are girl, I m guy, you are fair, I m dark, your hair are long, my hair are short, you are short, I m tall. Everyone get upset. Atharv says we are not equal. He goes. Vividha cries.

Ravish says I did not know Atharv’s mindset and values are so high. Vividha says Atharv’s mindset and perception were different, there can’t be anyone like that, he made many people free of their heart prison, my mum was slave of my father, he taught my mum to get freedom, I regarded my father as Lord, he told me never to give Lord status to anyone. She tells more about Atharv and cries.

She says I don’t know I can see my old Atharv or not. Ravish says you should hold courage, Atharv has seen all of us here, before it was just you and him, but we have to hold courage and try. Vividha nods.

Sujata looks for medicines. Atharv keeps flowers. Sujata asks how did you know this. Atharv says there was vase so I kept it. Ravish looks on. Ravish goes and breaks his bike lights to make Atharv angry. Atharv looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vitharva fan

    First time I felt ki atharva drama kar raha hai and ab aisa lag raha hai jaise ki writer ravish aur vividha ko milayege atharva ko villain bana kar.

  2. Karan

    Reliving Vitharva moments…..like I earlier said Ravish joining them to Ajmer was a bad idea. If he is uncomfortable with Vividha getting close to Atharva he should just return to Delhi. It will save him from heartache. Today too all becoz of his presence, there was a distraction in Atharva regaining his memory.

    Vividha truly loved Atharva and Ravish of he truly wants Atharva to recover should get a divorce at the earliest and leave them Alone. …..

    • 143

      Yeah u r right… Just miss yarrr…if ravish was not eyeing on vitharv… Atharv should got his memory back…so sad😰😰😨😩😥 vividha better luck next time👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  3. Vitharva fan

    Friends don’t u think jab atharva vividha ko apne bas pull kiya and then jab ravish ko dekha uska reaction kuch ajeeb tha

    • Apple

      S from d episode ..I do feel d same.that Atharv doing kid drama to unite ra..vidha.
      But I have a doubt too..y need to do act. He can confirm that straight na….y dis kolaveri kolaveri….D 😨😨

  4. tiya

    Great it should bring atharava’s memory and it should bring vividha and ravish closer and also make them fall in love

  5. Pinky

    Is atharv acting????
    Per kyun??? kya sach main wo badla lega kailash kasyp se??hmm… Lena to chahia hi…
    Kk ab tumhara kher nehi…..
    Wow!!! Nice episod

  6. Sunanda

    I think atharv is acting that he had mad
    I can guess his expressions he is acting
    When he sees ravish yy his expression changed
    Is that really atharv want 2 sacrifice vivida nd make ravish to vivida close……………..????????
    I cant imagine this
    Ravish is superrrr in precap.et’s atharv recation??????
    Egerly waiting for tomorrows episode

    • 143

      Hey hi sunanda, from the episode I do feel same but….i had question that when did Atharv got his memory back.Then y need to act like memory loss.
      even if Atharv got his memory back. How do Atharv knows d way he was acted as a kid to imitate the same,after memory back??????🙋🙋🙋
      Anyways let us wait and watch

  7. 123

    I’m sure atharvs remember evrything hi is jast act like a kid because of ravish he is know that ravish loves vivi he don’t what go between them

  8. Eva

    She should take him to the place where she told him she loves him, and go jump from that cliff again may be then he will remember. If he will recover little by little what do you guys think will be the thing that makes him finally come to his senses ?

    • 143

      Good idea…. Maybe director use dis idea.. at d end…till den draggggg…but loved d recreation drama…except ravish eyeing on vitharv😨😰😥😩😩

  9. Ms S

    I have only one pray…..jhalthi Athrav ka memory vapas aayae….aur Vidhrav ka reunite hogae…..😉😉😉😉

  10. Vitharv Forever

    Such an emotional, heart touching episode.. Literally moved to tears on hearing vachan…
    Waiting for next vachan…

    Ravish, u r correct. My atharv’s soch ithna bada hai ki, none can even reach his shadow except vividha… Did u listen how atharv consider husband wife relation., ravish u were always shouting or u would say ‘It’s not request, it’s my order’. This proves well atharv is made for vividha and my vividha for atharv.

    Just waiting for kailash kashyap entryy, only then my atharv will get back to normal.

    Such an emotional episode.. Luv u atharv and vividha.. My dear vitharv.

    • 143

      Hmmmm I also cried literally😥😥😰😰😨😩😩😩😢😢. Vividha crying .. Atharv eyes with tears..😥😰😰😥😰😰😥

  11. xyz

    The epsd was nice.and the dialogue of atharv towards dadhi& vividha was awsome.such as vikram Singh chauhan Hatts of u.what a brilliant actor.but I have a doubt that if atharv regained memory.bcz when he saw ravish his behaviour towards vivi changed.and I have a fear that if atharv will accept vivi or not?if atharv think vivi is his brothers wife,then he will give vivi to ravish.?no I hope nt.,if it will bcm true then all vitharv fans hope will come to end .no no no plsssss I hope it is only my fear.not true.and if cvs trying to mislead us by showing atharv regained memory.anywise precap was superb.luv u vitharv.

    VITHARV onlyVITHARV and only vitharvvvvvvv😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    Today I feel cry to see my Atharv….I also feel that he is just acting to be mad, may be for Ravish & Vividha relation because as we saw today he believes in marraige and may be he does not want to break their marraige. Love u Atharv…you are the real hero and also a dream boy for any girl.

  13. Alfiya Sulthana

    Sad episode even though I’m sure ther true love will unite them. If anyone here malayali I’m from Ernakulam.

  14. Priya

    Atharv… please get well soon. Somewhere I feel like he is acting. But I’m not sure. Please come back. We are waiting for you.

    We want only Vitharv…

  15. Kal

    Atharv is so great.. I guess nothing special will happen in next epi… When will vividha jump off the cliff again.. I am waiting for that epi

  16. Pavi

    I am sure Vividha’s love and care will make Atharv come back to life .Nice precap ,l hope Ravish will succeed in his plan.

  17. Dhrishya

    I’m malayaali from Ekm ,,want to see VITHARV only,Atharv don’t sacrifice vividha plz dis is my humble request

  18. 143

    Wowwwww😍😍😍…my two eyes👀 r not enough to watch vitharv.. together and old moments.😍😍😍😱😱😱😱 someone plz donate another two for me👀👀👀👀

  19. nidha

    I couldn’t watch the episode…
    As per the update,I feel like atharve is acting and he is deliberately making himself away from vividha so that vividha move on with Ravish ..plss directors don’t do this,
    Plss unite my vitharve,stop this dragging ……if atharve is really acting and he if he knew what ravish did for sujata and him ,atharve may be planning to unite Ra…vidha as a owe
    Omg I can’t imagine this ….plss neglect this…
    Now everything is upto vividha,she is the only person who can make everything fine ,VIVIDHA HAS TO MAKE ATHARVE UNDERSTAND THAT SHE STILL LOVE HIM ALTHOUGH SHE IS RAVISH’S WIFE….PLSS VIVIDHA U CAN MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT
    I think Ravish must not be here in Ajmer,its a bad idea ..because if atharve is acting and if he comes to know that ravish has feelings for vividha,then atharve will be ready to sacrifice his love for ravish, who give shelter to atharve and sujata when they became homeless and took care of atharve when he was mentally ill….so plss remove that ravish ..he is getting on my nerves ,he must not interfere in vitharve moments by staring at them ,its completely illogical
    I used to like him before but nowadays I am hating him
    For the complete recovery of atharve the atmosphere must be same as before ,its means vividha’s past must be picturized there,not vividha’s present situations which is ravish
    Plsss unite my vitharve

  20. Sonu

    I got totally confused after seeing today’s episode.When atharv promised vividha,we can see the tears in atharv eyes and after seeing ravish he diverts his attention.It is clear from the fact that atharv has regained his memory.I think now onwards atharv will deliberately act as a child for making vividha move on with ravish.I also felt by seeing the precap that ravish also knew it.I have also read in spoilers that ravish will get intimate with vividha in order make atharv angry.
    Whatever happens only my vitharv will unite.It is 100% sure.

  21. lina

    vividha loves atharv rght . Then Y she was hiding her mangalsutra in ystrd epi when ravish told to remove her mangalsutra. When kailash nd atharv comes to face to face defnitely atharv wil be back to his old form. Did Ravish resigned to his job always he was rounding around vividha only. Plz give some time to vitharv man.

  22. Salma

    I also feel that Atharv is acting so dat he wont seprate Vividha from his brother. Plssss Atharv ……dont do so.

  23. Sachin

    stop doubting atharva plz …he isnt doing any such dramas…he regained his memory and even pulled viv fr tht reason bt his behaviour changed after seeing ravish is nt tht he wants to sacrifice fr ravidha its becz he is seeing ravish and viv together frm so long and thts made him think abt ravidha once again instead of him and viv thts y he became childish once again!

    guys his memmory is regaining so its just fluctuating sometimes he becomes normal and the very next sec he changes to small kid….

    according to me he and viv should probably be left alone fr few days and tht many affect him strongly and a permanent recovery might take place…

    see tht part again if he wanted to sacrifice fr ravidha thn he would have left viv at the frst sight to ravish bt no he looked again and again and finally became childish again!

    GUYS I CNT UNDERSTAND RAVISH …HE SAYS AND KNOWS VIV LOVES ATHARVA…..thn y he is behaving wild wn viv and atharva come close?
    if he has any problem thn y he came??? as long as ravish will be thr atharav recovery will take more time ….cnt understand he only promise viv tht he will make atharva marry with her bt dont know wts she doing????

  24. Suman

    News. Again vitharv going to separate. Atharv going to jump into water to save some small kid n he was lost in water 😨😧. Ravish n vividha can’t find him. All think atharv died. Don’t know wt is happening. After that atharv may return as atharv sujatha.

    • 143

      O my god. Is it true @suman.
      Where did you get this news..

      No it can’t happen… .If it happens, it will be out of my .Patience.then a big bye to JNDSD.

      • Sachin

        no di u said atharva will die they will think thts y they may have a point to do so….
        bt wt i saw in shivani’s insta says viv is also going to jump in water inorder to save him!

        so guys chill nothing gonna happen

    • Eva

      Oh no, if this happens I will just skip the couple of episodes till makes more sense. Why are the writers doing it? They have already achieved pretty high scores on tv by now , but no they want more and more .To me this is unnecessary and outrageous completely.

  25. 143

    My dear ra….vidha fans.wer did ravish Mahanat gone..at dis time.
    Y can’t ravish leave vitharv alone. Wen vividha was trying her best to Atharv regain his memory.
    And y was ravish..looked so jealous when he was hearing promise made Atharv from vividha.
    And wer was his sense gone..that he told vividha that everything should be like previous and no mistakes. Then y was he eyeing on vitharv. He should let vividha do her job alone.wats d need to eye.

  26. 143

    For all guys who noticed Atharv got his memory back and acting like a kid.

    from the episode I do feel same but….i had a doubt that when did Atharv got his memory back.Then y need to act like memory loss.
    even if Atharv got his memory back. **How do Atharv knows d way he was behaved as a kid to imitate the same,after memory back??????****

    • Suman

      It is just bul shit. Atharvs memory is not back. He disturbed by d environment n came back to present condition. Dats it

  27. Shruti

    Totally agree with u tiya…what a grt man ravish..kitna sacrifice and support kar raha vividha ke liye.ravidha..bas aur kuch nai.

  28. Akansha

    I dnt knw tht atharv is actng or..y vivi is hiding her mangalsutra..bt its a rqst plz..solve all ths…fast n unite vitharv..thts all we want we r missing the real atharv.

  29. Shravz

    I knew atharv was acting from a day he returned from the hospital. Many scenes in between showed this. May be he thinks that vividha is now married and it’s not good to get her back.

  30. Optimistic

    At last Ravida will unite Atharva is recovered he is just behaving like mad he will unite ravish and Vividha I am also vitharv fan but fact is that Ravida will be happened at the end hoping for best

    • Suman

      No way now I am 100% sure. Only Vitharv. They again creating parallel scenes including with separation. It clearly indicates cvs giving more importance to vitharv moments. We can feel d hard work behind those scenes but not other way. They r showing more intense n deep relation between vitharv. N clearly making all other characters Uma, kk, Suman, Dadaji, sujatha opposing vitharv. Any how we know very well about society. Marriage is biggest hurdle of course. All these r one side n vitharv love on other. They creating twists n turns in form of hurdles. I hope CVS trying to make vitharv union a bang. I really appreciate vividhas character how strong she is. How she is struggling for his man. N her pain wn atharv behaves as kid😨😧. Emotionally done with todays episode. After atharvs missing ravish kidnap track I think. All r doubting vividhas behavior. But no, the people who considering vividhas character I pity u. She is strongest.she is fighting with her fate alone. N standing for her words n love. She didn’t cheat ravish, she feels staying with ravish is na insafi(cheating). She is literally fighting with society n with our social norms.i am proud of vividha. She never ever falls for other person.

  31. Shani

    I also think that Atharv is making drama. He sees Ravish and get his hand away ,I think he want to unite Ravidha . Pls Atharv stop making drama and come back in normal Avtar .

  32. Shani

    Yes 143 u r right . Ravish is not mahaan he is just acting as mahaan in front of Vividha . I hate u Ravish 😈😈😈😈😈😈.

  33. Nidhi singh

    we want Vithrav back……they r d soul of this serial….no one can replay Athrav
    …. ravish is good but not with vividha……

  34. Nidhi singh

    we want Vithrav back……they r d soul of this serial….no one can replace Athrav

    …. ravish is good but not with vividha……

  35. nidha

    A-ant in heaven (between vitharve)
    V-vividha Ki chamcha (always roam
    around her)
    I-irritating behaviour (when eyeing on vitharve)
    H-handsome (not more than atharve)
    Ravish plss be away from my vitharve …am not liking you anymore…

  36. imaginer

    thank u @sachin for ur explanation after that only I am relvd from shock that atharv get back his hand when seeing ravish, omg i cant even think of it

  37. Mubeena

    If athrv is acting lyk a mad ,y is he doing this,to unit ravish nd vivida?no…..bcz athrv is a strong man,he does not bliv in giving up,aftr giving this much of vachan nd all,hw shld he leavs vivida for ravish…i dont thinkhe is acting.thr is qustn tat wat happn to kailash..y he is hiding…

  38. Anonymous

    Plz stop blaming ravish… He is basically a good person…. Its obvious that when he started liking viv he dint know about her love…. Nd now he shows so much concern towards atharv nd sujatha…. He even hurt his mother s feelings….. Its common for a husband to have such feelings… That too for a person like viv… ☺☺… Marriage is not a joke nd a drama…. That ppl get divorced easily…. Then marriage will have no value ….. No meaning will remain to 7 vachans…..

    • 143

      Stop this marriage joke. Marriage can’t make relations without love. Which was not existing in ra..vidha marriage.
      One side love is not enough here..

  39. Esha

    Good to see Ajmer once again but Ravish prying over Vitharv is so unwanted.Atharv and vividha should always be together.No need for Atharv to sacrifice,then serial will lose its theme.

  40. nidha

    Some people are saying about greatness of ravish…..
    For those people’s kind information..atharve is also great great person more than ravish ,
    On which base people are saying that ravish is great ,is it according to the way he fight for his country or the way he support vividha or the way he took care of atharve-sujta …
    It is not his greatness it is his duties,ravish support vividha bcz he loves her ,it is a person’s duty to take care of his brother when brother is ill although their mother isn’t same ,its not a greatness ,a army man has to fight for his country ,it is his duty,that’s why he is in army ….
    Apart from all this he got respect and dignity in society…
    My atharve is a great great person,he taught vividha how to live the life,he taught her lessons of love, freedom,he taught her everything which make life meaningful,at last jst because of vividha he became mentally ill ,he faced lot of problems bcz of her ,he made Uma free from the slavery of kailash ,he saved guddy’s respect ,he made vividha’s life colourful
    But,people like kk taunted him on being a fatherless person although he had father

  41. Suman

    No man can take atharvs place in vividhas heart. Atharv him self may try to convince vividha. But no way. She won’t change her decision n feelings. She is very clear about her decision. No confusions. She knows her manjil very well bas rasta nikalna Hai. She will do it. She proved us wrong many times when ever we used to feel like she is falling for ravish. But I am happy for dat. We were wrong. How many times she need to prove us vividha atharv ka hi Hai. I love vividha n vitharv.

  42. Suman

    I loved how Vividha explained about atharv. Really No words. She was very proud of her atharv sujatha. Dis makes me feel proud of vividha.

  43. vimala A

    Oh god vitharv fans aap log kitna selfish hu yaar always blaming ravish.aap logo ko atharv great hai tho hum logo ko ravish great hai.

    • 143

      Absolutely wrong thought. We vitharv fans accepted ravish is gr8t person. But we r blaming him for being like an ANT in vitharv life.
      And yeah..we vitharv fans accepted ravish is good. But u guys (ra…vidha fans) never thought abt our Atharv. U guys always think abt marriage., ra…vidha not abt Atharv.
      We vitharv fans always think for both vitharv and ravish.
      So now tell me who r selfish. Ra…vidha fans r Vitharv fans????

  44. vimala A

    @Atharv fans how selfish u people are always blaming ravish.aap logo ko atharv great hai tho hum logo ko ravish bhi atharv se great great great bahuth great hai.

    • Suman

      OK we would have accepted dat if his behavior is straight forward. Atharv challenges vividha father for marrying her, n he tries his level best to make her realize love for him. Next he says ur father won’t accept plz come to temple let us marry. Vividha didn’t go at dat time. He feels very bad, sad n broken. After dat he decided to avoid her, assuming she doesn’t love him. He stands for her words he completely avoided her. Vividha is one who realizes and made atharv to accept by jumping from clip. On other hand, ravish says I will unite u both, removed ms. Didn’t even put sindoor in vividhas maang. But he stares her. Makes her to feel guilt by searching love for him in her eyes. If he loves vividha he should tell vividha I love you, I will wait for u r some thing like dat hoping for her return.

  45. Aliyah

    I wonder what part of the house is Kailash hiding exactly, I think he made the container with rice fell onto the floor I’m afraid he may harm Atharva like tampering with his medicine or something.

  46. ramya

    Y most of all vithrav ways could nt digest ravish character they always after ravish.y they forgot ravish also made 7 vachans with his heart though vividha did nt .so he did not force vividha to full fill that vachans he is fulfilling from his side.wt wrong that loving his wife is not at all no where look weird.ravish is the one who is trying to give back wt atharv deserves.onething all of ravish fans liking him not seeing his fight and all the way he is supporting his wife after knowing her past instead of compelling and torturing her.if ravish did not concern for vividha happiness he would kill atharv it’s a matter of minutes for ravish to make atharv out of their way.but he did nt. Ravish means lord of light he literally trying to impart that in athravs life.”if u want leave watching jnndsd then stop do nt concern for trps nothing happen to them .one thing ravish entry gained more trp than vithrav love.infact I love atharv character and so ravish.

    • Joe

      Wow ravish meand lord of light atharv means great empowerment.. Nd talking abt trp there is a seperation of atharv nd vivida also.. Nd last wek trp 1.5 abt vivida confess her love towards atharv infront of family.. So plz dont talk abt only ravish making trp increase without vitharv there is nothing..

  47. Suman

    One big surprise for all people. sorry only to atharv n vitharv fans atharv sujatha will be back by not even Jan ending. He will be back before dat only. I could find dance emoji sorry. Dance Dance Dance. 😂. U ask me where did u get dis information? I know bcoz dialog writer of jndsd confirmed dat information on Twitter. Jndsd coming back. Be ready for phase 3.

  48. Sunanda

    @suman the news which u read in twitter is an girl anjali tweeted it
    She read in spoilers.we cant believe spoilers
    Some times they will say true nd some times wrong
    Just hope for the best

    • Suman

      About wt u r saying. Atharv sujatha coming back is sure atharv missing also pakka. We know video vikram posted na

  49. anvi

    Some of vithrav fans can’t able to relish the goodness and greatness of ravish.y they always in search of ways to humiliate him.wt ever he did something fair they start mockeries using mahaan.having love for his wife is a big sin of him for them.all are forgot the 7 vachans made by him in his marriage.though vividha did not do that with heart he did so .he is fulfilling his part wts wrong in that he never tried to compel vividha to comprise with that shaadi and keep ur love as past as marriage happened and make a new start with him instead he let her to go with him.he is no where short of athrava in loving vividha.most of them like ravish not seeing his fight for nation ,his care towards athrava .it’s the way he is supporting his wife to get her love .if he wants to kill athrava to get vividha at any cost it’s a matter of minutes for him but he did nt.as he literally wants his wife happiness that’s real love.athrav also almost lost his life by loving vividha.both of them no where short of each other in loving vividha.its up to them whoever to be together let that to them .”one more thing thing someone said show goes a/c to trp .don’t bother about trps.infact this show gained more trp because of ravish not of vithrav .if u want to leave watching jnndsd so just leave.nothing will happen to trp.

    • 143

      i agree with all u said abt ravish and his nature.

      But one thing don’t say marriage marriage and vachans….. hell with marriage.love should be two sides not one side like ravish.He can’t even expect love from Vividha.after know vitharv true love.

  50. 143

    Hi frnds..@suman,nazneen syed,karan,Joe,xyz,shani,nidha,sachin, nita 26 and all JNDSD viewers.
    A very good morning
    Have a nice day.

    Day stared..waiting alao started

  51. Sonu

    Nidha ant alla ath kurich kudi bedham annu,avan thani katturmba.Explanation polichu to.kidu ayit und.

  52. nidha

    Am not blaming ravish..i just want he to be away from vitharve and stop eyeing on them ….
    In every process there must be some factors which affects the successfulness of the process or which can lead the process in to a failure ,ravish is such a factor here ,indirect interference of ravish (means eyeing)may lead atharve’s memory regaining process into a failure…so I just wanna convey it
    So he should be away from vitharve
    I have already said that,for the complete recovery of atharve,the atmosphere must be same as before, its means vividha’s past must picturize there not her present situation like ravish …
    Taking care of atharve and sujata &supporting vitharve ‘s love, in front of everyone and after that secretly eyeing on vitharve doesn’t give good reflection to ravish it decreases his status

  53. Akansha

    I dnt knw whthr atharv is actng or nt n y vividha is hiding her mangalsutra n y ravish is flng jealous watching vitharv 2gthr bt its a humble rqst that unite vitharv..we all r missing them…we r eagerly waiting 4 them 2 unite..plz makers plz makers..unite vitharv

  54. Sachin

    GUS MORNING SAB UTH JAO ! garma garma chaye pe lo!

    i have a hot and breaking news fr all vitharva fan… 🙂 🙂

    atharva coming as atharva sujatha less thn 15 days yepee !


    go to ths link and read all tweets and replies of sunjeev puri(writer) .dont forget to read the replies guys as thts too imp….
    yepeee… i cnt wait anymore!

  55. Sonu

    Iam also not against ravish.He is a nice person who does his duties very well.But in case of vividha’s matter iam hating him very much .He should think that vividha is his brother’s lover,which means vividha is bhabhi to ravish and he should act according to it and not coming between our vitharv.I want just only that.

  56. sandeep

    Dear CVS if u want make vithrav end game then bring a new girl for ravish and develop that track .keep that vithrav aside for sometime.plz don’t try to make him maahan by sacrificing all his life others.plz don’t do injustice with ravish.i am fed up with all vachans and all .stop this nonsense.this show try to show marriage has no value.misleadi g the people.

  57. xyz

    Some of stupid ravi….dha fans made me so angry.what are they saying about my vitharv.they have no right to say us to quit jndsd.we are the only viewers from very first epsde. Not after entry of thattt ravish.so we love vitharv as we are kind hearted and understand sacred love.dont like that ra vidha fans.we never accept trp raised because of ravish as he has no special magic to increase trp.if trp increased only bcz of we are eagerly watched epsds for Atharv’s come back.and shivani& vikram also said that vikram came back only for viewers repeated apology to come back atharv.so we will decide to quit the show or not .not based on ravi..dha fans .if u ravi..dha.fans feel so bad then u can say gd by to show .we don’t care .till now I never blamed ravish.but now I hate ravish bcz of ravi…dha fans.and ur kind infmn plsssss Watc first epsds of jndsd on hotstar and say u want vitharv or ravi..dh.if u can realise sacred love then u also say vitharv.othrwse I don’t knw.if u feel bad bcz of my comment then really very sorry.

    • Sachin

      rightly said xyz….these ravidha fans are showing too much though we havent said any bad thing to ravish …they are telling on those stupids!

      all ravidha fans listen carefully , ravish is a gud man and atharva too both are equal both with viv makes the story superb! we just said tht if ravish cnt see vitharva together thn he should have nt come or should have been inside the house! wts wrong in these….we said these as ravish wont get pain! and yeas as said by suman di if he really loves thn he should have told viv bt no instead he said to viv tht “accha hua mujhe aapki aaur atharva ki baat pehle pata chal gayi varna agar pyar ho jata to muskil hota)…and also if he would have loved her by heart thn he would nt have promised abt vitharva marriage!

      ok fine if ur ravish is too superior thn atharva thn vitharva gonna be united at the end nt ravidha as ravish only promised …so he has to keep his promise ….

      we just dont want ravish to get hurt anymore becz he and viv cant be together as viv and atharva are already locked in each others heart,whoes key to unlock is nt thr with any one including viv and atharva…so thrs no question of separation and ravish just has a bit of careness and hunch of love fr viv which will be over as soon as he ful fill his promise! and if nt thn thrs no point to be called him mahan!..

      so stop accusing actors and thr casting …. u guys seems to be having wrong full image abt marriage and love i suppose thts y u guys dont understand vitharv’s case! very stupid!

      chill out vitharva guys we need nt to reply thm (ravidhs fans) at every mock they makes as we nw and understand which actor is what! so lets chill they r just getting jelous tht ravidha wont be united!….

      • Eva

        Right and also even if he loved her truly he should of promise her to reunite them and back off like his brother did in this episode, after all Vividha loves Atharv !!!

  58. Nazneen Syed

    @Nidha😁👌 .

    Good morning 😊 all brothers , sister,didi,Bhaiyas.
    Why the directors are doing like this.When will they unite Vitharv???

    @Suman di.Kya yeh news pakki hai??

    • Sachin

      if u r talking abt tht tht atharva jumping and getting missed thn nthing tht gonna happen as i confirmed frm writer tht atharva sujatha be back within 2 weeks….check the link i gave below! in comments

  59. Sachin

    a very gud morning to al guys! sab uth jao aaur haye pani pi lo!

    i have a breaking and hot news fr all vitharva fans!!

    atharva sujatha coming back within 15 days! yepee as confirmed by sunjiv puri(writer)

    here is the link read the tweets and replies too….


    i cnt wait anymore!

  60. nidha

    Ra….vidha fans can serve the biriyani of ravish’s greatness all the time ,we have no prblm with that ……
    Anyhow most of the people who are supporting Ra..vidha aren’t the viewers of jndsd from beginning ,so obviously, for those people ravish is great great person,its not their mistake .it is the mistake of jndsd directors,bcz after Ra..vidha marriage directors gave more scenes to ravish they showed his stunts but showed less scenes of atharve …..(not now)
    But the truth is that “ravish’s greatness is very very tiny in front of atharve’s greatness,to understand this fact Ra…vidha fans must watch the show from episode 1
    Ra…vidha fans have only seen the child like atharve but they didn’t see the MASCULINE ATTITUDE OF ATHARV..wait n watch it

  61. xyz

    Hi ashna,nidha I am also Malayali.now I am also watching mounam sammatham 3 too.and laugh by hearing mlylm dialgs delivery. Pattu anengil kettu kettu ente relay poyi dears.ningalum kanrundo munmsmmthm3😁😁😁😁😃

  62. 143

    Hi @sachin,suman,.. yeah we have to wait, it may take 15 days or more..but we want Atharv Sujatha back.
    till den we have to bear these Ra…vidha fans..

  63. vimala A

    @xyz We too never accept that trp is high bcz of only atharv.some of you people also asked us to quit the show thab tho hum ne kuch nahi kaha.wats ur prblm guys here each and everyone have their right to give their opinion.it does not belong to only atharv fans.we started watching the show only bcz of ravish.aap log bhi ravish ke baare mein bahuth kuch kahe rahi hu.stop this nonsense bahuth hogaya.u no need to tell us wat we should do

    • Suman

      That’s wt we r trying to say, story should be enjoyed as story from beginning to ending. As u r saying u started watching after ravish entry how can u justify d characters. I am very sure there are no vikram or shivani fans to fight for vitharv. We r the viewers from beginning n watching for story line as CVS promised it is different story. After watching we fallen for vitharv. There is much difference between watching story as we love some specific character n loving characters as we love story line,which is very very important factor.

  64. Sonu

    @xyz njan kannarilla pakshe njan ente friends ode suggest cheiythu kannan.Avar enne serial branthi paranju kalliakkum.Pakshe malayalam jnsd kandapol avark istham ayi .Avar original kannath kondu avark istham ayi.

    • nidha

      Me too the same Sonu…enneyum kaliyaakkum Hindi serial branthi ,athum alla telly updates ll comment cheyyunnond cyber baby nnu vilikkum

  65. §áçhïñ

    Yea u have all right nt no right to speak anything against of vitharva and we never accused ravish we just said ravish would nt love Viv if he really a get man tht too. Wn he knows tht vitharav are in relation…so thrs no point of argument over who is superior….

    ok if any one has accuses ravish with tough words thn m sry frm him/her Bt mind it ths sry doesn’t mean tht u have all right to say rubbish things abt atharva….

    and wtever we say fr betr of ravish if u think tht as a bad thing fr him thn sry thts not our fault….

    u ravidha fans only started saying bad things abt atharva nd even told thr trp is increasing due to ravish thts y our vitharva fan got furious ….

    and so remember if trp is increasing thb its nt just fr a single man whether atharva or ravish instead its a team work

    hope u all think wt we said abt ravish in a positive manner mt negative except the exceptionals….

  66. xyz

    Ya absolutely right Sachin. We have no need to reply that ra vidha fans as they don’t want to accept the truth.bcz for ravi..dha fans it is a bitter truth.and guys not accept vitharv.@vimala everyone has right to say their own opinions.so I said my opinion.no problem go on ur ravi dha world.and we were go with our vitharv.anywise enjoy the show

  67. vimala A

    Every day ravish ki fans ki bare mein aap log kuch na kuch comment kartey hu hum nahi.so u people are jealous of us we are not.there is no rule ki whoever watching this show should watch it from season 1 & support vitharv only if not they dnt know the meaning of love and mrg.some of u people accused vividha and ravish wen they showed much of ravidha scenes. at that time u people dnt knw ki we should not blame the characters in the serial.now u re saying hum ne ravish ko kuch nahi kaha.u re saying in that way ki atharv fans kisi ko blame nahi karti sirf ravidha fans karti hai.

  68. Sonu

    Dear vimala we vitharv fans are not blaming ravish.We know that he is good person with good qualities because he is atharv’s brother.We are angry with ravish for coming in between our atharv and vividha.
    U will be not having any feelings because u only watched the serial after ravish’s entry.We vitharv fans are watching the serial from first episode.So we have feelings of our own.
    For ur kind information OLD IS GOLD for us.When any new hero comes we cannot change our mind to new . Atharv is GOLD for vitharv fans.

  69. Anam

    Nice epi @nidha actually ravish is the one giving the ideas so how can he be separated ……….
    @suman is that really it because I’ve heard something way different??????!
    &sachin i totally agree both of the heroes are equal

  70. NITA 26

    Ravish is not the actual reason of increasing trp … vitharv reunion is the reason. And i think when this show’s repeat had came on 10:30p.m, from then this show got more attention..

  71. Anam

    And ravidah fans oh please stop acting if ravish is so Mahan because that’s not it…
    I agree he’s helped atharve and Sujata but that’s dosent mean that he’s so great….
    And I think your just feel sorry for atharve because he’s not in his proper state!!!!!

    And anyway I do think. Atharve was acting but why?!???????

  72. sona

    What r u ra……vidha fans thinking??????? If ram and sita loved each other and hanuman did a lot for their reunion…..then vl sita love hanuman for his helping nature,love and respect fr sita and ram…… This is quite impossible bcoz sita loved only ram……here also same viv vl never love ravish
    Its vitharv forever

  73. Anam

    I totally agree Sonu that vitharve should be united and I don’t think these people see how nice and how Deserving he is

    And all vitharve fans are great full to ravish for trying to re unite vitharve

    Also I think 💭 ravish should be not be seen when vividah is trying to make atharve memory come back…..

  74. Sunanda

    @ sonu atharv is not GOLD he is SHINNING PLATINUM
    Vitharv r best nd forever

  75. Anam

    Dear ravidah fans:please stop ✋ showing this mahaniat of ravish and vividah clearly said “we will die and live together “so STOP ✋ and now you’re getting on our nerves

  76. Anam

    Nidha Sonu suman nazneen and other vitharve fans don’t listen too the ra…….Vidah fans because I think they’ve lost it

  77. xyz

    Sathymmm nidha.but eniku oru friend und avl jndsd kandittllarnnu. So njan paranjittu Ippo aval mounm sammatham kanukya.bcz jndsd ini kandl contnutn kittllalo. So avl mlylm kanm.avl vitharv scene Patti paryumbo njnm kandu pokum.dub cheytu kulamakkiynglm vitharv ne kanalloo.😄😄😄😃

  78. sachin

    @ vimala cnt u understand simple english????ok if nt i have to tell u in hindi!

    kripaya apni opinions apne pass rakhe! me tatha mere vitharva dostong ne haad par kar ke apna bahumulya samya barbad kar ke aap ko aaur apke ravidha sehpatheyon yaha batya ki ham log ko is mamle me aaur bat chit nhi karni chahiye aaur kisi pe bhi galtiyan nhi daal ni chahiye par aap ho ki samjh te nhi aaur phir bolne lag jate ho…. thodi to samjha karo aaur ye nautangi mat karo….mene apko SORRY nolke vinamrata se samjhaya par aap ho ki samajh he nhi pate ho….aap ko me keh deta hun ki aap ko jo karna he karo bas is show ki kisi bhi cast pe ungli mat uthao….

    me assa karta hun ki aapko meri ye kathan achi tarah se samjh aajaye!

    if u still cnt understand ths(if u r tamil/telgu) thn thr tamil and telgu vitharva fans too who cn make u understand…..


    • Sonu

      Sachin,it is utter nonsense to talk to vimala and to the great sorry mahan ravish fans.It is complete waste of time. They do not understand any language because they are aliens, they are not from this planet.

  79. vimala A

    Oh god u people are unbelievable.@sachin I dnt understand any language.sirf tum hi bahuth samajdaar hu.tum hi mahaan hu.u only have the right to comment wat ever u want right.go to i hell man

    • Sonu

      Dear Aliens
      Do ur business in ur planet.Whatever u want. U may got to hell,because that is ur planet.
      Don’t blame any of our vitharv fans for that.

    • Sachin

      tysm @vimala di ….thx fr ur appreciation …at least u knew my talent ! chalo akhir kar me mahan to hua in ravdhaon ke samne! hahahaha….

      aap ravidha fans ko ek he baat pata he “MAHAAN” kya apne jivan me kuch barabar ki cheez nhi dekhi???? jao atharva sujatha ke pass vo sab sikha dega! Lol

      jab dekho vo mahan ,ye mahan , tum mahan….aare bas!

      subhe se me bol raha hun ki is ladayi ko yehin khatam karte hain par aap ho ki ulta aaur mujhe sunate ho!!!

  80. vimala A

    Sry guys just now I have read all ur comments.@sry sachin aapki first comment mein ne abhi padithi.but u should not react in dat way rght

    • Sachin

      di dekho me sry tab se bol raha hun par aap mujhe ulte jabab de rahe ho aaur samjh rahe ho! i know i was too much 2day bt i couldn’t control… thts y i became too hyper !

      just chill as ths is just a show ! and many have diff opinions and i respect tht! bt we should nt raise fingers on any character of the show!

      any way sry! if i said too much

  81. Eva

    Sorry to give opinions but I think we all should be Vividhas fans, because she is not a trophy to be earned or some belonging to be given to . For those who haven’t seen all episodes , in one of them when kailash pulled back Vividha , Atharv said that connetions are made, they can’t be forced and to me this is the most important in the show itself. Vividha has that tipe of connection with Atharv . And I support Vitharv because looking at overall Ravish has fallen for her after being put in a situation to do so, and Atharv loved and loves her certainly , but most importantly its about who Vividha loves to me and girls should stick for each other.

  82. HARI

    serial is worst side makers are making atharav bad and slowly starting to unite ravish and vivdha. if this happens nobody sees the serial. dont separate atharav and vivdha love.if you same like tere shetr mein serial and nisha aur uske counsins after this serial heroies married other persons the serial got last TRPS and they shutdowned there serial .so dont do like that. WE ALL WAYS WANT TO SEE ATHARAV AND VIVDHA LOVE.IF U DO ANYTHING WRONG THIS SHOW WILL GET LOW TRPS THEN SERIAL WILL END

  83. Monika

    I hate this show…
    Now m thinking showmaker are thinking too unite ravish and vividha…
    Good bye too this show…

    • Bhanu

      Don’t say like that, becoz in today’s epi vivida conforms that she only for atharv. I dont think so. Vitharv only unite but time will take to unite Vitharv. Becoz this serial empowrement of love not the mrg. And without love there is no mrg. Vitharv only reunite

  84. 123

    Plz no atharav don’t turn negative😢😢😢😢😢is that writer mad? 😡why is she doing so😢 plz unite vitharav n if not then plz keep atharav positve😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  85. sakshi jain

    Plz no atharav don’t turn negative😢😢😢😢😢is that writer mad? 😡why is she doing so😢 plz unite vitharav n if not then plz keep atharav positve😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.