Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish saying I also know some laws, I did not break law, I have saved someone’s life. He tells what the warden did, he tried to give deadly mental shocks to Atharv and Vividha. Inspector gets shocked and says I will not leave that warden. Vividha says we know Atharv can’t kill Guddi, let him be here. Inspector says fine, I will give you some time as this is Vashisht’s house, but we have to arrest Atharv soon. Atharv tells Sujata how Vividha saved him. Suman thinks I thought the matter went out of home, but Vividha started spying again. Kalindi calls someone and says Atharv is back at home.

Vividha says I have to catch culprit in any way. She recalls Atharv’s words. She says who can have motive to kill Guddi. She sees a shadow behind her. She turns to

see and gets hurt. Ravish comes and asks how did you get hurt. She says I just turned and…. He gets first aid box. She asks whats this. Ravish checks the jacket with cat print on it. Vividha shows him the cat print. He gets shocked. She says it means this is that black cat, about which Atharv told us, it means when that person pushed Guddi down, he has worn this, that’s why Atharv was saying about black car.

Ravish thinks the culprit has worn this so that he can hide in darkness. Vividha says then he got mixed in us. Ravish says the links are connecting, how to link this coat with that culprit. He shows the jacket to Atharv. Atharv says this is that black cat like me. Atharv asks are you sure, when Guddi got down, did you see this. He says yes, he has pushed Guddi down. Ravish asks did you see anything, watch or ring. Atharv asks are you mad, cat does not wear watch, don’t know how were the hands. Ravish gets the gloves in the coat. Atharv says yes, these were the hands of black cat. Atharv asks can I have this. Ravish tells Vividha about Atharv and Guddi’s fight.

Vividha says yes. She asks Atharv to think well, did he and Guddi fight that day. Atharv says yes, Guddi was not giving me pics, so I fought with her. FB shows Guddi seeing Atharv and Vividha’s pics. Atharv asks her to give pics. Guddi does not listen. Her dupatta gets stuck in neck. Atharv helps her. She does not give pics. FB ends. Vividha asks what pics. Atharv says your and my pics, like this, close ones. Ravish looks on.

Vividha says it means Guddi was going to show the pics to everyone that day. Ravish says Guddi loved you a lot, why will she do this. Vividha thinks I can’t tell you that Guddi was loving you. She says Guddi and I had fight and she was much annoyed with me, where are those pics now. Ravish says don’t worry, I have that pendrive, when I came home, I knew there is something fishy and got pendrive. I checked it and kept it with me, it was used for blackmail. Vividha says I gave our pics to Guddi to save it, her laptop…. Ravish says its with me, don’t worry, I m sure this coat can make us reach the culprit. Vividha says what will we do now, we want proof.

Atharv says I m tired, I m hungry. Vividha says fine, get fresh. I will get water for you. Atharv says no, I will have food in your room only. Ravish says fine, go and freshen up first. Suman talks on phone. She sees Atharv with Vividha. Atharv asks about his fav dish of jackfruit. Vividha recalls his words. She asks him to become strong and feeds him. Atharv says you look like a doll, and holds her face. He says you are my fav, my doll. Ravish comes and says Vividha I have to talk. He sees Atharv holding Vividha. Atharv kisses Vividha on her cheek. Ravish and Suman get shocked.

Suman goes and scolds Sujata. Sujata asks did Atharv do any mischief, I m sorry. Suman says Atharv has made Vividha serve him day and night, as if she is his wife, not Ravish, you came here with your son and making my bahu do his duty, why, can’t you take care of your son, my bahu has responsibility for her husband first, but she is always with Atharv. She tells Atharv has touched Vividha’s face in front of Ravish, and even kissed on her face while joking, I can’t bear this, I know he is ill, but he can’t misbehave with my bahu, Vividha does not need to put her life with Ravish at stake and manage Atharv, he just has pity for Atharv, it does not mean that Vividha is paying for any favor. Vividha hears them and cries.

Vividha goes to get prescription. Someone adds something in the medicines. Sujata asks Atharv to drink medicine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That is kalindi who mix some thing in medicine.
    Is who killed guddi kalindi or kalindi’s bf.
    That dialouge is super

  2. I hate you suman. Yu are like bad evil……
    For a twist the mutderer may be kailash.

    1. But still now suman doesn’t know about vividha & atharv’s love so how we can say she is evil????????

  3. This serial really makes me crazy because sometimes I think it would be better if I was metal not adharv to watch this show. In todays episode if had no problem with adharv as she told yesterday they are one what’s the need to look at ravish during adharv was close to her and try to get away then adharv if he is I’ll how can he always kiss vividha not sujata, writer’s for your kind information if you want to show romance between viatharv then don’t show stupid eyelock between ravidha and same viceversa because of you people both viadharv and ravidha fans are fighting…..other important thing jaanaa dil sa door title song between which pair because I got confused when you’re showing same eyelock and title track for both the pairs really shame on you. Really I don’t like to type this much but I just want convey that if came read to this for god sake show only one pair….

    1. Seriously…
      I also feel the same..
      The directors juz wanna confuse ppl..

    2. They want people fight and talk about ravidha and vitharva so it will increase trp by making stupid and unlogic scenes we r just fighting and they are counting money…. writers have forgotten what is right and wrong to show in tv.people learn good things and bad things from TV as well …….. ….dragging d story too long like a rubber is useless

    3. Hi there, I totally agree with u, Suman wonderful write up.

      A small peck on th cheek does not amount to romance. Further some1 is talking abt further physical bonding between Atharva n Vividha in their bedroom…wow ur imagination is running really wild.

      Vividha is bound to feel awkward in front of Ravish ….not becoz she loves Ravish but becoz it’s natural for any girl to feel that way.

      The writers should however stop playing games by screening romantic clips of Vividha n Ravish becoz that sure sends wrong signals to the audience watching thus making Vividha’s character loss it’s ground. This is the main reason ppl say she is selfish. If the writers potray that she loves only Atharva then keep it that way with no romantic scenes with Ravish. Oherwize the serial will not be accepted in our society and Vividha’s role will be deemed cheap and characterless.

      Pls don’t do this for trills and trips. Please keep the story honest, clean and healthy.

  4. Ravish is so good…
    Atharv and Vividha was sooooooooo cute…
    I love Vitharv….
    Plz… reunite Vitharv soon..

  5. I feel, the culprit may be kailash, he wants to ruin atharv life.
    And in the 2mrw episode, bua (ramalanth’s sis) may added something in the syrup.
    Only one person wants to see atharav die That is kailash.
    Director/ writer pls don’t prolong.
    Why are yu doing every time Sujata jii makes hurt.
    Suman, she had her husband with her and she had his name too
    Sujata jii does not have all these. Till the life she was alone with atharv. Society and kailash jii had made Sujata jii more hurt….
    pls bring atarv to senses.
    if Atharv is normal, he will not allow her to feel sad or cry.
    No one can raise their voice also
    Pls bring atharv to normal state

  6. So murderer is kalindi or her ex bf

  7. Wn Sujatha remembered fb, where vividha says main mann se atharv ka pathni n aapka bahu manthi hoon is very emotional. Felt very bad for her ill fate. She is d greatest looser in her life, but still she managed with smile on her face. Brought up atharv with such a dignity.

  8. Sirf meri doll ho thum sirf meri.. Super dlgg..

  9. I don’t know y Suman always complaints about sujatha,as if she really ruined her life. Ramakant gave great importance to arranged marriage by his father. N gave every thing to Suman name kids family house n wt not. But for sujatha he could nt give any thing. He was bearing dat guilty life long. N other hand Suman even though she is having every thing, always expresses her insecurity other hand sujatha she was having nothing except memories of ramakant n atharv. But she never complained about ramakant. According to indian culture ramakant moved on with wife choosen by his parents leaving teenage love n past. But y like dis. Y Suman complaints about ramakant. Suman is beautiful, clever, may be well educated than sujatha. Even though Suman deserves love from husband she couldn’t enjoy it.y y y Just because ramakant married twice but couldn’t love twice. We know consequences of dat. But still people expect same thing from vividha. N says her selfish characterless woman. According to some people ramakant must have loved Suman. As they r bonded by sacred marriage.

  10. I too think kalindi has something to do with guddi’s death. Whether kailash is involved let’s see. Sujata needs to tell truth to suman or ravish does, why does every serial hide truths?

  11. I don’t knw wat gonne happen with Vitharva…whether dey will b united or nt????Why dey are showing dis eyelocks…..with ravish…Wat dey wanted to show….I want VITHARVA…..vitharva….nd only Vitharva to unite……If dey go with ravidha…….den maxm ppl will stop wacthing d show….ATHARV AND VIVIDHA…….frever….

  12. I completely agree with yu.
    I guess the culprit will be kailash kashap. The lady might be kalindi.
    May be shez helping kailash, since he wants to ruin atharv life.
    Writer / director pls stop prolonging.
    Why every time suman will scold her. It is like she needs bahana to shout on her.
    Suman shd understand all these years she is with her husband, and hez with her only.
    Sujata didint have his name, more over she faces insult with society and from idiotic kailash also.
    Bring atharv to normal. If he was normal he will be backbone to his mom. No one can insult / shout with Sujata.
    And bring atharv and vividha together pls.

  13. U have seen Kanya dhan film in south I want that ending with another actress for ravish without destroying ravish’s character

    This dialogue was really soo
    I hate suman.
    She always insults Sujata. As if she did mistake. Suman had every thing even tough she compliance, insults and scolds her. Sujata does have anything even tough she understands her situation and doesn’t say a single word to her.
    This shows who are pure from heart.
    Pls bring the culprit. And atharv to
    Be normal state. Unite Atharv and Vividha asap. Pls

  15. I hope this show will not end like a bad ending of movie hum dil de chuke sanam in that my favourite salman jhan was left alone I don’t want to happen with atharva like in that movie aish says that he taught her the meaning of love without loving him how she say that he thought him how to live that was not true love that was one sided love of salman khan but plsssssssss donot do tjis with viviath arva their pair is very nice plssss whenever I think about them I didn’t know how but I get a smile on my face plsssss and thinking about vividha and . ravish a big sadness and fear for vividha atharva reunion if they wantef ravish with they must show him the main lead with vividha frm starting but now atharva is the best person for vividha plsssssss unite them I think ravish is with kailash and he is helping him plssssssssssssss viviatharva

  16. Poor suman doesn’t know that she was cheated by vividhas dad . Vividha ruined ravish’s life and your happiness by doing deal marriage. she didn’t even think once that she was ruining someone’s life. Selfish vividha u won’t get happiness and peace in your life.

    1. Ya I totally agree.Actually I can’t understand that why people hates ravish & Suman though they are innocent about kailash’s plan.

      1. S I too agree with u

  17. Hai guys.. Iam new here..anybody know tamil?

  18. He is kissing vividha front of ravish in his bedroom omg it is unbearable wow makers u r doing very good job . Now u can add vitharva s*x scene to in ravish bedroom in front of him ? cheap disgusting

    1. Ya I ahgree with u…kavita
      Vithrv what ever what to do…when vivi separated from ravish….nut recently she is ravish wife..this is disgusting…I love ravish…he is so inocent

  19. No one understands ravish pain he is suffering a lot plzz do justice for ravish he is giving trp also viwers increased without ravish noo jndsd……athrav stage is best than ravish… athrav is happy in mental stage poor ravish sacrifies all …vividha is selfish ….ravish suffering alot pain in heart no one knows how many days you will show ravish chacracter like that its enough we cant see him like that…vividha when will you understand ravish love for you plz always shouting on him for athrav but he didn’t say any word to you helping you caring you fighting for you worrying for youu…you cant see love for you in him

    1. I feel the same … it is unfair for ravish and his family. I just hate vividha right now. It is makers who making this awkward things. If u doesn’t want unit ravidha than bring suitable girl for ravish who is better than that beach vividha. Who is from army background and also knows ravish very well … care only ravish and positive as well

      1. It’s true those scenes are really okward.Lovely moments inront of ravish.!!!!!!!!!

  20. Y some people r saying vividha is selfish, she wants no one will get hurt bcoz of her. She take care of atharv and also ravish sum an family. Selfish didn’t do like this.
    We like vitharv and ravish as a lovely 3roses pls don’t make anyone of them as negative.
    Ravish is great that he bears lot for vitharv and also seeing them as close. Pls writer should bring a jodi for ravish soon. I suggest that shivani(vividha) will have to do dual role. I mean that he jodifor ravish is also actress shivani. The story may be as ravish meet the another vividha and get surprised and become friends and his know by vitharv and may suspense will go on with family. This is just my idea and ravish will get a girl who is very much humerous and naughty bcoz ravish isn’t like that. Waiting for 2 lovely pairs who got their love eachother

  21. People want to see ravish in negative role wow insanely crazy people can’t digest honest ,decent and polite man.this is India Bravo

  22. How cum we can say Vividha is selfish.she is maintaining all the limit till he is in this marriage bond.she wanted to be free of this bond also.but ravish only wanted her to be like this till atharva become fit for the his mother. I don’t understand why the makers are not allowing ravish to disclose about vitharv to their family. Any way Suman will be knowing all this.so what is the point to be late.makers should disclose all the raaz and make Vividha out of this marriage bond and unite vitharv.
    And by the way in terms of suffering I would like to say one thing that what atharva and substance had suffered,ravish and suman has not suffered it’s one tenth also.for better understanding watch the old jndsd.and ravish loves Vividha only from few days.that too one sided and Vividha realize that also.but will it be justified if Vividha start loving ravish also for his kindness and left atharva alone.remember atharva didn’t get anything from his father and he never demanded also.the only thing he wanted is his love Vividha.and his father also realized that he couldn’t give anything to atharva and wanted vitharv marriage as last wish.so this last wish also needs to be corrected to the vashist family.other wise ramakant soul will not be in peace.so every hints which has been shown in old jndsd is very strong and indicating vitharv union.so if the vitharv is not the last time thing then these all hints like 7 vows, blood sindoor,soul husband like shivji etc will go in vain.it will be very cheap to see Vividha romancing with ravish after showing vitharv eternal and unconditional love.then faith from love will be lost.and Vividha actually will look like a characterless girl which will give a bad message to all the viewers.
    So makers please get Vividha out of this marriage bond , recover atharva and reunite vitharv.otherwish we vitharv lover who are watching this serial from day one will be broken hurted and will lost interest to see not jndsd but any love story .

  23. This is what this program is teaching us about Indian Culture, to lead a promiscuous life,

    HAVE A HUSBAND AND BOYFRIEND IN THE SAME house, your inlaws house and it is acceptable to even do it in your bedroom,

    I feel ashamed what is broadcast to communities.

  24. Jndsd serial main theme- ravidha unite
    Coz vividha doing pooja 16 mondays for good husband at lord siva. So vividha ki Sivuni(adharva) dwara ravish(rama) vanti good husband dakkadu.
    Kailash is not a culprit in his daughters life.
    Ramakanth last wish is ravidha unite. So kailash fullfills ramakanth last wish. Suman also saying right vividha is her bahu not sujatha’s bahu.
    May be I think suman ki asalu vidharv love story ravidha unite ayinantavaruku teliyadu. Ravidha unite ayyinataruvata cheppavalsina avasaram ledu. So suman ki vidharv love story teliyakundane serial end avutundi.
    Ur doubt is What about adharva?
    Sole meets anna word tho director confuse chestunnadu. Relations ki kattubadi unna ammai(like vividha) after marriage love ki value ichhinantaga tana before marriage love ki value evvadu. So Vidharv not in end game. Don’t feel bad guys(expecelly vidharv fans).

    1. I agree with you ravidha is the end game

      1. who told ramkanth last wish is ravidha,vivi should come as bahu is last wish.true love never dies,just care affection doesn tmake love,should be soulmates,even forced marriage is not encouragable,its a show better rely on reality of promises,nature is their saviour,pancha putham have connectivity in their unity.dont disturb vitharv fans

  25. Some people tells that ravish pain. But I don’t agree. Coz ravish antha pain moyavalasina nessasary ledu just suman daggariki velli vidharv love gurinchi reveal cheste total story finish. Enduku wait chestunnadu. And vividha tana love gurinchi suman ki cheaputanantundi but ravish aputadu why? Ravish eppativaruku vidharv love reveal cheyado antavaruku ravish okkade kadu total family (vividha,Sujata,suman) suffer avutundi. Expecelly vividha ravish mundu adharv tho chala distance maintain chestundi coz ravish badhapadakunda undadanike.
    Total scence (after marriage) chuste adharv indirect ga ravidha ni unite chestunnattuga undi.

  26. I juz want Ravish to stay in the show n be happy..
    N afterall if Vividha does not love ravish she doesnt deserve his love and him too..
    So it is ok if vividha and Atharva are united but Ravish shud also hve a loving girl..
    @iimaginer …Idea was not bad though…

  27. Wt ever may be d end game but none of us having right to criticize some one or total country n culture it self. In which country kids kissing dolls or elders considered as romance. Atharv considered vividha as a doll. N wt is der to over react. If u don’t know meaning of romance just go through season one. Always humiliates girls character. Again expect same girl doing romance with another boy. N I don’t know y people comparing situation to puranas. Seeta MA did prayer to shiv Ji for husband like Rama. Here vividha is Seeta, atharv as shiv Ji, ravish as Rama. Joke of Millennium. Here vividha didn’t perform prayer to atharv. She considered him as husband. If u want to compare, compare with sati who did prayer to get shiv Ji as husband. Kailash got award for best villain ?

  28. Ramakant loved sujatha married Suman for his father. Left sujatha alone. Sujathas life was like hell. No husband name, no value in society. Suman took Sujathas place enjoyed every thing. Atharv he didn’t had father only thing he want is vividha. Again ravish took his happiness away. As sujatha n atharv already get used for struggles in life, so expecting them to continue dat. If ravish deserves all happiness, y can’t atharv. Wt was his mistake. Oh dis may be because he is a son of ill fate mother, who didn’t fight for justice as a legally wedded wife. Who sacrificed her life for Sumans happiness. 2 ND marriage is not having any value in our society. Without divorce 2 nd marriage is illegal n no value . But Suman always behind sujatha shows immaturity in Sumans thinking. N how can we expect same sacrifice from atharv side. If ravidha is end game, atharv can’t love or marry some one other than vividha. He will be like devdass. Already ramakant was very guilt about atharv as he couldn’t do any thing for his elder son. N some one saying after knowing vividhas role in atharvs life, he went to kailash for ravidhas match. I don’t know how can people say like dis. N ramakant know value of love n compromised marriage. Again he want same repetition of his case n almost he’ll with his own sons. ?hats off for ur way of thinking. Plz CVS bring parallel lead for ravish. No husband accepts his brothers wife as his wife in practical. N showing vividha romancing With two brothers will be awkward to watch. Wn atharv becomes normal I sure he will be ready to leave vividha. But it is injustice. One family enjoying always n other struggling to live.

  29. Yes I completely agree with suman.every time we criticize girls only even though she is innocent.here Vividha loves atharva from her soul,she accepted atharva as her soul husband and sujata as her mother in-law.they took 7 vows also in the presence of fire and God and that has been shown so strongly and highlightedly in jndsd phase one.while atharva got hitted by Vividha’s father before separation atharva fill the blood in Vividha’s forehead as sindoor. So Vividha is already married to atharva not by soul by body also.then she had been forced to marry ravish.so how cum she can let ravish to touch her which already belongs to atharva.rather she maintaining decency with atharva till she is in marriage bond.she cares for ravish also.so instead of blaming Vividha we should be proud of a girl like this.she is actually maintaining Indian culture properly.
    The same thing happened to atharva and ravish father also.ramakant could not accept atharva and sujata in front of society and could not give his name to them.and because of that only they faced a life worse than hell.remember as atharva was not having his father name Vividha’s father was against this marriage .now if the same things repeat with atharva again what will be meaning of this serial.it should be ended happily.ravish should be paired with some other girl.it would be so pathetic and awkward to see Vividha with ravish.
    Makers please unite vitharv soon and then proceed with the serial.vitharv should get the happiness now.they sacrificeed a lot.

  30. Y r some people called atharv romancing with vividha..atharv condition is mentally ill .. He like a kid.. Kid kisses vivida thats called romance wow wat a thinking.. Fst watch jndsd phase1 they talk abt atharv.. Ravish is gd person thats not mean vivida ravish ke sath move on karega.. VITHARV are best.. They are knw abt their limits..

  31. Vividh4 every1 sake, pls tell the truth to the Vaishth family an get out of this mess. The army family anyway say they r strong and can survive without a tear….they’ll learn to live with the fact that you love Atharva.

    Don’t ruin Ravish’s, Atharva N ur lives.

  32. I dun undrstand how much u ppl will criticize one another..
    None of us thinking is wrong okay! It is juz that some ppl have more value of love than traditions n relationship..n they think by heart…Whereas some ppl beleive in practicality n speak their mind..
    I wanna add one thing here tht the ones who think Suman dint sacrificed anything are wrong..It is very difficult to see tht the one you love is near you bt still doesnt love you … N yes…Ravish is not stealing anyones happiness..You better note that..Instead he was the one who brought them in his house n stood against his mother for them..

  33. Just stop this nonsense yarr kya ravidha ramakanth last wish is atharv vividha marraige but kailash ruined all from first onwards director show romance of vitharv if last he unite ravida then whats the of this show before marraige vividha and atharv both are like romantic but after her marraige also he cant close to ravish bcz her love is strong but fate is not good at the end vitharv nahi miley tho its will be the worst show

  34. Karan ?. It’s better vividha put truth in front of family, so dat no one talks about her character. I agree with u anshika. Where ramakant was standing at dat time now vividha standing in same place. Physical relationship is not matter. Except dat situation is same for both ramakant n vividha. I didn’t mean dat Suman never suffered. But if we force ravidha means, ravish will be standing in same place as Suman. Atharv in place of sujatha. How ravidha is justified for ravish. Sumans love was one sided n same ravishs also. Again three will be sufferers. If ravish need justice means better to leave vividha n settle with a girl who truly loves him, instead of feeling bad for vitharv relationship. Expecting vividha to love ravish as atharv is impossible. No girl can do dat except acting as if she truly loves her husband.

  35. As u Said ravish deserves respect as he is standing for his father’s last wish. N as a army man he is controlling his emotions. But for how many days. It’s better if he comes out of dis mess. He knows dat vividha can’t love him. Den instead of waiting for someone to love him, which is almost impossible better he move on with his own life. Actually I started watching dis serial after shashanks entry only. Just for shashank. But later I covered season 1.

  36. In this show ,pls bring new heroine like tanuja from kasam serial for ravish character in jndsd.

  37. IN this serial bring a new heroine like tanuja character of kasam serial for ravish character.bcoz athrav and vividha love each other.athrav almost died becoz of vividha ,with a big hammer vividha brother beaten him ,it is unfair for a person to beat like that cruelly and separate love from him.so as ravish also innocent in this case .so better to bring a new girl like tanuja from kasam serial for ravish character,than justified.

  38. how can u ppl say that Suman was enjoying,,,,she didn’t get her husband’s love and even lost her 1st baby,,,,She didn’t get the love she deserved from her husband……That doesn’t means that Sujatha’s sufferings were less,,,true that she suffered more than Suman,,,,,,bt still Suman also was not happy,,,,,,Both suffered,,,

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