Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv looking at his house and stable. He finds the place familiar. Vividha, Ravish and Sujata look for his reactions. Atharv sees the cow and caresses it. Sujata recalls Atharv taking care of the cow. Vividha too thinks of the old moments. Atharv acts like kid again and says, wow, there are many cows. Ravish looks at Vividha. Vividha cries. Atharv sees his bike. He says its such a nice one, shall I drive this. Abdul uncle comes and gets emotional seeing Atharv. He cries and hugs Atharv.

Uma comes and holds Vividha. Vividha hugs Uma and cries. Uma and Dadi happily cry seeing Vividha. Uma says we always thought of you. Atharv asks Sujata who is this old man. Ravish takes Uma and Dadi’s blessings. Uma and Dadi see Atharv. Atharv greets Dadi. Dadi asks did you

identify me, E for Indu mati. Atharv says E for elephant, are you mad. Dadi and Uma cry.

Uma goes and hugs Sujata. Sujata says my life got like this house, this house gave me everything once and now its having any pity for us. Uma asks her to be strong. Atharv prays seeing temple. Ravish gets idol and places it. Atharv asks everyone to pray. Sujata prays to her Murari. Atharv asks is this place made for Murari. Sujata says this place is of Murari itself. Sujata sees the stable and kitchen area. She recalls the old days. She sees the room upstairs. She recalls doctor’s words. Vividha observes Atharv holding his pants.

Vividha asks Atharv what happened, why is he doing like this, is he fine. Atharv says yes, I m fine. Sujata cries seeing the things and recalls memories related to each and every thing. She lights diya at her mum’s pic. Kailash hides and looks on.

Vividha and Sujata recall moments with Atharv and cry. Atharv asks Sujata whose house is this, its small but good. Vividha cries seeing Guddi’s pic. Uma says I feel like she will come running and laugh loud, I can’t believe she left us. Atharv shows Guddi’s pic and says she died. Sujata asks Atharv to come with her. She let’s go home now, come. Atharv says this is also our house, as Vividha is ours. Sujata says we will go to our home. Dadi asks Ravish what do we have to do now. Ravish says we have to get Atharv’s memory back, we have to look same situation and everyone should look like before. Uma says but everything changed, Vividha is married, how can she behave like before.

Ravish says its imp for Atharv to get fine, Vividha has to look like before. He asks Vividha to dress like before. Vividha recalls her old time. Vividha changes clothes and comes. Ravish sees her and gets mesmerized. Na jiya jaye…….plays…………… He recalls Vividha and Atharv. He walks to her and says you have to look exactly same like before, Atharv should not recall present by anything, not even by this mangalsutra. Vividha holds mangalsutra and hides it in clothes.

Sujata cleans the house. Atharv asks for water. Sujata gives him water and goes. Atharv sits eating food. Sujata takes care of cows gungun and Payal. She talks to the cow and says you were with me in all happiness and sorrow, see what happened to my Atharv. Atharv plays around the bed. Vividha comes on her cycle calling out Sujata. She asks for milk. Atharv looks on. Vividha recreates the old moment. Ravish, Uma and Dadi hide and look on. Sujata asks Atharv to give milk to Vividha. Atharv asks what do you want. Vividha asks for 10 litres milk. Jaana na dil se door……plays…….. Vividha recalls the old moment. Atharv gets the milk cans and asks her to take it. Vividha says no, you can’t give this to me, you kept this for someone else, did you forget. He asks really, I don’t know, you take this. She acts like in that moment and scolds him for pushing her. She shouts on him like before. Atharv recalls the moment and looks at her like before. Everyone look on.

Vividha says we will tie each other by love, not any bounds. She makes love promises and asks Atharv to promise. He holds her hand and gets tearful eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why vivi is doing this shaadi , mangalsutra drama !!!!! just hate this ?

    guys i’ve tell this before… cv’s intention is not for VITHARV ,,

  2. Ravish ke paas sabkuch hai . Atharv ke paas kya hai sirf uski maa not even his father and kailash ruined his life . Atharv is back just for Vividha he promised that “i vl fight vth death and come back ” . than y Atharv is back if Vitharv dnt unite . Atharv should die than everything vl b ok .then unite Ravidha . ?????. Pls unite Ravidha after Atharvs death . Bye bye to this shw .

  3. vividha pagal ho khya thum nahe mangalsuthrv nikal sakthe ho nahe atharv ko pyaar kaar sakthe ho rabish. I love you atharv thum kab tik hothe ho .I miss u so much………………………………….plzzz return back.

  4. i dont knw y i can also feel cvs r trying to unite only ravidha not our vitharv..todays epi last part was awsome ‘maine kab dhakka diya’ so funny nd eagerly waiting for tmrw episode vitharv fst vachan

    1. Plz Joe dandam pedta. Voorike ra……. Vidha anaku. Adi impossible. Inko sari ra……. Vidha ante ravish meeda ottu. ?. If ra… Vidha is end game den no one will oppose dem. if vividha expects ravish means no one to oppose dem. Kailash will be greatest hero, Suman, dadaji, rk, all considered very Gd people n atharv is villain. Trust me. Vitharv is end game. That mangal sutra drama will start after atharv recovery only. Now only story is how vividha succeed in her mission, n how they face society especially family n all so. Please don’t get disappointed. Enjoy d show. N in 1st vachan wn they took in phase 1 is jitna door chal sakte uthna door saath challenge. But in precap they changed as chase jitna bhi lamba safar hum kyon na Karen saath me karenge. Lamba is included in dat. Fingers crossed. Enjoy the show. I feel very bad for my self , to make our vitharv fans to believe in vitharv union.

      1. Sorry not challenge. It’s karenge. Karenge hum saath me karenge. Plz refer precap

      2. Ha sry suman di..

  5. Don’t get disappointment @xyz and loose hope all vitharv fans.The end game will be vitharv only because vividha loved atharv from her heart.Vividha had true love for atharv .Generally if a person has a true love how can they fall for another one.It is impossible.If it happens like that she can fall for anyone at anytime not only for ravish.Her character will get ruined by showing like that .Anyway she is the lead character ,so nothing bad will be happen.
    Coming to today’s episode it was emotional at the same time awesome,don’t worry for the magalsutra case,I think vividha did not want to disclose the truth to uma and dadi because they are already sad for guddi’s death.
    Hope for the best vitharv fans

  6. Don’t get disappointment @xyz and loose hope all vitharv fans.The end game will be vitharv only because vividha loved atharv from her heart.Vividha had true love for atharv .Generally if a person has a true love how can they fall for another one.It is impossible.If it happens like that she can fall for anyone at anytime not only for
    ravish.Her character will get ruined by showing like that .Anyway she is the lead character ,so nothing bad will be happen.

    Coming to today’s episode it was emotional at the same time awesome,don’t worry for the magalsutra case,I think vividha did not want to disclose the truth to uma and dadi because they are already sad for guddi’s death.
    Hope for the best vitharv fans

  7. Wait n watch. Only Vitharv. CVS won’t spoil the story which they created. Ra……. Vidha marriage is only to bring twist n to make two families familiar with each other. Don’t worry n get disappointed.

  8. I support to shruti and sudheer

  9. Happpyyyy fan

    We vitharv fans dont need to worry so much cause kaliash there to unite vitharv because once he enters the show to ruin atharv …vividha will be there to protect him and that will make their bond even more stronger.thats what i think.and regarding the divorce i think they will start the divorce drama after atharv regained his memory.lot of vitharv scenes coming up for us to watch.and this atharv memory regaining drama will continue till february.after that our atharv sujatha will be back…

    1. lovely awesome way of thinking di!!! hope ths only happens! hahahaha

  10. Today was an epic epi and what do you vitharve fans ? study

  11. Where in this wide world will you find a husband like Ravish,

    where ???????????

    Ravish is the hero

    1. @Nisa… U can find..more than ravish. Goto phase 1 of JNDSD.
      In phase 1.. U can find a true lover.who can sacrifice himself for his love.
      And u can also find a husband ..in a lover. Who made 7 vows before marriage.
      Ravish is just ravish..,.u can find ravish in Atharv. But u can’t find a person like Atharv Sujatha in ravish.

      1. i agreed with u @143

  12. I m happy with this episode…. hope ravidha unite:):):)

    1. Madeha124567

      Same here
      I also want them to unite?

  13. Rightly said suman and happppy fan

  14. Rightly
    said Suman and Happy fan

  15. Now also history repeats. How desperately kk tries to separate, they come more closer. It is d fact of jndsd. I am waiting for kailash kashyap

  16. I jst hate Ravish now he is becoming mahaan everytime . he is not main lead of this serial our main hero is Atharv and only Atharv .

  17. Vividha has to wear mangalsutra because now she has to convince dadi and uma, already that mangalsutra is removed and it’s just worn by vividha, ravish didn’t tie it to vividha after that.

    Also when Suman asked ravish to fill maang of vividha with Devi maa’s sindhoor, he dropped it purposely.

    Vividha kept karwachauth for atharv..
    Even vividha felt something wrong is happening with atharv when he was taken to mental asylum.

    Vitharv is united by soul. None can separate.. Vividha was intimate only with atharv… Their vachans always echoes.

    It’s only vitharv

    1. Yes u r correct dear. Plus vividha will never want kailash to win, I think after regaining memory atharv will refuse to go-to vashist house… I anymore liking the way ravish looking at vividha. Creepy

      1. It seems they r back to Delhi. They started shooting again in Delhi set. As u Said if atharv becomes normal in ajmer it self, he refuses to go Delhi n they can’t Create brother bond. That’s y they may moved back Delhi before atharvs full recovery

  18. Director sir.,.was hiding Atharv Sujatha’s…medicine.
    Till now Atharv get short period of memory.. High voltage memory will be out.. When Atharv Sujatha’s heart core villain Kailash come infront..

    I don’t have any hopes from ravish,vividha or Sujatha chachi..only one man can cure Atharv Sujatha is Mr.Kk.
    Plz bring him fast….
    I was unable to enjoy this recreation drama…becoz. Ravish was eyeing on vividha….Vitharv.
    Muje bhot acha nahi lagar…

  19. why is she still wearing manglalsutra???????????????

  20. @Forever shivik meeru ravish ni enduku thiduthunaru.mrg ki mundu tanaki vividha gurinchi telisi mrg chesukuni tana meeda feelings untey thapu.kani ravish ki mrg tarwatha 1 mnth ki telisindi.ravish vividha ki support chestunadu adey chala great.cvs ni anandi chee thu ani ravish ni kadu.valaku siggu undali okavela ah kiss scene kuda add chestey.husband petukoni lover tho romance

    1. Hi @vimla what u said i can’t understand, i don’t know telugu but i think u must replied here for @forever shivik’s above comment…. Thanks
      @forever shivik ur word can’t hurt me or my feelings….. Why r u worry this is only my personal feelings…
      I think u should not have any problem on my opinion right….. ?

  21. Hei frnds….
    I have one and only request to jndsd directors ,plss remove that mangal sutra,its getting on my nerves
    Mangalsutra, as such, is not just a jewelry item, but a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by married women, as a symbol of their successful marriage,unfortunately here marriage of vividha and ravish was not successful and was a forced one for vividha ,as there is no love relationship between both of them ,there is no need for that mangalsutra ,I don’t know if vividha is wearing that mangalsutra only for society,as vividha and ravish are successful married couple infront of society
    so plss remove it
    And plss unite vitharve

    1. I completely agree with you nidha

    2. U r right…. Mangalasutra is many problem in show and with all ra..vidha fans….

  22. @143 oh…..really?

  23. Ravidah vitharve @pinky your disturbing me…..the true fact is that ravidah will unite because it the upcoming episodes atharve sees Kalish and ….kills him so he goes to jail and that’s when ravish and uma take care of her than ravish organise a special romantic dinner plan….to calm vividah????????????????????

    1. No…. If atharv goes to jail and ravidha have romance, I will never watch this serial again.. I want vitharv to unite.. Is this really true???

  24. @143 I agree ☝️ ravish was eying in vividah and that is only problem……,,
    He ❤️ loves vividah secretly but can’t say it because he knows she loves atharve and I heard it makes ravish really uncomfortable ? but at last we should be great full to ravish for sacrificing his love ❤️ and only for his step brother and his wife but from my opinion vividah should also take care of ravish’s feelings

    1. Wt do you mean by vividha should take care of ravish . some times u support vitharv some times ra….. Vidha. It’s not fair.n y atharv should go jail for loving vividha n sacrificing every thing for her.do U think, if atharv go to jail, ravish will take advantage of situation n convince vividha. N will vividha she conveniently dump atharv in jail dat to for murdering their enemy, her baap n start romancing with ravish. I pity u. Wow u justified vitharv love for each other n ravishs one side love. Great. If you support ra……. Vidha u can but stop ur imagining atharv destruction.

  25. Hi . nazneen syed,suman,nidha,Joe,Nita 26 and everyone.., good noon.
    Waiting for today’s episode.

    1. ? good noon dear

    2. Hi 143. Not simple waiting eagerly waiting with box of tissues ?. Todays episode emotionally drain us ??

      1. People who watched all episodes of phase 1n true fans of jndsd(not particular actor) will be with me n in same condition as me. Happy tears ?

    3. Hii gd aftn

  26. Please dircector Saab don’t hurt ? anyone’s feeling and do the best

  27. @nidha which class do you study ? in?
    Ravidah might reunine?

    1. Anam dear…i am a 1st year degree maths student…and u
      And what about others ..in which class do guys study

    2. Do you know meaning of ?. Heart break. So u r right ra………… Vidha ?. Vitharv ❤️????????

  28. exactly guys plz vividha and athrav shod be united as soon as possible…

  29. Wtever u said is absolutely right.some are saying we can find ravish like husband anywhere.but finding atharv like lover is not unimaginable.is that true is there any husband like ravish who support his wife to go to her bf.having love towards vividha is not at all fault of him he has right to love her he too had taken 7 vachans with vividha.but denies to full fill it but he is fulfilling that in his side he is flawless.so far in my life I saw a few of lovers like athravs but no where I found husband like ravish.

  30. Suman this is not my imagination but that what I’ve heard and I don’t want atharves destruction anyway because I’ve watched the serial from epi 1 and I’ve also read it on future storries and I’m not a ravidah fan but a vitharve fan …………

  31. @kal that is what I’ve heard and read

  32. Atharv gets normal aftr that he knws abt ravish nd vivi relationship he wil sacrifise his life(vivida) for his brother.. Some people alwayz under estimate atharv sujatha nd thinks only ravish sacrifise all things.. They don’t knw abt wat is atharv sujatha..

  33. @I’m studying doctors to become a surogeon

  34. @suman what I mean by should take care of ravish is make sure he doesn’t feel hurt because he’s done ✅ a lot….

  35. I agree with you amen

    Vitharve vitharve vitharve

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Hope baby ? atharve gets well soon

  36. @joe how can atharv sacrifice vivida
    One day atharv said instead of blood vivida is in his veins
    Sooo once think positively

    1. Ha i knw frd i replied fr some people thinks only ravish is mahan..

  37. Cant wait for today’s epi………… & suman I also agree with you hope what happens for the best

  38. Yes atharv. Has also sacrificed

  39. I agree vividah and atharve should be united but that might not happen and what I commented earlier on about Kai Kalish murder might also be true

  40. I could not resist myself from laughing that dialogue that blood is not the one . flowing in my veins but that it’s is vividha wt a dialogue from where can sws are able to get the thoughts of as such.there is no content in this show.full of inferiority.wt this promises,vachans blah blah….??keep them aside . How a lie is fair to make truth win breaking a promise is also fair.the directors want to make ravish sacrifice his life for vithrav union that’s the main intention of sending him along with atharv and vividha.do whatever u want bye bye jnndsd .I request jnndsd please windup the show as early as possible.and don’t come up with a story like this further.

    1. S blah blah blah is just entertainment. Dis is just drama. In entertainment every thing is right. It may not ok for all. But who don’t like can happily leave d show. Ethics all won’t exist here. Only trps can change the track dats it

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