Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying window is jammed. She says everything will be finished, Madhav, my mum, Ravish…. He says nothing will happen, I m there. He sees the bath tub and takes her. The tiger hits the door. They hide inside the bath tub and hold their breath. Tiger enters the bathroom and looks for them. Tiger goes. They come out and slowly go out to check if the tiger has gone. They see the marks. He says I think he has gone from here, come silently.

She finds something and shows him. She says its Mata Rani locket, it means the tiger came to bless us, he was Mata Rani’s Vardaan. He says tiger was going to eat us. She says this locket was on the footprint. He asks will tiger wear Mata Rani pendant and come. She asks him not to joke. He says before tiger comes again

to bless us, we will leave. She sits in car and asks him to come fast. He says Mata Rani’s tiger, we got saved. She says miracles happen such. The watchman holds the window. Atharv and Vividha scream. They turn and see the watchman.

He says your bag… how was the night, was there any problem. Atharv says strange, your tiger did not eat you. The man asks what. Atharv says keep the bag behind. The man keeps the bag in car. He asks them to keep coming. They leave.

They reach home. Atharv says Mata Rani’s tiger had to come on our honeymoon. Vividha asks him to stop it now. Everyone smile seeing them. Sujata says stop there. Vividha asks why. Uma says you both are entering home first time after marriage. Guddi gets the kalash and aarti plate. Sujata does tilak to them. She does their aarti. Vividha hits kalash and they enter. They meet everyone.

Guddi asks seriously, was the tiger really there. Vividha says it did not happen as he is saying, I will say what happened. She tells everything. She says then I got this locket, it was Mata Rani’s blessing. Sujata asks Atharv why did he take Vividha to that resort. He smiles. Uma says yes, this does not happen. He says it was proper resort. Vividha says it was in middle of the jungle. Dadi says listen to me, you will see tiger if you go jungle to romance. They all smile.

Guddi says you could have searched on net about place. Ravish says yes, you would have asked me. Atharv says stop it, Madhav come and support me. Madhav asks did you get anything for me. Atharv says later, will you support me. Madhav says no, you did not get anything for me. Vividha says I got this something for you and makes Madhav wear the locket. She says Mata Rani will bless you. Guddi says its same locket which tiger left. Atharv says yes. They laugh. Sujata says don’t make fun of her.

Vividha unpacks. Atharv goes and hugs her. She screams. He asks does anyone scream when husband touches, wife gets happy. She says anyone will come. He says mata Rani’s tiger did not let me do anything there, I will not leave you. They fall on bed. He romantically talks and looks at her. She says when you got away from me for the first time, my eyes used to find you everywhere, then you came back, I just used to see you. He says you know your memories and face have kept me alive for many years. They recall the old moments. She says sometimes, past moments are remembered, Ajmer days, you remember how you told my Papa that you will marry me. He smiles and tells the lines. She claps and says great, very nice. He says you made me work hard to reach here. She asks really, when I agreed, you showed attitude. All their moments are shown in FB. She says today we are together, its looking nice to recall memories. Jaana na dil se door…… He says I could not understand what to call you, peace or restlessness, I felt happiness was less and sorrow was much. She says no sorrow now, just happiness. They smile. He romances her.

He says I forgot how many times I saw you with open and closed eyes, I thought to come as your shadow, but then I thought shadow leaves in darkness, so I know I will be with you as essence of body…. She says Atharv, anyone will come. Madhav comes and says mumma….Vividha hides behind curtains. He asks what are you doing here. Atharv says yoga. Madhav asks does anyone do yoga like this. Madhav asks for Vividha. Atharv says yes, I also heard her, she is outside, go. Madhav stops and asks again. Atharv says come, I heard her voice coming from outside. He makes Madhav out of room and shuts door. He says first Mata Rani tiger was not leaving, and now your Chamcha/assistant. They hug.

Dadi and others do aarti. They hear the girl crying. Sujata asks why did she scream so loud. Ravish and everyone enter the room to see the girl.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Sachin

      Hii di! Hope u remember me…😊😊😊

      nice to meet u after so,long…how everything going?all fine??

      nd btw do u watch ne othr show…i mean to say are u thr in any other telly pages??? Just asking as i very rarely see u…

      gn di take care…allaha aapki har khwaish purri kare…

      • Aailya

        Hai sachin. After a long time you are back. Happy to see you commenting.
        How was your exams? Now onwards
        comment regularly dear.

        Goodnite sachin.

      • Viz pinky

        @sachin.what r u saying?d”i hope u remember me.”she not only remember u she keeps on wishing u every day.always saying where r u sachin where r u sachin.she always remember u.yesterday itself we told her that u will be back soon.I am happy that u r here today.I got to now that u have exams.how did u write ur exams?hope u did well.comment regularly😊😊😊

      • Ooshi Akbar

        how could i forget u missed u alooo…t yesterday and before that i even asked for u how r u Dear sorry for very late comment but plz. reply love u Dear ur name doesn’t seems to be muslim but otherwise it’s Allah it’s spelling is this and a is capital it’s my exams Dear yesterday was first tomorrow will 2 tomorrow’s is killing me 3rd on monday and 4th on tuesday and then finish just 4 i am also on other pages like piya albela, ek vivaah aesa b and mehek by the way i will be on this page on regular basis for U,Viz Pinky and Sunanda but the list will always be start with u plz. reply Dear although i replied very late very very very and much more happy to see u how were ur papers Love U

  1. Ruby

    Wow what a nice episode cute vitharv mujye aisye lag raha ki my season 1 episodes dekh rahi huu very nice in this episode is ravish is not seeing sadly towards our lovely vitharv stupid triangle love story has ended iam very very happy very excited to see ravish ‘s partner

    • Nalini Persad

      Ruby, the name you call is not Vitharv, but Atharv. It is very ancient name in India. I liked your comment, thank you.

  2. aisha

    wow today’s episode was nice i really liked it a lot they were so scared by the tiger and when it left vividha saw locket and said it is matarani ka ashirwad for two of was i was laughing and that and two more things how madhav refused to take his side that time also it make me laugh and when madhav came in vitharv room then atharva said he is doing yoga and that horrible watch i liked today’s episode a lot reallly it was soooooooooooooooooo sooo soooooo soooooooo cute and specially after when they were back to their home and vividha was looking so nice and pretty i know you all will be bored by reading such a long comment but i am very happy that some peaceful was there in today episode and vitharv remembering their old moments awwwwwwwwwww so nice only only only only and only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  3. Viz Pinky

    Soooo funny……😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i was just laughing through out the episode.atharv saying mata rani ka share😂😂😂.viv & atharv screaming one after other was really soo funny.even now when i remember that scream not able to stop my laugh.
    Vitharv moments were so nice.atharv got his full memory back hurray.recalling of their past.madhav….naughty kid.will anyone do yoga in this way…good que.Xerox copy of ur father💋💋💋.
    I loved today’s episode except that tiger scene.some link was there bw locket,person inside tiger & new entry.let us see what is that & what’s going to happen.today’s precap was also funny with sara khans voice 😃😃😃.

  4. aisha

    and yes hope good for their happy married life and no obstruction in their relationship only only only and only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

    • diyas

      Today’s epi rocked…after all missing times now romance …kya yaar.. All fans good night frnds hi sumanda,malavika,sandy,143,xyz and all other’s…..kya har vivida atharv????tumhara love air romance kya yaar…mein khushi hum tumhare se

  5. Sandy

    😇😇😇😇ohoooooo after so many days my vitharv moments …ajmer scenes …”main is zammen par jo eent rakhunga….”😍one of my favourite dialogue..
    It was really funny moments with tiger and cute little naughty madhav 😉
    Madhav’s questioning and atharv’s ‘yoga’😅 atharv madhav is your son , agreed lekin jhoot ko pehachanne mein woh tumara baap hai !use ulloo math banana😉😉
    I’m soooooooooooo happy today
    Vitharv luv u soooooo much😘😘😘
    And my cutie pie madhav 😘😘😘😘
    I think tmrw they will reveal her face and vitharv don’t know about that girl, right.
    I want them to go back to ajmer and lead a happy life without any obstruction😊

  6. Sweety

    Superb..& funny episode..i enjoyed a.lot…Vivitha looking so beautiful…Today full of vitharv scenes…matarani ka aashirvad,their screaming..,teasing vivitha,..Madhav not support atharv,..Atharvs yoga..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.Omg!!…I laughed throughout​ the episode….I think there is some thing behind that tiger..🐯…I feel a bit of our old jndsd is back..Not fully..Without ajmeer scenes it is incomplete….
    @usha sis..I replied to you 2times in ystrdy cmnt page..But it is not shown..😕..Anyway how r u dear?? Wt abt today’s episode..?? Innale aa tiger vann ellm nashipich..Aashirvadikkn Kanda neram…

    • usha

      Hi Sweety sis, don’t worry. Even me too couldn’t reply u in many times . That’ s ok. Todays episode, What to say? No words da. Vitharv romance, their naughtiness,everthing. This is really an amazing gift fr all vitharvians like phase 1. Bt really missing Ajmeer. Hope mr.&mrs.Adharv sujatha will come back to Ajmeer soon . May be aftr the re entry of kk. And Madhav , njan avane kanumbol thanne chirikkan thudangum. Athra ishtamanu. Amma chodhikkuva, enikku jndsd kandu vatt ayo ennu. Vitharv with Madhav scn was awsome. Sarikkum ithanu nammal aagrahichirunnathu, alle. Ini veedum Ravidha kadannu varilla ennu visvasikkunnu. Aftr phase1&2 ,only now, We ,vitharvians, can enjoy the show. Me too thought that the tiger was fake. Something was behind that.Don’t know it is true or not. Bcz this is jndsd, anything will happen at any time. No logic except Vitharv. Bye see u later

    • usha

      Sweety sis , enikku class illathapol kuttikalkku maths special tution undu. Vacation thudanguyathu konda . so cmnt cheyyan time kittunnilla da. notice cheytho ippo mikkappozhum ente cmnts ellam late avunnathu. Ennalum ee page vittu pokan thonnunnilla. Esplly,u , xyz sis , Aaillya sis and all mallus. Ippo urangathe cmnt cheyyuva. Nale time kittiyennu varilla. Anyway time kittumbozhokke njan evidundakum ,sure.

    • Aailya

      Yes sweety nalla time I’ll annu tiger vanath.
      Nasham. Enik innu vividha parajath keetu chiri adukan pattilya.😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Goodnite dear

  7. vimala

    suman di,xyz,143,aliya and all JNDSD fans plz tell me i want one episode
    vividha throw flower wase on athrv plz tell me that episode plzzzzzzzzz

    • 143

      Vividha throwing flower vase(but it is grass) on Atharv!!!☺☺😊
      I think you are taking about…JNDSD 31st May 2016 episode… I daily watch it on my mobile. I love d episode.

      • vimala

        No 143 I know that episode but not that episode…
        In that episode vividha give flying kiss to atharv she was in balcony and atharv sit in his bike ,she throw the flower vase…

      • Aailya

        Vimala xyz chechi is right. That is sept 1 ,2016 episode. 143 and xyz chechi I also like that episode very much. One of my favourite episode.

        Good nite dears.

    • xyz

      Vimala. U mean vividha throws flower wase on atharv during their conformotion of mrrge and sujatha and atharv visit to kk house to meet vividha as the part of proposal ?.That is sep 1,2016 epsd.

      If grass on atharv then may 31 as 143 said.
      @143 .yeah.I also like that epsd too much.I also watch that epsd in hotstar so many times. One of the beautiful vitharvs epsd.

  8. Sunanda12345


    |Registered Member

    Episode was awesome
    When atharv screams it’s just superb 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    They recalling their cute moments awesome
    Luv u vitharv

  9. 143

    Best episode ever!😍😍 and a best answer for marriage with love and marriage without love!!That’s d power of true love #Vitharv 😍😍 #JNDSD

  10. Dax

    Wow superb I love today episode special for love for vividha athrav I just love them to it don’t want to end this show it’s my fevret show please do some thing to not to end this show
    VIVIDHA ATHARV ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I hope we all see more romance for this to vivtharv

    • Viz pinky

      No yar It was not confirmed.that was a rumour.star plus just asked them to improve trp thatsolve.sunjiv sir declared that there was no official confirmation from star plus.don’t worry no one can do anything to our jndsd if the track continues in the same way.don’t worry if not i any one will reply u this comment sec have full of kind ppl.comment regularly.gud n8….



    • Linah

      Hi Aleya welcome & don’t say that you won’t comment if no one replies to u here we are family and definitely we read every comment even if sometimes its not replied to that should not stop you from commenting….so keep commenting.

  12. Ramya

    Yes its an full eye feast for vitharvians.atharv u r so cool.I love u.and vitharv recalling their moments.thank god they are not recalled ra….vidha marg track and vasist house incidents just loved the episode and according to new spoilers Sara khan and shashank are the pair.

  13. xyz

    Very nice epsd. I really like today’s epsd.
    Oh that tiger arrived vitharvs fn8 for giving aashirvad. 😂😂.joke of the day.vividha I thought u changed but u never 😂😂.
    Vitharv shouting scn in the car 😂. Superb.
    First time I felt vashisht house is a nice family of humans. The group discussion of all family members, teasing of vitharv, dadhi. .everything I liked too much.
    Poor atharv ,Madhav didnt support his papa 😂.

    Last vitharvs own scns in room was awsome. And the flashback scns of old vitharv moments, ajmer &kk was superb. I really miss those especially ajmer.
    Atharv’s new yoga method is fantastic 😂😂😂😂. But his new yoga didnt work due to his own carbon copy Madhav. Atharv u should be alert bcz ur smartest son is following his mom -dad. Madhav is as smart as u atharv. So don’t try to make fool him.bcz he is ur son.Next time pls atharv find another way to escape from ur little prince. 😄😄😄.
    Look wise vividha is so much gorgeous in that get up like phase 1.And atharv as always so handsome in white and that tika in his forhead just suitable for him so much but nt looking like in phase 1 bcz the absence of rudraksh.
    Precap killer bride drama. So tomorrow sara khans face will be shown. Again love triangle guddi -ravish -mallika.
    Thank God one triangle finished. Very difficultly our vitharv escaped from that barmmoda triangle. Now it’s the time for another triangle.And I eagerly waiting for kks entry nly for Atharv to regain his old avathar. Bcz when kk enters, atharv has to bcm old atharv sujatha for teaching him a lesson.
    Waiting for kk & my old angry man ATHARV SUJATHA 😍😍😍😍

    • usha

      Hi XYZ, don’t worry da, Madhav school il poyithudangatte , appo vitharv nu romance cheyyan time kittum. ippo kuttiyalle atha eppozhum vividhayude pinnale nadakkunnathu. Bt I really enjoyed madhav and adharv scn. like papa like son. Aarkkum pattikkamennu karuthenda.Pinne Raveesh , vitharv ne kanumbol ippo raveeshinte face il dhukham illa. Athu enthayalum nannayi. Ini orikkalum Ra…………vidha enna concept polum jndsd il undavalle enna prardhikkunnathu. Enthu borayirunnu. I’ m so happy now.Gud night dear .

      • Aailya

        You are right usha chechi. Ravidha oke paye katha . Eni adutha oru triangular love story varanund allo.
        Athu egane ayirikum ennu arayillya.
        Interesting ayal mathi ayirynu.

        Vitharv samadhanam thode jeevichote. Kk is back i am happy about that. Waiting for atharv and kk face off. Chechi kando vikku ude and shivani ude gifts. Athil vikku ude

        sketch nanaiytund.

        Good nite usha chechi

      • xyz

        Usha😂 yes .Madhav school il poy thudangatte appol atharv nu special ay yoga cheyendi varilla😂😂😂😂

    • Aailya

      xyz chechi you saw the gifts what vikku and shivani got. In that Vikram’s sketch was just beyond beautiful.

      Goodnite chechi

    • Linah

      today’s episode was just wonderful i couldn’t control my laughter throughout the epi especially when that watchman scared the hell out of vitharv and the way they screamed and Atharv’s yoga ha ha ha beautiful…. Oh cvs please keep up like this now i can watch my favorite show with a smile and go to bed light-hearted with no headache…. oh my am loving this.

    • Linah

      yeah you are right xyz they were definitely looking radiant today i think it’s the effect of love and why won’t they glow when they are finally back in each others arm.

    • Aailya

      Good comment chechi. Everything beautifully explained. Enik innu shivarathiri
      annu chechi. On the way to Mangalore. To visit my old friends . Sudden ayit plan cheiytha trip annu chechi. Athum innu evening. Excitement karanam sleep cheiyam pattunillya. Mooambika ambalathi um udupi I’ll um ponnam. Ellavarakum vendi pray cheiyam to. Especially shivik real life partner avanum ennu.
      OK dear chechi .Bye.

      • xyz

        Hi aailya dear.oh apol innu mangalore journey il ano.superb.
        Pinne ellavarkm vendi pray cheyyumbol shivik nu vendi alppam kooduthal pray cheyanne.bcz avar thammill oru distance keep cheyyunna pole thonnunu. Rumours karnm ayrkkm. So pettennu a distance illathay avar real ayi onnikan pray cheyene.
        Epsd was superb. But enikku innale avarde romance kandittu pazhaya vitharv anenne thonylla. 2 perum romance cheyyan nannay struggle cheyyunna pole.pinne avar 2 m face to face nokkan than difficult ulla pole thonnunu. Actually aro nammude shivik ne kannu vachu enna thonnune. So a kanneru dosham mari avar a pazhaya shivik Akan pray cheyyane mole.
        OK dear.Enjoy ur journey.
        Happy journey. All the best 👍👍.

        Good morning dear.

      • Sandy

        Oh aliya u r going to mookambika today! And today I ‘ m going to guruvayur
        Happy journey dear

  14. 143

    Ha ha ha😂😂😂😂😂 Dadi.. Jungle me mangal ..you are so sweet and romantic..sorry e for indumati ji..so hot😍😍😂😂😂😂😂

  15. suni

    This is a very good serial which catches your imagination and forces you to hang on. We all love the chemistry between both of them

  16. Viz pinky

    Vitharv in one room….no one now how much i have waited to see them in one room after mrg their personal room.omg! how did I forget to comment this.my dream came true.my dream started in that episode when atharv kidding viv during conservation of viv and suji in atharv house ajmer.u all remember it na.today my dream fulfilled.than i just imagined they both staying in one room with some sweet moments today it was there.I am sooo happy. 😊😊😊😊

  17. Aailya

    Today’s episode was too good. But vividha what happend to you? I mean how a tiger
    can give blesssings. That was just ridiculous .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Hats off to your creativity dear director ji.
    First time iam seeing everyone happy in vashist house. That too everyone was teasing atharv ,madhav not supporting atharv and i also liked idumathi’s
    actions and dialouges. A perfect happy family.
    Loved vitharv room scenes. Remembering of the past, doing romance ,madhav disturbing them, atharv lying to madhav and atharv calling madhav chamcha of vividha. It was just cute.😀😀.

    My atharv is not expert in lying. He is soo innocent .😘😘😘.

    Every bit of today’s episode was just mindblowing.

  18. Vitharv addicted

    Oh man… Today’s episode was funny… And cute… Vitharv Rock.. I love Vitharv sooooooooo much… Atharv and vividha… I am crazy for them..😍😍😍

  19. FanVitharv

    Just want at least few episodes with Vitharv romance.. as it is not hot or like before .., need more

  20. Sunanda12345


    |Registered Member

    Hiiiiii vitharv fans have a nyc and happy gud mrg 😊😊😊
    Waiting for today’s episode
    Maybe today they will show that girl face

    • xyz

      Hi sunanda. Good morning dear.
      Yesterday my good morning to u didn’t publish .
      So today a special good morning to u.
      Have a nice day☺😀

  21. anjali

    Missing that old spark in vitharv relationship. Now I feel ravish and vividha looks more match than vividha and atharv. Just my observation. Vitharv were perfect as love birds before marriage, but not perfect as married couple, for that I feel ravidha is best.

  22. Star

    The best epi of the year
    After a lot of unnecessities finally it Has come back to normal track..
    Now just see guys jndsd trp will increase

  23. sam

    Wow,,my captain stole da show vth his charmness nd cute smile,,how handsome he his,,jst rocking in dat suit..
    i madly luv ur smile captain..
    vitharv moments are cute nd they turned suspense drama to superb comedy,,especially vividha vth her IQ..
    nd pls change da voice of dat new girl,,it is irritating as well as funny too..
    if dat girl is my captain’s soul mate,,am eagerly waiting 2 c her nd their luv track..
    so v want 2 cute luv stories running in parallel with out ny obstrcls..
    luv u ravish a lot nd lot..

  24. Anju

    Hey Aaliya and xyz who are lesbian having a nice time romancing with each other same to you Mia and eswaria
    Suman and sundana

    • 143

      Hey!! You..again and again. How many times i have to tell you to leave this page and join in happy family (in zoo).

      Oh I forgot u don’t undetstand human language and i can’t explain u in animal language.i request you to meet a veterinary physician for your better health. I think you need a strong dose of inject💉💉💉💉💉💉.You are a very very special case in animal family!!
      Zoo ppl are missing you very badly..so plz go back!!!!😃😉😡😠😤😨😥😰

    • Jith

      Anju ,cyber cellnu ithu vayikkunna arenkilum Oru complaint cheythal kazhinju Ketto ,mattullavare provoke cheyyunna reeethiyil than idunna Oro commentnumn pani kittume,IP address okke cyber cell officials easily edkkim,evidirunnalum pokum,pls be careful

  25. Sachin

    Hii guys sry fr nt been regular over here….nd thx fr ur concern fr me..yea i had my exams so i was nt commenting regularly! Bt later frm 1st April as i heard of jndsd air off-i did felt good and thus stoped watching nd commenting regularly..btw is is officially confirmed???😭😭😭😭😭
    ooshi di sry fr nt replying u,actually i was busy…

    thx to all dear di nd bro to miss me…i thought to leave the show bt ur comments fr me brought me back again…

    i will be once again regular over here

    and coming to exams in finals i got A1 in all subject except Hindi,i got A2….

    hope u all are fine….

    jndsd track is going awesome nowadays….

    ok cnt type anymore,sry mummy calling fr lunch so c u 2night…bye nd take care

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