Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha getting shocked seeing two Atharv. She gets dizzy. He holds her. She asks what is happening Atharv, I don’t understand, I will always be with you, tell me where were you, what did you do since many days. He laughs and says how much do you talk, are you mad. She asks why are you laughing like this. He says I saw you from the wall gap. She cries and realizes he lost his mental balance. She says your wound….. He says don’t touch, it hurts. He asks her why is she crying. She recalls Atharv got hit on his head and was badly beaten up.

The fake Atharv gets up and beats Atharv with the same stick. She gets shocked. Fake Atharv beats the real Athrv a lot. She stops the bad one. Fake Atharv pushes her. She falls down and faints. Atharv gets angry seeing

her hurt and holds the bad guy’s neck. Fake Atharv runs away.

Atharv asks Vividha to get up and holds her. Ravish comes there and sees them. He gets shocked. He calls her out. Atharv says she is not getting up. Ravish holds Atharv’s collaar and asks why did you do this. Atharv says I did not do this, I did this, look there. Ravish gets angry by his dual answer and raises hand to punch. Vividha takes a breath. Ravish leaves Atharv and calls her out. He calls Situram to reach outhouse fast.

Vividha gets admitted in hospital. Ravish asks doctor why is she not getting conscious. Doctor asks him to calm down. Ravish recalls Atharv’s words. Ravish calls Situram and asks did you do what I said. Situram says yes.

Uma stands in balcony and says someone is there in Sujata’s house, I can see someone. She turns and goes. A guy wearing jeans is seen. (Maybe Ankit)

Situram tied Atharv by metal chains. Atharv shouts to Sujata. Ravish asks Situram to control Atharv. Situram says yes, I chained him, family went to temple, come soon for some time. Sujata says Atharv is hurt, leave him. Ravish asks doctor how is she. Doctor says she is in shock and stress, she will get fine. Situram says Ravish asked me to control Atharv, I can’t free him. Sujata says I will talk to him, free him. She takes keys from Situram and frees him, saying my son is not an animal to keep him in chains, he is getting hurt. Atharv tries to run. Situram holds her. Sujata asks Atharv not to go out. Atharv pushes Situram and also Sujata.

Sujata asks Situram to stop him. Atharv locks them in room and goes. Atharv falls down. Vividha is gaining consciousness, and has his Rudraksh tied to her hand. Ravish comes to Atharv. She opens her eyes.

Uma takes water to feed cows. She goes to Sujata’s house. Ravish angrily catches Atharv and slaps him many times. Sujata says what are you doing. Ravish says I told you he should not come out, can’t you manage him. Sujata says his mental balance is not good, don’t beat him. Ravish says he attacked my wife today, she is in hospital. She gets shocked and says don’t beat him, his mental state is not fine. Atharv says I did not do it, I did it. Sujata says forgive him. She folds hands. Ravish leaves Atharv and angrily throws things. Sujata hugs Atharv. Ravish scolds Situram too. Ravish hugs Sujata and Atharv.

Later, Sujata makes Atharv wash his face. Situram asks them to hurry up, I have to make you reach your room before everyone comes. Ravish comes to hospital and thinks of Atharv.

Nurse tells Ravish that Vividha is given sleep medicine, you also take rest. Situram says don’t feel bad, Ravish is in tension, I m sure he does not want to hurt Atharv, he is worried as madam is in hospital. Ravish goes to ward and gets shocked. He says where did Vividha go and calls out doctor. He asks nurse did you shift Vividha. Nurse says no, she was here. Doctor says I don’t know. Vividha is on the way and recalls Ravish’s lies. She sees the Rudraksh beads and recalls Atharv’s state. Ravish looks for her in the hospital. He gets worried.


Situram says family can come back anytime. Sujata asks Atharv to stop it. Atharv asks Sujata to get Vividha. He pushes her. She gets shocked seeing Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic in their room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who is in sujata’s house? Is it ankit? Sujata now knows vividha’s married ravish and will probably blame her for leaving atharv. When will the family realise atharv and sujata are in the house. How can vipul be in two places so quickly?

    1. He is not vipul & seturam I think

  2. May be he is not vipul

  3. Who is in sujata’s house. I think it’s not an kit bcoz the directors showing him like a hero
    Where is vivida gng? ???
    Any have finally sujata saw theirs ravish pic. I think sujata questions 2 ravish that is he happy with his wife or not? ?????????

  4. Aswini jenny

    I think he is not vipul tuffy he is another person..sure he is ankit in sujata’s house

  5. Everything is going in a circle. Same thing over and over. No new content. This show is loosing it’s zeal

  6. very emotional and sad episode!

    bt ths brings 2 positive things –
    1)sujahta to confront ravish tht atharva cnt harm viv as she know hw much atharva loves viv..

    2)viv gets to know tht atharva is mentally ill and will surely try to get an answer fr tht…

    bt also a bad thing-

    sujatha may turn negative towards atharva…

    bt i cnt understand who is the person in atharv’s disguise,hope its nt one more atharva(twins)

    guys cn ne one say whr viv going???i think to ajmer to her family

    1. sry 1 mistake…

      (sujtha may turn negative towards viv nt atharva)*

    2. I think Vividha going for Atharv..
      Becuase Atharv said to Vividha that he has seen her from the wall gap.. may she went Ravish home.. and search for another secrete roomm..

  7. Really what will happend in monday episode….really superb but ravidha jodi is nice

    1. Loyal_friend101

      No ravidha jodi is not nice u made me angry???vitharv jodi is nice❤️❤️❤️

  8. Loveleen

    Can u any 1 plz tell me frm Wer did this fake atharv cm ?
    Yeah Kailash is missing nw n this new bad atharv …is der ny link of dat….it cn b bad atharv at sujata s house….guys plz ny1, answer my Quesn hw did atharv s twin enter ?

  9. I think Tomorrow when Sujata sees Ravish & Vividha photos.. at that time Vividha will come there.. then Sujata confronts Vividha and blames her for Atharv condition.. then Vividha will cries heartbrokenly…

    1. i think sujatha shold nt confront viv as its nt her mistake ….
      she wasent left with ne othr option except to marry ravish…sujatha cn confront her if she started loving ravish as its viv’s thn…

      ne way lets see wts coming up next

  10. @sachin I just wish the writers wouldn’t keep going round in circles. I think maybe vividha going back to house. The other atharv didn’t look like he was wearing a mask, but then how would vipul know about atharv and vividha? I too think sujata will hate vividha for marrying ravish and leaving her son. But then she was present when vividha came to temple and told atharv what kailash did. What she doesn’t know is what happened after vividha left from there.

    1. yea tuffy di…we hv to hold our nerve!

      yea ur point of nt wearing mask also seems valid,it was nt at all looking like wearing a mask bt i think its shown like tht as atharva is shooting twice at a time …may be later they will show him(villain atharva) wearing a mask…god knows as in serials any thing cn happen!

      lets hope fr the best!

  11. Friends now there will be 2 problems mainly for Vitharv’s love..
    1. Now Sujata not a accept Vividha.. and she will take Atharv and go away from the Vividha..
    2 . May Suman also not accepting Vitharv’s relation.. She always wants to her Son’s happy more than Bahu feelings.. and also Suman is very serious about Ravish married life..

    These two causes will make more impossible to reunite of Vitharv .

    But there is no doubt.. Atlast Vitharv should be Reunite…

    Chahe Vitharv ki beech me kitna dooria kyu na ho.. per Vividha ki dill se Atharv ko koi door nhi kar sakta.. VIVIDHA BANI HUI ONLY FOR ATHARV..

  12. On twitter – vividha looks at atharv’s rudraksh beads and realises she been conned all along by the people she trusted (I think this is what she’s thinking in the precap)

    I think she’s going home to get answers from her dad – on twitter there’s a clip of her shouting “come outside kailash kashyap”

  13. Possibly now she’ll disown kailash and maybe call off the wedding, as ravish has also lied to her, albeit he doesn’t know the truth. Maybe now the storyline will go forward.

  14. I doubt its situram as tday wen ravish calls situram on his cel it ws switch off it got cnctd aftr his secnd tr n may b he is dng all diz coz he maight b hvng ny grudge twrds ravish or sujatha atharv as dey r gvng him tough tyme or may b he got attracted twrds vividha…If its nt situram den its vipul coz nw a days vipul is nt molesting vivi he stpd dng dat aftr diz fake atharv entered d show….watever is hpng in sujatha’s house is all dun by kailash ankit n dat hlf bald headed old man who wrks wid kailash(sry cnt rem his name now)…coz mayb kailash wants to scare his family
    Sujatha to defntly go agnst vivi as she once sed ravish dat it seems ur wife luvs u lot n ravish rpld dat yes she does n i luv her lots too…sujatha wil recollect everythg like vivi hply celbrtng her bday wid her new fmly etc etc n realise dat vivi is hply mrd leaving atharv n sujatha to die on dat day she has mvd on so fast n frgt atharv he suffered so much coz of vivi….may b she wil confront vivi rgrdng d same…

  15. I think it’s vipul but then how did his foot heal so quick? I think there will be revelations coming up. Maybe now suman will find out about sujata and confrontations between vividha and sujata too. Hopefully now story moves on.

  16. Guys don’t you think they should rename this serial? I mean it started off really nice with a calm setting. Now it’s a twister. so many characters and now artharv’s character is doubled. Something seem strange with Ravish and Artharv ‘s father. I mean the family keeping a secret. Also what did Suman mean about something always happen around diwali festival. Like does Ravish know something his dad kept from the entire family? It’s getting ridiculous. We gotta see something good happening here.

    1. Maybe on that day Suman knew sujata’s relation with her husband and due to same something happened that day…

  17. Next episode may be ravish emotionally hugs vividha cause he misses his wife a lot. Then first time vividha feels her real love. But not express.
    Another part sujatha hates vividha and hardly talk with vividha.
    Kilash is there in sujatha’s house. Cause he punished himself.

  18. Navz

    Who is dis another atharv .I don’t think it’s vipul nd who is there in Sujatha house. Sooooooooooooooooo confusing. I think Sujatha reveals ravish dat vividha loved atharv . Writers plz clear all d nonsense as d serial is getting worse day by day.

  19. 1st episodes i like this serial very much. but now its boring no hope in future also

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