Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with pandit saying you both are husband and wife from today, wedding is completed. Vividha and Atharv hold hands and smile. Jaana na …..plays……… They take everyone’s blessings. Ravish says its good you came on time. Atharv says I had to come this time, I have waited for this since long. The girl gets dressed as bride and leaves. Madhav says I will go with Papa and mummy. Ravish says let them go. Madhav insists. Sujata says we will go and have icecreams. Madhav asks will you feel bad if I don’t come along. Atharv says no, you go and enjoy icecream. Everyone smile. Ravish blesses Atharv and Vividha. He hugs Atharv. He wishes them all the best.

Atharv and Vividha leave in the car. They all smile. Atharv looks at Vividha and smiles. She asks

what are you seeing like this. He says the fate which was just a stone has not become destination. She smiles and rests on his shoulder. The girl is on the way in the car. She asks driver to drive faster. Driver says road is bad, I can’t drive more faster. She says don’t worry for car, the place is dangerous. He agrees.

He drives faster and hits a tree. Driver falls on the steering. She sees him and runs seeing some men coming. Atharv and Vividha are on the way. She says I m scared seeing this route. He acts to have ache and kisses on her cheek. She smiles and beats him. She says you won’t change. He says the problem is I changed a lot, I forgot everything, person is made by memories, its less difference in losing memories and dying. She says memories were hidden, not lost, it was because of drugs. He says but now all got fine, all memories will come back one by back. They smile.

The girl runs on the road. Atharv says Madhav got fine, everything got fine. Vividha says I don’t know why Madhav and your Dna did not match. He asks did I ask you this answer any time. The girl falls down. She sees men and runs. Atharv asks why are you finding that answer, I don’t care, Madhav is our son. She says even then… He says maybe machine had some problem, its old thing, why are you repeating it, forget this, I have to live a life which is ours. He asks driver to be careful, is the road bad. Driver says yes.

The girl comes in front of the car and gets hit. Ravish gets down the car and sees her. He asks the girl to get up, are you fine. He sees the bleeding. Vividha asks Atharv where are we going, you are driving, you made driver get down at bust stop, this area is not safe, I feel something is wrong. Atharv gets jerk as car stops. She looks at him. He says its a problem. They see something. She says there is nothing there. He scares her by putting vampire teeth. She screams and beats him. They argue.

He says this way is ghostly, but place is beautiful, come. She asks him to drive. He tries staring car and says car got damaged. She worries. He smiles and says you are coward, car started. She says yes, being coward is called being sensible, drive now. They leave.

Uma and Guddi see the girl. Uma asks who is she. Ravish says don’t know, what could I do, she was hurt after accident, so I got her here, as our house is close to hospital, doctor did checkup, let’s see when she gets up. Uma saying but getting stranger girl home in this state, we don’t know about her. Ravish says doctor said she will be fine till morning, once she gets up, she can go. Guddi says but she has dressed up like a bride, maybe she was going to her marriage, her family would be waiting. He says but who lets bride go alone in marriage.

Atharv and Vividha reach the place. He says we finally reached our destination, come. She gets scared seeing a hand. Atharv asks what happened, its watchman. She gets down the car. Watchman says you did late to come, its late night. Atharv says route is bad, I think roads got spoiled after rains. Vividha asks who else stays here. Watchman says none stays here after it gets dark. Vividha says I find this place strange. Atharv jokes on her. They argue.

She says I was finding romance, not adventure. He says fine, now just come. She says I m scared. He asks her to come and takes her. Ravish goes to Madhav. He catches Madhav acting to sleep. Mdhav says I don’t sleep without my mummy. Ravish says its big problem, what to do. Madhav asks can we play game. Ravish says fine, but just for 10mins, then Madhav will sleep like a good guy. He plays. Guddi comes and smiles seeing them. She joins the game. Madhav jumps happily. Ravish hugs him.

Vividha likes the beautiful place. Atharv asks is it romantic, I have many ways to make this night romantic if romance is less, we are in middle of jungle, we can make this night more beautiful. Jaana na…..plays…….. They smile. He gets close. They hear some sound and turn to see.

Atharv and Vividha smile. They have a romantic moment. They get disturbed by some sound.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is my first comment on this page…though I just watch fiction for fun n never take it seriously to talk abt bt this show has really made me to comment!I was a regular viewer n used to like vitharv pair…But nowadays the female character of vividha is representing of a cheap classless woman who has no character n dignity!!first tym she was forced to marry ravish bt 2nd gym she herself emotionally forced him to marry her…ravish has always played the role of an ideal frnd n partner n what vividha did aid him!!if she had no feelings for him she wouldn’t hv married her to spoil his life!!instead she wud HV chosen to remain single mother bt no she alwaz look for backup plan…she had not trust on atharv that’s y she didnt wait n the man who holds her hand despite knowin shez pregnant she left him without any guilt!!this selfish gal is neither a gud lover n a wife…she has no respect for marriage…wt about the saat pheras she took wid ravish n used to wear sindur n mangalsutra for 4 yrs that was jst for tympass!!she married to ravish elder bro no respect for any relation!in him dil de chuke sanam ran ne bana di Jodi also they hv sent a msg or showed sumthing practical…bt no this is tv serial n for trps n vitharv fan director can make fun of marriage!!!today how vividha is acting as if shez new bride married for d first tym n nothin has happened!!she has no guilt for ravish…being a feminist I can’t tolerate any female character dat too main lead representing characterless dignityless ppurtunist women…I hope all sensible viewers too feel d same…such a crap show n a fairy tale who has no connection with real world!!sry for such long comment actly I was frustrated watching that classless vividha….this is my first n last comment …I quit watching such a cheap show

  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BR5Y0UEAr7Z/?taken-by=priyankakandwal
    Haayeee Atharv looks super cuteee ^_^
    Can’t get over this!

    1. Thank u priyal thank u soooooo much for link.they were sooo cute.can’t take off my eyes from it.
      Atharv ?????……

    2. tooooooo cute.?

  3. It looks like another triangle love story b/w guddi-Ravish-new bride lady!!

    Happiness.. Horrible..suspense.
    But I am in confusion confusion confusion confusion confusion for only vitharv.. what next???

  4. I think that guy who is doing sounds & disturbing vitharv will enter with tiger mask. U all saw na video of atharv in insta wearing tiger mask.why did it come there.they were planning something with that mask i think so.anyone say na is my imagination correct or not.

    1. may be u r right.if….it comes true…. then it’ll be funny.

  5. What nonsense…..when atharv was not there vividha was showering attention on ravish….seeking his shoulder for sheding her tears and now when atharv is back ravish has become nthing for her…….this serial is bcuming worse day by day and it is bcuming v.difficult 2 tolerate vividha !! Only watching jndsd for ravish !!!!

  6. Very nice epsd. Nly some evil power still remains for disturbing the cute couple vitharv. Old vitharv is almost back.
    Thank God that new girl is not vividha. And there is no double role for vividha. There is nothing fake .original vividha &original atharv. DNA reports either changed by kk or killer bride.
    But after a long time we got to see our cute vitharv as happy.
    They r perfect for each other.Nobody can replace both of them.Honey moon in forest ??. Good job.jndsd is very different.
    But y they again shows horror background, sounds.
    Y they don’t let vitharv to spent some their own moments. First night with horror music???.
    And now guddi’s love for ravish renewed. Now they may be show some gudvish scns
    Poor Madhav. His mom -dad enjoy honey moon.But Madhav is alone in room.Don’t
    worry. Ur mom-dad will come back soon.
    Now the killer bride is in vashisht house.so her work bcm too easy.
    Hope they don’t spoil our faith, our vitharv.
    Atleast now let them live peacefully.
    Hope we will get our cute fighting fighting vitharv.It’s a new beginning for vitharv. Enjoy ur married life.
    Luv u vitharv ? ???
    Luv u Madhav ????

    1. Hai chechi. Innale enthu parayana chechi.
      Nenmara vela ayith kondu veetil full unexpected guests ayirynu. Pakshe innale eganeo episode kannan pati. Kuttikual ente phone kondu kalikan thodagi. Innu morning annu elavarum poyath. Phone kayil kittayapol charge theernu. Appolakum neram oruvad ayi. Pinne collegill fullum busy ayirynu. Tomorrow last class annu. Pinne study leave annu chechi. Ithu onke karanam annu comment cheiyathe irunath chechi. Shanky oru post
      ittapol shivani entha bro ennu chodichath

      Good nite chechi

      1. Aailya dear.Ano? Njnm vicharichu aailya ntha innale vitharv nte marriage day ayttu cmmnt chyyanjathu ennu. No pblm.innathe epsd kidu ayirunnille. But tvl njn kand illa. Bcz scns angine ullathu ayrnnallo. Hotstar nu orayiram thanks. Naleym hotstar thanne sharanam.
        Chila assoyalukkal parayunnu atharv fake anennu. Innale vare vividha fake enna paranje. Ippo vividha real ayennu manaslayppo parayunnu atharv fake anennu. Kure janmangal ingane und.
        Inyum horror konduvannu vitharv nte sweet moments avar nashippkkya. Cvs orkklm vitharv ne santhoshamay irikkan anuvadikklla. Nashangal.
        Pinne Ippo e pagel Kure malayalees und.Kure per nerathe undayrnttum malayali anennu ippozha parayunne.
        But athil ethra per real malayali anennum ethra fakers undennum arylla.
        A shankye shivani bro ennu vilichathu njn twitterl vayichirunnu ??. Serikkum jyeshtan of shivik alle. ?
        Agelum angine anallo.
        Pinne ennale shivik nightl car riding chynna vdo kandirunno? Oh superb.
        A vdo Kure alvalathi shanky fans nu serikkum ulla marupadi ayrnnu. Enthokkeya avattakal nammude shivik ne Patti paryane. Manners illatha vargangal.
        OK good n8 dear.

      2. Yesterday itself I gave you reply chechi. But it didn’t get published.
        Aunty ude veetil 5:30 pm I’ll njan mathram undavulu. Athukondu kuzhapam illyande TV kannam.. Enik veetil vannal hotstar thane sheranam. Ravidha fans annu rumours idakunath. Athu atharv inte fan annu paranju. Avar avarude frustration theeruka annu. Pinne enik santhosham und kure malayalees
        inne comment cheiythu kandapol . Pakshe chechi paranjapole ethra peru genuine annu ennu thirich ariyan boodhimut annu. Enik shivani
        ode bayagara deshayam thonni shanky ude koode photo eduthapol.
        Pakshe vikku inte koode ulla video kandapol ellam mari. Shanky inne pole thanya avanude fans ium. Nanamkettavar.

        OK chechi

        Good afternoon

      3. aailya u are from kerala because typing in malayalam …which college dear

  7. superb episode atharv and vividha’s moments just beautiful… now am convinced that its real vividha but where is this place they went for honeymoon that place creeps me out.
    Guddi falling for ravish again and that killer bride hope she doesn’t create any hurdles for our cute couple.

  8. Loved today’s episode like anything. Their cute fights ,naughtiness and romance gave me the feeling of phase 1. Our vitharv is finally back.
    Their were disturbance but loved vitharv scenes a lot. After ages we are getting lovely vitharv scenes.

    I don’t know now who is behind our vitharv
    in forest. Mamta Patanik no more booth,preth drama again. Please it is a request.

  9. What the heart like what’s going on here year Ab con Hamara vitharve ko disturb kara ha yaar after so much time it’s great to see our vitharve love scene but again there has to be some disturbance I think it a rule for thiS serial that you can’t see vitharve love moment with peace like always there’s disturbance and now who is this

    By the way so nice to see guddi and ravish to me they really make a perfect pair seriously it was heart touching to see them like a perfect couple they should be called ravgu or something like that because this is the girl for our ravish

    And what’s the point ravish didn’t get vividah because he’s made for guddi guddi and ravish are like on the same stage and level .so they should be a good pair and this is right

    Guys if you think how lucky madhav is double love isn’t that so good

  10. Doubt!!!!!!
    Vitharv went to Forest roads…roads r damaged!!.. new Lady/bride also went on same way But there is no collide with vitharv…??
    But bride lady collide with Ravish!!!!
    What was ravish actually doing there?????
    Director memory loss???

    1. I think for fun ravish is planning to frighten vitharv.

      1. Maybe aaliya

    2. Using brain while watching this serial is injurious to your brain…
      So no logics only vitharv magic..
      That’s it…
      If this cvs once visit this page they will realise in what way Thierry serial is going on…
      And at a time they will know audience are not fools as they think…

      1. No no no problem for my brain!!??..I lost my brain for JNDSD???.

  11. @ eswari & jyoti
    I M good dear….
    Seriously guys I also don’t like guddi pair up with our captain she doesn’t deserve him……I wish a cute & selfless girl come in our captain life just like him. RAVISH with guddi no I can’t imagine it’s better he lives single…….
    Mysterious girl in RAVISH house ……so who is there with VITHARV I mean who follow them again mastery & till now DNA drama is unsolved so what is the plan of CVS ……

    1. Please Mia guddi has changed

    2. Sunanda12345

      @Mia happy journey take care byeeee

      1. Sunanda12345

        Sorry wrong typing
        @eswari happy journey take care byeeeee

  12. @ eswari
    Happy journey .take care & enjoy the tour dear. …
    today I saw last two episodes on hotstar bcoz I missed last two episodes…..
    & I like one thing that in marriage time or other moment RAVISH did not remember his past (VIVDHA & his moments ) it’s mean he is ready for his new life & he forget viv.
    I like his smile this time his smile is from his heart no more ordinary (dikhawa).now if VITHARV & RAVISH live in same house so arethere is no ocword situations created between them……
    I M happy for for ATHARV & RAVISH…… Their life come on track……no more drama between VITHARV & RAVISH….
    But wait & watch new twist & turn bcoz some things are not revealed so more drama is waiting for us like the MISTERIOUS GIRL & some MISTERIOUS situation .
    @ Lakshmi I read your last comment u are r8 here more thing are not clear like who saved ATHARV when he returns at the time of ulta phera. Or more questions are unanswered……

  13. @ nikh
    I M fine

    1. Ha bittoo character is so energetic and this character is very different from sagar character. ..
      And bitto munni combination also very nice..
      Any ways gud mngg…
      Have a nice day..

  14. @anam
    Yes she is changed …..but I don’t know why I don’t like her with RAVISH….. I want a new girl & new story for RAVISH. I wish RAVISH soulmate is pure heart & as Same like RAVISH.

    1. Have a nice journey

  15. awesome epi. loved it. our atharv and vitharv …..after a Long time. but plzzz directors stop ur horror movie and continue our vitharv’s love story. we’ve no interest in ur horror movie.so stop it. but today’s epi was just muaahhh.??

    1. good morning Diya. suprabhat.?

    2. diya even my name is diya…..but my pet name is it…..

  16. indera sanichara

    I am beggining to think the director is a ghost Lol. We want the original Jaane Na Dil Se Door story writers. Not all these miserery and unsolved crimes. So wake up and stop sleeping and give the viewers a real treat for the Easter holiday. No ghost just a romantic honeymoon that is long overdue for viewers.

  17. Nazneen Syed

    I don’t like Ravish with Guddi. They don’t make a good couple. That new bride is Ravish’s girl.
    Her name will be Mallika in this show.

    1. wooow great bt now how saravish???????

    2. Hey how do you know her name is “mallika”..any news., don’t forget to share link!!!!

  18. Gud mngg everyone. . . .
    Happy Sri Rama navami..
    May lord Rama give you all the happiness in your life…?

    1. Happy sree rama navami to u too dear ?

    2. Wish you the same!!!!
      Have joyful day.

    3. Thank you nikh. Wish you the same dear.

      Good afternoon dear

    4. thanks nikk yaar ….mein khushi hum after reading ur comment yaar……..

  19. Sunanda12345

    Happy sriramanavami guys
    Telugu frnds today in maa gold at 12 :00 pm they are telecasting janakiramudu serial kalyanam soo don’t miss it

    1. ?happy sree rama navami dear Sunanda di

    2. Same to you dear sunanda.Goodafternoon

    3. sunanda ji….thanks yaar ….same to u…….

  20. Devadasan Potty

    It was amazing know…
    As well I also see Mounam sammadham 3 too………
    Who is disturbing vitharv…?
    Ohh god not allowing to sit them freely…..!
    I like there naughties……………

  21. Gud mrng & Happy srirama navami to all jndsd fans.
    Nice epi. I like that cute jock with vi…….dharv.
    Precap slight interesting.
    Why vividha said that didn’t mach DNA report of madav and adharv. Something interesting in dis topic.
    May be this d leads to vi……..dharv separation in future epi.

    1. Happy sree rama navami to u too
      Sudheer ji why are u interested in vidharv separation even now after their marriage
      Can’t understand
      Are u hoping for ra………………………………..vidha even now
      Don’t know how to make u understand

      1. Ha thanks Sandy dear for asking sudheer this question i was wondering the same thing.

      2. Wish you the same sandy. Good afternoon.

    2. Sumank

      Thank you. Same to you. Separation n reunion is main principle in our shows. The awkward triangle of atharv – vividha – ravish is finished. They took 6 months leap to show us, dat awkwardness gone between dem.

    3. Devuda!!!!!!
      Sudheer, everytime I don’t understand what to reply to your comments.. ur comments fill with +ve for vitharv but immediately your -ve words for vitharv. Like driving on two boats!!! For vitharv.

      Now you finding new things for vitharv separation.
      After a long wait vitharv reunite (marriage) happened. Let we vitharv fans be happy for that!!!
      I know Cv’s ppl r always with you.
      Finally atleast now write it as vitharv. Don’t keep distance in vitharv.
      Happy SriRamaNavame!!!!

    4. Ofo sudheer u won’t change.urs is mouth or what.again thinking about vitharv separation.yes there was interesting topic in dna report but not in the way of separation of vitharv. in the way of making their bond even more stronger.that false dna report will not make any difference in their love.
      U have liked that cute jokes of vitharv na then enjoy that don’t dare to think about vitharv separation.just pray to get a suitable girl 4r ur ravish & 4r his happiness.

    5. I know in the last episode of jndsd you said vitharv separation and ra……………………………………………………………………………………………..,……………………………..,,,.,,……vidha union…
      I don’t know they will make vitharv life happy or not (as of now all good future I don’t know)
      But they never make ra……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….vidha in future….
      I’m not sure about vitharv but I’m 200% sure they don’t make ravish and vivida bcoz the difference between them is like I showed above of course there is no ra…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………vida from now onwards….

    6. Sudheer. ??????.no more joke man. This is April 5 not April 1.
      Still u r dreaming for r…..a…..v…..i. ………d……h…………..a……………..
      Omg .pls sudheer don’t wish Atharv’s wife for ravish. ?? “aree sudheer ji suniye ji .Ab vitharv ki shadhi ho gayi hei. Ab vividha atharv ki patni hei.Ravish ka babhi hei vividha. Madhav vitharv ka beta hei ji. Thumara ravish Madhav ka chota papa hei””
      Omg ????.wake up sudheer wake up.
      No more r….a. …v….i. …. d…..h…..a. OK.
      One &nly VITHARV ????? the perfect couple Made for each other????

  22. Sumank

    Vividha n atharv r originals. No duplicates. Sunjiv puri confirmed dat. I shared links yesterday night. But they didn’t publish.

  23. Hi friends good afternoon.

    Happy SriRamaNavami to all my friends and family members.

    Waiting for today’s episode!!!
    Romantic+suspense+thriller honeymoon for vitharv.

    Only JNDSD team can make everything different????????

    1. Good afternoon dear 143. Same to you dear.

    2. hi…143 same to u dear ……

  24. Somewhere i have a feeling that Cv’s will start memory loss.. But this time victim is not Atharv, but that new female.. Its only reason she can make her place(as per spoiler, she have hidden faces)

    Maybe today they show her face???????

  25. Happy sreerama navami to u too all my dear friends .

    1. Same to you xyz chechi. Good afternoon.

    2. Happy sree rama navami to u too dear ?

      1. same to u yaar

  26. Aswini jenny

    Happy sreeramanavami to all my friends

  27. Vividha is the most selfish and mean person…….She got married to Ravish twice out of her own will but left him after seeing Atharva……..Infact she should have remained with Ravish and let guddi marry Atharva……But for Vividha her love and her feelings are important……..She didn’t even think twice before leaving Ravish, who did so much for her and for her son born out of wedlock. In a way Ravish, who sacrificed his career too for this thankless woman deserved someone more loyal and loving ……..Unlike the scruple less Vividha ……..

    1. hey how can u say that atharv and guddi should be together…????
      nt happening at all..and now dont worry about ravish …he will have his own love in the form of a runaway bride…..and this role will be played by sarakhan..okkkk so, chill…

  28. Ravish will definitely find someone more beautiful, loyal and loving ……..Much more than Vividha…….Because he deserves the best for all his sacrifice………….Not the selfish Vividha or even more selfish guddi…..Ravish has a heart of gold which no one has in this serial…….

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