Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv and Vividha romancing. They hear some sound and get disturbed. She gets tensed and asks him to please shut the window. He shuts the window. He walks to her. They smile. He holds her. Is kadar tu mujhe pyaar kar…..plays………..They have an eyelock. She runs away. He catches her. She holds him away. He looks at her and goes away. She goes to him and hugs him. They get close and kiss.

Guddi sees Ravish’s pic and smiles. She imagines Ravish coming. She hugs him. He holds her. They smile. She looks around and hugs his pic. Jo jazbaat hai…..plays……… Atharv and Vividha eye each other. He removes her jewelry. He holds her. They hear a tiger roar and get shocked. They turn to see. He says there is no one except us.

They hug. Someone looks at them.

Vividha gets shocked seeing a tiger outside the window. She says there is tiger… He smiles and says there is no one here. He turns and sees the tiger. He also gets shocked. She says don’t go, please Atharv. Atharv goes out of window to see. He does not see anyone. They go out. Someone sees them and hides. They go back inside.

Ravish hears the girl’s cry and wakes up from sleep. He goes and knocks the door. Guddi asks what happened, you here. Ravish says I think the girl is in much pain. Guddi goes to see. She asks what happened, are you fine, is it hurting, where. The girl says please help me and cries holding Guddi’s hands. Guddi says she has high fever Ravish. He enters the room and sees her. He says I will get blankets, you cover her up. He covers the girl till Guddi gets medicines. The girl holds Ravish’s hands and says please help me, I don’t want to do this marriage, don’t beat me. She injures Ravish’s hand by her nails. Ravish and Guddi get shocked.

Atharv says there is nothing. Vividha says you have also seen. He says its jungle, small animals can come. She asks small? He says come, its windy. Tiger is inside the house. They turn and see something. The lights go. Vividha says there is someone, did you see. Atharv signs her to move back. She says where did you get me. He takes a torch to see. They see the tiger footprints. They get a big shock seeing the tiger. He signs her not to shout. They move back. Atharv holds the candle stand and makes it fall. They run out.

Ravish sits thinking. Guddi says I kept hot milk for you, have it, you will get sleep. He thanks her. She says your hand is bleeding, I think that girl scratched. He says yes, she held my hand forcibly. She does the aid to him. He says it will get fine. She says now its fine, Maa was saying right, you should have not got her home, and taken her to hospital, don’t know who is she and who are behind her. Some goons come there. Guddi says the way she was shouting, don’t beat, I think she gets beaten up.

Ravish says she is in problem, she is getting beaten up, is she a problem, is she wrong or what’s happening with her is wrong, she is in trouble, she is a victim, we don’t know who is torturing her, shall we leave her alone and not help her, don’t worry, she came in her senses, she can go anywhere she wants. Atharv and Vividha run out of the farmhouse. Tiger follows them. Vividha falls down. Atharv holds her and pulls her back, when the tiger attacks. Atharv falls down and she holds him. They get inside room and shut door. Her dupatta gets stuck in door. She prays to Lord and pulls her dupatta, They lock the door. Tiger hits door. She asks did you get this place. He says I did not know this farmhouse has wild animals. She says I mean this bathroom, its door is so thin and weak. He says wait, I think there is a window there. He does to check and pushes the window. She worries as tiger hits the door.

She says everything will get over, my Madhav, my mum. He says nothing will end, I m here. He see the bathtub. They both hold breath and hide in the waters. Tiger enters the bathroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Is this sara khan? She is looking like sara khan na.
      But I think there will be a new triangle guddi -ravish -mallika. And mallika is a -ve character. SO atlast may be guddi will be the pair of ravish. Nt sure. Anything can happen in jndsd.

    2. Sunanda12345

      Yesssss she is sara khan
      Triangle luv story between
      Guddi -ravish -mallika
      Bro 2 luv story interesting

  1. Suman di dinosaur. Aailya xyz pinnakathil
    annu allo???????????
    Aailya pavam moshakari. Anyway ? nink
    99% mark kituyathil santhosham und. Athu sem examil great. You wait and see
    Adutha thavana ni thott thopi idum.
    Mind it.

    1. RAOne

      hey!!!!!!!!!!! whoever you are please atleast us live peacfully………yr you can comment here but not against any one you want please learn respect I am telling you….. ya three words for u……….


  2. Suman dinousars and children dinosaurs.

    Suman most ungrateful lady on earth. blo*dy idiot.

    xyz blo*dy stupid.

    1. RAOne

      please not again yr………I doubt about your mental state….. our insane person…. please yr kabhi…. aachi comment karo yr please its a request…….. please……….

      listsen ma’am/sir whoever you are please yr….. you can comment here but don,t use foul language to any one I request you……… we all don’t know each other……… but least respect each other……please please……….

      I would like to please whiling moderating please do delete such comment which inflict voilence approach each other in this [email protected] update team

  3. Wow what a ferocious tiger..I can’t control my laughter

  4. Suman = Tiger….

  5. that girl is sara khan according to my info and she is paired with raavish and she is nt -ve
    she is ravish love bt guddi is again the love triangle here……
    guys plzzz lets now request the makers to nt to quit this seriel because now they are showing what we wanted viatharv together and also a girl for raavish has aarived
    i love even maadhav …so,lets request them to continue this show guys…….plzzzzzzzzz..

    1. Welcome the one and only KK. All your plans went in vain.???? Vitharv are married now. Eagerly waiting for kk and atharv’s face off. You are back at the right time.

  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSiV4COllsR/

    Get ready!!! Finally the great kk is back.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Omg! Iam getting scared

    2. Now kk is back and I think our old vitharv will be back with their sizzling chemistry

    3. So many dramas …. coming soon…??

      1. Hi Sweety sis, Harthal adichu polikkukayano? Enikku tution undayirunnu. atha cmnt cheyyan late ayathu. pinne innalathe tiger engane undayirunnu.enikku ippozhum athorkkumbol chiri varunnu.

    4. @ xyz do u remember that vikku told in an interview of shivik first mock shoot ..in that he had to do romance in a way similar to today’s episode and they were feeling little uncomfortable in doing such intimate scenes in the beginning itself and he also told that scene had not been telecasted yet
      and scene in mock shoot was also of suhagraat .So I feel that that is telecasted now and that is why their chemistry is missing
      I don’t know what I ‘ m thinking is right or not ..I just felt like that

      1. Sandy. No .That mock shoot is not this scn.I think that mock shoot was shot approximately bfr 1 yr.And that scn was nt like ystrdys. This fn8 scn was shot recently nly bfr 2 days.And we saw many pics and photos of this scn during shooting. And they suddenly arranged vitharv marriage &fn8 for trp.
        Annu vikku paranjathu mock shootil shivani roomil nightil irikkumbol vikku roomil kayari chennu enna. Avide vacha avar adyam kandathu enna. Athu just oru scn mock shootinu vendi cheythu enne ullu
        A scnm ippozhathe scnmay no relation.
        And it is crystal clear from their get up.bcz that time the look of shivani &vikram were entirely different from now.
        Pinne nammal ippozhthe fn8 shooting pics &vdos kandathumanallo.
        So no dear .This scn was created now for trp abd nt the mock shoot scn.That scn was just for a mock shoot .
        Actually shivik nte chemistry ippozhathe scnsl miss ayathanu Bcz of so many recent pblms &frustration s.

    5. REALLY!Then our old ADHARV SUJATHA will be back soon.I think that may be in Ajmer. I really miss our old Adharv sujatha , his Rudhraksh, his tabela, grass cutting scns, also his naughtiness.Now Vitharv romance is also not as cute as earlier.Plz give our old romantic pair [email protected], shivik pinneyum pinangiyo? Bt fr what? Avarude pinakkam mariyathalle.

      1. Usha. Don’t know dear. Shivik pinneyum pinangi ennu thonunnilla. But avar 2 perum chila nanam ketta ravish fans karanam ake frustration nil anu.shivik ne a thendikal orupad harass cheyunnund insgm, twitter vazhi. Pinne shivani ye kurichu valare moshamay comments cheyyunnd a rascals. Athinte vishamathila shivik.
        But don’t worry they r nt weak persons. Rubbish fans paranju paranju madukkukaye ullu. Ethra avar shivik ne apamanichalum nammal true vitharv -shivik fans shivik nte koode thannund. Vitharv fans power nthannu avar serikkum Ippol arinjathanallo. So avar .0000% fans vicharichal shivik ne oru chukkum cheyn pattilla. Bcz 99.999% m vitharv shivik fans anu.
        So ippozhathe shivik nte frustration udane marum. Eppo kk m vannittundallo.
        I really wish kk is back for the srl nt for a visit. .kk vannal automatically old vitharv thirike varum.

    6. is he the tiger or what Coz he is the only one who can come up with such creepy ideas just to disturb vitharv.

  7. Sonu ,anju,akshaya

    Aailya thevadashi . Edi choole ni onnum ahagarikanda to. Oru 99% medichath vellaya kariyum ayi enna vicharium. Podi patti, thendi nayinte magale.
    Maiyare podi .

    All vitharv fans go to hell. I will not let vitharv to live peacefully. Mind it you rascals.????????????

    1. RAOne

      who the hell are to claim that they only the fictional charcter…. everyone has diffrent reason to watch…. this serial…… for some one its love story. for some entertainment, some fans of vikram bhai, Shanshak bhai and for some shivani….. some love vitharv chemistry…. some like ravidha chemistry……… actually you are no one to trouble them…….as are producer and not even the writer so you can’t pull anything…… okk yes again………

      GET WELL SOON………. all will be ok………get your treatmeant……….. if ever come to lucknow then must Noormanjil……. it very suitable place for u to visit…..

    2. Anju makale/makane,ethra manoharamaya bhasha.Kunjinu thalakku olamaano?ithinu marannu pedaya,veettukaru athu samayathu thannittillarikkum,vishamikkanda,Ni ividunnu athu chodichu vangunnundallo

  8. Sonu ,anju,akshaya

    Raone poda mayre

    1. RAOne

      listen i didn’t understand your lanuage but i google it,………. by should I leave this page way……… you can ask anyone….. if they say I should leave this page……..then for their peace I will definately go away….ok i’m person like no one want you still you distrub others……..
      i want go way……..if they people over has problem with me……. understand…………… now go awat rest get well soon…..

      1. Malayalam is a beautiful poetic language,but what this girl is using are all big big bad words,if she calls this on face ,she will know how that will be,she/he,comes here to bark and seek attention,pure fellow,pray that she gets well soon,but before that,Sonu,aa vilichathu mothavum thirichu angu sweekarichekku ,Ivide aa peril aarum Illa..swantham peringane urakke pala commentkalilayi vilichu parayathedo,……..e,…….dash dashe….✂✂✂naakku arinju kalayum??

  9. Hi…so many malayalees what is it a malayalam serial?!?

  10. I was righttttt,..the girl who has been shown as the bride wasn’t sara khan ..the shoot with zara has just begun ..i think that’s why they didn’t show the face of that girl..

    1. Ssara*

  11. Hey!!! You sonu/Anju. Whatever it is..
    I know you are search for your best friend… Missing your friend badly right!! OK I will tell you d address… Plz contact star plus channel and find vitharv honeymoon spot and immediately reach d spot and take your friend (tiger) from JNDSD show and leave this page with your friend (tiger)???????

    1. @143 dear. You rocked.???????????????????????

      Good evening dear

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