Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha seeing something and getting shocked. She thinks whats happening to me, what am I feeling, I will talk to Maa. Uma recalls Ankit’s words and cries. Uma gets Vividha’s call and tells Dadi. Vividha thinks why is Maa not answering. Uma disconnects. Uma says what shall I tell Vividha, she calls 20 times a day and asks for Atharv, what shall I say, where did Atharv go.

Ravish comes out of the cupboard. Situram sees the blood in his neck and hand. Situram asks whats this Sir, I will not leave him. Ravish says we are soldiers and this happens. Situram says I think you did not explain him your way. Ravish says I don’t raise hands on defenceless man. Situram says I think madam is doubting. Ravish says I don’t think so, she is tangled in her own problems,

you are here to help me in keeping this secret. He goes to room. Vividha comes and says I know everything. Ravish turns and looks at her.

He asks how do you know. She says I did not take military training, but I can see you and tell that you are hiding something. He smiles and says yes, I m hiding something, but like I can’t ask you, you also can’t ask me, rules are same for both of us.

He asks her to promise. She says promise. He says good, I came just to take this. He takes first aid box and goes. Dadi cries at home. Someone calls her. She answers the call. Its Vividha. Vividha asks is everything fine, I want to talk to Maa. Dadi says she went to neighbor’s house for some function. Vividha asks did you find anything about Atharv. Dadi says we are trying, we will tell you when we get to know anything. Vividha says whenever you get to know, call me any time. Dadi says sure, and ends call.

Vividha cries and wipes her tears. She sees someone outside in lawn. She stands in window again. She sees Atharv…… Jaana na dil se door…..plays…………..She says Atharv and runs to him…. She goes out of the house and smiles. She does not see anyone and cries. Ravish comes there and looks at her.

He asks what are you doing here at this time. She says I felt.. He asks what, are you fine. She says I have seen someone here. He asks whom did I see. She says there is no face of illusion, you may be hating me, I behave so rude and say anything, I m sorry. He says there is nothing in the world without a reason, everything has a reason. She asks how did you say yes for this marriage. He says I did not have reason to say no, it was my dad’s last wish that I do this marriage, I respected my dad a lot, but I was fear in heart about marriage. She asks fear.

He says I have seen many marriage breaking in my life, don’t worry, I m not telling about our marriage. He smiles. She says I want to tell you something Ravish. He says not now….. because you felt bad for me, you tell me something when you don’t have any reason and without any pressure, I will feel better that time, till then if you want to stay rude, you can stay that way. She smiles. He asks do you smile also? You look good when you smile.

She says shall we go inside house, its late night. She goes. Ravish goes with her and opens the door for her. He asks her to sleep. He asks for pillow. She passes the pillow. He thanks her and rests to sleep on the couch. She thinks if he was really Atharv, where did he go. Ravish thinks once Vividha sleeps, I will go and check him. She thinks I can’t call Maa till Ravish sleeps. They both wait for each other to sleep. Vividha sleeps. Ravish sees her and goes out of the room silently.

Situram says this can’t happen, I was here on duty. Ravish asks how did Vividha see some man outside. Situram says I m sure there was no one, who can it be, don’t know why madam roams around. Ravish asks him to mind his work and be careful, its not a small thing, many things are at stake, if anyone doubts, it will be big problem. Someone hears them and goes.

Its morning, Vividha recalls Atharv. She hears Atharv saying get up Vividha, I have come, as I promised you that I will come back. She says Atharv and gets up. She does not see anyone and cries.

Dadi asks Ankit why did you kill Atharv. Uma says what shall I tell Vividha. Vividha calls her again. Uma says I can’t tell her what happened with Vividha. Vividha says I have to tell you something. Ravish comes and she stops talking. She keeps call on hold. Uma says maybe Ravish has come, she kept call on hold. Uma says don’t know what will Vividha do hearing this bad news, what will I tell her, she will break. Vividha talks to Uma. Uma says I want to tell you something. Vividha says I have seen Atharv…. Uma gets shocked.

Dadi says when a person dies before time, his spirit has unfulfilled wishes, when that person loves someone by heart, he comes back. Ankit worries. Ravish and Vividha dance and chandelier falls down. Suman says Ravish…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. TUFFY

    What’s going on? Is atharv in that cupboard room? Who else can it be? What’s with the mystery?

  2. TUFFY

    Who overheard ravish and situram talking? Where is sujata? Is it atharv that ravish is taking care of?

  3. Geet


    |Registered Member

    From a love story it is going towards a mystery nd horror…. But m sure Atharv is Der.. And Ravish seems to b a nice guy but something is fishy in his character..

  4. NS4

    Y this uma and dadi r worried about ankit’s word…y r they believing that stupid fellow. .not even thinking it may be evil kailash plan. ..

  5. NS4

    How can it be Atharv in cupboard room. ..as situram and Ravish r talking to fight with ill patient. And said they r army ppl and it happens ..it won’t sink
    Something fishy! !!!!

  6. TUFFY

    I don’t think ravish knows or is involved. But why the secrecy and who overheard the conversation? Also where is kailash? Why is he not shown?

  7. NS4

    Was that Atharv. .who vividha saw in lawn???
    Was Really ravish hiding atharv? ??
    Then where is Sujatha. ..she won’t leave atharv right. ..then where is sheee
    So many questions raised vit today episode

  8. NS4

    O god…y not vividha wait for a second. ..that uma were telling abt atharv. ..if uma told that Atharv was dead…..then would ran straight to that evil kailash and killed. … after that atharv come back and atharv-Vividha would be reunited. …
    Vividha spoiled everything. ..right guys

    • NS4

      O god…y not vividha wait for a second. ..that uma were telling abt atharv. ..if uma told that Atharv was dead…..then vividha would’ve ran straight to that evil kailash and killed him … after that atharv come back and atharv-Vividha would be reunited. …
      Vividha spoiled everything. ..right guys

  9. Apple

    Oh…in precap Ravish and Vividha dance. …Athar’s ghost made fall that chandelier to stop romance. ..

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  10. TUFFY

    Agree Eva. Why don’t they try and find sujata or Abdul Chacha? Maybe then they can get clue unless kailash has got them as they’ve not been shown.

  11. RV

    So many unanswered questions n the soul of Atharv, wot really???!!! Well we know he rises from destruction to take revenge, but y Wud Atharv’s soul want to hurt Vividha. He may b an angry young man but to purposefully hurt Vividha he would not! That’s just not him. Even when he was pursuing her he never wanted her hurt, he cud never see her cry, do u think Atharv’s soul is causing destruction n his actual being is trying to fight? N where is Sujata? Has Kailash got them or are they all in the cupboard secret passage room??? So many questions!!!!!

  12. Angry fan

    Why this stupid ghost drama….we all know atharv won’t die…stop this nonsense… This show going disgusting day by day

  13. Angry fan

    And that ravish moochad..why the hell he stopped vividha when she was telling him…these writers are just fooling us 😡😡

  14. afra

    guys .may b sujatha will b in cupboard room ..Nd atharv may came in rescue of his mom ..Nd kailash will b hiding in a fear of adharv …as he z missing from their custody ..thn why thz ravish hiding thz from all …may b bcz he came to know tht she was the women reason for the unsatisfied married lyf of Hz mom …oww …I dnt knw ….jst guessing …guessing ….guessing ….

  15. Kalpana

    Wat d wack….she did 7 promises to atharv …now she is giving promise to ravish…will they show us similar promises with ravish also…😢

  16. Hema

    This has become an absurd story. All spoiled… how can vividha start calling for Ravish? She said she is a corpse, then how is she reacting normally?
    Atharv was brutally beaten up… how can he come to vividha?
    Do the writers want to Prove that promises are made to be broken?

  17. balkisu abdullahi

    Am from Nigeria, it’s very very interesting, I pray ravish get to help them bac together, I mean vividha ad atharv

  18. gayatri

    I wish they make it a horror story.. bcuz star plus never had a horror story.. and moreover vividha leaving ravish if atharv comes back would b a bad thing to do.. for ones love u cant hurt everyone.. so just keep scaring us

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