Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman asking Vividha why does she not want to go to her Maayka. Ravish covers up and says we spoke yesterday night, Vividha told me that she will go for patphere rasam after I leave for my duty, she wants to spend time with me now as I will be leaving for duty in few days. Suman smiles. Ravish looks at Vividha, who looks upset to him.

Ankit worries and says if Atharv dies then… Uma holds him. Uma asks him where is Kailash. Ankit says I don’t know, I m saying truth. Dadi asks Uma to call Kailash again. Uma calls Kailash and number does not connect. Uma says don’t know what new plan is this man doing. Suman asks Vividha are you sure you don’t want to come with me in army club meeting, Daddy ji and Vipul also went out, Ravish and Situram are not at home,

they went for work, will you manage alone. Vividha says yes. Suman says call me if you need anything, and leaves.

Vividha sees Ramakant and Ravish’s pic. She hears a sound and goes to see. She sees blood marks on the floor and gets shocked.

Someone passes by behind. She asks who is there. Vividha goes to that room and follows the blood marks. She sees the cupboard and opens it. There is just clothes. She shuts the cupboard and gets shocked seeing Ravish and Situram behind her. Ravish asks what are you doing here. She says I heard some sound and came here, how did you come back early. Ravish says we went to check equipment and came back early as delivery happened soon. She says I have seen blood outside. Ravish and Situram see the blood. Situram says no, I got some items and vegs, I will clean it. Ravish also makes excuse.

Bhoomi and Aditi talk about Captain Avinash coming for dinner. Bhoomi asks Vividha to sit with them and talk, be ready for the drama, when Ravish’s friend Avinash comes, see Aditi’s face. Kalindi says nice, Aditi chose a soldier for her, is the fire both sides. She says I seriously feel if you marry the one you love, maybe you break the curse on our family.

Vividha asks curse? Bhoomi says yes, call this curse or anyone’s fate, none’s love got fulfilled in this family, the person who loved did not get his life partner, and the life partner did not get love. Kalindi says Suman has hope from you, that you love Ravish a lot and give him lots of love in his life. Situram comes and tells Vividha that Suman is calling her. Ravish is angry seeing some papers. Vividha goes to kitchen and says I m sorry. Suman asks why.

Vividha says I should have come to kitchen before itself. Suman says I did not call you to work here, you are my son’s life treasure and its my responsibility to keep you happy. She tells Vividha about the dishes, and jackfruit. She says Ravish like jackfruit a lot and made me cook this since childhood. Vividha recalls Atharv and moves back. She makes spoons fall. Suman asks are you fine. Vividha says I m feeling restless. Suman asks her to rest in room, shall I call Ravish. Vividha says I will go, and runs crying. She recalls Ravish’s words, Kalindi and Suman’s words.

She sees the Lord idol and thinks at which point did you made me stand, Ravish and Suman have hope from me, but I have given my soul to someone else, what do I have to give to Ravish and Suman now. She goes and hears sound from the same room. She says what is this sound, last time also sound came from his room. She goes inside the room and goes to open the cupboard. Situram appears and asks what happened madam ji, shall I show you the way to your room and drop you. She says no, I m fine and I know the way. She goes.

Ravish is worried and sits thinking. He calls someone and says this work is not so easy, I will handle this, leave everything on me. He keeps the papers in the file and keeps file in the drawer. He shuts his laptop and takes his phone. He leaves and opens the room door. He sees Vividha. She asks what happened, is everything fine. He leaves.

Ravish goes to the room. Situram comes and gives file. Ravish asks did anyone see you. Situram says no, Vividha came here again, but did not see anything. Ravish says good, she should not get any doubt. Situram says fine. Ravish opens the cupboard and enters the secret passage.

Vividha calls Uma. Uma asks how are you, how is everyone. Vividha says everything is fine here, the people here are so good and love me a lot, I feel hurt, Papa has put me in this situation and did big sin, they feel I m perfect bahu and wife, they think I will fill happiness in their house. Uma asks her not to cry, there is morning after every night, first you have to see the darkness. Vividha says I want to know about Atharv, did you find out anything. Uma hears a sound. Vividha asks whats this sound, say something Maa. Uma rushes and sees Atharv’s blood stained shirt. She gets shocked. Vividha asks her to answer. Uma says vase broke by my hands, I will call you later, when I find anything about Atharv, I will tell you, I have to clean the glass, if anyone steps on it, it will be problem. She ends call. Vividha cries and says why do I feel Maa is hiding something.

Uma shows the stone and Atharv’s shirt to Dadi. She says there is murderer written on this stone. Ankit gets shocked. Suman tells Vividha that she is going to meet neighbor’s house. Vividha is alone at home and power goes. She takes candle and goes to see something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhhhhhh……..What are this devils seens in jndsd.
    Please I want to see my atharv bring him back to the show fastly.i can’t see this serial without him.

  2. I’m wondering if ravish is hiding atharv, and has kailash sent him to ravish as per the phone call he made. Otherwise why isn’t atharv shown.

  3. Ravish is definitely hiding something.

  4. Ravish is hiding something in front of vividha. And he is going inside an almairah what’s happening there

  5. hii tuffy, sununda, sachin, tf, ravinder., ms4, surbhi, cad, esha, aila, sam, rajshree, sroy, pandu, mary, christodolou, eva, rv, indra, sanicharna, shee, hello everyone. yeh serial m itna suspense kyo dikharahe h ? ??? atharva ki blood vali shirt noooooo please atharva come back

    1. Hi rooktima, yeah can’t understand y maker’s making suspense thriller in love story. ..
      Feeling bore without Atharv and what’s all going vit vividha. ..in Ravish house

    2. https://youtu.be/ult8XrFKWl8

      Hiiii everyone….. Don’t worry our Atharv is coming back soon….??

  6. why she is crying for suman’s family.

  7. Without Atharv,serial is too boring…as soon as possible …please reunite atharv and vividha…they are perfect couple…please dont try to unite vividha and ravish..atharv is a corrrect person for vividha…if u hiding atharv from the serial constantly….i wont watch the serial anymore….please bring back atharv and i wish both should get married soon

  8. I think…ravish has kept atharv in that cupboard passage and treating him but why would he kept him…and whats the need of hiding..if thats atharv,he can be treated in the hospital….don’t know what the hell is happening… Without atharv this show is nothing..and just boring..day by day i am losing interest in this show….this will surely take a month or 2 for atharv’s re-entry.. If this is the speed of the serial..

    1. Vividha ki shadi ho gyi hai ab ravish se..to ab use uske sath hi rhna chahye

      1. Yess..but my reason of watching this serial was atharav…but he is missing from 2 weeks…and as the serial is going…there is no hope that he will seen so soon…now the director is just focusing on ravish and vividha’s love story as vithatarv story has already shown…as shashank’s entry is late..so they will only focus on ravish..so that both the leads have equal importance…this means atharv will be missing for few more episodes 🙁 🙁

  9. Finally show turned as a Version-2 of “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”.

    So, now wat will happen..wat will vividha give to Ravish. its same wat “Aishwarya Rai” as (nandini) given to Vanraj(Ajay Devagan).,., heart and soul right!!!!

    Same same boring tricks—->>after marriage a girl has to forget lover and should love his husband.
    By this i have understood there is no love in “hum dil de chuke sanam” story and now JNDSD——–its just attraction before marriage and after marriage its love for husband….O My God where are U..plz brain wash these stupid directors and writters

    1. Hi,
      I too felt that it is turning to be hum dil de chuke Sanam. That is the reason why ravish being showing good guy and behaving so cool with vivdha. wt ravish is hiding is not the adharv, then for sure he will win vivdha. Already it is shown that vivdha is having good opinion about ravish and suman . Agree that adharv and vivdha loved each other. But the storyline seems to be end with ravish vivdha .

  10. I did not watch the episode today
    I will see the repeat telecast

  11. I did not watch the episode today
    I will see the repeat telecast

  12. What’s happening in the show. .. y suspense suspense. ..
    How did atharv’s shirt came to his house. .
    What’s going on with Ravish? ????
    What the hell vividha feeling for????

    How many days we have to wait for Atharv? ???
    And where is that evil kailash gone?????
    Y these many suspense around the characters and viewers tooooooo
    Can’t wait just sort it out soon…

  13. I agree sneha, atharv does need to be in hospital, how can ravish treat him at home. This scene reminded me of DABH where the doctors wife was kept in a room behind a wardrobe on machines, assumed dead and Emily found her. But if it is atharv, how will ravish react when vividha finds him?

  14. oh shit idk y the sources r wrong ???y no atharva today?

    m nt understanding wts going?is atharva near uma or ravish???as in both the family are shown in such a way tht atharva exists every where…wt type of suspense ths is?no meaning of ghost in love story,too much of evry thing is bad and the same happening here suspense suspense suspense…and y uma telling these to viv…and the way uma saying to viv and lying here seems writers are planning to make viv fall ffr ravish…plz dont evn do ths stupidity, writers as ths would the end of the story jndsd…so plz respect our views

    u should be glad tht we still want to see vitharva even wn u got married viv to ravish…u may nt find such dedicated fan as in mny serials wn the leads r nt paired all leave watching bt we still expecting to see vitharva and if u wont and instead fall viv fr ravish thn i would say u are the worst of all…

    dont y the sources are leaked wn they aren’t true…just hate ths sort of nonsense

    1. Hiiee…sachin…
      Ooff wat nd all is happening here…where is atharv…??????
      Sachin u are absolutly correct about our fans…Even after vitharv seperation we ( i think we vitharv fans r fools to expect something great will happen btw vitharv) r waiting fr vitharv’s reunion…….nd what they r upto abt Atharv….
      IS HE A GHOST or MAGICIAN….both in Ravish’s house n Kailash’s house…..enough of this stupid track….
      Im egarly waiting for ma Vitharv….i dont hav any idea how faster my heart beats when i see Vitharv…

      1. hi nice to see u di after a week almost!

        yea u r ra8 di i think we just wasting our precious time over watching ths nonsense as ths dosent makes ne sense regarding the title(if viv falls fr ravish)…

        bt though m trying hard i cnt stop watching ,hoping every day fr a good sign regarding the reunion of vitharva…and if the writers started the show with these ideas thn wt was the need of all these dramas?they could have shared just a friendship with viv and atharva and later wn both the family were abt to marry both of them ,tht time kailash may have done all these sort of nonsense…bt after showing really these mny scenes tht too so strong bonding of love and thn finally destroying it by doing these stupidity is really crazy…

        guys i think we r thinking little extra,i dont think tht the cvs are in a mood to set vitharva again on the screen ,and they want to carry on with viv and ravish…

        guys i have a idea tht may change the mindset of the writers…

        i think we should stop watching the show fr a few weeks thn the writers may think tht we r leaving the show as thr r no vitharva , so they might change their mind,bt ths gonna happen if writers have some stuff inside their brian….

        bt i hv to say tht,jndsd got ruined be4 it actually started…

        it really spoils the story if u keep 2 male leads (protagonist) and ultimately makes one of them as evil and thn just doing all sort of nonsense…

        ne way i cnt hope ne thing as thrs no use of hoping and also watching the show also i think is really wastage of time

  15. What happened to atharv 🙁

  16. After this episode i think uma will not give any informstion related to atharv .she will wish vivida should live with her in laws because they are not fault at all.ravish is trying to hide a serious matter if it turned positive and atharv does not appear for long time vivida will fall in love with ravish.but i want to see vivida and atharv together.

  17. And I was excited for todays episode , what a mess ! Everybody is doing something and the viewers have no clue

  18. Really missing atharav day by day as episodes r passing……hope,we will see atharv soon and coming to the serial i think so ravish is doing something gud fr atharv nd somethg is going on..suspense has been increasing day by day.can’t wait to see whats gng to happn in further episodes.

  19. Thasla Abdullah

    We want atharv ??

  20. vivish Is super than vitharv

  21. Mujhe to lagta hai Ravish ye natak vividhase sach nikaalne ke liye kar raha hai….mujhe to lagta hai Atharv aur Sujata Ravish ke pass hai…Shayad Ravish ko pata chal Gaya hai Ki Sujata uski stepmother hai and Atharv stepbrother isliye wo Revenge lene ke liye Vividha ka use jar raha hai..? May be Possible Serial main kuch b Ho sakta hai

  22. I agree with Arya. Vivish is more perfect. Sounds too good than vitharva. Please make vividha fall in love with Ravish.

  23. Hi Rooktima, iv only just rtnd from work n not had chance to watch just read the eppy from today. Once iv sorted dinner il watch it! No Atharv again!!!!! Aggggggghhhh!!!! Wot r these writers/directors doing! Intrigue, suspense all well n good but giv us a glimpse of our hero plssssssss! I keep having to watch my previously recorded eppys as I need my Atharv fix!! His humour, his smile, his lovely eyes…. Vividha n Atharv joree simply the best!!! Il giv my take on today’s eppy later!

  24. Taniya Shammi

    Miss you athrav cme backsoon else i vl stop watchng the serial

  25. Well iv just watched the eppy from today. Ravish is definitley hiding something. Does anyone not think that letter he was reading n filed away was a letter from his father about Atharv n possibly Atharv n Vividha. The secret passage is where possibly Atharv may be being hidden but who has helped to get him there, Kailash? He’s not seen the error of his ways so is Ravish helping Kailash becoz he’s his sasoorjee??? Or is Ravish looking after Atharv becoz he’s read his dad’s letter about his other family, his step brother n the army were trying to find Atharv when Sujata called for help n hence he’s trying to piece the puzzle together. Something tells me that if Vividha had even given Ravish a little inkling about wots been going on he Wud Hav tried to help. At mo he might only know very very little n that’s why he’s trying to find answers. His clues probably stem from his dad’s letters (he’d Hav left someat coz he knew he was dying) n don’t forget he knew his son was fighting so if he did die he wudnt b there so he’s Hav left a goodbye note. That’s y he wanted to see Atharv n left him a little inheritance. Vividha had got to go by her instinct, she’s gotta follow the trail thru the cupboard, who knows wot she Wil find, an army hospital behind closed doors n Atharv maybe! The person who ran whilst Vividha had her back turned was female not male. N wots wit Atharv’s bloodied shirt n stone thru Umas window wit murderer on it, Kailash is trying to confuse everyone that’s for sure. N does anyone really believe Ankit is feeling remorse for wot he did to Atharv, I don’t think so, he’s just frightened he’s going to get done, not that he cud Hav killed someone n how he’s hurt his big sis, ungrateful toad!!!!

  26. What can be done here? They have married her to someone else…how can Arthava come back into her life? How?

  27. I think dat helper of ravish found athatv sumwer n got him to ravish…n sujatha requested him not to reveal der identity as dey fear threat frm sum1 n may b atharv has lost his senses too aftr bng so brutually beaten on his head several tymes n lastly by a hammer…so may b ravish is hlpng him by curing him at home away frm d world….n may b wen vivi wil cum to knw bot diz she wil b moved by ravish’s humanity n humbleness n fall fr ravish.. ….

  28. N also i think dat watever is hpng at atharvs home is all dun by kailash to make uma blve dat sujatha b atharv r fn n dat dey dnt want to keep ny relation wid vivi’s fmly now n r leaving dem n der house frever…..or may b its dun by ghafoor chacha…

  29. Happy fan :)

    Yeah sachin…..i too cant stop this serial……whenever i stop watching automaticaly i will run towards TV at 5.30…..but nowadays even if i switch on to star plus i feel like offing TV seeing the “gud 4 nothing track”…….
    I comment here seeing ma frndz over here……as i got a lot of frndz bcoz of JNDSD…..i think it was the only use of this serial…..
    Mamatha Yash Patnaik is realy a talented persion…..they hav taken Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi to another intersting level (Devakshi’s marriage) ….y they r not consentrating on JNDSD…..

  30. Whr S atharv.. Miss him a lot.. How can u tell that Vivish is more cute than vitharv…. One time pls think about the past love care and frndship of vitharv.. I don’t saw any serial hero like atharv he S the dream lover for every girl…. And i miss the world’s best mom and son relationship of atharv and sujatha….. Atharv is a dream character we can’t see like this man in real life… Such a beautiful character….. I love atharv character and him soul hearten love….. And I have a hope that if they r love true it won’t separate them…..

  31. Yes Sri u r correct.
    How r u rocktimma, happy fan nd sachin nd every one
    Viv is looking sooooooo cute

  32. ohh no wt the fool plz no 4 year leap…as 4 year leap means viv stays with ravish fr 4 years its really a big shit…

    wt nonsense are coming up day by day…it means viv falls fr ravish…OMG y writer r doing these…

  33. I agree Sachin, and if they are gonna do 4 year lap then why so much dragging now , they are just losing our time with nonsense last episodes. Its like they don’t want us to watch anymore. Nevertheless I still hope the writers are going to do the right thing.

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