Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhav getting ready for school. Dadi Bua asks about Sujata. Atharv says she reached Ajmer well. Madhav calls out Vividha. She makes call to know about gift shop. Atharv looks on and feeds Madhav. He asks did he get everything. Madhav says I don’t know, mumma does everything. Kangana comes and offers to drop Madhav to school. Atharv signs Ravish. Ravish nods. Atharv asks Kangana to take Madhav. Ravish follows her. Atharv goes to Vividha and asks her what is she doing with this family, and Madhav. She says I know, this would have happened early if you helped me, I got a number on that box, last digit was missing, I m matching digits and calling to find something. He asks how will shop make us reach the culprit.

She asks why are you negative, don’t you want us

to get child back. He says we are trying, I want it, but I m practical. She says I m also practical, if we got the shop number, I m sure I will find that man. She makes call and gets some details. He looks on. She goes.

Ravish sees Kangana with Madhav. Guddi comes there and sees Ravish eyeing Kangana. Kangana stumbles on stairs. Ravish holds her and says you got hurt, show me your foot, it can be fracture too. He checks her foot. Guddi comes in between and checks Kangana’s foot, saying she knows doing the aid. Ravish asks when did you take this training. Kangana sees Ravish.

Vividha talks to toy shop owner and asks him to help her. He asks how shall I tell you, who has bought what, how will I remember, if you described him, maybe I could remember anything. She says I just want to know who was that man. He says I can show CCTV footage, come with me. She checks the footage.

Madhav comes home to show his prize to Vividha. Kangana says congrats, you won the prize. He asks for Vividha. She says you can show her the prize when she comes, come we will have the cake. Atharv looks on and calls Vividha. Vividha says I will talk later, I m busy. He gets upset and calls again.

She does not answer. He calls again and says Madhav is feeling alone, when will you come. She says I won’t come till I find proof. Madhav asks when will mumma come. Atharv says she will come soon, come, I will make you sleep. She makes him sleep. Vividha sees the man purchasing the doll. She sees a little girl with the man. She recalls the man stealing her baby and cries. Atharv makes Madhav sleep and worries. Kangana asks everyone to sit and have food. She says Madhav did not wish to have food, I told him story and fed him. Atharv says Vividha said she will end work and come. Kangana gets hurt. Ravish cares for her. Guddi asks how many times will you get hurt to get Ravish’s help. Ravish says this happened by mistake, what are you saying. Guddi says I m not hungry and goes. Ravish worries.

Atharv waits for Vividha. She comes home. He asks are you fine, I was calling you, Madhav cried and slept, I was afraid for this. She sits thinking. He says that baby got baby when he was born, see how helpless you are, we can just pray we get our child. She says our daughter. He asks what. She says we had a girl. He asks how do you know. She says I went to this shop and checked CCTV footage, this is our daughter, she was at that shop 4 days ago, that man kidnapped her. Atharv sees the photos. Vividha says hospital has no records of her, they said we have a son. He asks did we have daughter. They cry.

Ravish says that man would be staying near here. Atharv says if that man stays in this locality, shop owner would have found him, maybe that man is not from this area.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg!!!!!do u ppl know what is the time now its 1:30 and u ppl updated it now.amena what is this why r u becoming late now a days.pls be fast.do u know from how much time i am waiting to share my views with my frnds.from tomorrow plsssss do it fast.

  2. Episode was Fantastic. Vitharv and Atharv-Madhav scenes were superb. Again 2nd time in this week back to back superb episodes. Vitharv’s emotions were so real after knowing about their daughter. Vitharv nailed the episode today. This will be the quality of episodes if both ShiVik are in 1 frame and with emotional scenes between them. Getting phase 1,2 feelings in terms of their emotional acting. Only thing that’s lagging in this track is Vitharv comforting each other and being strength to each other. Vitharv in this’s track have become too formal unlike phase 1 where they used to be so expressive. Atharv is worried about Madhav and Vividha. Now that he knows about his daughter he will start his fight for his daughter. Atharv now, is like a volcano with all the pain in him waiting to explode on KK. Really last few minutes of today’s episode were true indications of the sheer talent ShiVik possess. ShiVik are standout from all the actors I have seen on TV.

    Good morning JNDSD fam.

    1. Nazneen Syed

      Good morning Veer bhayya ?. Have a joyful Sunday.

    2. Sunanda12345

      Gm veer…have a nyc day…

    3. Good morning veer bhaya wish u a great day???

  3. Frnds plsssss pray for me tomorrow i am having my neet exam.I have no hope in it but i will try my level best.

    Coming to today’s episode.it was amazing,mind blowing and fantastic.each and every emotion showed by shivik as vitharv r outstanding.atharv taking madhav on to his arms and making him to sleep and that background music which use to come during scenes of sujatha and atharv done something to me.it is soooo realistic.atharv making madhav to eat food in absence of viv.and the main thing after sooooo many days I cried whole heartedly while watching jndsd.the last part of the show is just superb.there was something there in vikkus eyes.his eyes can speak anything…anything i must say.when he told “hamari bachi he” with his twinkling teary eyes some feeling came in my heart that i have never felt.he is suffering a lot bcoz he cannot see viv suffering.

    I am feeling like to stay in a room with full of vikkus memories.I want to decorate my room with vikkus photos and vikkus memories in different ways and want to change my room into vikkus world.but what to do know i have no chance of doing that but i will do it some day.

    1. Nazneen Syed

      All the best Pinky di. I know thus time you are definitely going to pass this exam with flying colours ??

    2. Pinky dear ,u will surely succeed in ur exam.don’t worry ,have faith in urself ?and keep smiling

    3. Sunanda12345

      Pinky dear all the best ra…u all have our blessings..just goo and rockzzzzzz the exam…have a bright future…

    4. Sunanda12345

      Pinky dear even my wish also same to keep all pics of vikku in my room…daily I will see vikku pics in mobile unlimited times…don’t know wt magic in his face ??such a lovely guy….

    5. Don’t worry pinky this tym u will pass with flying colours sure???and our prays are always with u go and rock dear all the very best and ur idea of decorating room I also had a wish we can make it true???

    6. Hiiiii my dear frnds….i am back from my exam.from today holidays 4r me.hurryyyy i am going to enjoy my holidays.with ur all wishes and prayers i have done my exam well.don’t know what will be the result but i will be happy with anything.thank u all guys who have wished me.from now up to 2 months i will be free and will be in touch with u guys more.?????
      Gud afternoon all ?????

      1. Happy to hear that ur exams were good..surely u will achieve ur dream ?

      2. happy to hear ur exam went well…dont worry ur result will be good……

  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTvxbrVhune/
    See this guys…I am not getting anywords to describe him.he is running like cheetah.but one thing i can say is i have fallen in love with him 1000th time ?????.he is multi talented.

    Coming about the video.I think he is running behind their daughter.by seeing his speed i am feeling like he will reach his daughter soon.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Pinky did you remember…in telugu movie..Allari naresh will also run like this…vikku really a great rock star….tq for sending link pinky…tq for so much…??

    2. Atharv’s race started ????

    3. I also saw it …viku running so I think they found there princess let’s wait and c????

  5. Pinky, Good Luck for your exam.
    By the time you read this I wish you have attempted your exam fantastically and happily reading this.

    If we accept what ever life throws at us with a smile on our face and positivity in our thoughts, life starts giving us whatever we deserve. So never get disappointed or depressed. You only enjoy the success which comes after many struggles and few failures. Every failure is a lesson to learn. Don’t stop learning some day we will definitely succeed.
    After reading leave all these philosophies and just smile and stay positive.

  6. Oh my what an emotional episode, the scenes where madhav is asking for his mom & Atharv tucking madhav to bed was just so saddening & the last part too really i don’t like seeing vitharv this way it’s heart breaking, hope they find their little girl soon so we can see their cute smiley faces again.

    Kango Tara will never let Guddish rlnsp to blossom as long as she is stuck in vashisht’s house i don’t have any hope for Guddish. Today her feet & hands got hurt 2morow she might just knock her head on the wall. Don’t know whether she’s enacting drama to seek ravish’s attention and create rift btwn Guddish or what.

    Gud morning lovely friends ;happy Sunday to all of you.

  7. Yesterday all were rocking with their expressions. Madhav is feeling insecure now and most probably he will incline towards kangana/tara.guddi’s jealous…
    I think ravish is taking extra care of kangana . Kangana is utilising the chance very much with madhav.Even though madhav is her child but can’t accept the fact.
    In the last scenes …no words at all vitharv …u will kill with ur expressions…atharv’s happiness when he came to know that they have a baby girl ?
    Now baby girl mission starts .vivi has waved the flag..

  8. o god feeling so sad for madhav why vividha behaviour is changing towards madhav one day before she was scared that if madhav will leave her and now she is ignoring him and I liked the part both getting emotional when vividha said not son daughter hope only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  9. Sunanda12345

    Hiii guys….episode was superb….atharv madhav bonding was awesome…why guddi misunderstanding ravish…ravish said to believe him…but still guddi geeting doubt on ravish….

    Finally vivida’s got succeed…she at least found that their child is a girl….
    And last dialogues of atharv r heart touching…

    Vivida is really a best maa…

    Gud mrg guys…have a great Sunday

    1. Gm sunanda have a great day???

  10. Hi frnds gudmrng. Have a nice day to all our jndsd frnds&fans.
    Nice epi and exciting precap. What to do vi…….dharv & Co for vi………..dharv daughter?
    I am eagerly waiting for today’s epi.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Hi sudheer…..

  11. Asana321

    Hai vitharvians ???
    I got registered

    1. Sunanda12345


  12. Asana321

    Good morning
    Have a good day to all
    How is it my DP???
    Actually meri pas vitharv ka photo nahi hai esliye I choose this pic

    1. Gud mng asana
      Ur dp is cute ..one of my mobile wallpaper ?

    2. Sunanda12345

      U r dp is soooo cute asana….

  13. vivi all d best.missioon”MY DAUGHTER””started.it will be really successfull…..go for it……

  14. why ravish doing this with guddi? he give attenstion towards guddi.

  15. sorry type mistake.he is giving attenstion towards kangarooo…
    he take care guddi so that she dont feel jealous.

  16. Oh my god wat an episode vitharv nailed it??? but very sad for cutie madav …he wants his old mama back bt so sad and vitharv scenes were awesome vivi is perfect as a mother and viku expression when he came to know that they have a daughter ho can’t explain his eyes were so…magical oh guddi wat to say??? may vitharv get there daughter now there mission starts vitharv and ravish all the best….

  17. RAOne


    Today I saw results of my OS………. it was really disapponting for me…….
    I got lowest marks there…. which were displayed i.e. 70 marks……by seeing comment on FF i thought that I have chance to win the this competition….. but I was completely wrong….. for disapponting to all as well…….i know i made mistake their but still….reality is reality….. with this…..

    i would like to thanks to all the people who supported my both FF…..thanks for your love…
    i will never forget support and love you gave….. and would like to thanks all those as well who suggested me area of improvement….with this i would like to [email protected],Sunada,Sweety,sandy.Viz Pinky,Aleya MARZA,Lihna, Shaani,Diya, ShaSha,Veer,DOlly,Aliza thanks all…..

    WHAT WANT SO AT LAST IS I QUIT!!!!!!! frnds from writing because this competion showed my true refelection of skills….. but would continue to be member of this family…. i will comment…….because were part of the show whose name is…… JANA DIL SE DOOR.

    1. Hey RAOne don’t worry yaar this os competition is not a final one….there are many more opportunities to come for u
      Its not about winning the competition ..u have won so our hearts..so plz don’t be disappointed. Don’t say that u quit …because u r a bold person…don’t take such quick decisions..plz its my request
      God surely gave u such a creative skill..plz continue with ur skill.
      Keep smiling yaar ?

    2. Sunanda12345

      Don’t feel bad raone dear….plsss smile

    3. Hey RAOne, don’t get too disappointed with the result. Remember one thing life gets bored when every thing goes our way. Challenges and failures are part and parcel of our lives. Don’t be impulsive in judging your failure. Analyze what went wrong and try to correct it. Your content was really good. You just have to improve your writing skills, avoid mistakes. Your FF were also good. Next time when you write an OS please keep in mind to follow a flow of scenes. You have to construct a story by visualising the scenes. Write scenes separately and connect the scenes to construct a beautiful story. Most of the movie stories are written this way by writing scenes and connecting them. Hope you don’t stop writing. Keep cheering and keep up the good work.

  18. RAOne

    really sorry if forgot any name…..thanks to them as well…..
    yes all the other please keep FF for beautiful Shivani and atharv…. all the [email protected] 200,Sunanda12345,Alizha111, wonderful3112…. keep it up keep writing….

    1. Raone why r u saying that u will quit.do u know how much i am missing ur ff.i told u many times that u r such a brilliant guy.I read ur os the story was good…arrangement of scenes were good but there r many small small mistakes like he in place of she and she in place of he only some common mistakes.competition is competition right there each and every small mistake will be counted so next time avoid them then u will be the no.1
      Don’t worry for these all things still there r many to achieve in life.so be happy and continue ur ff if u will not post ur next episode of ff with in your possible time means then see I will not talk to u anymore. Really i am dying to read ur next epi of ff do it fast.

      Be happy dear always our all support and wishes will be there u.so don’t worry know.cheer up and start writing ur next ff.?????……….ur dear frnd pinky…

  19. @raone as I always mention in your ff and os also I had mentioned you are great I always say that I too had a talent like this to write any ff and you are just amazing but everyone doesn’t have this talent so keep it up and keep writing only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  20. Aleya.marzan

    hey every one 1 day left keep voting for vitharv.

    @ raone

    dont lose hope.it was toooo good os.n my name is aleya marzan .u always forget ‘n’ .

    @viz di

    may many wishes for u keep fighting my warrior

  21. Aleya.marzan

    @sandy di
    did u registered?by name of sandy123

    1. No aleya .

  22. Hey RAOne what are you saying you want to quit while am here eagerly waiting for the next ff episodes. please don’t do this your stories were really good and am sure if you keep writing u’ll definitely improve much much more n you’ll be amazed one day when you look back and realize the greatest mistake u were going to commit by quiting. RAOne when we fall down what do we always do we stand n continue with our journey same here RAOne stand up n continue with your journey u haven’t reached ur destination yet. Believe in yourself dear don’t lose hope bcoz in God we are more than conquerors. N update your ff soon am eagerly waiting.

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