Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Vividha seeing the paper burning by medicine. She stops Sujata and throws medicine. Sujata asks what did you do. Atharv shows the burning mat. Sujata gets shocked. Vividha says someone mixed chemical in Atharv’s medicine, some from home did this. Kalindi runs. Vividha goes to see and misses to see her. She just see the watch worn by the woman. She says who is doing this. Atharv says I will go out. Sujata says no and cries holding him. Vividha says Atharv is fine.

Atharv says I m strong. Vividha and Sujata cry. Vividha says we both want Atharv to get fine and stay safe, why don’t we do this work together, our victory is in making him fine. Vividha says Sujata has a mother’s heart, mother gives sacrifices for her child, mother does not take sacrifices.

Sujata looks at her. She says situation changed Vividha, you are someone’s bahu and wife now, you have new responsibilities now, you understand it. Vividha says I know it well. Sujata says you want to see Atharv getting fine, but you can’t give your life in charity, you can’t be with him all the time, you gave to take care of this family, leave my Atharv alone, so that we all can move on.

Ravish says whoever did this, it would be for stopping your investigation or getting saved if Atharv has seen that person’s face. Vividha cries and says I could not do anything to see that culprit’s face. He says its good that we can understand the culprit is tensed and will do mistakes, you were right, we will find him easily now, we will give medicines to Atharv silently, so that no one can mix anything in his medicines. She says fine, I will need time to make food, shall I get coffee for you, you look tired. He says no, I will take some rest.

Everyone dine together. Suman asks Vividha about Ravish. Vividha says he is coming. Suman says Abheer, its good you came. Atharv and Ravish come. Atharv asks shall I sit here between Ravish and Vividha. Ravish asks him to sit. Atharv asks whats this, who eats this and throws bread on Abheer. Daddy ji scolds him. Ravish says he was just… Daddy ji shouts Ravish, discipline controls things. Abheer says its okay. Vividha asks Atharv to sit quiet. She bends to pick the spoon and sees Kalindi and Abheer holding hands under the table. She sees the watch Kalindi is wearing. She recalls the watch and gets shocked. Kalindi asks for juice. Vividha passes her. Kalindi asks Abheer to go club with Papa for breakfast. He nods. Vividha thinks did Kalindi try to kill Atharv, is she behind all this. Kalindi gives a smile. Vividha thinks.

Ravish asks are you sure. Vividha says yes, when I bent, I have seen Kalindi and Abheer secretly holding hands, then I saw her watch, it was same watch which I have seen on that person’s hand who mixed chemical in Atharv’s medicine, sorry, I know you are feeling bad, I m saying what I have seen. He says I promised you I will not forgive the culprit and get justice for Guddi, if Kalindi tried to kill Atharv, it means she has killed Guddi.

She says but I don’t know the reason, did Guddi know about Kalindi and Abheer’s affair, and Kalindi did this to shut her mouth. He says how can Kalindi do this, can she kill anyone to hide her affair, she has to answer us. She stops him and says don’t hurry, we have to think well, we don’t have any proof. He says Kalindi is clever, I will see her. She says no, we have to take risk, I have an idea. She tells her idea.

Atharv goes to Kalindi’s room and picks her phone. She sees him and asks why did you take my phone, what are you doing in my room. He asks shall I pick you. She asks what. He shows the ball there. Vividha asks what are you doing here, its time for your medicine. Kalindi asks them to control Atharv. Vividha and Atharv say sorry and leave.

Vividha asks Atharv why did you go to Bua’s room. Atharv shows Kalindi’s phone to Vividha and Ravish. Vividha asks how did you do this, and why. Atharv says I heard your plan that you want Bua’s phone. He recalls hearing Vividha. He says I had similar fake phone, I got Kalindi’s phone, whatever you want, you will always get it, I will get it, promise. Vividha recalls his words. Ravish looks on. He asks how did you do this. Atharv says I was playing with ball and heard you both talking, then I went and swapped phone.

Atharv says we won and Bua lost, she has seen me, but she did not know anything, I will tell her. Vividha says no, we are playing secret game, be quiet. Atharv says fine, bye. He goes. Vividha says if Bua knows we have her phone… Ravish says we will check her phone first. Daddy ji tells about Abheer’s dad and his old times, how they have gone on tough mission. Atharv says its silent, I can also silently do many things which none can know. They all look at him. Atharv says I m very smart.

He asks Suman to go and get coffee for her also. Suman asks Kalindi and Bhoomi to come, we will clean kitchen. Atharv sings kahin pe nigahein…. Kalindi looks on. Atharv says I know everything, I m very smart.

Ravish says Kalindi called on this number many times on Guddi’s death day, and messaged too, to end the matter else they both can fall in trouble. Vividha asks whose number is this. Ravish says number is not saved, but the display pic is there. They see cat image.

Vividha and Ravish go to Abheer, and see two phones with him. Vividha says I will try his number and check. She calls on his number.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finnaly vivida gets 2 know about kalindi.day by day episode get very interesting.atharv is helping 2 vivida in each nd every step.i think atharv did not had mad.
    By the by today atharv stills r awesome.
    He is giving clue 2 vivida for findings proofs

  2. Director saab agar no save nahi he toh true caller use karna tha..??

  3. Hai guys … Iam new here …. Any body know tamil…….day by day the serial increasing the twist and turns..but I like this serial…

    1. Hi sugan yep i am tamil.

  4. Now I hope ki frens ravish ke achchai ko dekhpaye.Ki WO vividha ko madat hi karraha hai na ki uska kuch bura chahata hai…..gd job ravish mujhe bhi lagraha hai , u deserve more better than vividha.

  5. I was correct…atharve is acting..he is helping vividha to find out the real culprit..the way he is talking to kallindi proves that he is in his senses

  6. Iam egarly waiting …. Whose the killer…..

  7. Hi Sugan I am Tamil

    1. ho… Hai ramya…. Glad to chat with you☺️

  8. ho… Hai ramya…. Glad to chat with you☺️

    1. Hi sugan I am also Tamil

  9. atharv rokz today..he alwayz helping others even in this state also..

  10. Komal ombale

    Ravish & vividha ka romance dikha do na.plz plz.ravidha is best jodi

  11. Pls tell me who is real culprit.i was so mentioned
    I like to see vivida and atharv together

  12. Me too sugan 🙂 enga irukkinga?

  13. Who is dis black cat??? Maybe Abheer love black cat that is y he used black cat coat.
    I think Abheer stitched black cat coat to meet Kalindi secretly.
    Before guddi’s fight with Aditi.. Guddi may found Kalindi and Abheer romancing. That is y Abheer took guddi at the time of Aditi-Guddi fight.

  14. Wowwww Atharv u r so sweet no words to say in this stage also u r doing so much for ur love Vividha??????☺☺????

  15. Is there any malayalees here..am from Kerala..wow atharve I loved ur dialogue”kahi pe nigahe kahi pe nishana”
    Atharve is the asset of this serial

    1. Hiii iam also from kerala

    2. hiiiii,I’m frm Kerala and big fan of Atharv

  16. Iam at pkt side…. U??

  17. Ravish vividha kee kitani help ,care karta hai.ravish is best husband,brother,armyman,son hai

  18. hope for vividhaatharva reunion I wish ravish fall for someone else bciz he is a good nan but he is coming in between vividha atharva and he also doesn’t looks nice with vividha

  19. I think adharv did not have mad. So may be adharv killed guddi.

  20. Ravish vividha ki kitani help,care kar raha.ravish is best husband,brother,armyman&son…..best acting

  21. I am also tail ramya. …yenaku ravish and vividha onnu seranum. ..ungaluku? ?

  22. PKT na pattukottai ah? Hi hema ennakkum ravish vivi pidikkum but others have different opinion. Nidha I am a malayali settled in Coimbatore. I know malayalam and Tamil

  23. This serial is awesome hope atharv and vivdha get back together soon

  24. Pls don’t drag much and expose the culprit soon, bring atharv to normal state.

  25. Looks like Kk is the killer, in league with Kalindi n Abheer….motive 4 Kk Vividha to remain with Ravish n Kalindi’s motive to get rid of Atharva 4 d property. Guddi must have accidently got to know abt this, that’s Y she got killed.

    Again, both the male leads r helping Vividha, one in his complete senses n the other in his current incompatible sense. (Atharva I presume gets flash memories back)

    Meanwhile if he is pretending to b mental and help Vividha that is becoz he can do it only by staying mad. I guess once he comes to his proper self, he will let go of Vividha to keep her marriage with Ravish (If ppl know Atharva from the beginning he always plays fair and if u remember his 6 vow to her, to continue to live and embrace life evenue without him)

    I feel the ending will land up with both Suman and Sujata ensuring that Ramakanth last wish for Artharva n Vividha is fulfilled as their tied with a bond of love with Ravish playing the saviour of uniting them thus keeping his promise to get them married himself.

  26. Ravish is the culprit….1000% sure..

    1. Never never never………

    2. No may be adharv is culprit. Ravish saves adharv’s life

    3. agree wth yu

  27. Yeah … It’s pattukottai…. Hai fathima??…..Iam watching this serial from the beginning……. Iam big fan of atharv and vividha ji……nanum avanga renduperum seranunuthan virumburan…….ramya ne Coimbatorera??

    Aprm malayalam korachu korachu ariyum??….

  28. Karan even I feel same. After knowing vividhas marriage atharv never come in between dem. But it is not matter of ravish or atharv. It is actually matter of vividha. Both brothers sacrificing for each other is expected thing. But they should think about vividha. N end game will be vitharv I am very confident about dat. As u Said all will fulfill ramakants last wish. N realize their mistakes as already they suffered from triangle. N I am sure ravish going to play important role for uniting vitharv. Even he don’t expect similar life as his mother. He is well matured.,humble n I am sure he will take risk for vitharv union. He never ever mess up vitharv after knowing truth. Vividha can’t fall for ravish. It’s impossible. She may show respect n feel guilt not love. But one more news I saw on location video in youtube. Some one murdered again named mehra. Most probably it is abheesh. Actual twist may be kk is behind all.twists n turns r ahead.

  29. N one more thing shashank n vikram both r talented actors. CVS never misuse them by turning negative. I am sure.

  30. I want Atharv and Vividha to unite soon.Please directors yeh murder ka drama khatam karo aur Atharv Vividha Ko milao.
    Ravish deserves better girl than Vividha.
    Ravish Ko uski opposite ladki milna chahiye.Ravish silent hai usse bahut bolne wali ladli milni chahiye.The girl should be cheeky,fun loving,bubbly,chatterbox as Ravish is not like that.

  31. Guys who is kk??

  32. Kk is kailash kashyap ?

  33. I completely agree with you both Suman and Karan. The main thing of the show is that history should not be repeated and that curse should be removed from Ramakant’s family with the new generation.
    So Firstly if Ravish and Vividha remains in this marriage bond and Vividha does not love Ravish throughout her life then the same history of Ravish’s mother (Suman) will be repeated to Ravish. At the same time atharv will be all alone without Vividha throughout his life and history of his mother (Sujata) will be repeated to Atharv. And Vividha will be in the place of Ramakant.
    Secondly if Vividha start loving Ravish then also Atarva will be all alone without vividha and he will be living the same strugling and suffering life along with Sujata for the rest of the life.On the other hand if vividha falls for Ravish (who is the son of that man Ramakant whome atharva claimed to hate most to Vividha)in the presence of Atharva after that deep and core eternal love and commitment with Atharva then Vividha’s image will look very cheap and Atharva’s all suffering, struggles, sacrifice,7 vachans,his return back for Vividha will be useless. It will look so illogical and painful to see Vividha and Ravish very happy and atharva in pain as always (that is history will be repeated anyway) and at the same time Ramakant’s last wish will not be fulfilled and his soul will not rest in peace for giving atharva the same life what he gave to sujata.

    So it should be Vitharv Union which can solve all these problems. With their love bonding only Ramaknt’s family will be free of that curse,witness the happiness in their family,Vividha and Atharva’s sacrifice will be fruitful and their soulmate theory will be in everyone’s heart and Sujata’s lifetime sacrifice will be fulfilled along with Ramakant’s last wish. After that as happiness and love will step into Ramakant’s family Ravish should get a perfect girl for hime who will love him eternally. this way Ravish should be paired with another girl and Suman’s wish will be fullfilled with happy ending

  34. Kailash kayshap

  35. Well explained manirul

  36. Yes sugan my hubby home is in cbe I am from palakkad Kerala.

  37. Pink I agree with u ravish deserve better than vividha

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