Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha seeing the army men. The army man asks who are you, what are you doing here alone, don’t you know about curfew. She says I came to find Ravish. He asks are you his wife. She says I know you can help me, border is close, you can know where they took Ravish. He says we don’t know exact location, we are trying to find him.

She shouts you can’t do anything, you should have freed me till now, Ravish did a lot, when he needs you all, you are saying about protocol, Ravish does not think to give up his life for any of you, and you all are thinking so much, if you don’t help me, I will find him. He says he is not here, terrorists took him across the border, they are attacking in this area, you can’t roam here, you have to come with us to camp area.

She refuses. He says there is shoot at sight orders, come with us. She thinks if I go with them to camp, they can send me to Delhi.

She says I don’t know you, I will not come along. He says you are an army officer’s wife and I m taking your security responsibility. She says you can’t force me to come, I m not comfortable. The man says fine, but we can’t leave you alone this way. He asks the men to take care of Vividha and arrange ration for her, I will inform Colonel. He goes.

Its night, Vividha sleeps in temple. Two men guard her. They find the place unsafe for her and think she should go back, but as she is Ravish’s wife, she will not go. Vividha recalls Ravish. She wakes up from sleep. The man asks what happened Mam. She says nothing. She thinks I don’t let anything happen to Ravish, I will find you any way, don’t lose courage. Ravish is tortured by the terrorists. They scold Ravish and ask him to pay the price for killing their men. Ravish recalls shooting the terrorists. Ravish is asked to come back. Ravish asks a soldier to get thus chance and go back. The man refuses and goes ahead. The man gets shocked. Ravish shouts out his name. He gets caught by the terrorists. Vividha thinks to fool the army men and leave, else they will not let her go. She makes excuse of going bathroom.

Sujata lights diya and prays that Vividha finds Ravish, get both of them back safe. Suman looks on and asks her to stop this drama. She says the one who is my life’s curse is praying for my life. Sujata says we all have to unite at this tough time. Suman argues with her. She says your son Atharv whom Ravish loved so much and risked his life for him, Ravish sacrificed his marriage and love and kept smiling, and when Ravish is in need of help, what did your son do, Atharv went from here, this puja has no meaning. She blows off the diya angrily. Everyone get shocked.

Vividha walks towards the border. She says there is no security here, border has security, I did not know its so easy to cross border. Some militants come there and see her at the border line. Sujata asks what did you do Suman ji, why did you do this abshagun. She lights diya again.

The men talk cheaply seeing her and then aim the missile on her. The man says she will not enter this area and not go back. The man shoots the missile. She gets shocked seeing the missile aired. The missile blasts. Atharv holds Vividha and takes her away. They both fall down. Sujata says I have lighted diya for both of them, and you have done this.

Abdul uncle comes and says not for two children, pray for three children now. Sujata asks Atharv…. Vividha sees Atharv.

Atharv and Vividha argue. He asks to come with him. She refuses to come without Ravish. He asks her to go and die then. She says I live or die, its my decision. She falls in the river. Atharv turns and shouts Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Day by day jndsd getting boar nd from 1week iam nt watching serial due to just Bcz of vivid a’s character really worse if writer wants unite ravidha then plz unite ravidha don’t show a girls character like this once she love atharv nd then husband nd then again lover what kind of role it is really disgusting show the show has completely lost it fame due to characterless character …. Thank god that I have quitted this show early . Nd today I have read todays episode . Nt as much good . But I loved the last scene of atharv nd vividha . I just want to say plz writers don’t drag the serial for ur trp’s rate . If u want unite ravidha unite ravidha r if u want to unite vitharv unite vitharv . But don’t make a girl as a confusing nd characterless I request u . Compare to jndsd , kuch rang pyar ki isey bi is far better Bcz in that serial they r nt showing a triangle love story nor a girls character as characterless, hate u jndsd writers… Goodbye jndsd . I love to watch nly vitharv….

  2. Utter nonsense

  3. these creatives r totally mad or they r making us fool….what nonsense r thy showing…story they r making n showing us is just a crap..

  4. Plz don’t blame vividha. In phase 2 how she took care of atharv. How much pain she suffered. I don’t know how people r forgetting dat. She is very determined about her decision. She never confused about atharv. Only conditions made them to misunderstand each other. Again n again I am mentioning vividha not confusing, we some viewers confusing n accusing vividha. We r confusing means fault is in us, not in vividha. Jndsd is vitharv for each other.conditions around them changing making things worse, but not
    Their love for each other. Ra……. Vidha fans blaming vividha is justified as vividha left ravish. But I don’t know y vitharv fans. Plz Be patient. It is a daily show,we can’t expect all tracks to be Gd.

    1. Well explained @suman.
      Vividha has no confusion abt her choice. She love Atharv. And ravish is a good frnd. Don’t understand y ppl blame vividha.

    2. ya actually you are right suman..
      vivida didn’t say till now she is loving ravish or she chose ravish like that…
      only atharv misunderstood her letter she didn’t mention any where…
      and cvs are using that to confuse us by atharv misunderstanding that’s it..
      it doesn’t mean if she went for save ravish it doesn’t mean she loves ravish it is her responsibility there is a lot of difference between love and responsibility ..
      and another thing they didn’t give time to clear their misunderstandings so that’s why all are thinking like that but may be they will clear that all now…

  5. Eva1

    Even though Vividha have always said she loves Atharva and she does the writers make some uncertainty in her character to keep both Vitharv and Ravidha fans tighten to the show. So how some people want Vividha to behave different than that when the writers are doing the very same thing with us both …

  6. Nice episode.

  7. @joyti
    Well said i mean i really like your way of explanation for whom who think if we pressies RAVISH so we insult ATHARV or VIVDHA…….. That not true guys…..if we like RAVISH so we can insult or abuse ATHARV. ……bye bye dear Jyoti…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 …keep smiling eswari, Jyoti & pinky….

  8. Eswari have a lovely day ????????????

  9. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????

    Ye specially mere desh ke jawan or captain ke lia…. I love my country & fully respect our army men. ☺☺

  10. Vivida are you mad ??.why you shouting on atharv.i think you loss memory when suman slaps you???.please reunite vitharv???

  11. Gud morning dear friends. Have a nice day.

  12. I want t c vividha n atharva thgt nt ravish bcz frm strng thy love each oth ne wats dis man if vividha wll acpt ravish thn dat wll b a bore serie evr plzzzz director jst lt athrvividha tghth nt ravividha

  13. Ravidha????

  14. This serial Cvs following this two movies stories Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Dehleez .

  15. Good afternoon Vitharvians.
    If I was in the place of Sujatha I would have given a tight slap to Suman ???.

    How dare you Vividha to speak to our Atharv like that ??.
    @143.Calm down dear ?

    1. Good afternoon dear nazneen

    2. Gud afternoon nazneen.

    1. wow grtt news…
      eagerly waiting from so many months…

    2. Iam so happy.???

      1. Hey I don’t know. I am not sure.

      2. OK suman do no problem

      3. OK suman di no problem

    3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQM18Z6DG8W/
      Look at this.is this vitharvs marriage?
      I think so.
      Anyway I m superrrr happyyyyyy??????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Iam also chechi

    4. Dimpurose11234

      Wow di great news,
      Gud afternoon akka

  16. I lv dis serial but its getting worse day by day

  17. Hello everyone…dont blame vividha guys…vividha just wanted to save ravish and take off all d blames which r made by suman…actually dey r showing all dis crap to make both fandoms stick to d shw…manali track is just for good bonding btwn brothers…VITHARV will clear der misunderstandings…..

    Hi all of yu good evening…aaliya dear and xyz…i ll surely comment dear…hello suman di aaliya xyz 143 143k nidha nazneen

    1. Hi neeth.so happy to see u back.

    2. Hai dear neeth,iam so happy to see you back dear .Keep on commenting neeth.

      Good eve dear

  18. It should be that facing this crisis..Vitharva should unite forever..But till then lost interest in JNDSD…only scene worth watching today was Atharva and Vividha face to face and she being saved by him.Otherwise illogical and uninteresting.

  19. @Nikh. yeah i also accept different ppl have different views.
    But I don’t have any problem with @jyoti comment.
    Maybe jyoti had comment in positive way but. I got negative thing is..she said that vitharv to clear there misunderstanding and go without saving ravish.
    Actually u guys only say.. Y vitharv gone Kashmir??
    To save ravish Or clear there misunderstanding b/w each other??

    I got negative point towards vitharv here. Vitharv has gone to save ravish. Not for themselves to clear misunderstanding. Vitharv went kashmir ..being a good frnd(vividha). and as a brother (Atharv)
    so they have to save ravish..not to be selfish like clear there misunderstanding and return home with empty hands.
    That’s it. Nothing else. No more argument abt it.
    [email protected] and all who felt my comment rude.

    1. Dear 143
      I didn’t say like that yaar. ..
      If you hurt I’m sry ok..
      What did you say everything is right…
      I also agree with you..
      They can’t see ravish pain that’s why she said like that I just wanna tell you this thing only..
      I’m sry

  20. Hello mia, Jyoti,eswari,pinky and jay…
    Well said Jyoti.

  21. o god plssss give me back my those 100episodes only
    only of
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  22. Once check vikram singh chauhan

    1. Insta story

  23. @ shruti
    Hi shruti thank you dear…

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