Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman crying. Daddy ji says you were always strong, I don’t think you should lose courage. Suman says I don’t know why is this happening with Vividha, she was shouting and saying someone attacked her, we did not believe her, someone has mixed sindoor in milk, it means someone wants to harm her. He asks who will try to harm her from this house. She says don’t know, why is this happening.

Vividha sees Ravish holding the nightie string and asks what are you doing. Her voice comes back. He says I was trying to cover you, you are unwell. She asks him not to touch her. Atharv/Vipul looks on. She says I have seen what you were doing. Ravish says I can’t do this, I told you I was just covering you, you are misunderstanding me. She says I got to know you well.

Suman says its Diwali tomorrow, its said that Amasvasya night takes everyone’s darkness, will our life get light also? She cries and goes. Vividha asks Ravish not to lie. He says I m not such man, I can’t do wrong with you, I m your husband. Vividha shouts you are not my husband. He gets shocked. Atharv/Vipul smiles and leaves. Vividha moves Ravish and leaves from the room.

Suman walks downstairs. Atharv/Vipul stares at her. She stops and feels someone is behind. He pushes her down. She rolls down the stairs. He goes. Vividha comes there and stands near the stairs. Suman turns and sees Vividha. Ravish comes after Vividha and asks her to listen. Ravish sees Suman fallen and rushes to her. He calls out Situram and asks him to call doctor fast. Vividha says Maa and rushes. Ravish signs her to stop. Vipul comes to help. Ravish and Vipul take Suman to room.

Doctor treats Suman and says its neck sprain, anything severe could have happened. Kalindi asks how did this happen, how did you fall suddenly. Suman says I was going downstairs and I felt like someone….. She looks at Vividha. Vividha sees them staring at her. Suman says my foot slipped, I could not balance, I m fine. Vividha says I will stay with Maa. Ravish says no, its okay, I m here. Vividha says no, you take rest. He says I can take care of my Maa. He asks her to go. Everyone leave. Suman says Ravish, you should not talk to Vividha like this. Ravish asks her to take rest, we will talk later.

Atharv is sleeping. Sujata asks him to see the good day. He wakes up and hears her. She tells how he made Rangoli last year. FB shows Atharv making Rangoli by following design on phone. She says your wife will make it, if she does not know, she will also follow phone designs. She says I kept milk on stove and runs. She sees sorry I forgot and spoiled rangoli. He calls her Laxmi and says my Rangoli got Shubh now. FB ends. She says your thinking was so different, you never pretended and followed society customs, you kept my name with yours, and promised to marry the girl who did not love you, and taught her to have her own thinking, you did not leave supporting her, you lived your live on your terms. He gets up.

Ravish feeds soup to Suman. Vividha comes and greets happy Diwali to Suman. Suman also wishes her. Vividha says Ravish, I will feed soup to Maa. He says its okay, I will feed her. She goes. Suman asks Ravish why are you behaving such. He says you know the answer. He goes. Vividha comes to Suman and asks do you know I made you fall off stairs. Suman says no, why will you do this, I remember someone pushed me. Vividha says why will anyone push you.

Suman says don’t know, sometimes when we don’t see anyone, it does not mean there is no one. Vividha asks you mean there is someone in this house… Suman tells about past. Vividha asks her to say, what is the matter, you are not able to say it, please tell me. Suman says its very old thing and….. Vividha asks what. Suman says nothing, I want to rest now. Vividha says fine, take rest. She goes. Suman thinks that incident was also on Diwali night, its Diwali night today also, why do I feel some bad happening is going to occur. Vividha thinks why did Suman not tell anything, what did she mean.

She thinks of Atharv and that attack, why did anyone not see and feel all that, I have to talk to Ravish. Sujata asks Atharv did he recall everything and understand. He holds her face and says you talk a lot, you don’t let me sleep, are you mad. She cries. He goes to sleep.

She says I m sure that day will surely come, I will work hard, happy Diwali. He says the same. She smiles. Vividha goes to talk to Ravish. She asks why are you ignoring me, I m trying to talk to you, do you think I pushed Maa. He says when did I say this, I feel I don’t know you, I felt this house is new for you, we all are new and you will need time, I felt our distance is getting less, yesterday you said I m not your husband, what happened now, I don’t know what is your problem, I want to solve the problems, I told you before, keep my mum away from this, I will give what you want, my mum should not get hurt, she got hurt today. She says you feel I m responsible. He says I don’t know, but I will find out, its Diwali today and I want it to bring peace for my family, think what you want, I will accept your every decision. He leaves.

Atharv/Vipul misbehaves with Vividha. She asks him to leave her and runs. He catches her. Someone hits on his head and saves her. She sees the other person/maybe real Atharv, and gets shocked. She faints by the shock.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Kalpana

    What a beautiful story it was earlier !!!!!
    Now getting bored even to read written updates. Too much of psychic drama. Already Atharv is mad, now they are making vividha also mad by doing all this shit .

    • Love me or hate me m still gonna shine..

      Ravish shuld marry guddi..why will only atharv do all the sacrifices..and ravish ka toh boyfriend bhi hai situram..i just want vitharav re-unite.. marriage ho gya toh kya divorce naam ki chiz bhi hoti hai…i know real mein yeh sab nhi hota hai par tv shows mein toh 1-2days mein hi divorce ho jaate hai…. waise bhi this serial is going disgusting day by day…..trp bhi kam hoti ja rhi hai…vo din dur nhi jab yeh serial band ho jayega…achi khaasi love story kharaab kar di uss ravish muchad ko gussa ke..sorry ravish lovers but i hate him seriously 😑😑

      • Komal

        Ya u are right ..i hate ravish as husband of vividha …what ever ravish is also gud bt atharv is better then him …

    • Tania shahriar

      hey, u!!!!! i thing, u can’t watch first episodes so u comment like this. athrav always treat guddi like his little sister. so how could u tell like this?????

  2. Simmy😘

    the made the story like kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan where koyal and raj like each other but koyal married maddy and at the end the both fall in love and here it’s kinda the same because athrav and vividha love each other but now vividha has married ravish. Dont know what writers are planning the story next.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Dhara

      No like tashan e ishq at first twinkle nd yuvi love each other then twinkle amd kunj get married then kunj and twinkle fell in love 😒

  3. TUFFY

    Well at least now vividha will know that someone else is doing wrong with her and it’s not atharv. Maybe it’s atharv who hits vipul on the head having a flashback from his attack. Please move this storyline on writers, too much ofhide and seek seen now. I think kalindi and her son and d.i.l are behind this as vipul said in earlier episode let’s start the work now because they want rights over house instead of suman.

  4. priya

    Nowadays It seems vividha s too rude wit ravish,wat he has done.for kailash nd ramakant mistke,ravish s payng.i feel pity on him bcoz he has no love nd happiness n marriage life,protectng atharva nd sujatha withot knowning anyone,feels bad for her mother.
    I think its better ravish nd vividha stay together nd treats atharva to make him normal.and make him marry to another girl.

    • Dhara

      Right vivdha doesnt deserves Someone so precious like Atharb Atharb deserves better he always got hurt for her 😭😭😭

  5. Aash

    Suman ni push chesindhi evaru ….? And enduku push chesadu. ..? I think in the next episode it’s real atharv who saves vividha .. real atharv aithe I am so happy

  6. Aswini jenny

    How to atharv marry guddi.bullshit.u mean love is joke.u give importance marriage than love.but without love that marriage is 100% waste.its my opinion

    • Horizon

      Well said yaar… without love marriage is a disaster. Love can remain without marriage, but vise versa is a tragedy…

  7. horizon

    Hope Vividha will get at least a hint that the man misbehaved with her is not Atharv…. Want to see Atharv & Vividha’ s love for each other to be successful. Vitharv should be together. Love Atharv aur Vividhaki Jodi……

  8. shelly

    Atharva and Vividha should be Vitharva. Real love must win. No faltu drama of ravish and vividha any more please.

  9. NS4

    Dear Amena.,(as u wrote in precap) do really think that person was real Atharv that who hitted duplicate Atharv……… i don’t think sooooo. obviously it would be Ravish..
    As per previews episode same vividha faint after seeing dual Atharv. when she open eyes she will be with family..and same illusion drammmmmmaaaaa

  10. TUFFY

    Precap says vividha sees 2 atharv’s. So which one is the real one? I think she’ll say his name and then ravish will hit/beat atharv again bit maybe this time vividha will come there.

  11. Sachin

    today epi was nt at all gud!

    guys according to precap viv must faint only if he had seen 2 atharva becz thts the only 1 thing possible as she dosent have any illness nw…bt god knows wt will be shown

    and as suman and sujhata are telling tht something bad gonna happen and atharva getting his memory back respectively , it seems writer gonna move the story little forward nw…

    guys i watched the starting epi of jndsd once again and trust me i cnt forget those movements of ths 2 even wn they havent told tht they love each othr…just miss those epis…

    bt nw it seems the story is going towards and end…they r just dragging without ne meaning..2-2 atharva,man disappearing within seconds,viv fainting tragedy(lol)…and mny more…

    bt 1 thing i didnt like abt yesterday’s epi….i dont like ravidha bt i think ravish dont deserve those harsh comments frm viv…

    and i have a doubt …frst hw mny secret rooms?and hw mny doors to get out of it???as yesterday ravish was talking with atharva and he fled somewhere frm someother route!

    plz writters bring on a change be4 its too late to have one

  12. Jini91

    Why the hell did vividha always faints in serious occasions, really bad script line , writers please make this idiotic drama end

  13. Havilah

    I think he is Ravish who hits Atharv/Vipul..
    Guys.. Ravish is very serious about his Mother.. he can do any thing for suman.. another side Suman is very serious about Ravish and Vividha.. another side Vividha have mad Love for Atharv.. I think Ravish will turn negetive.. it can proved by today episode.. he can do any thing for his mother without any other thinking.. Suman will upset when she known Vitharv’s relation.. And Ravish can’t bear when his mother got upset.. so Ravish will turn negetive for Vividha..

  14. indera sanichara

    Vividha you said right Ravish is not your husband Artharv is your real husband finally you remember the seven promises you and Artharv made to each other. Writers don’t kill the love between Artharv and Vividha let Ravish meet someone else please.

  15. Havilah

    I hate Ravidha.. I just love Vitharv.. and Ravish lovers.. how can you say that Vividha stay with Ravish.. why Always Atharv will sacrifice.. Sujata did’t get her love.. And now yiu guys want to Atharv will also not get his love.. Its very bad thinking..
    Atharv apna pyar keliye kya kya nhi kia.. Vividha keliye kitna dukh sahlia tha.. aur Kailash tho Atharv ko neeche dikhane ko koi bi mouka nhi choda.. fir bi Atharv apni pyar keliye sab kuch sahlia tha.. per Baad me Atharv ko kya mila.. Wo pagal hogaya..
    And you guys want Ravish happyness..
    It’s not fair guys..
    Vividha ko pane ko poora huq Atharv ko hai.. not Ravish ko..

    • sudheer

      No doubt this story clearly said ( payal tho start aina love, payal chani povatam tho end avuthundi).
      So ultimately director said that Ravidha.cause vividha etuvanti relationi vadulukodu. Adharv love ni vadileste anni relations vividha ki dakkutai. This molested episodes creates a main role in this love story. Vividha hates adharv (some bit of time).

  16. Sachin

    i cnt bet 1 thing to all tht those who r supporting ravidha …they havent seen frm the beginning of the show be4 ravish came up…some might have seen the beginning after ravisha appearacne fr thm also ravish is gud! those who had seen frm beginning( like me) and also be4 ravish enters all like vitharva

    and ths story is based on vitharva so y raivdha?yes its true ths story main is vitharv’s love only nthing else

  17. jessy

    Nw hate to watch this serial blo*dy useless serial I don’t hw ppl r watching this nd hw writers r writing this story .already stopped to watch this show nd frm its time waste to read written update also this all credit goes to writers ,directors,nd star plus also ,yar find something new ,star plus much nai sooch Socho is bakwas serial math dikawo humko har film mey ehi hotha hey …..tho plz kuch nai sooch Socho ..directors writers …..hum ja raha hey dil se door good bye to this blo*dy serial…

  18. Horizon

    I don’t understand why some viewers want to carry on a marriage without love! If anyone think that Vividha can fall in love with Ravish I must say, that it will not fair. Because any girl can fall in love only once for her life time. If Vividha would forget Atharv & fall for Ravish, it s not love anymore. Ise ‘Pyaar’ nahi ‘Bewafay’ kehethe hai.

  19. Latha

    Ravish’s acting was soooooooo good in today’s episode. Really gng mad for him. His anger towards vivisha is so meaningful but at the same time he still wants to share his entire life with vividha. He s still waiting for vividha to fall in love with him. I totally agree that ya, vividha and Atharv loved each other but that was just a past of them. Now she should respect Ravish as her husband and start her life with him happily. Vividha should have said that stmt that “Ravish is not her husband”. How hurting was that sentence for Ravish. Please make vividha feel that she has to live her life now with Ravish.

  20. Wizra

    And now, another major twist is all set to take place in the show. Sujata (Shilpa Tulaskar) will now come to know about Vividha being Ravish’s wife.
    The whole family will be out for the evening and only the caretaker, Sujata, and Atharva will be in the house. That is when Atharva will break free from his room and enter Ravish’s room, with Sujata and the caretaker close behind his heels.
    Kept in the room is a photo frame of Vividha and Ravish that Atharva picks up and tells Sujata that he wants to be with her. He is, in fact, pointing at Vividha’s photo but since the frame is faced away from Sujata, she does not see the picture.
    Scared that someone might come and they may get caught, Sujata takes the frame from Atharva’s hand and puts it away. But while leaving the room, Atharva pushes Sujata and she falls down, knocking the photograph from the table.
    And that’s when she sees Vividha’s photo and realizes that Vividha is married to Ravish now.
    Sujata has always known of Atharva and Vividha’s pure and intense love for each other. How would she take to this news? Will she feel betrayed by Vividha for moving on and marrying another man?

  21. Saranjit

    This is nonsense. This stupid Vividha is acting like she’s having illusions about artharv. They need to get on with this story. Day after day same incidents happening.

  22. Cuttie

    Plz writers unite ravidha .make vividha forget about atharva n fall in love with ravish.give a nice girl to atharva .let both of them to move ahead in their life . A unique will be made. It is common that even having many circumstances the lovers meet .plz plz plz make a new concept of ravidhaa.

  23. tania shahriar

    O god, all of guys get mad. vividha atharve and vividha ravish fans tries to their opinions wins, but writer all ready decide what he had written…

  24. Aswini jenny

    Any girl/boy/anyone fall in love only one in her/his/their life.how to forget her love with atharv??????.and how to fall in love on ravish????????l

    • Komal

      Thats true me agree with u …and if realy vividha fall in love with ravish then this shows that her father had done gud with them and thats. Not true

    • Havilah

      All guys who are die for Ravidha those people don’t know about true love.. Vividha love’s only Atharv.. and Vividha must be obey on her promises.. she does 6 promises for Atharv.. will she obay her 6 promises then Atharv can do his 7 th promise of he must get Vividha if she is in any condition.. why not total world will go their againt but Atharv get his Vividha..
      So Ravish fans stop dreams about your Ravidha..
      At last Atharv and Vividha will be unite..
      This show is only based on Vitharv love..

  25. ammu

    Vitharv onlyy….i rly hate ravitha lovers.shame on u all..such people nvr experiancs the feeling n value of true love..they nvr know it ..atharv n vividha r made for each other according to srl prvs storys n their 7 mrg vachan..how sweet vitharv couple, their honesty, love , caring all…every girl desires atharv like life partnr ..if a girl get such a person like atharv she is soo lucky..so i can say tht if vividha hv luck then she will get atharv..everyone who actually know the entire story n knw abt the value of a true relation, needs vitharv reunion..am also a big vitharv fan it doesnt mean ravish is a bad person.bt in this srl ……..VITHARV only…………

  26. ziya

    Guys i just got to know that vipul is atharvs twin brother who wants to kill vividha. The show is gonna introduce one more atharv(vipul). It is gonna get more twisted amd confusing lik abbas mastan movie….but then what is that kalindi’s son’s name. I thought he was vipul. But the source frm where i got this information clearly said vipul itself

  27. Narayani

    Kya ho RHA hai ye….itni boring kr Di h story…itna story mt khichiye …and atharve vividha ko milayiye

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