Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts the women doing aarti. They hear the girl crying and rush to see. Sujata says why did she shout so loud. Ravish and everyone enter the room, and do not see the girl. She hides and asks them to leave. Sujata asks her to come out, we all are here to help you, no one will do anything. The girl asks her to go. Sujata holds her hand and gets her out. Everyone look at her. The girl asks them to stay away. Sujata asks who are you, don’t worry, everything is fine.

Uma gives her water. She says we all are with you. Sujata says you are safe here, what’s your name. The girl says my name…..I don’t know. She gets dizzy and faints. They all get worried. After some time, she runs out of the room and collides with Ravish. She hugs him. She asks him to save her, they will

kill her. Everyone look on.

Vividha greets her and says I did not meet you before, this is my husband Atharv, I heard about you from family, how are you now, where were you running. The girl says I don’t know.

Later, everyone talk to her. The girl says I don’t remember anything. Sujata says you have collided with Ravish’s car outside the park, do you stay there. Ravish says its clear, she is running away by fear of someone. He asks her to say anything if she remembers. The girl says I don’t remember my name, family and house. She cries.

Madhav goes to her and asks did you get scared, mumma says when you get scared, we should think of something funny. Madhav makes her smile by his talk. Everyone laugh. Madhav says see, she smiled. Ravish and Atharv look at the girl. Vividha sees Atharv staring at the girl. She hugs Madhav.

Madhav plays with the girl. Atharv, Ravish and Vividha look at them. Atharv says I think this girl should go, she is fine now. Vividha says where will she go, she does not remember anything. Atharv says I can understand, she met with an accident, but she is treated now, she should leave. Ravish says fine, but where to send her. Vividha agrees with Ravish.

Atharv says till when will we keep her, her family would be finding her. Ravish says I know, so I gave ad in paper. She says don’t know what’s her story. The girl collides with Ravish again and falls in his arms. Her bracelet gets stuck in his wrist band. He frees it and apologizes. He says don’t be scared, I m Ravish, what were you doing here. She says I wanted water, kitchen? He asks her to rest, he will get water. She goes to her room. Some goons look for her and think where can she go so soon. They get newspaper, and see the missing person ad. The goon says we got her.

Vividha asks Ravish and Atharv to come and have sandwich. She asks what happened. Ravish says I will ask that girl. She says I will call her. He asks her to sit with Atharv, I will call her. Atharv and Vividha smile. Ravish asks what happened. She asks why are you restless to meet her. He says nothing, yesterday night… Atharv asks what at night… Ravish says she was scared at night, I won’t go anywhere. Atharv says no, you go, else you will curse us. The goons get a couple and greet Ravish. They ask about the girl.

The lady says we came to take that girl. The goon says we got relieved seeing your ad. Guddi and everyone come and look on. The goon keeps the gun handy. The lady says it will be good if you get her. Sujata asks Atharv who are they. Guddi says I think they came to take that girl by reading the ad, now she can go her home. The goon says yes, we lost hope, thanks for the ad. Atharv asks but why was she running, she was in bridal dress when she was running. The goon says she was going village, some goons attacked the car at night, she was trying to save herself, maybe she lost the way, thanks for saving her.

Ravish asks are you bride’s family or groom’s. The goon says groom’s family. Ravish asks where is girl’s family. The goon says she just has a grandfather, get her, we are in hurry, we have to leave, get her in bride attire, like you got her, we have to take her to marriage mandap.

Ravish asks about girl’s Dada ji. The goons say different answers. Ravish and everyone stare at them. The goon shows knife and threatens Ravish, asking him to let them take the girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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