Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the ambassador telling Vividha about her divorce with Ravish. He asks why are you creating issues without any reason. She says its my personal matter, but kidnapping a soldier like this is a public matter for all indians, you won’t do anything as you don’t want to, remember one thing, I will not go without taking Ravish home, whatever happens and this is a promise of an indian, Jai hind. She leaves.

Vividha lands in Kashmira. Curfew announcement is made. A goon sees her. She walks on the road. She sees a man and says I m finding Ravish Vashisht, see his pic, did you see him anywhere. The man says don’t you know about curfew, go home. Tere darbaar me…..plays….. She recalls Suman’s words. She looks for Ravish. She checks a map and thinks whom

to ask, how to start finding Ravish. She walks to some distance. She turns. The goon hides.

She walks ahead and feels someone is following her. She turns again to see. She starts running. The man runs after her. She hides. She hears a baby cry from a house and knocks door asking someone to open the door. The man comes there and till then she enters the door. He sees her and informs someone that Vividha has entered a house, if I enter the house forcibly, army will know it, she will come out, I will wait.

Vividha says sorry to knock door this way. The lady says its fine. Vividha introduces herself and says I came to find Ravish. The lady says I know, I have seen on tv, you are his wife. Vividha says no one is doing anything, Indian army is trying, don’t know how much will it take, Pakistan ambassy refused to help, so I came to find Ravish, don’t know from where to start, a man was following me. The lady says go back, the men are very dangerous. Vividha asks do you know them. The lady says no, your fear is right as your husband is in danger, go back, Lord will protect your husband.

Vividha says I can’t go back. The lady asks how will you find him alone. Vividha thinks I m culprit of many people, but I will prove myself innocent. She says I don’t know how, but I will not go without Ravish, everyone doubts on me here, how to start. The lady says don’t worry, everyone is not wrong, army takes care of us, have courage, you will get your husband. She gives her a taweez and asks will you feel bad, shall I make you wear this, are you hindu. Vividha says indian from Ajmer, I have prayed at Ajmer dargah always. The lady asks her to believe Lord, this taweez will give you courage and strength. Vividha thanks and hugs her. The lady asks her to go by backside door, be alert, find some place to spend night, you won’t be able to bear cold. Vividha goes. The lady prays for her.

Vividha runs to the main road. She sees a temple and goes downside area. She prays and says Ravish has done a lot for family and country, and also for those people who is not his family, for me, for Adaa, he has always loved everyone, he did not ask anything in return, today he is in problem, I don’t know from where to start finding him, but I will return with Ravish, bless me, its about Ravish. She prays and breaks a coconut. Some men find her and aim guns at her. She looks on shocked.

Vividha runs and says there is no security at the border, I did not know crossing border is so easy. She goes towards the border, and sees some militants firing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @xyz it’s ok friend…. I never mind…

    I know u also like ravish character…. I just commented jokely not seriously.. Ok dear

    Have a great day ??

    1. Ok pinky.no pblm. Thanks for realising me.

      Gud morning. Have a nice day.

  2. Guys,
    It was dragging much.
    But Vividha made it clear that she is doing all these to free her from all tht blames which Suman has put on her.

    Not for Ravish and love .Bakwaas.

  3. Atharv , Where are you.
    Go and save your girl.

  4. Nazneen Syed

    Hi & good morning
    Suman di,Joe di,Karan bhayya,143,Anam,xyz,Aailya,Sunanda,
    Havilah,Nikhat,Nidha,Nikh,NaveenS,Neemu,Aisha,Aliya and all Vitharvians.

    One more funny scene in temple:
    When Vividha broke that coconut there was only one coconut available because directors have kept it only for Vividha ????

    1. Gud mngg…

    2. Gud mrng nazneen

    3. [email protected]…good morning.
      Have a nice day.

    4. Gd afrn ra..how r u

    5. Haha yes . Good afternoon

    6. Good Morning Nazneen!

      Vividha phoned and ordered the coconut before she arrived????

  5. Nazneen Syed

    What these directors are showing should have some logic in it. We are not fools to watch these illogical scenes.
    @Aailya. All the best dear for your exam ☺do well.

    One thing that Vividha’s noticed was correct there is no security at border I think army officers went for a party.???

  6. always vividha thinks about herself.she is such a selfish and hypocrite character.it is better to introduce a new female good character opposite ravish.it is better to unite athrav and vivdha bcoz of their selfish love
    dont make again ravish character as scapegoat.bring a new good female character opposte ravish .and start his love story.

  7. Hi friends.
    Good morning and good noon to all.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Good afternoon. …

  8. Just want Adharv’s happiness

    1. Why only atharv.. Vivi nd ravish should also get happiness

  9. Waiting for today’s episode.
    Most interesting point in today’s epi..Atharv entry in Kashmir by saving vividha life as usual.
    And don’t want any misunderstanding drama with Vitharv.
    Hoping sujath had cleared to Atharv abt the letter written by vividha to suman.

    And expecting JNDSD theme song in today episode. When vitharv meet.

    1. Suman jyothi reddy

      I think today also vividha roaming in Kashmir. May be atharv entry is tomorrow. Don’t know in twitter some r discussing

      1. Suman jyothi reddy

        It’s me Suman. Auto filling wrote my complete name ? I think

  10. what do mean by that Kashmir…its not good way to talk NIKH…think before commenting

    1. actually i didn’t get your point so plss can you explain me clearly..
      and i just use ‘that’ word in a sentence like casual word and there is no second meaning for using ‘that kashmir’ if you think like that i’m sry but i didn’t mean it..
      and of course i’m somewhat weak in commenting in english so, if using that is wrong then pls forgive me i’m sorry..

      1. its f9 thn…actually here r so many ppl saying bad things…u nvr knw whether ur intentions r gud or bad..

  11. Hey I’m new.. N I am a big fan of vitharv

    1. Also I am a maldivian nd this is the only show I watch daily

  12. Useless and illogical episode.Vividha the superwoman,pure crap they showing now.Losing all interest now.

  13. i don’t know some people are saying atharv is selfish can you plss tell me how can you people say atharv is selfish??
    and they are saying vivida also selfish ok vivida has done a lot of mistakes i agree in that point.. but one thing if she really totally bad and totally selfish if she think about only her .. any girl can not dare to go to fight with terrorists alone … you people can say she went by suman taunts but if vivida is a total selfish girl she have a chance there also she can avoid suman taunts and she would relax in home but she didn’t choose that option..
    at least she went for ravish after brainwash right..
    if she is that much selfish why did she ready to give her life also to save ravish???
    if atharv and vivida totally selfish then they can go and marry despite of thinking about ravish..

  14. This drama was on cloud 9 now on cloud3 that’s how boring it’s getting

  15. Good afternoon nazneen , karan bhai,Aaliya a xyz ,143 , neemu and the rest of vitharve fans

    1. Gud eveng anam

  16. @nazneen ?????????. That was ? Funny

  17. vividha is selfish and worst character.athrav is selfish.so it better to marry both of them.bring a nice girl opposite ravish character.

    1. Why u like people always said atharv and vividha are selfish? ?why why why ?
      If vividha and atharv are selfish then they have no need to searching for ravish.if they wish they can easily neglect ravish and move on thier happy life. But they also consider ravish.
      If atharv is nt ready for accepting ravish ,it is not his fault.bcz the situation created by their father was like that.only to full fill the promise given to his father ,ravish looked after atharv and sujatha. Gradually ravish began to love atharv.but that time atharv was not in his sense.so he definitely don’t know what is ravish. So it will take more time to atharv understand ravish.
      So atharv is not selfish.
      Selfish and criminals are nly vashisht family.

  18. Are wah…
    When vivida and atharv took help from ravish they are selfish…
    And when they both went to save ravish now also they are selfish. ..
    Right what all are you saying 100% correct…
    Atharv and vivida so much selfish…

  19. Ravidha ya atharva….please serial ko kuch track per lao…boring track

  20. Suman jyothi reddy

    Yeah nikh let dem say selfish. Leave it. I don’t know y CVS showing sensitive issues like terrorism. We watch shows for entertainment. I don’t know y CVS choosen ramakant family army background. Feeling bored. Not even interested to comment also. Silently reading ur comments.

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