Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Kailash saying no one will talk to any outsider. Vividha says Papa, but maybe Atharv can help us. Kailash says Atharv Atharv, do you know how many times you took his name, who is he, we are not related to him. this is about our family, its our matter, I don’t want help of Atharv. He asks Vividha not to have any relation with Atharv.

Atharv comes there with Sujata and uncle. Kailash asks how dare you. Atharv says we will talk about your hatred, not my courage, I tried to explain you a lot, I requested you and thought you will change your thinking for her happiness, she regards you as her Lord, your ego and pride made you blind that you can’t see her happiness, I should have known that you will not allow her to come to temple, you have caged her and does not let

her fly, is this your victory to snatch daughter’s happiness, Vividha is not taking decision as her father is not supporting her, I will not let her voice get suppressed today, I m standing here. He goes to Vividha and says just hold my hand once……. He forwards his hand and says then any power in the world can stop you, we will go to temple and get engaged right away. Ankit says how dare you…. Atharv pushes Ankit. Ankit falls down. Atharv says not today Ankit, I can’t stop by anything today, and Vividha won’t stop by any fear, I know she wanted to come to temple and she was not allowed to come. He asks her not to get scared and hold his hand once.

Kailash asks Vividha did I stop you from going to temple, tell him. Vividha says no and cries. Atharv gets shocked.

Kailash asks did you hear it, Vividha decided herself that she won’t go to temple, will she has to say this again, I don’t force her for any work, you are calling my temple house as cage, I keep my children safe from people like you, its not their helplessness to stay here, they are secured here, if you are done of insulting me, then leave.

Atharv stares at Vividha and says this can’t happen. Kailash pushes Atharv out. Atharv says my heart can’t cheat me, my trust can’t be wrong, I have heard your heart. Kailash asks don’t you understand her no, she did not go to temple as she does not want to get engaged to you, don’t make me helpless to explain in other language.

Atharv stops Kailash from shutting the door, and gets inside the house again. He asks Vividha why did she not hear her heart, I told you I will wait for you in temple, I asked you to just take one step. He cries being much disappointed. He says it was my mistake, I thought you had a spark which will get freedom by motivation, blind can be given eyes, what about those who does not want to see the world, they can’t be helped, I wanted to become your feathers, but you don’t have courage to take decision or think what you want in your life, I was wrong, you are like puppets who live on other’s saying, who is afraid to dream, later after your age passes, you will wish you could have lived life as your heart wanted. Jaana na dil se door……….plays……………. Kailash says enough, you spoke a lot, leave from here.

Atharv tells Vividha that I wanted to show you a new world and make a new world with you, where you can choose your freedom and dreams. He stops Kailash and says wait, I m leaving. He tells Vividha that I loved your eyes’ innocence and heart’s spark, if that’s not there, it would be foolishness to love you, I was wrong to love you, cowards don’t have right to love and I have loved a coward. Vividha cries. Atharv leaves with Sujata and uncle.

Kailash says don’t know which birth’s sin is making me bear this goon Atharv. Atharv goes out. He removes his shirt and starts cutting wood, recalling Vividha. Uncle asks Atharv to stop. Atharv asks him not to stop him. Vividha tells Kailash that Chintu won’t attend call, I think Guddi is in big problem, file police complaint, do something. Kailash says nothing will happen. Chintu is a good family guy, unlike Atharv.

Sujata cries and says angers eats up a person. Atharv asks what does I have within now, I m not angry on Kailash, I m angry that I failed to change Vividha. Jaana na………..plays………… Sujata says think with a cool mind. He asks what, that I was forcing my one sided love on her. She says no, she loves you a lot, you both are made for each other. He asks how, she is not ready to hold my hand. She says it is not necessary our wait ends on the day we want, when we leave hope, the thing comes infront of us like a gift, everything has its own time. Atharv says don’t know till when I have to wait. Sujata asks him not to worry, times will change.

Atharv says I can’t wait more, anyone who has courage can change fate. She says maybe she needs more time. He asks why, we stay for right time and time passes, you waited for time, your husband and time did not come back. She cries. Atharv realizes what he said and hugs her. He apologizes and says everything is happening wrong today, forgive me. She says its fine, I was trying to say, everything has two views, think of Vividha and her perception, maybe she is helpless. He asks what can it be.

Vividha tells Kailash that we should not think of Sujata and Atharv, we have to think of Chintu. Badri says Chintu can’t harm Guddi, why are you tensed. Vividha says my heart is saying Guddi is in problem, Papa find her. Sujata says anything can happen. Atharv says Vividha’s life is like a well’s frog who does not see anything than her family….. Guddi…… He recalls everyone was present in hall, except Guddi. He tells Sujata that Guddi and Chintu were not there in hall……

Vividha tells Kailash that Guddi is missing since night, we don’t know where did Chintu take her. Atharv hears her and says my doubt was right. Atharv goes on his bike to find Guddi. He finds Guddi fallen in dirty water and torn sleeves, crying, while Chintu sees Atharv and prepares to run away. Atharv fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshdeep

    Haaaye Atharv?? Whatever you said to Kailash today was 101% correct. But your timing was wrong man. Vividha was already so engrossed in Guddi’s matter that she didnt even remember about you. In fact which sister will think of her engagement first when her sister is missing with a wrong guy???? Dont find Vividha wrong here. Maybe she didnt take Atharv serious. But Atharv was really so over-confident.

    Ankit is so weak. Ek hath se hi gir gaya????

    Superb dialogue by Atharv
    “Bujhdilon ko dil lgane ka haq nhi hota..or maine ek bujdil se dil laga lia”
    But doesnt suit Vividha..I feel pity on her??
    Atharv’s teary red eyes..With jndsd playing in bg…very painful episode today?? Vikram you nailed it??
    “Andhe ko ankh to di jaa skti hai magar agar wo dekhna hi na chahe” Time for Atharv fight back??
    Sujata said exactly right??? Everything has a timing. Atharv is thinking only about himself. But unknowingly he hurted his mother too.?

    And you Kailash??? Telling i dont stop my children from anything and just a minute before he was saying to Vividha not to have any relation with Atharv???
    2 stars ?? for the episode
    Precap is good. Finally Guddi mil gayi..? Well done Atharv?? What type of father is Kailash. Guddi is missing and he is calmly at his home???
    Thank you amena di for the update?
    Eid mubarak Amena di?

  2. Tq amena for the update.

    Really viv is a coward. I think now atharv understand why viv not came 2 temple

    Maybe atharv gets guddi back 2 home nd viv realises atharv’s love.

    Very very egarely waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  3. I just hope her dad takes it in right way wen atharv gets guddi back home…… N he shouldn’t blame him……
    Guddi should speak truth…….

  4. I will give 3 stars

  5. Eid Mubarak to all…..epi was nice but very emotional epi… So 2** stars…finnaly gutti mill gayi…bye guys can’t comments form tomorrow because tomorrow se I can watch the episodes in TV you guys carry-on…commenting have a great time with you guys…..bye bye vitharv rocks……..!!!!!

    1. Arshdeep

      Hey sultana
      Try commenting even if you watch the show
      Will love to read your comments

      Eid mubarak to you too?

  6. I too give***

  7. ? ? 2star fr the same reason as arshi di…arshi di u r ra8 hw cn ne girl think abt her engagement wn her own sis is in trouble…i know Viv lied to atharv which is wrong,bt if we see frm the side of Viv hw cn ne girl go against her Family fr her love fr ths small job,its different if the issue had big …Sujhata was perfect,she told atharva to look frm her side…

    sujhata told ra8 anger kills everyone,bt the anger gave a good sign in the show, kailash in anger behaved wild with uma,which Viv saw so she hv got a little idea abt her cruel dad….

    hope tht atharv remain angry,becz if he does tht Viv will realize her feelings as she will fill loneliness….

    hope atharv don’t do ne kind of serious thing to chintu in anger?,becz if he does it will create mny problems…

    lets hope tht frm nw Viv runs behind atharva nt atharva behind Viv….???✌✌✌

  8. Ahhh today’s epi is just good

    Acc to spoilers love???? is gonna sizzle b/w vivida n atharv.and few rain ?☔☔☔☔??sequence will be forecasted where vividha’s feet sprained and atharv lifts her.

    Ahhhhh waiting for that moment??????????????????

    1. Arshdeep

      Oh my God????? really????❤❤❤
      I am so excited…yayyy?????

  9. Yes aashi..i also hope so.I was thinking ki even if atharv gets guddi home…kailash may blame him again.And epi story is gud tday…but initially it was like one sided as atv was thinking about himself only…but towards the end..it all got sorted out…atv got to know there might b some prb.precap is gud as guddi has been found…but the way she was found really disheartened me.I seriously didn’t like guddi being tortured dat way..although she should have listened to atv’s warning..but its so painful to see a young girl like that.Its acting but in and around these things happen everyday.I wish ppl stop torturing girls.It is very very disappointing.

  10. Atharv is delusional, why don’t u be sure that someone wants to get engaged before preparing a ceremony. Lol. Never seen anything like this before.

  11. Hi everyone…
    Ipsita I am completely agree with u.infact I also don’t like that shashank vyas such a bhondu kind of face he has. I like tall dark and handsome boys like vikram and vishal aditya singh not this shashank.I know I should not say this to him but what to do yaar.
    I think vividha will get marry with this ravish.but I think then story will take turn like hum dil de chuke sanam where ravish will play the role of ajay devgan. after knowing that his wife love someone else he will try to unite them I think.
    if nothing will happen like that.if they will represent story like end of the movie(hum dil de chuke sanam)& other shows where after marriage hasband becomes everything for a girl.and vividha started liking ravish.like that pati parmeshwar type of drama I will not watch it.
    I believe that sacha pyaar itni asaani se nhi milta.so I am ready to watch this ravish story but won’t tolerate it too long.
    So atlast vitharv should be together & forever…
    Or wo bhi bahot jald.this ravish chapter should be for few days..
    and I will give **.
    But one more star for the dialogue.
    Buzdilon ko dil lagane ki izazat nhi hoti…
    Aur maine ek buzdil se dil laga liya!!!
    So total 3 stars for today’s episode.
    And happy eid to all…

    1. Arshdeep

      Yaar i seriously dont want to believe this track that vividha will get marry to ravish??
      The charm of show will end with their marriage..nooooo??..he may come in show and leave but not marriage please..?? Please writers ??

  12. Very ?

  13. happy fan :)

    imotional epi……. precap is gud….. waiting for chintu getting exposed……

  14. Superrrrrrb acting of atharv…no words I m speechless…I will gv 4 stars…5 stars when vivtharv scene cms

  15. I think they will bring Ravish’s character for few episodes to spice up the story.
    At the end Jndsd is all about Atharv and Vividha …how they unite at the end overcoming all the obstacles .
    Also Shilpa Tulaskar ma’am ( Sujata) told in an interview that Jndsd is a pure love story of Vividha and Atharv and how they fight the society for their love…their are many twists and turns in the story but at the end its all about Atharv and Vividha’s love and how they unite at the end .

  16. Hi everyone..
    1st of all Eid Mubarak to u guys ??
    Today’s episode was gud..all things were just fast running…Starting n ending were just like a turned table..
    Arshdeep I also agree u..Atharva was a bit overconfident..He should have think that Vividha never given any green signal from her..except that Binocular thing..Love z just started to blossom for her..She needs time to realize all these..Atharv said that “Mein aapki pankh Banna chahta tha” but how could he forget that..Hw can a captivated bird fly all f sudden..?? She needs to gain confidence over her..I m glad that at the end Atharva Got to know about Guddi..N that chintu..sooo ghatiya character he has..
    Kailash z blindfolded by richness,so called status..if according to precap Atharv would save Guddi n bring her back to home still he ll not convinced as he has a spoilt brain..he can never able to digest that a “Doodh wala” helped him..it’s Time for Vividha to stand up for right….
    Every actor nailed it..superb especially atharv his dialogues n facial expressions made everyone cry?..Vikram u nailed each n every bit..
    Ya guys I don’t wanna see a Sanjay Leela vansali movie..after Saraswatichandra..
    It’s just 50s episodes going..i think there z more drama to come..I just wanna See Vitharv together..
    I give 3* to this epi…especially for Vikram..
    I m totally agree with u Ad..
    I like Vikram..
    Shasank was perfect for jagiya..Don’t know what ll happen..Cvs don’t disappoint us..
    Atharv has lost everything only he has right to get true love..
    Thanks Amena for the update ?

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