Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma telling Dadi that someone has thrown this blood stained kurta and this stone has murderer written on it, whose kurta is this. Dadi says we will go out and see. Ankit worries. Ravish knocks and Situram opens cupboard. Ravish comes out and says we will see if anyone gets to know. He goes. Dadi says Uma, I don’t know who has thrown this stone and kurta. Ankit worries and looks around. Uma says murderer word is used when a person kills someone. She asks Ankit did Atharv wear this clothes when you have hit Atharv. Ankit nods. Uma asks what did you do to him, tell me. Dadi says Atharv is here, we just can’t see him.

Everyone dine. Avinash tells Vividha about ragging as part of army camp rituals. Suman says no one will do my bahu’s ragging. Avinash tells

about a joke in regiment, Ravish can jump in war alone, this time he has put us in tension, he has got out of death trap for the third time, and this time he had to come for you. He goes with Ravish. Suman asks Situram to clear the table. Vividha says no, I will do. Suman looks on.

Vividha works in kitchen. Suman says you don’t need to do this. Vividha says I will do. Suman says fine, you have to manage this house. She says everyone went out, and we are going to neighbor’s house, will you come. Vividha says no. Suman asks her will you manage alone. Vividha asks Suman to go. Vividha keeps the leftover food in fridge. She hears some sound and goes to see. She sees someone going and lights go off. Vividha takes the candle and a knife. She goes to see.

She shouts who is there, I m asking who is there….. She looks outside and says Atharv I can just feel you, I don’t miss you, maybe I m feeling this. She goes and does not see the muddy footprints.

Ravish and Avinash are outside the house and have a talk. Ravish says I did not do research and does not know about marriage success, but my mum feels my marriage will be a success. Avinash asks him about his holiday. Ravish says I extended my holiday. Avinash says its married life effect. Ravish says there is some work at home and it will take time. Vividha sees the lights flickering and some black hood person is seen. Vividha turns and that man disappears. She asks who is there, and cries worriedly. She hears the footsteps and drops knife and candle being scared. She sees the shadow and gets a torch. She sees someone going.

Her saree gets stuck and she gets tensed. She says please leave me. She turns and sees her saree stuck. She goes to the room. Light comes. She washes her face in the bathroom. She hears Atharv calling out Vividha and stops. She says Atharv and turns. She does not see him, and checks the washroom. She holds her head and cries saying Atharv. She hears him again and checks the sink tap. She sees Atharv in the mirror and smiles. She says Atharv and turns… She does not see him. She starts crying. She says where are you Atharv…..

Someone knocks the door. She cleans her face and goes out. She opens the room door. She asks who is it. Ravish says its me Ravish. She opens the door. He asks what happened, is everything fine. She says ya. He asks are you sure. She says yes. He says Avinash went, I m also going out, I will come late, don’t lock the door please. He goes. She shuts door and cries.

Uma talks to Gajendra and says we are worried for Kailash. Gajendra says maybe Kailash is guilty and does not want to show his face to anyone. Uma says no, he is heartless, I m worried that new plan is he making, something wrong is going to happen.

Ravish comes home. He enters the room and does not find Vividha. He goes ahead and sees Vividha sleeping on the ground. He goes to her and stops himself from holding her. He opens his laptop and sits working. He sleeps while working. She wakes up and sees Ravish sleeping. She asks him to sleep on bed. He wakes up and says this bed is yours first, you sleep on ground and I sleep on bed, this is not possible, I did not feel right to wake you up from sound sleep. She says sorry to misbehave with you, I kept you out of your room and spoke rudely, please I won’t like it if you sleep there. He says my duty, heart and values won’t permit me. She says no, you sleep on bed. He says listen….. He keeps her pillow and sheet on the bed and says good night.

Vividha dries her hair. Ravish sees her and smiles. She gets ready. Situtam tells Ravish that there is some problem. Ravish says nothing and makes excuse. Vividha goes to look inside that cupboard room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Geet

    Y I feel that Atharv is inside the house. Its too suspenseful..

  2. I missed today’s episode thankyu for written episode

  3. Who is scaring vivida?????
    Atharv will never scare viv like that.there is some one in home.
    Iam happy for one second bcoz they show real atharv.before atharv is only seen in viv recallments.
    Really iam happy in that second.
    Tq writers.hope that atharv will come very sooooon to jndsd nd satisfies uss.
    Plss writers make him soonnnnn back.plssssssssssssssssss i miss him a lot.
    Viv is sooooo cute asusually

    1. Excatly i too felt same…Atharv could never and ever scare Vividha….Come back Atharv…Coma back…

    2. Happy fan :)

      Hiiee Sunanda…im fine dear wat abt u ?
      A big hai to all members over here…

  4. Now Will you guys show us the dream sequence. Lol …nothing new in this show. 😀

  5. Vividha should change her behaviour towards ravish. She should respect. Whether she agrees or not her marraige is over. Whether the marraige breaks or continue their relation she should respect ravish.

    1. Ravish needs to changes his attitude aswell, didn’t you read the part where Vividha apologized. Vividha ain’t give no Damn about the mirage, whether it breaks or not.Respect is earned. So both should respect each other.

  6. What is ravish hiding? Who threw the stone and shirt? Where is atharv?

  7. Happy fan :)

    Ooff….wht is happening…is it conguring 3….or any new ghost film…..what is real story….
    I cant understand anything…writers plz make a story first and then make the serial…..dont think that many aged illiterate ppl r watching this…..world has changed a lot….
    And wat is this precap ???…..May june…..Vividha going bhind Atharv… July August Atharv going bhind Vividha….September Vitharv love……
    And next for how many months we hav to see Ravish-Vividha love story…..
    Girls r not any books that anyone can use (read) nd then passing to someothers….

    1. i agree…they r just putting bad impact on the society nthing else…

  8. Finally got glimpse of my Atharv…
    Because of written episode i was able to read about my Atharv and saw him..
    Ravish-I really feel sorry for you but can’t accept u for vividha…
    My Vidharv is bestest…
    Vidharv and Ravish are suffering coz of kailash devil and damn Ramakant…
    Who asked u to come again in life of Sujata and Atharv…
    Without u they were having great boind Ramakant..Came and spoiled life of both sense..
    Being major,no sense and ur incomplete conveying of info to ur wife and kailash shattered three lives plus sujata too..
    What to do
    Vividha suffering coz of Kailash and Ravish because of Ramakant…My Atharv because of Kailash as well as Ramakant…

    Come back Atharv..Love you Vitharv…

  9. It’s like a devil serial .who’s that man scaring vividha .ohhhhhh

  10. Lakshmi

    Oh atharv plz come to limelight soon…and makers plz dont make this one like ssk…bhoot type..

  11. ya muje samaj mai aa gya ab arthav kabhi nahi ayega kyunki yeh story bakvas hai stop stop

  12. I m too confused..it is actually toooo suspenseful..
    I feel writers r messing the story..
    Nd offcourse atharv nd viv should be together..atharv is viv’s true love..

  13. hello everyone i think ravish do secrate army work just like akshay kumar in holiday movie

  14. This garbage is giving false hope to all, if you watch you will regret

  15. Please bring my bangaram back to jndsd

  16. idk wts happening ??? according to the track pre-written vitharva were to be reunited at the end…bt i will say if vividha falls fr ravish thn no use vitharv reunition as there wont be love between viv and atharv any more…actually i would say writers are doing perfectly right on the ongoing track…as its obvious tht after marriage the couples falls fr each other wn both of them are nice…bt i wont forgive and carry on blaming the writers as they spoiled the story by making viv marry ravish,there no true love left…nw they cn do several things bt they cnt change the truth the ravish and viv are married couples…and it will be very disgusting if they r planing to reunite vitharv after making viv fr ravish…
    ne way wt we cn do,except just to share our feelings or else stop watching the show…

    i would say the writers wasted their and our time by writing and showing the previous tracks of vitharv,as they dont value ne thing nw…

    ths was the frst serial tht i liked the most becz of shivani and vikram performance bt i think i should nt have seen ths serial at all frm starting at least tht wont have given the pain of their separation…wn i knew abt tht they will separate , i still hoped tht they will listen abt viewers and do something +ve bt all went in vain…no use of watching ths show nw 🙁 very annoying

  17. I am fine . happy fan

  18. Continuously….directors are hiding atharv from the serial…thats not fine…please bring back my atharv….without atharv is too boring….please reunite atharv and vividha….day by day i am getting bore to watch the jndsd….atharv should come back…..

  19. I actually want to see If Viv has an impact on Ravish life. I know people are disliking the story line, but this can happen in real life. Who knows, viewers might start to like Rav-Viv story too.

  20. I actually want to see If Viv has an impact on Ravish life. I know people are disliking the story line, but this can happen in real life. Who knows, viewers might start to like Rav-Viv story too.

  21. KAINA

    guys i dont know about u but i want ravish and vivdha’s pair as i was not able to connect to vitharv’s pairing may b i started watching it in the mid

  22. I think Ravish was handling some army mission after war may be some terrorist caught by Ravish. And he was doing secret introguation behind cupboard room..


    It may also happens. .that Ravish father Ramakanth is still alive and medical care is going on. ..

    I don’t think it’s atharv which Ravish was hiding behind the cupboard. .

  23. I understand everything but Where is sujata . atharv has memory loss & ravish helping him , & all other things can be understood that Why vividha , uma & all hiding truth from ravish & his family. but Sujata is not forced of anything. she can tell revish that why atharv is Hurt & who is vividha .

  24. I think it’s Athar’s ghost. ..which scaring Vividha and uma…..

  25. I too feel lik atharv is in the same house ..when atharv called vividha while she was in washroom ..when she was tryn to focus wr the sound was coming through tht basin hole ….Nd prcap shows tht ravish excuses as somethn wnt wrong in water pumps Nd all ..I think atharv is in the same house .Nd I feel lik ravish is a negativ character…jst my assumption frnz …bt the suspense is nice ..itz actually a diff stry track ..

  26. I hope this serial does not go Hum dil de chuke sanam way! And ending with Ravish-Vividha. Too bad and mainstream it will be.

  27. I don’t know bout anyone else but Atharv shouting Vividha n her thinking she cud hear him thru the wash basin, that probably leads down to the secret passage thru the wardrobe n that’s where Atharv is. So the voice is his but her seeing him is in her imagination as he had no marks on his face. Their souls r linked n Wil always remain so, no matter how far they are apart something Wil always bring them bk together again no matter how long it takes….
    Vividha doesn’t miss Atharv as he’s wit her, she feels him there, becoz he is. N a man of his word he is… Ravish is good but Atharv is a better match for Vividha. He helps her to grow n challenge n b her own person, fun, loving, childish, yet question everything n be her! I miss that at mo, it’s like her spirit isn’t wit her presently, being bk our Vividha n Atharv!!!!!

  28. It’s quite interesting to see both brother Hav some similarities…. Both like the same foods (kathal a few times a week), say similar phrases… Joh hoga woh deka jayegah, n both luv the same girl. Ravish is a soldier n the way Atharv is, he might as well be a soldier, even Vividha said it a while ago. So falling for Ravish may not b as difficult as it seems, he’s almost like an Atharv duplicate, hate to say it, but I really hope things work out in the end……

  29. Hi All,
    I guess that vivdha and ravish start to respect and love each other. Am not thinking that writers will get back vidharv.
    Marriage is done. There is no point to show negative in ravish. He is very cool, understanding and accommodative husband. I know that that vivdha loved adharv. But ravish seems very good guy than adharv. Plz excuse me if my opinion hurts any if vidharv fans.
    But guys see.. how good ravish is…
    He tries to know whatzz in the mind of vivdha.he asked her that the marriage performed with her consent or not. He respect her. He keeps the relation between vivdha and him within. He doesn’t make any compliant against her rude behavior. He saved her at dining table discussion when she said that she don’t wish to go to her parents home. He respects his mom and he don’t wish to make her panic by knowing his unconsummated marriage. At the same time he is not forcing vivdha. He is giving vivdha time to understand each other. He respects her. He gives her personal space. He told that vivdha conversion with her mom is completely of her personal thing. He says that he respect her personal space. And it is also showed that he is valuing her by saying that the bed is her’s the only his. He got good upbringing and he is very matured. as it is showing that he is hiding something in the cupboard passage every one suspecting ravish. I hope there wouldn’t be such thing. May b it relates to his work. I guess he don’t do something guilty.

    When there is no point to say negative about ravish and his family, vivdha has to respect the marriage relation. It else it would be like playing with the emotions of ravish and his mom. I guess vivdha will start to respect ravish and start to address his needs. Slowly she starts loving him.

    As vivdha and adharv knows pretty well about the oaths of marriage, they respect the marriage of vivdha and ravish.

    Tell me how many love stories are coming to marriage?? We know a few stories are ending with marriage.
    Loving a girl or guy is a common thing. But respecting and loving a girl who doesn’t hav minimum concern is a big thing. Even vivdha keeps the door locked ravish handled the situation fairly.

    Let us see what will be shown.

  30. By the way, did you guys see the way Ravish said to Vividha listen… is sounded like straight command and before that when he said he had his way to open the door and she wouldn’t like it , I don’t know if that was because of his job or not but Rhea , you might have a point there , he may be negative or then again the writers are playing with us .

  31. Atharv please come back we can’t see vivdha without you

  32. as per previous episodes atharv did promises and placed blood mark in forehead of vivi there marriage is completed by fate.only mangsutra is official.here with ravish there is no interest between those two people just caring and concern doesnt make any one fall for another.here marriage is official . only vithar should lead their life defeate this devil kailash.with most expectations waiting to see atharv back

  33. It is absolutely non sense rubbish tirn of events….. hopeless story writing….

  34. If viv fall in love with ravish…then this serial is a shit

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