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The Episode starts starts with Vividha hearing Suman scolding Sujata. Sujata sees Vividha and says you are right, everyone should learn to be in limits, I m sorry, I will try to keep Vividha away from Atharv’s every need, afterall, Vividha doesn’t have to pay favors back to him. Vividha cries and goes to room. She sees Atharv sleeping and asks Ravish when did he sleep, I will send him back to his room. Ravish says let him sleep, sleep is innocent and deep. Vividha asks what are you doing, did you find out anything. He says nothing, just till, there is a tailor mark on the coat, even my tailor is same, see my coat, the culprit did mistake by making this coat by the same tailor, it will be easy for us to reach that tailor. She agrees.

Ravish and Vividha go to the tailor and show

the coat. Tailor says yes, I have made this coat, this is our tag. Ravish asks who got this coat made and when. Tailor says its tough, I went to village for two months and my brother was here to manage work, and now I m here, and he is gone to village, we can’t communicate. Vividha says but you can check records and know it. Tailor says I think she is your wife. She is smart like you. He checks the record and says I got it, its made two weeks back. Ravish asks who got this made. Tailor says according to record, Ravish Vashisht, you have got this stitched. They get shocked.

Ravish welcomes Abheer and says I m glad you came here, we will like you to stay here, but how did you come inside the gate, my guard did not inform me. Abheer says guard was new, I said I m Ravish and he has let me in. Daddy ji laughs and says I met your dad long time back, how is Brigadier Khanna. Abheer says he is fine, he regretted that we could not come on Ramakant’s last rites, we were out of town, dad insisted that I stay with you all. Kalindi comes and smiles. Suman says I will get tea. Daddy ji asks Kalindi to make arrangements for Abheer.

Ravish says tailor’s brother did not know me, someone came as Ravish and got this coat stitched. Vividha says why will anyone do this, is Guddi’s death a proper planned murder. Ravish says yes, someone made this coat to do that crime. She says why will anyone do this, what did Guddi do.

Abheer goes with Kalindi and hugs her. He says I missed you a lot. Kalindi says we have to be careful, none should know what are we planning. He asks her not to worry, our secret is just ours. He hugs her. She says the situation is different, if Vividha knows about our secret, its not good, I tried to stop her, she is not stopping. He flirts with her and says you tried alone before, now we will try together. They hug. Kalindi smiles.

Suman asks Vividha about hiring a new maid. Vividha says I spoke to neighbor, she said she will send someone. Suman says I was thinking to go on shopping, we will have coffee outside. Vividha says sorry, shall we go tomorrow, its Atharv’s checkup today, doctor is going to come, he has to change weekly medicines, Ravish is not at home. Sujata will get confused. She thinks I know Suman does not like me spending time with Atharv, but his condition is such. She asks Suman not to mind, I have to be here when doctor comes, else Atharv will not take injections. Suman says fine, I know you are doing this as you have a big heart.

Kalindi says finally, we are together, this is what you wanted. He says no, I want something else too. She says anyone can come here. He says let them come and gets close to kiss her. Daddy ji calls him. They get away. Daddy ji asks what happened, all fine. She says I was showing him the house. Abheer says you maintained house well. Daddy ji says thanks, I was going golf court, will you come. Abheer says sure. Daddy ji goes. Kalindi says don’t worry. I will manage everything here. Abheer goes.

Vividha goes to Atharv. Kalindi comes there and adds something in medicine bottle. She goes. Vividha comes to room. Sujata says I will feed medicines to Atharv, and stops Vividha. Atharv refuses to have medicines from Sujata. Kalindi looks on. Sujata tells Vividha that only I will feed medicines. Kalindi gets Abheer’s call and says once Sujata makes Atharv drink medicine, he will die. Atharv makes medicine fall. The paper falls by the medicine falling on it. Sujata scolds him and asks him to have medicine. Vividha sees the paper burning and gets shocked.

Vividha cries. Ravish tells Vividha that culprit will be caught soon. Atharv throws something on Abheer. Vividha bends to pick it, and gets shocked seeing Abheer and Kalindi holding hands, under the table.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So culprit is kalindi & abheer!!!!!!
    wow !our writer is great………

  2. Ab yahi baaki hai dhikane ke liye stupid relations and stupid actions . kaisi story kaise badal raha hain. Now iam hatingg this track. But wat is d reason behind that much preplanned cruel murder.ufffffffffff

  3. Navz

    I am a registered member but my comments are posted without any logo. Plz anyone can suggest me wat to do.

  4. Navz

    Haha now it came wid the logo.

  5. Navz

    Wat is dis stupid relations being shown in d serial.but wat could be d reason behind such a prepallend cruel.murder. I am happy dat neither ravish nor atharv are shown as murderers.I am hating the scenes btn kalindi and abheer.

  6. It means kalindi is one who put scorpions on vivida nd scares her.
    I think when kalindi nd abheer r romancing guddi sees them.2 cover their mistake they killed guddi.
    No one can harm atharv until vivida will be with him.
    Tq u director for not dragging

  7. Oh kalindi u r so cheap. So kalindi and abheer r the culprits. Vikram told that black cat will be exposed soon.

  8. Vikram told in an interview that the black cat will be exposed in 2 or 3 episodes. Kalindi u r so cheap. I hate u. >:)

  9. After watching today episode I felt.. That phase 2 of JNDSD should have renamed as VASHISTAS NIVAS with a caption(a official house for crime).
    Don’t know where dis show was going. Totally spoiled.
    Today’s episode was not good for upcoming vitharv truth.After reviling Guddi’s death becoz of kalindi affair.It will effect on vitharv. Get well soon Mr.director.

  10. From d episode shows Director has much interested in romantic or illegal affairs more over the story line.The way they showed kalindi with her ex.?????????

  11. Wat a relation yar..director should have maintained Minimum common sense. It would have good sense that Aditi-Avinash,Vipul-Bhoomi, killed guddi..becoz of der reasons.

  12. Some plz tell..did anyone felt that new one who has entered d show has that much age to make a relation with kalindi.
    That guy looks like a teenager..and kalindi was looks like too old.
    First when I saw him with dady ji I felt he may be kalindi’s illegal son.But I was shocked when that guy closed door and doing romance with kalindi.Omg wat a relation is dis???

    1. Same pov frm me…i was terribly amazed to see such kind if stupitity…lol???

      hope writers get some sense back!

      they r doing mny errors such as…impossible flashbacks of viv nd atharva,viv and atharva romance pics,how Cn they click pics while they romance?…nd yea todays episode was horrible,tieing up a note with a old lady to a young man…

      wah wah jndsd !!! Plz hv sense… ✌

  13. Bored……the story is hitting rock bottom.

    All after things that is just not meant to be……..confused lot!!

  14. RIP JNDSD WRITERS/DIRECTORS,PRODUCTION. U guys had kept gr8t effort to spoil entire. So now take rest. RIP

  15. They are making the serial lame day by day

  16. Now I feel that sujatha was mistaken about vividha..she is not a bad shadow on Atharv ..vividha is a good shadow who will take care of atharve at any cost …super girl vividha will save Atharv..wow…wow .
    Proud of u..
    Why cvs is showing stupid actions b/w kalindi and abheer ..it is quite irritating,I hate that part
    A infinite number of claps for Atharve for such a incredible acting

  17. So much of plannings nd plottings!!!
    Getting bored…. : (

  18. I am also feels like boring.

  19. Does anybody noticed ye log family ke sabhi members par shak dalre kabhi Aditi aur uska boyfriend to kabhi Suman , Dadiji, bhoomi and her husband abhi Kalindi aur love story ?? they don’t even spared Atharv and Sujata ?…But pata end Mein shayad Ravish hi culprit hoga I think so …because serial main villain wo hi hota hai jispar kisiko doubt na Ho….because he is following Vividha every where may be to know what will be her next move and to confuse her because he knows very well she blindly trust him…I don’t know because he acted too innocent ..kisine socha tha Suman itni dangerous Ho Sakti hai Gun tan Sakti hai Sujata par use blackmail kar Sakti hai nahi na starting wo kitni sweet and innocent dikhai thi ??….Ravish akhir hai to uska hi beta….lets see waiting for the episode when truth will revealed and Atharv will be normal soon? I only want justice for Atharv and Sujata ? I don’t care about other characters

  20. This serial will remain boring until Atharve gets normal again. I like the threesome of Sujata Atharve n Vividha at their place, it was more fun n entertaining to watch then than now.

  21. No I don’t think it’s khalindi coz the person planned to kill guddi 2 weeks back , -and guddi came into the house a few days ago , I think it’s chito

  22. Kalindi shame on you.What cheap things you are doing.
    Ghum phirkar inzaam Ravish pe hi aajata hai.Agar Ravish ne Guddi Ko Mara hota toh voh uski jaan kyun bachata?????Ravish Vividha Ki madat kar raha hai kaatil Ko saamne laane ke liye.I think Chintu ne usse Mara hai kyunki usne jab kaha Tha Ki voh usse nahi chodega badla zaroor lega.

  23. Don’t know who gonna be the killer…i want ravish to unite atharve and vividha after atharve gets normal..
    I don’t think the killer is neither kalindhi nor abheer
    Am suspicious towards ravish/dadda ji/suman..
    Ravish is still following vividha like a shadow

  24. It may nt be chintu too. Because just one or two days before he warned guddi n ravish. But coat was done 2 weeks before only. It can’t be ravish too. Mostly kk only culprit. Dialog writer tweeted behind dis some big planning n reason is der. N as we r criticizing regarding age of kalindi n her bf, it Is also intentional it seems. Some Un expectabed big twist is on d way it seems. Sweet love story to criminal story?. Great writers

  25. Its discusting to see d romance brtween kalindi and abheer both loook like a mothet and son

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