Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with a scene after 13 days. Sujata tells pandit that she does not have her husband’s ashes, I have some memories of him, can I immerse this. He says sure, anything related to him can be immersed. Atharv comes and holds the pot. Pandit asks Suman about her son to do the rituals. She says he has gone to fight at the border, for our family, there is no duty important than the duty towards country, about immersing ashes, Daddy ji will do this.

Pandit asks Atharv for his dad’s details. Sujata says we can’t tell his name, it will defame his second family. Atharv says souls do not have name pandit ji, just say Sujata’s husband. Suman and Sujata makes Dadda ji and Atharv do the rituals. Dadda ji drops the ashes in the river, whole Atharv drops flowers and some

old memories. Sujata cries and says you gave me everything, your love and Atharv, Radha ji also did not get Kanha ji, and still remembered. Suman says I m like Rukmani in your life, you gave me everything, respect, wife’s rights, but not love. Sujata says you are the best loving man and support. Suman says you are the best husband, father, son, you did all your duties, don’t take any burden on yourself, I m proud of you.

Sujata says you did all your duties which were in your hands. Atharv says you gave me life twice, when I was born to Sujata and then when you saved Vividha’s life, I got a new life. He hugs Sujata. Vividha comes there and looks at them. She hugs Sujata.

Suman says the ones I don’t know and did not met till now, there is a painful relation joined with them, don’t know they know of your death or not, its good if they are away from us, the thread which joined us has broken today. Sujata says we did not meet them, but I will put some flowers from her side too. Suman says if she knows the news, she will know soldier’s wife does not shed tears but have head high with pride.

They keep the food plate and call the crow. Pandit tells Sujata that its strange, crows did not come to have bhog. Pandit tells Suman that if crow does not come to have bhog, it means Colonel has left some unfulfilled wish. Sujata asks unfulfilled wish, and recalls Ramakant saying Sujata that his last wish is to get Atharv and Vividha married. Sujata asks why are you saying last wish. He says I mean my biggest wish, I want to meet Atharv and Vividha. Sujata says you will meet them. FB ends.

Suman says unfulfilled wish… Kailash comes and says in know Colonel’s unfulfilled wish. Dadda ji asks who are you, sorry we don’t know you. Kailash introduces himself and says sorry to come like this, but it was imp to say, Colonel met me and wanted his son to marry my daughter. Sujata prays that crows eat the food. A crow comes and eats the food. They all pray.

Kailash says Colonel called me and I met him, he felt unwell but I did not know he is too unwell. FB shows Kailash meeting Ramakant at the hotel. Ramakant says I personally wanted to meet you and ask for your daughter’s hand for my son, my son is very good mannered, educated and hardworking, we are proud of him. Kailash says your family background can be understood seeing you. Ramakant says my son is better than me, I m sure he will never let Vividha feel short of anything, I m ready to fix the relation, if you have to check…

Kailash says whats there to think, you agreed, then I m ready. Ramakant says I m glad seeing you agreeing, don’t you wish to know my son’s name, his name is…. Ramakant coughs and hides blood on the kerchief. Kailash worries. Ramakant says I need to go for urgent meeting, we will meet again and fix the marriage. FB ends. Kailash says I think its our duty to fulfill Ramakant’s last wish. Daddy ji says sorry, my son did not tell me anything about this, marriage is not such thing to decide in hurry, this time is not suitable to talk about marriage.

Kailash says wait a min, and shows the show, which Ramakant gave him. FB shows Ramakant giving his mother’s ring to Kailash, saying this is my mother’s ring which is passed since 6 generations, please take this for Vividha, accepting this will mean Vividha is ours. Kailash takes it. Ramakant thinks Atharv I m uniting you with Vividha, I hope doing this you will forgive me and accept me as your father. FB ends. Kailash says Colonel gave me this ring as his approval, he said its ancestral ring, check this once. Suman gets shocked seeing this.

Vividha proposes Atharv for marriage. He agrees to marry her. Kailash shows Vividha’s pic to Suman. He comes home and beats the plate happily to call out everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no! They mistook the whole thing

  2. Omg! Now viv is gng 2 marry ramankant’s son.
    That’s won’t not 2 be happen
    Plsssss tie vitharv writer’s plssssssssssssssssss

    1. This show was ok before arrival of the step family of atharva. Now I hear that kalash will win all the battle and ruin the show.Vividha wil marry atharva’a step-brother and atharva will become lunatic.story ends there. What a waste!!

    2. Everyone will stop watching if vividha marries other so trp will go much down do not do this do not change theme

  3. OMG I hope that atharv realises that kailash planned this and knew that ramakant was his father. Or sujata somehow finds out that kailash and ramakant met before his death. Please don’t let this alliance happen.

    1. This show was ok before arrival of the step family of atharva. Now I hear that kalash will win all the battle and ruin the show.Vividha wil marry atharva’a step-brother and atharva will become lunatic.story ends there. What a water!!!

  4. oh no..the main phase of the story has come..vitharv separation..vivida gets married to shashank..no..plz..dont do this..atleast show that atharv also moved on in his life after vivida marriage rather than showing him mentally retarted person..

  5. when vividha can slap en elder man for his badtameezi, i think she can stand against kailash to marry adharv…Writers dont make vividha weak and pls unite her with atharv…
    Dont make her marry someone else and again remarry atharv,,,,This show is awesome and do maintain its dignity pls..

  6. this is a new confusion……

  7. Please don’t make this show like other shows, please.

  8. Y…..Beyond dreams project ka serials mei hero nd heroine ka separation…..????? I can’t see dis

  9. That’s exactly what the writers have planned for Vividha and Atharva. So sad to see them separated. I will probably stop watching this show if that happens.

  10. How do you that have commented know what’s going to happen i.e. Vividha marry ramakant ‘s other son and then remarry atharv? Not seen spoilers to say this.

  11. Can ny1 say me as to why ranakanth left sujata n mrd sunwer else n did he rly nry sujata? N how cum atharv n sujata accept diz all so whole heartedly dat his father her husbnd has a secnd fmly????

  12. Thank you amena

  13. Hope Vividha and Atharva get to gether in the end.

  14. indera sanichara

    Don’t separate them writers please. I am begging you to don’t bring the same story like the other soap

  15. will stop watching if this show now will be the same like others where loved ones always sacrifies and married someone else, let it be with its unique and make the two get together

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