Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the men saying Atharv did this well, we will make challenge tougher for him. Atharv says yes, I m ready to do anything. Vividha says I will not allow Atharv. Ravish says if Atharv gets hurt… Atharv says no, I will do this. Vividha says no, you will get hurt. Atharv insists. Ravish says fine, be careful. Someone fixes current wire to the metal rod and puts soil to hide it. The man says we will show him demo of the hurdle race. The man shows the demo. Atharv watches the demo. The man ends the demo. Someone starts the current supply. Atharv goes for the race. Ravish explains him.

Ravish wishes all the best to Atharv. Atharv and the man compete. Ravish cheers for Atharv. He says be careful, winning is not necessary. Everyone look on. Atharv asks Ravish is

he fine. Ravish says yes, and follows Atharv. He gets shocked seeing the current wire and thinks of Vividha’s words. He shouts to Atharv to stop him. He runs and pushes the man and Atharv from touching that metal rod. Vividha shouts Atharv and runs to him. Atharv asks why did you catch me. Vividha asks what happened Ravish. Ravish gets water and pours there. They all get shocked seeing the current in the metal rod.

Ravish says this metal bar had current. The officer says someone did this, Atharv or that man would have gone by touching it. Ravish asks him to power off. The man thanks Ravish. Ravish hugs Atharv and says nothing will happen to you till I m there. Atharv thanks him. Suman stares at them.

Dadi Bua asks Kalindi did she take jewelry from locker, as you have other keys. Kalindi says no, I did not take jewelry, I lost the keys, I will find it today. Atharv says if I got burnt by fire today then… Ravish says it was accident, don’t worry. Vividha says someone did this by planning. He says it was a mistake, wiring work was going on there, why will anyone do this, we don’t need to get hyper. Dadi Bua says many bad happenings are going on, Atharv was attacked today, I will keep puja at home tomorrow. Ravish says we will head to our farm house tomorrow. Atharv gets glad.

Sujata asks Atharv to have medicines. Suman looks on. Atharv says I m strong. Sujata says no, there is danger for you. Vividha says Ravish, if Atharv won race, he would have got electric shock, he is not save in this house, his life has risk. Atharv says no, there is no danger, I will go there and jump. Sujata says this time Ravish saved you, next time don’t know what will happen. Suman gets angry.

They all go to the farmhouse. Atharv likes the place. He is about to fall in pool. Ravish holds him and saves him. He says I will show you the house later. They all sit for puja. Atharv sees laddoos and tries to take. Suman stops him and asks him not to spoil puja. She asks him to have patience. Ravish says Atharv you are getting bored, go and play outside, don’t go towards pool. Atharv goes. Vipul and Suman see him leaving. Atharv sees the pool and plays with the waters. Pandit asks everyone to stand for aarti. Everyone pray in aarti. Atharv plays near pool and sees the ball going in waters. Vipul comes to Atharv and holds him.

Vipul pushes him in the pool. Atharv struggles. Vividha and Ravish come running. Vipul says Ravish, Atharv fell in water. Everyone come. Vividha tells everyone that Vipul pushed Atharv in the water. Sujata asks them to get Atharv out. Ravish sees Atharv and recalls Vividha’s words. He says no need to get him out. He asks Atharv to come out, I know you know swimming Atharv….. Sujata and Vividha worry.

Vividha asks him to come. Atharv swims and comes out of the pool. Ravish says I knew it, give me your hand. Atharv looks on. Everyone get relieved. Ravish stares at Vipul.

Ravish asks Vipul why did you do this. He gets Vipul arrested. Doctor says Atharv’s mind will trigger when he is with his old people and place, he can get his memory back. Ravish says there is just one place, Ajmer. They come back to Atharv’s old home.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ruby

    Wow ajmir superb I miss atharva old house gungun payal guddi hoti tho aur bi achaa hota tha dadi aur atharv ka comedy track I love it

  2. Sunanda

    I will kill that vipul
    Any have mu ajmer is back
    Gungun,payal,lovely stable,atharvs cute house,uma ji,dadi
    This will all come back
    I think thats why vivida removes sindoor nd magalsutra
    There sweet memories will come back😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    But iam scared that kailash is in atharv’s house.
    Wt will happen………….

  3. xyz

    Wow I am so excited to watch ajmeer again.l missed ajmeer a lot. Vitharv ‘so own ajmeer.poor my atharv. How much he tolerated.actually what is the prblm of suman?.why she behaves strangely.go well soon atharv.missed u a lot. Ajmeer will give our atharv as normal.luv u atharv.luv u vitharv vivi. 😚😚😚😚

  4. 143

    Finally back to Ajmer….Atharv Sujatha house… Stable… Gungun,,,payal..dad I…uma ji

    Last but not least…. Evil kailash khasyp.

  5. 143

    Previous… Attacks on vividha.. Vipul got saved by seeturam.. This time vividha caught him red handle…. Now vipul will do festival in jail…

  6. NaveenS

    Vashtish family are a pack of snakes always ready to strike. Suman is mean….Keeps hating on Arthav and Sujata. Her favourite daddyji and Ramakhant created the situation but she did not have to stay and live a so-called miserable life and keep blaming the wrong people at every turn.
    Ramakhant obeyed his father but when Suman found out the truth she did nothing but stayed which she expects Vividha to do which is totally wrong.
    This woman is always trying to compel someone to do something. If she has an ounce of honesty in her and was selfless as Sujata I’m sure her husband would have given some love as she would’ve made him helpless in her love.
    Just the way she’s now behaving with Vividha gives me a glimpse of the nagging wife she was behind closed doors. She must’ve reminded Ramakhant of her pain everyday and what he did no wonder why he died so young. Stress can bring all kinds of diseases in your body.
    Sujata on the other hand accepted what life gave her cooly no status of a wife, poverty, and ridicule. Did she blame Ramakhant or anyone once? No! Instead she was happy to see her husband after 27 odd years. She never asked for an explanation or belittle Suman.
    Suman the Victim and Sujata the survivor.
    I’m sure any sane man if he had the choice between them both will choose Sujata.

    Coming to today’s episode, I’m glad Ravish realised there is danger surrounding Arthav. I’m sure Suman and her daddyji is planning something. I’m also certain daddyji killed Guddi, my confirmation was when he tried to hit Sujata. Such a despicable man he is. As for Vipul he is the biggest dunce in the house.

    Ajmer…..I’m so happy they’re going back there. Kalash will now show himself, but he does not know Ravish is aware of his dirty deeds.

  7. 143

    What’s wrong with this suman???? Why she is staring at Atharv like that???
    Some thing is fishy….

  8. Deepu

    Wow lovely..nw atharv is back to his old house..why this vipul is back of atharv to harm him..n this suman y is she overreacting at atharv..

  9. Vitharv Forever

    Nice precap… My atharv is back to his homey… Now I want villagers there to realise about sujata being wife of ramakant… How much they insulted sujata and atharv… My loving vitharv, waiting to see both in old avatar… Vividha pls change ur dressing to old vividha, missing that innocent, cute doll vividha..
    Eager to see vividha’s dadi’s reaction on seeing our hero atharv…
    Love u vitharv…
    Kailash kashyap enter soon dirty man…
    Only urs entry can make my atharv well…
    Happy to see atharv handling himself well… Come on atharv.

  10. nidha

    Now a days jndsd is shown like a suspense thriller movie..few days ago CVs kept guddy’s murderer as a suspense, unfortunately they didn’t revealed it …and now they are keeping the person who is trying to harm atharve as a suspense
    But I don’t think vipul is the only person who is trying to harm atharve ,am also suspicious towards other family members..
    Am happy that ravish,sujata and vitharve is going back to Ajmer in order to picturize old vitharve moments again, such that atharve get back his memory..am dying to see that

    • 143

      Suman jii vampire…..😂😂😂😂😂 well said @nidha.
      She wants to swallow….our Atharv with her eyes…suman ji😠😡😤😤👻👹👹🔫🔫🔫

  11. Gaanavi

    Most Popular Jodi On Indian TV (Poll Closed)
    Atharva- Vividha 36.04% (54,503 votes)
    Sanskaar-Swara 35.61% (53,856 votes)
    Lakshya-Ragini 12.79% (19,340 votes)
    Shravan-Suman 3.58% (5,414 votes)
    Rishi-Tanu 2.79% (4,220 votes)
    Dev-Sonakshi 2.49% (3,771 votes)
    Vihaan-Thapki 2.02% (3,059 votes)
    Shauraya-Mehek 1.15% (1,732 votes)
    Kartik-Naira 0.99% (1,504 votes)
    Shivaay- Anika 0.91% (1,379 votes)
    Raman-Ishita 0.53% (805 votes)
    Raghav-Naina 0.44% (664 votes)
    Harman- Soumya 0.37% (561 votes)
    Arjun-Maya 0.21% (312 votes)
    Arjun-Sanjh 0.07% (111 votes)
    Shivaay- Tia 0.01% (19 votes)
    Yuvraj-Suhaani 0% (0 votes)
    Total Votes: 151,250

    see this. those who wanted Ra…..vidha , we made VITHARV winner. Most popular JODI on television .
    please atleast now stop wanting Ra…..vidha to unite. That doesn’t happens .
    #Vitharv ki deewani…. love Vikram Singh Chauhan.

  12. Anonymous

    Nice part.. I want only vividha atharv sujata to go ajmer but I think that ravish will go along

  13. Anonymous

    Now there is very less scenes of vitharv.. I hope their romance starts again.. I love vitharv.. N I want to tell ravidha fans that if ravidha unites the show will have a very worse ending.. That is not even gonna happen bcx this serial is based on the love story of vividha.nd atharv. ..

  14. Nazneen Syed

    Today’s episode was good.
    I hate the way Suman sees Atharv.I think Atharv Ko vohi harm karna chahti hai.Waiting for tomorrow.

    Really Ravish is very good brother.Jab tak Ravish Atharv ke saath hai Atharv Ko kuch nahi hi sakta.He also deserves a good girl.

  15. Eva

    I hope when they get back home Uma ot Sujata says Vividha who hit Atharv with a hammer so that they take at least him out of the way

  16. NITA 26

    seen ravish is a good person and responsible brother . But why cv’s are focusing so much on making ravish as the greatest man on the earth to vivi.. why they haven’t started divorce track yet, theirs relation’s truth already came out to the family.

    i think, they r trying on to make RAVIDHA..

    but ME AND MY FAMILY’s vote for VITHARV..

  17. NITA 26

    seen ravish is a good person and responsible brother . But why cv’s are focusing so much on making ravish as the greatest man on the earth to vivi.. why they haven’t started divorce track yet, theirs relation’s truth already came out to the family.

    i think, they r trying on to make RAVIDHA..

    but ME AND MY FAMILY’s vote for VITHARV..

  18. 143

    @Suman. So that’s what matter is ..now back to Ajmer.. That is y vividha back in her old get up without mangalsutra and sindoor.. They will create old environment around Atharv 😍😍😍😍☺☺😊😊😊😘😘😚😚😚😚👌👌👌

  19. jessy

    Plz writers unite vitgarv nt ravidha we have seen many such serials and films as this is a new love story we have watched it plz nly vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv vitharv

  20. 143

    @suman. Thank you.. I have seen the link u have posted(vividha in old avatar)….
    Awesome pic yarrrrrrr….waiting for that scene on screen…😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  21. Pinky

    Plz plz agar vitharv ko milana hai to ravish ko unse door karo baas uske lia vividha se bhi achchi ledki le aao…. I can’t see ravishin a hopeless situation.

  22. Karan

    Ajmer……finally….Atharva Sujata welcome home. Ravish should have staxed back at Vashith house…..there r enough people to take care of Atharva in Ajmer.

    Atharva can handle Kk even now.!!

    He has defied death so Kk u r evil and u know ur end is near.

  23. xyz

    Really vitharv won Indian telly awards. Oh my God .let’s celebrate.awsm.anyways thank you ganvi for the infrormn 😃😃😃😃😃

  24. Happpyyyy fan

    Kailash will be back now as the lastest spoiler says.he will be in ajmer to take revenge from atharv.and this drama will continue till february.cause after february our atharv sujatha will be back.so vitharv fans lets have patience.and just forget about ravidha cause it hasnt even existed and it wont in the future as well.the story started with vitharv and will end with vitharv.ravish fans should just support the vitharv fandom like all the others do cause its a story about love not forced marriage and then the girl will fall in love with his husband.its not the same old story.its a story of love empowerment.lets hope for the best for ravish as well

    • Suman

      Well said. I don’t know y people r behind ra………………………. Vidha, even though distances increasing day by day between dem

  25. TUFFY

    Vividha should know ankit hit atharv with hammer. I think suman too wants to harm atharv as that way ravish and vividha can unite but she needs to realise that she’s repeating history.

  26. Shona

    Who said about winning the award.check the list properly….really. ..and the votes it is done by mutiple votes….only trps is counted so all the viewrs have patience

    • shivik

      What is the problem with the ra……..vidha fans?It’s okay if u don’t like Vitharv,but y r u all trying to prove the results wrong??????????????????
      It may be multiple voting but the basic results can not be wrong.
      Another thing is,this is not an award but a poll.Don’t make things complicated.
      One more thing,we vitharv fans have enough patience and that’s why we r watching the show from first episode.It’s the ra……vidha fans who don’t have patience and they always make negative meaning of our comments.
      Just enjoy the show and let’s see who unites.

      • 143

        Hi…..a very good morning…..to all vitharv fan’s
        Have a nice day.
        Waiting for today’s episode…. Ajmer,Atharv house, stable, gungun,payal,dadi….
        I feel today they will show… Atharv reaching Ajmer… Remaining story from Ajmer will start from tomorrow

  27. Anam Yasir

    Thanks ravish and vividah for saving atharve I’ve heard ravish may divorce vividah not sure 🤔 suman is trying to kill atharve I’ve heard in latest and future gossips 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think 💭 vipul kaland and suman are all trying to kill atharve

      • 143

        Don’t say that ravish harm Atharv.. If atharv was good..then ravish should be good always… After all he is Atharv’s brother and a true army man toooo

  28. vimala

    Cvs if u dont want to unite ravidha then why dis shaadi and all drama yaar.epudu atharv kosam vividha ravish ni hurt chestundi.i just hate her.

    • 143

      Marriage is nly a reason to bring Atharv Sujatha’s..father and his second family on screen.and to drag story.. Not to unite rav…vidha.
      Nlyyyy vitharv at d end.

  29. Anam

    Love ❤️ today’s epi guys I’m not going to be commenting a lit because I’ve got papers but I will comment as much as I can heard ravidah 💔💔💔💔 but I think they might get closer

  30. Nazneen Syed

    All the best Anam.

    Guys I think Suman is trying to kill Atharv.I think Ravish,Sujata,Vividha and Atharv will come to Ajmer.
    Vividha should not speak to Ravish very badly because he has saved Atharv’s life many times.
    Ab Vipul jail Mein chakki pisega😁

    • NaveenS

      Yes Suman is an evil woman! Very 2faced, when she saved Arthav at the hospital she did not know about Viv and Arthav plus the will and the letter from Ramakhant.
      We are seeing her true colours more and more each day.

  31. Nazneen Syed

    This is for VITHARV fans.


    • 143

      Wow…..,.well defined😱😱😍😍😍☺😊😊
      Always vitharv vitharv vitharv…. Nlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyuu

  32. 143

    Hi…..a very good morning…..to all vitharv fan’s
    Have a nice day.
    Waiting for today’s episode…. Ajmer,Atharv house, stable, gungun,payal,dadi….
    I feel today they will show… Atharv reaching Ajmer… Remaining story from Ajmer will start from tomorrow

  33. 143

    @TUFFY. u r right. Vividha should know that Ankit was also involved in Atharv ill state.,. Vividha should beat both father and son.🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

  34. Nazneen Syed

    Atharv ‘s dialogue yesterday to ball

  35. Nazneen Syed

    Guys yesterday Atharv’s dialogue to the ball.YEH HELLO EXCUSE ME IDHAR AA CAPTAIN SAAB MARENGE TUJHE. hahahaha 😁 was very funny 😁.I think Suman apne aankhon se hi Atharv Ko maar degi.
    Agar Suman bhi Ajmer aayi toh suppose I think she will not talk to Uma.

    • 143

      U forgot his fav dialogue….to ball…Yeh palgal idar aaja…captain sab daantege…😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😜😜😝😝😋😋😋😂😂😂😂☺☺😊😊

  36. Nazneen Syed

    I have many doubts
    1. Suman beech Mein Pooja chod kar kahan chali gayi?
    2. Vipul Ko jaate hue kyun nahi dikhaya Gaya?
    3. Kya Abhir ka role end ho Gaya?
    4. Who is Guddi’s murderer?

    Kailash kashyap toh Atharv ke ghar Mein chupa hua hai.Aaj jab voh log Ajmer jaayenge toh Kk saamne ayega ya nahi?

  37. Joe

    I want to see both brothers relationship in ajameer nd love between vivi nd atharv.. Ravish also learn abt how much atharv suffers his whole lifee.. Ravish nd atharv bond is too good nd vivi nd atharv love stry is awsome waiting to watch thier new stry..

  38. Vitharv

    Ravish is behind this all…I strongly doubt that..ravish have a negative roll in this serial…he is a suspense anti hero…he is not genuine..he wants vivitha..so he trying secretly harm to atharv..he acting like he is a lovable brother and good human..he must have a bLack face…I strongly suspect..

  39. Nazneen Syed

    No Ravish can’t do this.Agar Ravish Atharv Ko harm karna chahta toh pehle hi harm karta na phir usne uski dekhbhaal Kyun Ki?
    I know Ravish can’t do this.Usne toh Kai baar uski jaan bachayi hai.
    Suman kar rahi hogi yeh sab.

  40. Nazneen Syed

    Atharv says uncle to everybody.Hahahaha that’s also funny.He said uncle to 2 army officers also.😄

  41. Nazneen Syed

    I knew that Suman is doing all this.
    Yesterday when she was staring Atharv I got doubt on her.Suman Mann Mein yahi soch rahi Thi shayad yeh Bach kaise Gaya.Suman hi yeh sab kar rahi hai kyunki ab sachai saamne AA gayi haina isliye.

  42. Ooshi Akbar

    Sachin did u comment in last 11 days if yes then sorry but i was not using net from last 11 days

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