Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha coming and drying her hair. Her hair water falls over Ravish’s face and he wakes up. She gets ready and he smiles seeing her. Vividha applies sindoor. He says you don’t need to wake up early because of me, you can wake up at your time. She says no, its fine. He says you don’t need to do this for me. She says I m doing this for your mum, I have already hurt a mum and does not want to hurt someone else.

Ankit comes out and recalls the stone. He sees the temple bells moving and turns to see. He gets scared and runs out of home. Vividha says I mean, since I came in this house, I did not do any work, I was thinking to help Maa in kitchen today. Ravish says I know everything. She stops and looks at him.

She asks what do you mean, what do you

know. He says the thing you are hiding, see I m army officer and can’t see whats going on in heart, but we are given training to read faces, I can see you are hiding something, don’t worry, I will not ask you anything, take care of my mum, whatever is there between us should be between these four walls. She asks can I ask you something.

Ankit goes to some dark place and Dubey gives him a phone. Kailash talks to Ankit. Ankit says everything is spoiling here, its big problem, Uma is beating me, Dadi and Guddi are totally against me, you have to do something and end this matter, what….. The door opens and Ankit and Dubey get shocked.

Ravish asks her to ask. She says Kalindi and Bhoomi said that everyone in this house, their life is unlucky about love, leave it if its much personal. He says there is nothing like that, I married you, you are my wife, yes this family is unlucky, my dad never loved my mum. She asks why. He says because he loved someone else. My mum always longed for his love, but she did not get his love, she has expectations from my marriage. She asks his expectations. He says don’t worry, I won’t burden you with my expectations, my mum expects love for me, not pity. She recalls Atharv’s words.

Vividha makes the food. Suman and everyone see many dishes. Vividha says I made breakfast and lunch together. Suman says Lord has sent you for my son and this house. Vividha says I just made food, nothing more. Suman says this is not just food, but your love. Vividha says I m not so special as you think Maa. Suman gets emotional and says Maa….. you are more than special. Ravish comes and asks what are you all doing here, its time for breakfast. Suman says sure, eat anything today, Vividha made food today. They all go. Ravish thanks Vividha. She says I just made food, no need to say thanks. She sits to take something. Situram comes and tells Ravish that there is a problem, I think everyone will know. Ravish signs him to be quiet. Vividha asks what problem. Ravish makes excuse of water leakage and goes to fix it.

Ankit and Dubey see Uma at the door. Uma asks Ankit to whom was he talking on phone. She takes call and asks who is it. She asks Ankit to say. Ankit says nothing, my friend. Dadi also comes there. Uma calls back on number and gets number off. She asks him again and slaps him. She asks Dubey why did he meet Ankit. Dubey says I was trying to help. Uma and Dadi beat Ankit. Dadi scolds Ankit a lot. Ankit cries. Dadi says I knew something is wrong when I saw Uma following you. Dadi asks Dubey where is he going, and beats him. She beats Ankit with a stick. Ankit says we were talking about Atharv, he died, I have just hit hammer once. He cries and says what would I do, he was eloping with my sister. Uma and Dadi get shocked. Uma says what will I tell Vividha.

Vividha follows Ravish. Ravish goes inside cupboard. Vividha comes inside the room. Situram says I was seeing toolbox. She asks where is Ravish, there is one way out, I did not see him. He says maybe he went in hurry. Dadi and Uma cry. Vividha hears something and looks outside. She goes to check bathroom. She gets shocked and moves back in fear.

Vividha asks Uma about Atharv. Dadi says we are trying our best. Uma says what shall I tell her. Vividha sees Atharv and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t know where it leads

  2. he is there … im sure… 90℅ ravish saved atharv…. n atharv will be in that secret room….. plzzz come back …. from last n todays im just jumping on sofa n just coz of my excitement my mom also start watching it…. whole epi my fingures were crossed coz want to see him … for atleast sec…. n mom is giving me ‘imposible look’….

    my exams are started n i watch just JNDD n ISHQBAAZ…. hoping best for both….

    atharv come back with ur charm…. n also sujata…. missing her also….

  3. I still think atharv is st ravish’s house. Does that mean ravish knows everything? Where is kailash? What’s he upto now? Where is sujata, why isn’t she shown?

  4. Broken heart

    i can’t believe this check it one’s. im totally disappoint

  5. noooo atharva nahi mar sakta??????

  6. I think vivida will love…..more

  7. Atharv is the lead in the series , lost interest in watching it

  8. I think the video is ravish dream.
    Guys I did not watch the episode. can anyone say that atharv really came in precap? ???????

  9. I think it’s vividha dream that atharv had came. I didn’t saw today’s
    Episode I had read I in the updates. Thanks amena di for the update

  10. This garbage show is waste of time. The idiot writers have ruined everything as usual.

  11. After wedding she should love her husband. So ravish and vividha looking great together…

    1. hema it is not simple but possible any on screen.

    2. I agree Hema, she should love her husband and settle with him. There was no need to marry Ravish on Kalash saying.
      Vividha is a total coward and failure. She is too easily manipulated. So what if she thought Arthav would die? Where was her common sense. Where’s the police and all the people who were there for the marriage at the temple.
      I’m sorry but marriage is not a joke.

    3. I agree with you. His family is nice and he too is loyal and good with his wife.
      If Vividha leaves them for Atharva then this will be injustice with them bt Atharva too wasnot wrong.He too fought for Vividha.
      I think they will destroy Ravish’s character so that Atharva will be shown as the perfect choice for Vividha

  12. tq for the update…i missed today epi….i hope atharv came really….missing him badly plz cm back

  13. You r wrong hema nd naveen. Viv just married ravish with body nt with soul. no one can taketakes ravish place in vivida’s heart
    Second thing -if atharv return back viv will not go back 2 atharv as she promised that if atharv is survive I will be with ravish.

    1. Yeah I agree. ..may be vividha will not go back to atharv. …

      If viv don’t value for love and care for atharv …and compromise with marriage relation
      If this happens it proves she don’t know the values of love and relations.

      And how can she change her mindset. . Already Vividha said that she don’t value her marriage vit Ravish. .
      Then y don’t viv go back to atharv? ????

  14. Hema naveenS ur stupid very bull shit she shld only love atharva. Its nt necessary to love ravish u shld give up this thinking…. Ur stupid

  15. Atharv was linked with his father’s unlucky fate. ….
    Vividha linked with love failure fate from her mom (uma)
    Ravish linked with his mother fate he won’t get love from his wife. …

    This is wat I understood from Ravish words and. …Director writing fate of characters
    If this happens it would be good for the show. ..

  16. How can vividha forget easily and ready to accept ravish how it could be….. I don’t like this serial now…..is this the meaning of love…writer tells everyone that Love S nothing ….

  17. If vividha fall in love with ravish…then vividha will be a spineless coward…no pure love…if it happens this serial will be shit…no value for love

  18. Actually this was rocked with major 3 roles…. Sujatha – Atharv ..mom and son such a strong relation
    That evil kailash
    even though his role -ve..he is also strong character. .
    These 3 are missing frm a week show lost it’s charm. .

  19. I think production and director has focused their minds on Ravish. …of course on vividha also.. its a suffering time for us…. to watch these pair together.
    Maybe it’s like a movie introduction. ..they showed atharv and his around world
    Now it’s 2nd half for Ravish. .. so till the time comes. their will be no atharv scenes. ..so sad guysss

  20. Did any of you guys read the spoiler alert. .. wat u guys think about it. ..

    In spoiler states that Ravish family play a game. . In that Ravish and Vividha dance together. …and in certain time something to fall on vividha, Ravish will save her….
    Wat is ur opinion abt that scene. …
    Are these directors making vividha fall for Ravish
    Doing dragging. .wasting time with unnecessary things

  21. Sss for ur kind information I like to remind u, this is js a drama. We can js coment our opinion regarding this serial. bt not to blame any other person or speak against who coment over here. Hope u understand!

  22. And sunanda Im not going to say u r wrong as u said I’m wrong!!! May b in ur point of view u might be right in my point of view I’m right that’s it. Actually I want ravish and vividha to b United coz they r made for each other in my side and they r already married and and hv to obey her husband and follow her duty towards to him. That is a perfect wife do Nd its our culture.

  23. If I’m wrong then no problem. U all can come up with ur option without hurting anyone and without using any bad words. Thank u

  24. I just want episodes to run faster than fast. I just waiting for Vividha’s expression when she comes to know atharv and Ravish r step brothers. ..And marriage with Ravish was a big misunderstanding by Ravish family. .

  25. Vividha is so selfish sirf kuch hi din roneka natak kiya aur ab dekho normal Ho gai..Vividha ko shaadi karne Ki jaroorat hi nahi thi ..wo Kailash Ki police complaint bhi kar sakti thi ya fir kailash ko blackmail bhi kar sakti thi Ki agar usne Atharv ko kuchh kiya to WO suicide karegi to kailash ke pass koi option hi nahi bachta..even Uma aur Dadi ka bhi use support tha ….par nahi ye Maharani aaraamse apni life jee rahi hai.. mujhe to Atharv ke baare main sochkarhi rona aaaraaha hai ? ek us Vividha ke liye apna Ghar apna sab kuch gavana pada…is pyaar main usse sirf loss hi Hua hai…Poor Sujata Puri life akeli rahi itne muskilse apne bete ko struggle karke bada kiya kya iss din ke liye Ki wo usse marta dekhe….Vividha to ab married hai Atharv Ki death Ki news par thoda royegi aur Ravish ke pyaar me pad jaaegi aur move on karegi aur Atharv uska pata nahi kya hoga…Atharv please come back for your Lovely Mom don’t left her alone and Forget that b*t*h Vividha she is not good for you..take Revenge from Kailash and Ankit destroy them ? ..i m not interested in Vividha and Ravish love story… Ravish please help your brother..?

  26. I watch this show only For ATHARV….i want JUSTICE for Atharv and Sujata….COME BACK ATHARV..PLEASE ?? …

  27. Artharv and Ravish are brothers. The same father but different mothers. So even if Artharv comes back, Vividha is stocked in this marriage. She can’t leave one brother for the other.

  28. Finally watched today’s episode, Vividha is trying to fit in wit her married family. She hadn’t forgotten Atharv or her family but I don’t know, is she warming to Ravish? Wil she resent Atharv if he isn’t actually dead but trying to cause destruction thru revenge? R the writers trying to make the viewers hate Atharv? Obviously the writers have changed their storyline… Or have they? Was it just me or did Atharv not look himself in that trailer at the end? His smile has gone? He didn’t seem himself at all, like his world had ended. Has he really died n is this his soul causing destruction? Is this story about unrequited love n how painful it is? Or Wil we actually see dreams win the day? Only time Wil tell……

  29. Nonsense nonsense

  30. Hema i just said that vivida nd ravish pair is gud.but not like vitharv.here there r many 2 vitharv.already theyy r seperated in serial.it just our Name satisfaction of that lovely couple.sry if i hurted u with my words.i hope that u understand

    Ns4 i agree with u.nd about the spoilers they r thinking that romantic scenes r stopped in jndsd since 3 weeks.2 show some romance.so they make a romantic dance b/w viv nd ravish.
    I think viv will tq 2 ravish or saving her or she may feel awkard of dancing with ravish

  31. Guys in my above comment.there r many fans 2 vitharv.iam confused 2 mention fans in above comment

  32. boring yar without Artharv

  33. I am a silent reader and have never chosen to comment. But a comment that I read on this page today caused me some annoyance. A viewer wrote that, ‘It is the DUTY of the wife to OBEY her husband and that makes a PERFECT wife according to our CULTURE’. It is 2016 and women still speak about how Indian wives have to forsake everything once they are married and should have their life revolve around their husbands. The theme of the show was always about empowerment through love, not ‘compromise through marriage’. If the heroine does choose to fall in love with Ravish on her own accord, it is her wish. But, forcing herself to give up her love towards Atharva and adjust with her husband isn’t justifiable and brings back memories of a 19th century world.

  34. Don’t know what will happen nxt but. …till vividha accept marriage and fall in love with Ravish. … we can hope for atharv-Vividha reunite. .
    Till now vividha didn’t accept marriage and Ravish as her husband. … so no need to worry..
    Some people saying that atharv will be seen in -ve angle.., i request u guys don’t even think of atharv in -ve role. …..till now he is good human and think for good Nly..

  35. Bring Atharv back..Cant see vividha with anyome else…
    Writers do u remeber the lovely detailed pheras aken by my vitharv…
    Unite them soon..

  36. Hi, I completely agree with Hema and Naveen. I too felt the same that vivdha has to agree her relation with ravish. Even though she married ravish on the force of Kailash, she has to obey the relation with ravish. If it is of other relation she can go away when she see adharv. But marriage is not as simple like other relations. When other persons life involved in it. As told by Hema it is the platform to express our views. Not to hurt any. Thank you.

    1. Yeah I agree with you. …now a days. .in real world .. people r not respecting marriage’s. …any relation can break so easily. ., then how will be the marriage as a logic can seperate two souls..
      That to in serials and movies… marriages and love failures r common things. . reunion also common one…
      So any time any thing can happen

  37. i ageary with hema . i am sour that vividha love ravish

  38. i ageary with hema . i am sour that vividha love her husband

  39. Guys in hindi serials.in some serials many heros will do 2 or 3 marriages.for example in balika vadhu jagya did 3 marriages nd anandi 2 marriages.
    We cant say that viv ravish marriage is not pavitr.the marriage 2 the soul is real

  40. Here we r not talking abt 2 or 3 marriages and not interested. And we can’t compare our married life with 19th century. Marriage is marriege..People value thr married life with love and care and do thr duties towards thr family. So people don’t follow they doesn’t know what is culture and obey and perfect. Sorry If I hurt anyone.

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