Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ravish catches Vipul, he says he planned with Vividha the whole farm house thing, to know who is trying to harm Atharv and they both saw Vipul pushing Atharv into pool.

Vipul says he didn’t do anything, he doesn’t have any plans, even kalindi says Vipul cant do, dadi bua says its bcoz of property Vipul did, kalindi says how can u say, dadi bua says kalindi and Vipul both are greedy, they can do this, and even jewellery might be stolen by u ppl, aditi says its true, brings jewellery, says jewellery in Vipuls almirah.

Police comes, Ravish asks him to arrest Vipul for murder attempt and theft of jewellery, Vipul tries to say he didn’t do it bhoomi and kalindi crying, Ravish says if only theft i would have left you but u tried to kill my brother. Vipul agrees he stole but didn’t do murder attempt, kalindi asks suman and dadaji to leave Vipul, police takes away Vipul.

Doctor treats Atharv, Ravish says some times he remembers everything, when anyone tries to harm Sujatha he gets normal, doc says take him to place where he lived where his memories are.

Three think of Ajmer, Vivi says lets take him there where his dreams are, Ravish says Ajmer, Vivi says Atharv ka ghar lautne ka waqt aya (It’s time for Atharv to return home)

Ahmed chacha, gungun uma dadi every one there, hurray tabela comes.

Vividha calls uma says she is coming to Ajmer with Ravish, Sujatha amd Atharv.

Uma says they are coming here, Ahmed chacha is happy, dadi is shocked.

Vivi, Atharv and co leave to Ajmer.

At Kashyap house, Payal screaming, mandir bells ringing slightly, Vividha remembers her and Atharv moments gawddd this is so lovely.

Atharv comes to house, he sees that and tandav background plays as he sees surroundings and get normal for some time.

Precap: Atharv goes near Payal Vivi Ravish looks on, he sees Payal, touches it, feels familiar with Payal

Update Credit to: prabharajani

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  1. @nazneen I’m going to be studying doctors/surogeon

  2. Nazneen Syed

    Wow Anam.Good choice

  3. Nazneen Syed

    Suman,Joe,Nidha,143,Sachin,xyz,Mr.White,Vitharv fan what you all are studying.I mean in which class you all are studying?

    1. Hii nazneen.. Ha last year completed btech..

    2. I am not student. I am married. Proud mother two baby dolls?. Finished BDS (Bachelor of dental sciences).

  4. Nazneen Syed

    Atharv’s dialogue yesterday in car:


  5. Nazneen Syed

    That ho ho oh! music is Ravish’s.Directors composed this song for Ravish ?

  6. Nazneen Syed


    Atharv Bache Ki acting bhi bahut ache se kar lata hai.Agar uski jagah koi aur hota toh utna acha acting nahi kar pata shayad ?

  7. Nice episode…..
    But something I didn’t get , why is uma not happy on listening the names of sujatha and atharv……and I also don’t think that vipul is the one who is trying to harm atharv ….and also I was getting a feeling that ravish is the villain ….
    I don’t know exactly but I wish I was wrong , I don’t like to see ravish as villain, sometimes I feel like ravish actions are very strange they seem like to impress vivitha and also when ever he helps atharv there is always vivitha who is watching and also helping vivitha ….is to impress her….writers haven’t said anything about guddis murder may be it is ravish is the real culprit…..may be he is waiting to take revenge on atharv because of their family he didn’t get love from his father and also now he lost 50% property….oooof I am sorry ravish fans it is just my doubt…I am really sorry if I hurt any ravish fans…..I hope I was wrong….
    I was eagerly waiting to see vivitha and ravish divorce and marriage with atharv…..I know it will take a lot of time for this to happen but I hope writers make it happen fastly..

  8. Vividha aka shivani surve is beautiful but one day i say that she has hair in her underarms… Anyways… Good episode.. I want atharv to remember everything. .. Ravish is good enough to not to querrel with vividha after knowing the truth of vitharv.. Suman is trying to hurt atharv.. I am sure… Vipul and Suman… By the way i am Anika.. Anika sharma.. Love jana na dil se door and ye hai mohabbatein…

  9. Nazneen Syed

    Hi Anika.Keep commenting OK.
    You should not tell like this in comments.?

  10. Nazneen Syed

    @Anika Sharma.
    Kya tum ishqbaaz nahi dekhti? Usme actress ka naam bhi Anika hai?

  11. hy every one I am a new here I want to join your group pls

  12. @nazneen syed

    tht ho ho ohh… ho was composed fr vitharva frm epi 1 … or wenevr vitharva comes close thts nt fr ravish…plz check old epi..

    and btw m the smallest guy in ths jndsd grp ..lol m 15 yrs frm class 9! hehehe

  13. Iam also new here please add in ur group .

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