Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kangana coming to help Vividha. Vividha takes her help in cooking. Madhav eats poha. He likes the poha and takes more. Vividha says Kangana made it, thank her. Madhav thanks her. Vividha gets a call and tells Atharv about the meeting. He asks her to go. She asks can you cancel your meeting today. He says no, I can’t cancel. She says Madhav will be alone if I go factory. Madhav says I can stay with Kangana. She gets tensed.

Atharv and Vividha get ready. He asks her to keep hair loose, it suits her. He asks her why is she worried. She says I don’t feel this good to leave Madhav with Kangana. He says I will finish meeting and come soon, don’t worry.

Ravish sees Kangana playing with Madhav. She answers the call and says Madhav’s parents are not at home,

I can’t send Madhav without their permission, you can come in evening and meet. Ravish looks at her. She says congrats, Vividha told about Guddi, congrats. Madhav asks her to tell story. Kangana goes and tells him story. Ravish sees her. Atharv asks about delivery timing. He calls Vividha and asks about her meeting. She says its all fine, I m going home. He asks her to drop papers at his office. She says no, I have to reach home, I won’t do this. He asks is everything fine. She says you please make anyone else do the work. He says fine, I will manage.

Vividha comes home. Kangana asks how was her day. Vividha says it was good, I hope he did not trouble you. Kangana says he is nice boy, his friend’s mummy called and asked for sending him, I asked her to talk to you, she wanted to meet you. Vividha shows the toys to Madhav. Madhav thanks and hugs her. Kangana looks on. She says maybe his friend’s mummy has come. Vividha asks the ladies to sit. She sends Madhav to go and play. The lady says we planned to make kids play outdoors, we thought to post a kid’s mum’s duty in playground. She asks shall we write your name, who is Madhav’s mum.. She says I think Kangana is his mum. Vividha gets annoyed.

Its night, Vividha gets thinking. Kangana comes to her and tells about blood relations, there is a strange pull of blood relations, I can understand your pain, I wish you get your child soon. Vividha looks at her. She says Madhav is just mine. Kangana says I know this very well. She goes.

Vividha gets restless and sits awake. Atharv asks her what happened. Vividha asks him will Madhav stop loving us. He says we will never stop loving him, he will never stop loving us. She says if he chooses Kangana over us. He says you trust your upbringing, why are you thinking this. She thinks of those ladies’ words. She gets up and goes. Atharv does not see her beside.

Vividha checks a gift. She tries to remove the tag and know the place from where this gift was bought, then we can find that man who took our child. He asks her not to do this. She says investigator did not get anything. He says what did we decide, we will not make this obsession. Vividha says i m not happy, I don’t know about our child. He says he is here, sleeping. She says I m not saying Madhav is not our child. He says fate lost to us, when fate tried to separate us, when we are together, we have to stay together, we can’t stay happy this way. She says I want to know my child, this thing will kill me within, I will find out. He worries seeing her. She sees the mall tag. She says one number is missing in this, note this down please. He holds her.

Atharv asks Vividha to think for Madhav. She says I got a number on that box, I m calling on that number and will find something. He asks what will happen then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode… Vivi perfect as a mother really loving her acting hope they will find there princess soon???

  2. why vividha behaviour is changing towards madhav so sad now what will happen hope everything good only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  3. Aleya.marzan

    hi all i published it yesterday but it was late so again with that specially for viz di

    @ VIZ DI


    1.don’t del ids cz in their terms i read smth which means they’ll get informed if we del that id. so better not del ids. u should reopen that ids n vote again if they shows that thanks for voting hen it means vote wasn’t considered bcz u deleted id .

    2.i’ve a calculation. with 1 number make 14 / 19 mail id , with 1 mail id make 14/19 fb id then with 14/19 mail id u can make 14*14=196/19*19=361, again u can make 14/19 fb id with ur number write down all this with details in note book with pass words like this u alone can vote 1000

    3. i wish u could buy more sim to make ids

  4. Aleya.marzan

    today i felt angry on vitharv

  5. Aleya.marzan

    vivi does understand only her mamta not sara’s . on other hand ath don’t have bapta i mean mamta type

  6. Aleya.marzan

    guys i wrote to tu about blocking that virus they said they blocked many time but she is like don

    @ dolly

    i’m not 10 i’m 13 . woh shrinjal hai na bohut vau kha rahi thi chote hone ka . aur aisa dikha rahithi duniya main bas wahi chote hai to just uske nakhre band karne ke liye i lied.

    i think u won’t mind if i talk u by not calling di as u r 14 . n plz………………………….. don’t say this to that shrinjal it’s a pinky promise of vitharv fan .plz……………… dont say to her anything

    dolly can u clear that DM matter of twitter plz………..

    1. I don’t get it..What u you mean..??? Dm is direct msg option in Twitter..U can directly chat with the ppl u want..If you want any help..u can follow me at Twitter @sskaf98..Or dm me..
      I already said abt it in my previous cmnts..

  7. Aleya.marzan

    @xyz di

    u shared a link yasterday of voting i couldn’t understand i mean a pic sayin jodi a bla bla…….

    plz………………….. clear that n say how to do that step by step bcz when i’m hypered my braun works like turtle

    1. Aleya. I don’t know more about that. I saw that link in insgm &twitter as there written as by sending sms to those number (57827)as jodi A it will help for vitharv in spa. So I shared that link.
      But it will nly applicable in the case of Indians. So I think u can’t send message to those nmbr for vitharv.
      For more clarification see dolly’s comment of ysdy. She explained about it in her cmmnt yesdy.

  8. Aleya.marzan

    I want to confess smth serious don’t say to anyone

    my name is mansura akhter marzan n my mothers name is aleya . as i’m jndsd fan so atharv inspired me n i made my name ALEYA MARZAN . i really love this name . plz………………………. don’t disclose it to anyone

  9. On one side vivi is afraid of losing madhav and the other side she is obsessed with her baby girl …really a tough situation for a mother. Atharv plz comfort her with ur powerful words which u used to say in phase 1.

  10. Aleya.marzan

    @ linah di

    r u not indian then frm which country?

    u said u voted how n how many tms . i voted just 1ce on 1st may but for 9 times.

  11. Aleya.marzan

    again suggestion


    don’t delet ids save for next yr.
    after voting with all ids u can try with old one they may grant it.

    cz i had 3ids n on 1st may i voted 9 tme so try with older one again

    good night all my warriors

  12. Aliza111

    kangana?tara has changed now i hope she understands vividha but i feel sry for her cant she have her kid or play with him ??
    y dont atharv hav feelings for thier daughter???
    only vividha cares for her
    atharv is discouraging her

    1. No, Atharv also feeling bad for his daughter. But he doesn’t want to be obsessed with only finding about his daughter. He wants Vividha to have peace, be practical and not be too emotional because she will have to take care of Madhav also. Poor Atharv he’s going through lot of pain for not being able to find his daughter and seeing Vividha in pain.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Yes veer u r ri8

    2. @Aliza111…just forget for couple of minutes that vitharv baby is with kk. Viv told to Tara that Madhav sirf Mera hey. Viv thinks that she nurtured Madhav for more than 5 ys and Tara has just 9 months relation with Madhav. And Madhav more attached to Viv. Madhav denied to call Tara as maaaa.

      Atharva Sujata practical person … As we all know Viv never had this quality.

      I feel Atharva point of view is
      1.Do u think vitharv baby will call viv as MAA?
      2. Person/family who nurtured vitharv baby..don’t they be possessive of baby girl?
      3.when Viv find that obviously Viv wants that baby with Vitharv? What abt Madhav then? Madhav came to know that vitharv are not his parents…

      With Viv’s fact finding mission both Madhav and vitharv baby girl have to undergone psychological trauma…bcos these kids so far calling some x as parents. But that is not true. And more over they are habituated to something(parents).. now they have to leave them.. might be Atharv thinking dat it is better to forget abt baby girl.(let elders take the pain not kids)

  13. nice one… but not more than yesterday episode… and i got niacl pre … now i have to give mains on may 23rd … so till may 23rd busy busy… bye everyone gud nytt.. sd..
    hey pinkzzz ap eamcet results released right… what about your results??

    1. Congrats Nikh and all the best for mains.

      1. thank you veer..

    2. ??????????????????????????????????????I got 15000 rank.really feeling very sad for this.almost i am crying upto now.don’t know what to take the further step.I got 95percent in my inter but see now what happened.I am hating myself. Actually i am thinking to share this with u guys but some what mood off.my father is like okk but my mother is crying becoz of me feeling sooo sad becoz of this. I am not able to see my mom like that.I am crying guys.to say truth I am feeling like dying but don’t become angry on me I will never do that.for one sec I thought of i myself to end my life but after that I remembered my parents their word’s,and also came to tu page and read previous comments.the love u guys show on me and ur support,our vikku as atharv, jndsd, cutie pie madhav and our unknown vitharv girl child made me stop doing that.thank u all for ur love really today u all gave me a new life.love u all guys.I will never leave u ppl.u all r my dimonds ?????. Sry if anyone felt sad becoz of me.I want to share everything with u ppl it may be my happiness or sorrow.I think u all will understand me.now slightly I am in depressed mood with heavy heart ????????….

      1. Nazneen Syed

        Pinky di don’t even think of doing that ok. Don’t tell these type of words again. We love you too di.?

      2. Hey pinky what are I saying..how can u think like that …dying ,wying.don’t utter a word like that.
        Dear u know one thing…if our valuable thing is lost means we think that we cannot move forward without that but god has planned for u a very special gift that u will not even think about.?
        So don’t worry ..have courage ..ok ?

      3. Pinky dear.No no no .Don’t say like these.And don’t be desperate dear.just forget this bad moment. This is not your ending of all hopes ,success etc.It is just starting of ur life. U have many more to go ahead in ur life. And if this time u didn’t get what u expected then that nt means this will repeat in every time. NO dear.
        And if we will nt face any failure in life ( i m nt saying u r failed ) then how can understand the real feeling of success. Do u remember our atharvs words when vividha failed in history. And after what happened? Who failed ? Vividha or fate ? Vividha succeed with apprxmt 95 .so y r u feeling so bad? Never dear.u should nt accept failure of the fate.u should fight with ur fate .u can overcome this .sure.
        And I also faced this type of situation in my life and I was also almost lost my hopes.But atlast I fought against that &I got succeed. Thats y I m saying this.
        I can understand ur mom’s condition. Don’t worry dear .Everything will be fine.ya it will take some time but everyone will forget these bad moments gradually.
        And u have no right to hate urself and never dare to think about the
        ending of life.ok☝☝☝.
        Now this is ur starting and from this u have to be more strong mentally and promise me u will never let any fate to decide ur success. U will defeat those fate by ur success.
        And now pls concentrate ur study more than anything. Bcz education is the most important thing in our life. So first priority is for study after that other thing ok.
        Now take a long breath and just relax ,& forget those past and dream the success which waiting for u in future.
        So .No more worries.
        Good morning dear.

      4. Sunanda12345

        Pinky dear….some some times life will give option 2 end life….but we have 2 be strong in that situation…God will not give everything 2 everyone…..we have 2 mve on to the life wt he gave us….

        Luv u dear….plssss smile…?????????????????

      5. Don’t say like these pinky anymore plz….just relax u know how much we all love u?????

      6. oh my little champ how can you say this??
        i didn’t expect this from you… it’s not end of your life right.. you have neet still.. i don’t think you are so week… be brave to face anything in life … and be stubborn with your goals and career… god will give problems to strong persons only.. if you get a problem means you have the strength to solve it remember it … and don’t give up so easily with your career… if you wanna cry then cry as much as you can and cry until you get relief from your pain … crying is not a bad habit.. but after that again you have to come with more strength and more power give your damn okay…
        start your prep with a fresh mind … crying will remove burden from your heart… but don’t waste total time for crying b’coz you have another exam and asale summer mari ekkvaga ediste dehydration kuda avthdi so knchem e edvu mari ekva ga edvaku okay…
        you have to become strength to your parents but not a weakness so don’t cry in front of your mumma … she will cry by seeing your tears not for your rank in your exam ok…
        keep a water bottle with you when you are crying asale summer mally dehydration avthdi.. so edvamana ani mari ekva ga edvaku… ekva ga edchina time waste e so thondaraga next exam ki prep start cheyu ok na..
        all the best for neet.. prep well… hope for the best…
        pnikzz now smile and start your prep and boost up your confidence and concentration okay…

      7. Thank u nikh…For ur suggestions.ya I will be strong and will fight with my failure..now I am smiling ☺☺☺.just now my mother bought lime juice for me feeling very happy and relaxed from than…

    3. Congrats nikh…and all the best for ur mains..do well?

      1. thank you sandy…
        i’ll try my best…

  14. I think ravish still has feelings for tara

  15. Don’t know what to say about today’s episode.all mixed thoughts in my mind r eating me like any thing.from which side i have to talk.all r correct in their pov.
    Full of confusion.atharv is thinking about their happiness,viv is thinking about her child (mother love)and what about kangana not able to understand about anything about her.but one thing i want to see my cutie baby doll as fast as possible.missing her like anything…???

  16. nice epi….wat happen 2 vivi?why she behave like dis?and plss ravish don’t interact again with kangana…guddi is so poor….by the way hai my dear and dearest frnds.hw r u all?especially my heartest malluss.,i miss u all….xyz chechi,nikh,nidha,aliya,nazneen,mubi,sunandha,dimpourse1123,karan,….and all .gud ni8……0cj f

    1. Nazneen Syed

      Hello 143K. How are you? I’m good.
      Where were you from these many days?

    2. Hi 143k dear. How r u ?
      Very happy to see u back. I m good.
      Good morning

    3. Sunanda12345

      Hiii @143k dear….how r u? ????

    4. hey 143k how r you??
      we 2 miss you..

  17. Most annoying.iss serial pe sablok kiu hamesha seperate hote hai.

  18. Heartbreaking and emotional epsd.
    Vividha’s pain as a mother ,Atharv’s helplessness by seeing vividha in those situation, kangana’s sudden change of behaviour. …..
    Anyway shivani gave life to vividha as a perfect mother in departure of her child.
    I don’t think atharv has no feelings towards his child but he is so calm and can handle the tough situation. But also cant blame vivi. Bcz as a mother she can’t be much calm like father also she is so sensitive even if empowered. Bcz that is mothers mind also.
    Last part was very intensive. Vividha loses her patience and atharv looks at her with teary eyes.Bcz he can never see vivi in those broken condition ???.
    Hope vitharv will together find a solution soon.

  19. Great episode. What a roller coaster of emotions Vividha is going through. Feeling sad for her. She’s protective of Madhav at the same time she’s worried of loosing him. At the same time the pain of not being able to find her daughter is killing her from with in. Atharv can’t see his Vividha going through the pain. He’s trying his best to get her out of that state. Vividha is now really desperate to find her daughter. Atharv is looking as practical as he was in phase 1 by not succumbing to emotions. He’s also not happy for not finding his daughter but he doesn’t want to be so obsessed of it as it will take away Madhav’s happiness and Vividha’s peace.

    Way better episode, Vitharv and Kangana nailed it today. Especially Vitharv. I expect this track to be an emotional roller coaster for Vitharv. I’m expecting desperate Vividha to definitely fall in trouble and Atharv helping her out. Hope they find their daughter soon. Can’t see Vitharv suffering but to see their little princess it’s worth for us also to undergo those emotions that they undergo till they find their princess.

  20. Watch Vikram’s IG story. Madhav missing. Ravish Guddi asking Ankit about Madhav.

  21. Ya nazneen i will never say this words again.
    sandy dear ur words must come true I will wait for that gift and also about my bright future.
    Xyz di thank u for ur motivation.I will promise u that i will never say this type of words again.yes u r right studies r more important than anything and I love to study.my brilliance did not work for this but i got confidence that i have brilliance and it will work for some other thing which suits me.from today I will be in search of that which is waiting for me.so i will never say this again.
    Thank u all for ur support and love u all to….

  22. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode…..very sad for vivida…she is really a perfect mother…and atharv is really worried about vivida that his child….

    @nikh dear all the best for exam….

    Gud mrg guys have a nyc day ??

    1. Gud mng di ?

    2. thank you sunanda12345…

  23. That’s what vividha is.always thinking about herself

  24. @nikh all the best for mains @pinky i feel happy motivating ur self donot feel sad be happy smile

    1. thank you vimala…

  25. vivi dont let kangarooo come near madhave.she is planning something.

  26. Aleya.marzan

    @dolly di

    it was not for u di, i mistaken u as aliza

    so soooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrryy

  27. Aleya.marzan

    good after noon all warriors

    1. Gud afternoon ?

  28. Nazneen Syed

    @Nikh di. All the best di for mains exam.?. Do well. Our best wishes are there with you.

    1. Thank you nazneen…
      I’ll try my best…

  29. Aleya.marzan

    @ viz di don’t ever say that

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