Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with the people raising questions on Sujata’s character. Atharv finally speaks up and tells them that the man whom Sujata met in hotel in her husband, she has not done anything wrong, its her purity and not her bad character. The men laugh off and tell him that he has got his father in talk when its needed to save Sujata’s respect.

They do not believe Atharv. Kailash tells them that when Atharv said that man is his father, then it would be true, and there is not a big problem as Sujata can call her husband here in evening and make the people talk to him. The people call Atharv illegitimate child of Sujata and taunt him. Sujata cries and asks them to stop it, and not call Atharv by wrong words, she will call her husband and prove the truth, its first time that

Atharv has called her husband as his father, and this time she will get Atharv’s father.

Atharv says its not needed. Sujata says no, I will go. Kailash asks the men to have patience till evening, I m sure Sujata is saying true. The people agree and say we will come in evening. They leave. Kailash asks Sujata and Atharv to get her husband, let the people come in evening and see your husband, I know how to deal with this men. Sujata and Atharv cry and go out. Sujata calls Ramakant and he does not answer. She worries. Atharv looks at her. She says why is he not answering. Atharv says why are you shocked, he does not answer ever. She says no, he always answers.

Uma goes to Kailash and asks did you know all this, society people coming suddenly like this. Kailash acts innocent, and says I don’t know who clicked those pics. She says Sujata is not lying, Atharv said true, poor Sujata had to bear this. Kailash says just they are right and everyone else is wrong, how are you sure of this.

Uma says Sujata never lies and she was not lying even today. Vividha says Sujata is innocent, we know this, the man in pic is Sujata’s husband and Atharv’s father, he is a very nice man and I think you should stop society people so that they don’t trouble Sujata again. He says when did I say you and Sujata are saying lie, but society will ask the truth, truth is not just to say, it needs proof, where is the problem, Sujata will call her husband and he will come, did you meet Sujata’s husband. Vividha says no. He asks did you see him. She says no, I have made Atharv and his father meet, I did not see him, but there will be some reason that his father is not coming out. He asks what will be the reason that he is not saving his wife’s respect, then people will doubt some truth is hidden and its wrong.

She says but are we servants of society, why should we care for society. He says we live in society and we take help from them, we can’t live without society, Sujata knows this, if this matter is not solved, the society will pose problem, your and Atharv’s marriage will face difficulty, they will not support this alliance, as Atharv has no father name and Sujata meeting that man in hotel. She asks whats the need to take permission of society. He says we have to get Guddi married in society, let Sujata pass the test, am I asking for anything else, why are we worried, Sujata is saying truth, then truth will come out. Vividha goes. Kailash looks at Uma and angrily asks her to bow her eyes down. Uma looks in his eyes.

Sujata keeps calling Ramakant. Vividha comes out and sees this. Atharv gets angry and throws the phone. Vividha asks what are you doing. Atharv asks Sujata when will you understand, that person can just leave you, as he left you 27 years ago. She says he maybe busy, he is not like this. He says you called him 15-20times, he did not answer, whats the use to answer society. She says we will answer them. He says we will leave city. She says no, the questions will follow you, I will answer them, the people will trouble you and Vividha. He says we don’t need his name, if you want to go, I will come with you. She says no, you stay here, I will go and get him. She leaves.

Kailash asks Uma not to open her mouth, I know what I m doing, no one will blame me as I m using the society, I can do anything, no one can harm me. Vividha worries for Atharv. He says I knew this man will do this always, he will never come back. He throws the utensils and things around. He says why does Sujata not understand this. Vividha says everything will get fine. He says no, it would have got fine 27 years ago, can he return everything to me, the insult which my mum bears, he cheated once again. Kailash and Uma look on. Atharv says he will not come back, he will cheat my mum again, she will cry again. He cries. Vividha cries and runs to him. She hugs him and consoles him. He says he will not come, same thing will happen again.

Atharv says why did he not come, he is alive, he did not die. Sujata comes home and puts water on her forehead to erase her sindoor. She shouts my husband died Atharv. Atharv and Vividha get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow kailashji!

  2. Tq amena di for update
    Atharv father is died omg!
    Now 2 the which direction the story will be twisted? ????????

  3. Very interesting episode …… N tomorrow’s episode will be more interesting n emotional ….. Waiting for tomorrow

  4. Sad to know about atharv’s dad waiting 4 2morow

  5. Kailash, the true model of mahood. A true Gentlemen. Sly as a fox.

  6. omg ab kya hoga

  7. OMG – only hope that it’s not true that his dad is dead. Hope something happens tomorrow and kailash’s plan fails.

  8. His father dint die but sujatha comes to know that he married another woman and also has a son

  9. Oh he is dead… I think kailash already know that… I think atharv will cry…. ?

  10. I think he’s alive but atharv and vividha will get to know that he’s seriously ill. But still hope he comes to prove sujata was telling the truth.

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