Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vividha telling Ravish that Abheer is the black cat. Ravish says I will check in hall, you also find him. Ravish goes and sees Daddy ji asking Avinash to leave. Avinash tells Ravish that he came to invite them. Daddy ji says you tried to fool me, you don’t think I m fool, you came to meet Aditi, not for giving us invitation. Daddy ji goes. Ravish says we will not keep any relation with you, not because what you did, but because how you did it, this is my last warning, stop looking inside this house. Avinash leaves.

Vividha and Ravish see Abheer in his room. Vividha says he has two phones, it means one is secret number, I will try the number. She calls him. She says its ringing, why is he not answering. Ravish says I can hear ringing, can you hear it. They

go and see Avinash’s phone ringing. They get shocked. Avinash answers the call and says hello Kalindi baby, I m standing outside your house to see you, I m missing you so much baby. Vividha and Ravish get shocked. Vividha says Avinash, it means Bua ji has affair even with him. Ravish says I will not leave him. Vividha says calm down, we want proof, else game will get over. Ravish says game will get over now and goes to stop Avinash.

Vividha comes and stops Ravish. Ravish scolds Avinash and says you will just meet me in office from today, get out. Avinash goes. Ravish says I will get the watch repaired. She says anger does not help, we can’t prove Atharv innocent this way, if Avinash calls Bua on landline then, we have to replace her phone. They hear landline ringing and rush.

Kalindi answers call on Avinash. Avinash asks why did you not answer my call. She says my phone did not ring. Vividha and Ravish look on. Avinash asks her where is her phone and asks her to find it. Kalindi looks for her phone. Ravish replaces her phone. Kalindi sees her phone and says yes, there are missed calls, phone is on silent, but I did not make it on silent mode, who did it and when. He asks what, I just received call from you, I came your home to meet you and could not meet you. She checks log and says yes, but I was sleeping, who called you. He says Ravish and Vividha behaved strange with me, I think they called me. She says how can they do this, phone was with me, I will call later.

Its morning, Vividha calls Ravish when he is at office. Avinash looks on. She says I called your mobile, it was not connecting, so I called on landline, I got the watch. Avinash hears their conversation on other line. Vividha asks Ravish when will he come home. Ravish says it will be 12. Vividha says I will be alone at home today, everyone is going out tonight for attending functions. Ravish asks are you scared. Vividha says no, its a good chance, I can find proof well. Ravish says once I come home, we will find proof. She says you do your work, I wanted this chance, I got to know some interesting thing, I will tell you after confirming. He says I spoke to lab expert, he said fingerprints will be obtained from the coat. She says okay, I kept it in Atharv’s cupboard. He says good, call me if you need any help. She ends call. Avinash smiles hearing the conversation. He thinks what did Vividha get.

Its night, Avinash goes to Ravish’s house. Vividha says I have to find proof, I won’t get such chance again. Avinash goes to Atharv’s room and wears the coat and mask. He says sorry Ravish, your fate is bad.

Vividha gets an envelope and says this is the proof that Bua and Avinash have an affair. She goes out and gets shocked seeing the mask guy. She asks who are you. He asks her to give the envelope. She runs. He catches her. She pulls off his face mask and sees Avinash. She says I always had doubt on you, what did my sister do. He holds her neck. He says why don’t you go where your sister went. The lights come. Avinash gets shocked seeing Ravish and entire family looking at them. Ravish aims gun at Avinash.

Ravish asks Avinash what was his real plan, tell it, stop else I will shoot. Avinash runs and gets shot. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG, This Bua has affair with both of them.. Does she have any sense..hmm..

  2. Avinash is dead but answer did not came who killed guddi.
    What’s the director want 2 show????????

  3. Superb episode

  4. omg what a twist yaar !!!! avinash killed guddi. waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode.

  5. OMG big confusion so kalindi grandma has 2 lovers grt !!!!

    1. Exactly… Still how many bf r der for Kalindi. Yesterday Abheer, today Avinash tomorrow A????
      Director should have some sense before making such a stupid act.shame on u Mr.director.

      1. 3rd one this serial director

  6. Thriller episode. …nice

  7. How many bfs does kalindi have.

  8. Komal ombale

    Ravish & vividha is rock awesome..nice episode

  9. Finally ….the culprit is avanish???…… Good job…..and Iam waiting for the tomorrow episode……next what???

    Hai ramya and fathima….???

  10. Guys I have a doubt.. In precap did Avinash really got shot by Ravish.
    I feel someone has shot Avinash from back or maybe after door opened

  11. Finally its Avinash. I think Avinash was Kalindi and Abheer’s son. The real plan may be to obtain vashista’s property through Avinash marring Aditi. So Kalindi be master mind behind all.

    1. Navz

      I think abheer and avinash r of same age.

  12. Nice episode.but Where is Atharv yarr.. missed him a lot.

  13. After a long time today episode was rocked by vividha..at a time to mystery’s are solved.
    Now the real story has to come out.
    Y is that stupid Avinash running???

  14. Finally finally its Avinash who killed guddi.
    Vividha and ravish made smart plan to trap Avinash. Stupid Avinash easily caught in net.
    Very interesting… Wat’s next???? Can’t wait for tomorrow episode

  15. Wat ths nonsense shiv ji music ravish par.. Wo atharv ka music tha..

  16. @Suman. u have mentioned abt some murder from on location video. Was it Avinash or any other. Was it real r some confusion from JNDSD team.

  17. jana na dil se door in malayalam
    not interested to see in Malayalam but want to see vitharv again

  18. I think someone else shot avinash not ravish.

  19. I think someone shot avinash not ravish.

  20. jana na dil se door in malayalam

    1. hey wat who said u….in wich channel…dhrishya…..

    2. Asianet plus

  21. @Mr.white avinash.any shot from front, may be from out side. Not by ravish. Avinash going to die. N it seems atharv is declared innocent, as all suspecting avinash is murderer n he died. Now avinash murder case investigation starts. Behind dis some big planning is der. May be because of vashist s property or may be to take revenge from atharv (by kk). Or both. Don’t know show is on roller coaster.

  22. Mr director plz no more investigations…… Who is culprit plz exposeout???????

  23. Ravidha rocks today only ravidha…..lved a lot ravidha
    Ravidha……….. Apko mere kasam dialouge and ravish pointing gun to avinash highlight

    1. Yaa I also love a lot ravidha and love that dialague.

  24. Guddi murder case investigation tho director cheppalanukontundi ravidha unite? I don’t no but ravidha rocks. May be director tells that finally adharv is d culprit.????

    1. I think athrav is not culprit he is also another lead i think kk

  25. If you r supporting ravidha means, u r cursing ravish, u r forcing him into loveless life like Suman. Vitharv r already shared some intense couplish moments. N she loves atharv sujatha. Love is not a thing which can be used as many times as u want. CVS unnecessarily confusing viewers for trps. How can someone justify female lead sharing same scenes with two, dat to brothers. If you really like ravish means u never say ravidha. Who likes to be with girl who is having affair with his brother. If dat girl cheats her husband, husband unaware of dat is OK. It’s der fate. But here vividha told every thing, ravish saw photo gallery n can any person accepts brothers gf for him. It’s impossible for a person with little common sense. In every incident vividha recalls atharvs memories, even on day of marriage n now also. Because she loves him from soul. Can she share intimate moments with ravish without remembering atharv. How awkward it will be. Same with ravish also as he saw. plz we love ravish character means never ever say him to live such a pathetic life. He never going to be happy.

    1. Well said I agree with you suman.
      Human was not a machine like PC. to erase or delete memory from Brian and heart.
      Brain register every moment in our life and heart feels as it is..

    2. Suman ji I accept Ur words but vividha tana life lo adharv chanipoyadu. Vidharv soul ni separate chesadu kailash ani and naku adharv peace full life imp. Anduku nenu evarinaina marriage chesukontanu anna words vividha cheta writer anipincgadu. So vividha life lo adharv chapter close. Only tanu mental ga cure ayinanta varake tana life lo untundi. And vividha adharv ki promise chesindi(enkoritho life share chesukovalisi vaste vividha chanipoyinatte ani) so vividha individual ga life lead cheyali r ravidha unite avvali. But vidharv unite avvaru. ( I know director climax lo vidharv love lo problem & ramakanth last wish ravidha ani twist istadu ani only my thinking). Enta soul full lovers ayina situations vidharv love gelipistundi. But vidharv ni unite cheyadu. This is my feeling.

      1. Ya i to think same ravidha last unite avali ..

  26. Terrible blunders by d makers. Abheer gets into the house by saying he is Ravish ( that time the security waa new) This Avinash enters from the front door when Vividha is supposedly alone? Whr the hell is the security? Fully faltu.

    Avinash is also an army man, so he has no disciplined upbringing? Only Ravish is an army man who is good?

    Kalindi, her character has been depicted in such army cheap manner? How can Avinash b her son…..He called her “baby” n then said my eyes were looking out 4 u?. Guys, isn’t she Ramakanth’s sister? Whr is her dignified upbringing? Only the men get disciplined in the Vaishth household?

    Whr was Atharva in today’s episode? Whr r the police who r investigating this case? Sleeping? Only when Atharva was the suspect they woke up?

    Vividha stop those stupid dialogues” mere kasam” crap……@ Suman said no decent girl can get involved with two brothers!! That too after getting physically involved with one.

    Ravish has already seen those intimate pics of Atharva n Vividha, it will b disgusting if he too goes ahead with his romantic explorations with his brother’s girl.

    Makers, pls use logic n decency 4 ppl to accept the serial n build trps

    1. Yeah u said right @karan. Some times I also feel as u said.. male members from vashista’s r shown good upbringing like Atharv, Ravish. But not Kalindi and Aditi.
      Not only this show all shows r similarly shows nly 1 member (either women or men)from any family was shown good and remain as selfish.. I don’t understand y?? Y both don’t get same upbrings

  27. Seriously, this show is not making sense.
    Everyone has a secret and was afraid that GUDDI knew about it? Ithe ot us guessing one after the other as to who the killer is.
    Everyone is upset with Kalinga and Avinash relationship. who cares???? what about innocent aditi????? the director is not showing her reaction about her aunt n her bf. that’s sick. just like u guys ….I don’t know what the director is trying to tell us. Oh I get it….stupid Vividha and ravish solved a murder case n they got close. boo hoo…poor artharv. I hope he gets better and leave with his mom. This family has too much drama.

  28. Asianet plus wht time

  29. How cum we can have a episode without vitharv or atleast atharva.it is totally unfair to the viewers.
    And I request to all ravish fan to be practical and keep sense.being a vitharv fan I also like ravish so much.his character impressed me immensely.but how cum ravish and Vividha should be accepted by you ravish fan year.you want properly established love bonding to be broken and another love story to be started the same way.how cheap and awkward the character of Vividha will look like in that.please think logically.i want all the 3 leads to be in every viewers heart strongly.

  30. @sudheer Ji writer ravish cheta vitharv ni unite chesta anipinchadam kadu promise cheyinchadu. Mari Dani gurinchi matladatledenti. Nuvvu even shashank in recent interview lo compared with Rama,who gives more importance to promise than any other thing. Mari deeni mate time. N about ramakant atharv n ravish father him selfs goes to kailash kashyap n says now ur daughter did enough romance with my elder son. Now enough is enough n ask n allow her, let my younger son ravish also enjoy. ?I don’t know how people think like dis. For u vividhas father is great father n wt about other fathers. Ramakant who was feeling very bad for sujatha n atharv, after knowing how much his elder son loves vividha, he will go and talk for ravidha marriage dat too just before death. Before death he came to take revenge from his son n wife, as he is not great father like kk. Kailash kashyap just because of personal grudge on atharv. ?. If CVS showing vividha falling for her boyfriends brother bye bye JNDSD.

  31. Kailash kashyap just because of personal grudge on atharv cheated every one.,including his own family

  32. Hi Sugan and to all other tu frnds. Gowri awesome comment. Why they showing kalindi grandma as a Casanova? She is not tat much young and attractive

  33. Sorry vidhrav fans but ravidha rocks ( pls Dont scold me for the comment) at times I feel athrav is acting becoz he talks normal sometimes

  34. I don’t know wt is climax ravidha or vitharv but, all be ready for a big twist. In twitter some one from( may be) CVS tweeted dat dis murder mystery going to finish by weekend . Big twist cuming up dat will change 3 leads-good n bad. I am afraid of d upcoming twist now

  35. Shashank is already well established actor so they can’t spoil ravishs character. Already only female lead for two male leads, so it can’t be vividha. Only left is atharv sujatha. N he proved he can play versatile characters in his own style. So is it atharv who is going to turn negative. No writers plz don’t do dat. If u change atharv character – ve means bye bye. RIP JNDSD. I know many will going to do same

    1. Navz

      Rip jndsd hahaha yaa but it’s true

  36. Yes truly said suman if atharv turns negative 90% ppl r quit this show..

  37. We do not neither of the 3 leads to turn negative. If it happens then the show will be in vain. And if it is Atrava then there is no use to see this show anymore. Somebody who has been shown as a unique and strong character if shown as negative then it is all useless which has been shown in phase one.

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