Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv and Ravish watching the live video of Kangana and Vividha beating the men. Atharv says they are beating goons well. Ravish says yes, they both will manage goons. Vividha recalls Ravish’s words and fights. Ravish says Atharv you remember, when I gave military training to family, this woman’s move was Vividha’s fav. Madhav says see its mumma. Atharv and Ravish get shocked seeing Vividha and Kangana. Madhav says mummy punches so badly, I will agree to her. Atharv says I will get her. Sujata asks where are you going. Atharv says you lied to me, she is with Vividha and beating goons. Sujata says Vividha asked me not to say. She sees the video and gets shocked. Ravish asks Atharv to come. Madhav says mumma is fighting so well.

Goons run. Kangana thanks Vividha.

Atharv and Ravish come there. Atharv asks where are they. Vividha says they have run away. He asks why did you come here. She says there is a motive. He says I know that, I did not wish to send you. She says I faced the goons. He says this was not needed. Kangana says she helped me. Atharv says the goons were dangerous. She says you taught me to fight. He recalls the old moment. He says I was with you. She says you mean you can protect me. Ravish says Atharv is not wrong. She says you will take his side. Atharv says come home, are you fine. She says we can’t leave Kangana, some people attacked her, she has no place to stay.

Sujata and Guddi wait for them and make calls. Ravish, Atharv and Vividha come. Sujata asks is everything fine. Dadi and Guddi say we were scared. Ravish sees Kangana. Kangana comes in. Guddi gets upset. Vividha says Kangana will stay here with everyone. Ravish goes.

Vividha and Atharv see Kangana. He asks her to understand, you trusted her and took her side, when she has shown her colors, you understood, she killed family members and almost killed us. She says she can’t harm us now, we know about her, she is completely normal now, she should get second chance. He asks how can we trust her. She says I don’t trust her, I will not believe her like before, she did not do this for her child, she had some greed, she did this when she was mentally unstable, I can understand her pain, I m bearing the same pain, my child got away from me. He asks what about Guddi, Ravish and Guddi’s life is starting. She says I know, Guddi is not happy seeing Kangana, but Ravish is committed to Guddi now, if Madhav grows up and asks about his mum, will we say we left his mum when she needed us, we can’t do this, she gave Madhav to us, its her favor. He goes.

Guddi is lost. Ravish talks to her. She says I m preparing as everyone is going temple tomorrow morning. He asks her what’s troubling her. She says nothing, Ravish our engagement happened, I have your ring in my hand, I trust you will always stand for me and our relation. He says I m always with you, I want you to understand this, I know situation is bad, Vividha thinks its not good to leave Kangana alone, Kangana is Madhav’s mum, I hope you understand, nothing changed between us after her comeback. She says I trust you.

Kangana goes to Madhav. He gets scared. She says I won’t harm you, I will tell new stories. Vividha comes and stops her. She sends Madhav to her room. She says you got permitted to stay her as guest, follow rules, you will ask me about meeting Madhav, you know the reason why I m doing this. Kangana says I know, I did bad with you, I can’t ask you to trust me, I promise I won’t do anything wrong. Vividha goes.

Its morning, Vividha tells Atharv about sending pickles order. He asks her not to worry, he will help. He helps her. Jaana na dil se door…..plays………. they smile.

Vividha and Atharv talk about business. She asks him can he cancel his meeting. He says no. She says Madhav will be alone at home. Madhav says I can stay with Kangana. Kangana smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. the episode starts with ravish downloaded game but they were watching live video of vivi and kangna fighting with goons they enjoyed the fight as an action movie scene till madhav recognised vivi… after they saw vivi and get shocked and sujata also came there atharv scold sujata for lying to him… sujata said she was helpless…
    atharv and ravish reached the fight scene but in that time the goons ran away and fight scene over …. atharv scolded vivi but vivi showed so much attitude and again vivi brought kangna back to home by convincing atharv and ravi…
    they came to home but every one at home shocked by seeing kangana with them… vivi told them she became homeless helpless blah blah and she convinced everyone she kept kangna in home… vivi saw the ring on guddi’s hand… guddi looks upset…
    in vitharv’s room: atharv asked vivida what happened to you but vivi told kangna is bad but she is madhav’s mother and she gave us madhav she did a lot wrong with our family but at that time she wasn’t in her senses we have to kept here in her bad time at least for the sake of madhav… atharv calmly went out from room…
    in kitcehn: guddi doing something on stove ravi came there and asked what happend to you she said nothing but he asked again did you upset b’coz of kangna’s presence here guddi said no “i believed you our engagement is happened and i trust you .. you will definitely value our relationship always… ” …
    madhav’s room: kangna stealthily came to his room but madhav woke up from sleep and afraid by watching her vivi came to madhav room and told him to go their room and sleep and warned kangna with out my permission you don’t have to do anything in this home.. kangna said ok
    and it’s morning … vivi was working in kitchen alone atharv came there and asked ” why did you wake up so early?” vivi said ” today i have so much work ; dadi and chachi went to temple and achar, papad order cancelled now and i have to send it to factory i don’t know how can i do all these…” atharv says..” don’t worry… i’m here.. i’ll tell you how to do all things…” vivi asks.. ” how?”… atharv came behind from her and hold her 2 hands with his hands and they cut the vegetables together… bgm jndsd song played….

    1. Nikh dear you waited for updates till you decided to update it yourself ? ? ? . . Luv ur style.

    2. Nikh ???.superb. u did it.Now we have nikh for jndsd updates. Good job??????

  2. i really got too much angry by vivi’s attitude but last 2 minutes really awesome … vivi’s old hair style and jndsd bgm track is cooled my mind…
    really yaar… this song is enough to kill me… daily play this song i’ll watch it daily with out any story also…
    ha ha ha…??????

    1. Yeah Nikh the last part was nice at some point i was telling myself that they’ll chop their fingers instead of vegetables from staring at each other.

  3. Finally,updates are here.

  4. Oh my, vividha will never learn, now kangana will become an obstacle in Guddish rlnsp.
    Now am certain she’ll forgive kk too for kidnapping her daughter & welcome him back in their lives. And if dadaji also will come back & shed a few crocodile tears our vivi will also forgive him and welcome him in the house. She should be called Vividha Charity Atharv Sujata!

    1. No Linah, this time Vividha is right to keep Kangana close to her because she’s the only one who knows something about that K. She doesn’t have any other way to find her daughter other than finding K through Kangana because she’s the only one who spoke to K in the past. I think Kangana – Ravish – Guddi triangle will definitely be there or else Kangana should die, because Kangana being Madhav’s mother can’t be kept away from him. Morally, it’s not right to keep her away from her child since she’s mentally stable now.

  5. Sunanda12345

    Omggg…superb episode…..
    Before marriage tabela romance-after marriage kitchen romance…..

    Here in jndsd also ravish is with 3 girls…
    Vivida,kangana,guddi…..I think 3 is his lucky number…??????

    Last bit is highlight of the episode….

    @nikh dear well written….

    1. ??????then tabela romance and now kitchen romance ???????

      1. Sunanda12345

        Pinky I uploaded my ff read it…..

  6. Didn’t see the episode. Just back home after a long long day. Episode seems to be exciting. After reading @Nikh’s comment I’m excited to watch it right now especially for the first and last kitchen parts.

  7. Oh my, vividha will never learn, now kangana will become an obstacle in Guddish rlnsp. Now am certain she’ll forgive kk too for kidnapping her daughter &welcome him back in their lives. Even if dadaji also will come back and shed few crocodile tears our vivi will also forgive him and welcome him in the house. She should be called Vividha Charity Atharv Sujata!

  8. I’m not convinced kangana is up to any good , if she is really fine now hwo will let their child to be takin kare of like that especially when we all know she wants to be with him. And after all kangana is back to stay for sure good or bad she is there…

  9. This episode was better than that of the past two episodes. Madhav, Atharv, Ravish expressions were superb specially Atharv’s expressions were hilarious during the Vividha’s fight. I think now Madhav will listen to Vividha after seeing the fight. I was laughing like anything when he said mumma is punching so hard, I’ll listen to mumma from now, after seeing Vividha beat the goons and when he said Vividha’s fight is better than video gme. Ravish – Guddi scene was good. Vitharv scene made my hectic, long and tiresome day, feel a lot better than it actually has been. Vitharv in one single frame is a treat to watch. Their eyes speak volumes. Some how I literally end up just looking at their eyes in every Vitharv scene. In today’s episode I was just looking at Shivani’s eyes. VITHARV’S talking with eyes, eyebrows was just awesome.

    These days kitchen seems to be the best place for Vitharv scenes.

    Precap looks interesting.

    Good Morning to all the JNDSD fam.

    Seems like update was uploaded late. Very few comments.

    1. Gud morning veer, have a nyc day.

  10. I don’t see how this makes any sense. How does a person mentally unstable or not kills three or more persons and is allowed to go scot free. I love this series, but pls it should be realistic.

    1. Salman, it’s quite real that a person with mental illness/unstability can get free of the crime that he has committed in that state, after undergoing rehabilitation specified by courts. They can walk free after rehabilitation. So it’s realistic.

      1. Salma, not Salman. Typo mistake. Sorry.

  11. Wooow what a move vivi ..I really appreciate the way they beat the goons ??
    Madhav’s dialogues were so innocent an funny..”aaj mein unki har bath sunoge”?
    Guddi is disturbed and at the same time she belives ravish and I also think now he will not fall for kangana because he himself took the decision to marry guddi ..but chances are there for kangana falling and ravish catching like that in the beginning and this will upset video even though there is no mistake in ravish’s side.
    We cannot blame vivi blindly because from a mother’s perception she is right .She has no other way to find their daughter except kangana. So let us wait an watch.
    The last part.. ?..If they give such treat to our eyes in every episodes means ?

  12. As I said yesdy the first part ie the Atharv -Madhav -Ravish convsn was superb. Atharvs smile ,ravishs dialogue and Madhavs discovery of mom in screen is just hilarious ???.
    I also felt very angry when vividha showed attitude towards atharv .And I expected more angry from atharv. But he bcm so cool soon. Maybe after watching his wife’s fighting he also scared just like Madhav frightened by his moms fight???.

    Anyway last part was awsome. Kitchen romance ???. The way which atharv helped his wife is commendable.
    Yes vitharvs eyes speak volumes. No doubt. Those eyes r made for each other.
    And their eyebrows talk was mind blowing.
    And our jaana-na-dil-se-door song wowwwwwwww mesmerising.
    I also thought if vividha cuts atharvs fingers instead of vegetables. Bcz both were lost in 2 that time.But atharv managed it very well.bcz vividha was staring atharv full time while cutting vegs.
    But atharv can concentrate his wife as well as cutting vegs That is awsome.
    Anyway that kitchen &vegetables r lucky.bcz they bcm the witness of those vitharv moments ?????

    1. First tabela ,gungun and payal were the witness of vitharv love and now the veggies and kitchen???

  13. Hi..Gud morning every one…
    I am not a regular visitor of this page.i came here 2or 3times before.but I didn’t look at the cmnt section as I am very lazy to read cmnts.4or5day before I look at the cmnt section and read every cmnts..I am really wondered..And I feel like I am seeing a new world here..A new family…Who supports each other….Who love &care each other..Bcm strength to each other..When one is sick evry1 is consoling and praying for her…Wishing for exams..Helping in study related matters…Sharing ur views..Fight against evils… support &trust each other..Every one is brother and sister to each other..
    I used the word each other so many times..Bcz these word make u guys a family…I am really proud of u all…I had never seen such a fandom anywhere..I wondered..How unlucky is me…To came here lately…i asking to myself…Why I didn’t found this small jndsd family with beautiful souls…before??
    U guys are awesome..And I want to be a part of ur family. I already met with viz pinky here and in Twitter.she is so sweet..
    Have a nice day to all of u…

    1. Welcome dear.love u a lot ????…..have a nice day.and thanks 4r ur all praises really they were good to read and also apt to our wonderful family.this was my beautiful jndsd family and my happiness.love u all guys ????????????????

    2. Gud morning dear, welcome to jndsd family page.

    3. Thanku so much for ur words dear???s everybody here is strength yo each other this is a very unique frndship and interms of my opinion iam really luck to be here with jndsd family ?????

    4. U r always welcome to our family dear. Thank u for ur praises and it really means a lot and u r also part of our jndsd family ?
      Thank u for jndsd and vitharv and above all god for giving me such a sweet family and frnds ?
      Gud mng ?

    5. Sunanda12345

      Hiii dolly dear….welcome….u can gather more frnds here….

    6. Aliza111


  14. At last updates r here.I have waited upto 11 and slept as i am feeling tiered on yesterday.

    Yesterday’s episode was toooo nice.their kichen romance ????….I loved it like anything.their eyebrow language ????…upto then viv was doing her work fast after atharv entry he spoiled everything.how can one do their work when hotie like him standing behind anyone.vegetables were not ending still they r at starting only???their knife was not moving front???.

    Madhav, atharv and ravish expressions r soooo cute,funny and superb too..
    Again i am feeling something fishy in tara i am not liking her expressions.

    Guys did u all see video from ruslaan ig story.he took a video of director of jndsd and captioned it” our new director”
    He was there in shoots during jenat time also see this link.
    I thought that he entered into jndsd recently after leap but no he was there from long back he even took power packed episodes like angry atharv episode after knowing truth of viv and ravish mrg.but what happened to him know.

    The above link was not from ruslaan ig story it was from our jndsd directed ig account.I have not got link of that story video.

  15. Wow…superb episode really enjoyed a lot madav dialogues were cut and a treat to hear as well as vivi fight …..and at last but not the least vitharv romance ho can’t explain it in words just awesome???? sometimes I feel like shivik should get married.. Don’t know y…anyway good nrng frndz????

    1. Gud mng dear ?

  16. https://twitter.com/Trending_Poll/status/859707536684875777
    Sujatha chachi have won hurrayyy and also our kk

    No one can beat them

    1. I also saw his and pinky one more thing madav is Aldo dere he is also in first position for child category????

    2. really, that’s just awesome dear.
      Yeah u r right no one can beat them they are the best.

    3. Ya its really nice to see them and they deserve it ?

  17. hey gud mngg everyone…
    thanks for the complements…
    what to do i have waited a long time for update and i’m so desperate to comment…
    but update is too late but it’s ok.. b’coz of your delay i watched a wonderful episode amena.. thank you for late update…
    @linah… what vivi did is right in her point of view… how can any mother sit quitely after knowing the truth about her child… actually they are not showing the desperation of atharv …. how can a father like atharv sit so much quitely with out any enthusiasm about his child…
    what ever it is a mother is always a mother… what vivi did is ok but the attitude which she showed is not acceptable…
    but there is no way to her more than this..
    @xyz… yes i did it but it’s too difficult to me to type that much…
    @veer… yes this episode worths to watch…
    @sunanda .. yes before mrg tabela romance .. after mrg kitchen romance… ha ha ha what will they show in future episodes…
    plss cvs don’t show anyone of them negative now plss… even kangna also.. and for the god sake don’t show any triangle love story … now a days triangle love story became a part of every serial.. but now please enough is enough … too much ho gaya … if you show anything like that again… plss don’t show na plss…

  18. suman akka… ekda unaru.. inka vacation aipoleda i think meru ika summer holidays aipoye varaku kanpincharu ankunta ikda… any ways enjoy the vacation… and me baby dolls ki na tarapuna hai cheppuu…
    hey 143 .. where are you..?? no comments from you… inka vana padthunda me place lo???
    hey aailya where are you dear?? you are also not appearing here from so many days.. that creature is taking advantage of your absence so plss come soon…

  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTs1sv5gFKQ/
    ?????krish on the sets of jndsd.?????????funny vikku ?????????

    1. It’s ravish right in Krish avatar…
      Really its hilarious… ?????

      1. Nooo nikh he is not ravish and also not kk.he is some other guy…Sara and shashank were not there at that shoot.

    2. They’re shooting outdoors. That means maybe Vitharv got some clue about their daughter and they’re searching for her I think. That Krish maybe K.

    3. Sunanda12345


      1. Sunanda di ur dp ???????

      2. Sunanda12345

        Tqq sandy dear…..

    4. Krish ..krish.. ?

    5. I Also saw i t in ig yes its neither kk nor ravish someone else waiting eagerly to know who it is☺☺☺☺☺

  20. vitherv moment really awesome.also love guddish moment. old girl came in front of new girlfriend.guddi be carefull.win ravish heart with ur beauty and wise.then u dont need to feel insecure.ok

    where r rest of d commentor?

  21. Piease please amina di please update fast I am eagarly waiting for your update
    Today jaana na dilse door song (thumse millke) played actually I am a big fan of thumse milke song This is also my ring tone

    1. Sunanda12345

      Asana even my ringtone is also that only…
      My mom scoulds me that include serial they only…and now in ringtone also…wt is this jndsd mad…she will scould me like that…..????????

      For sim1 jndsd old version and sim2 jndsd new version….??????

    2. Mine to ringtone Jana na dil she dur its a very spcl feeling when we hear it….

  22. Wow seems like one more wicket down and this time it’s ankit.

    1. Sunanda12345

      Very sad of ankit….??????

  23. Hey, Malayalis and Keralites don’t u think Vikram looks a bit like Dulquer Salmaan with beard in this pic

    1. Yup veer bhaya seem like DQ but as a malayali iam saying vikram is so handsome than of dulqur

    2. Hi veer .ya after ur discovery I also noticed this picture again.yes in this pic vikku is really looking like our Dulquer.Especially the facial expression. Dulquer also makes his face like this when he smiles. But DQ is a little taller than vikku .
      Anyway now vikku is our malayalies Dulquer salman??????

  24. o god today my favourite song title track of jana na dil se door was played I liked vividha atharva vegetable cutting romance only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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    type ‘JODI A’ & send it to 57827
    use as many number as possible…

  26. Aleya.marzan

    @ VIZ DI


    1.don’t del ids cz in their terms i read smth which means they’ll get informed if we del that id. so better not del ids. u should reopen that ids n vote again if they shows that thanks for voting hen it means vote wasn’t considered bcz u deleted id .

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    3. i wish u could buy more sim to make ids

    reply me di if u liked it or else i’ll again publish 2moro

    warrior aleya

    1. If every fan do like this we can make them win..

    2. hey…alia even I can’t also vote…but ask in Ll my Kerala fans to vote…but wen they published this link I clicked on it I was able to vote dat time itself I did with 4ids now I m not able to do..????? and ur suggestion just superb I wish I could also do soo……???

    3. Dear i have no that much time to do this many id’s becoz i have my neet exam day after tomorrow.what to do.feeling soooooo sad for this ?????……One side my dream boy vikku and other side my dream to achieve what to do.

      Do anyone know upto when voting system will be there.pls say me.my exam completes at 1pm on 7th from than i can give lot of time to vikku and vitharv.even i will not eat food.I will just sit and do work what u told.my wish is that this voting should last still 2more days it is enough for me.I can do anything for vitharv then.

  27. Aleya.marzan

    good afternoon

  28. Frnds…
    *VOTING WILL END AT MAY 8..* we have limited time..Plzz..Plzz..???..Vote..Vote..Vote…
    The idea ALEYA shared is good and it is working..Do it for our vitharv…So guys..We can do..So many votes..Don’t be lazy..And make sure u r voted through msg…Recheck with every Google IDs..Then ur fb..Accounts….Do make fb accounts with phone nmbr..Then make fb with ids..As like aleya said…TIME IS RUNNING..TIME WILL NEVER COME BACK…So vote as much as possible…We have stronger opponents…Don’t be take them as silly…We r also strong..Bt we lost some fans due to some bad track..
    So we have to do extra..Work for them..to..Make them win..
    Let’s do it..

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