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The Episode starts with Suman asking Vividha how do you feel now, I think you have fever, I will get warm milk and medicines. Vividha cries recalling Atharv. She hears from sound from the top floor/roof. Atharv jumps on the floor and asks Sujata to see his jump. Sujata asks him to sit. Vividha gets worried and shouts to Suman. Suman comes running and asks what happened. Vividha asks her did you hear that sound. Sujata makes Atharv sit. Suman says there is no sound and makes her sit. Suman warms the milk for Vividha and thinks what is happening to Vividha, why do I feel….. She adds kesar in the milk. Someone looks at her.

Suman gets the milk for Vividha. Vividha looks at the roof and cries. Suman worries. Suman asks her not to worry, there is no one, Ravish and I are there to

take care of you, don’t worry, trust me. Vividha asks do you think I m mad, I m saying there is someone in this house, I can see someone and hear sounds, you all don’t understand. Suman says no, I trust you. Vividha says trust is seen in eyes, I just see pity that one holds for a mad person, I m not mad, you all are mad who roam blindfolded. Ravish comes and shouts Vividha, no one can talk to my mum in loud tone else… Suman says its okay, she is worried and needs us. She asks Vividha not to worry, Ravish and I will find out whom you are seeing and hearing, take rest, we are here for your safety. She asks Ravish to come out to talk to her.

Suman tells Ravish that this is not coincidence, if she is saying about attack, someone is doing that, don’t take this light, I want to see family safe. Ravish thinks to tell Suman about Sujata and Ravish, maybe she can understand. She asks what are you thinking. He says nothing, I will find out. Vividha cries in her room. Vividha drinks the kesar milk. Vividha thinks to ask Ravish about Atharv and find truth. Ravish comes to the room. He apologizes to her and says I spoke to you rudely, but when its about mum, I…. She says I want to…. and could not talk. He asks are you fine. She holds her throat and coughs. She signs she is not able to talk. He worries seeing her.

Atharv says she is not fine, I have to go to her. Sujata asks who, I don’t understand. Ravish gets water for Vividha and makes her drink. Atharv says I have to go to her. Sujata says no, don’t go out. Atharv says she can’t breathe, she is not well. Sujata makes him sit. Ravish calls doctor and holds Vividha. Sujata asks who is not getting breath. Sujata asks what are you saying, about whom. Atharv says Vividha, I want to go to her. Sujata gets shocked. Jaana na dil se door……plays……….. Atharv too holds his neck, as Vividha does.

Doctor checks Vividha and says she has severe throat infection by something, what did she have. Suman says I gave her kesar milk to her. Doctor says its by something else then and checks glass. He gets sindoor in the glass and says reaction is by this sindoor, I gave her medicine, she will feel better till tomorrow. Suman and Ravish get shocked. Vipul’s foot is hurt. He makes excuse that he got hurt by hit of furniture. Ravish asks are you fine. Vipul says yes and goes. Suman asks how is this happening. Ravish asks her not to worry. Kalindi taunts Suman and goes.

Ravish goes to Sujata. She says he is sleeping. Ravish says I did wrong today and scolded you and Atharv, forgive me, I know Atharv is annoyed, my wife’s health is unwell. She asks your wife is unwell? He says yes, she was having problem to breathe, why are you worried. She says don’t worry, she will get fine. He says I got sweets for Atharv, as he likes it. She thanks him. She goes to him and does not find Atharv. She says where did Atharv go.

Atharv/Vipul goes to Vividha and sees her sleeping. He smiles. He holds her hand and touches her. He removes her blanket and opens her nightie string. Ravish comes there. Atharv/Vipul gets close to Vividha. Ravish comes to room and sees Vividha’s nightie off her shoulder. He says if anyone sees Vividha like this, and goes to cover her up. He ties the nightie string by turning his face away. Vividha wakes up and sees Ravish holding the string.

Vividha asks Ravish not to lie. Ravish says I can’t do this with you. She says don’t touch me. He says I m your husband. She shouts you are not my husband. She leaves from room angrily. Suman falls down the stairs. Ravish comes there and sees Vividha standing and Suman falling off the stairs. He gets shocked and angrily sees Vividha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only thing that was good today n yest is atharv’s(vikram) acting..brilliant acting kiddo xpressions n the way he says atharv sujatha abhi mara nahi.. superb acting

  2. Sooo is it vipul whoo misbehaves vivida. He Don’t know how 2 walk so that he hitted himself 2 chair soo that he thinks no one can doubt on him. How shameless 2 behave like 2 her babi.
    How did vipul know about atharv? ????????
    Who thrown suman in steps ???? I think it’s not vivida .
    Before vivida gng maybe suman falls from steps.
    Ravish thinks that vivida pushes suman. Nd might in angry he can beat vivida toooooo. I think vipul might be added sindoor in milk.
    If vipul in vivida room where is atharv? ????
    Atharv mental acting is superb. Even Iam getting mad seeing of his acting

    1. Navz

      Yaa I am also wondering how can vipul know abt atharv and vikrams acting is???

  3. JNDSD fandom. Just finished a kick ass episode. Vividha on a roll. Major revelations. Coming soon to your small screen.???

    Posted on twitter. Don’t know what’s going to come.

    But how could vipul be in two places at once, yesterday he was shown coming in with bags so how could that happen?

    why didn’t ravish check vipul’s foot like he checked atharv’s? Where did atharv go today if not in vividha’s room? Where was he yesterday then? I think something’s probably spilt on the stairs or thrown.

  4. Konchem kuda move avaledu story , ila aithe one year aina story move avadhu. Sujatha ki vividha ravish wife ani teliyaledu and vividha ki atharv gurinchi teliyaledu , ipudu kothaga atharv dual role vachindi , oka suspense clear avaledu Ipudu Inko suspense about new rude atharv .what’s this nonsense..and real atharv aithe vividha tho today’s episode lo behave chesinatlu epatiki ala cheyadu , evaro vividha tho ala chesedi

    1. Love story la ledu…. Horror story la vundi……… Plssssssss director garu….. Fans feelings tho play chestundi chaaalu………. Chalaaaaa visugu vastundi…….. Mainly vikram ni ala chudalekapotunnam

    2. Navz

      Hey Telugu guyz naadi vizag hii every Telugu fans and truly story is like tortoise walk

  5. Hi guys!! I am a big fan of Jndsd.. Although i started watching it recently after coming home.. Thats when ravish made an entry… Coz i was studying in Bengaluru… Nevertheless i always knew there is a hit jodi Vitharv taking the tv industry by storm 😉

    I am really getting why these directors and cvs are dragging the story..

    I love Vitharv but i also don’t want Ravish to be shown bad… He is an Army guy and me belonging from an army backgrd really don’t want him to turn negative…

    These misunderstandings created btwn Ravish and Vividha is really weird.. Let Ravish and Vividha be frnds and unite Vitharv or the vice versa but plz stop making fun and dragging a love story which ought to be a different one

    Love Pri

    1. So true! Evn I dnt want ravish to b made negative cz he is an army man though I am not frm army background

  6. Bull shet serial nt at all in resting dragging waste to watch time waste…….chi chi chi

  7. viku acting is nice,twists slightly satisfy atharv fans,but they r trying drag upto extent which makes fans will get irritated,anger and frusted

  8. @ [email protected] I did not understand about comment of u r first 2 lines. Can you explain me clearly

    1. The writer shared this on Twitter

  9. May be suman sees sujatha and suman gets unconsious. Suman falling off the stairs. No one through d suman.
    1) in that moment Ravish misunderstood vividha.
    2) may be very few episodes are there vividha meets sujatha. But amid sujatha rudly talk with vividha.

    1. Sudheer… Nuvu chadivina book perenti.. ? Adi ye language book.. chepuu.. !!!

    2. Sudheer.. meeru chadivina book peru cheppava.. Adi ye language bokk ?

  10. @sunanda – the first paragraph is how it was typed on twitter.

  11. today atharv’s acting was mindblowing….superb acting yaar…good in acting lyk a kid…cute when he feels viv pain atharv i love u so muchhh why ur so gud looking…n who is d one touching vividha so dumb doesnt feel anythng when touch by othr but wake up whn ravish help her…i feel bad for ravish… afraid of getting hurt…tdy ravish cares vividha so much i think he really loves her a lotttt…but vitharv is d best…luv jndsd…best serial everrr

  12. Hi Aash and Nitya are you guys from Andhra…… Even I am,i am big fan of jndsd…I had started seeing it in Telugu and became mad now I am watching in Hindi….I repeatedly watching it in hotstar..I don’t know how many times I had seen the episodes…but the current track is soo boring that romantic serial has turned into suspense thriller….Vikku(Atharv) was too good that I can’t take off my eyes..

    1. Keerthi.. Same to you.. I had seen JNDSD first in Telugu.. I love it.. Then I am start watching on Hotstar.. I have been see Many times in a day..

    2. Hii keerthi….. S am from Andhra

      Nenu first episode nundi Hindi lo chustunna…… Okka episode kuda miss avvaledu…… Chala nachindi first….. Atharv vividha separation tarvata baga sodhi la vundi

    3. Hi keerthi , I am also telugu , nenu hindhi lo jndsd first episode nunchi watching , I love so much of vitharv pair , and I love so much of atharv acting and nice expressions , and it’s a superb love story but at present it’s so boring , kani atharv and vividha kalustharani chustuna

  13. udaya keerthi

    Hi Aash and Nitya are you guys from Andhra…… Even I am,i am big fan of jndsd…I had started seeing it in Telugu and became mad now I am watching in Hindi….I repeatedly watching it in hotstar..I don’t know how many times I had seen the episodes…but the current track is soo boring that romantic serial has turned into suspense thriller….Vikku(Atharv) was too good that I can’t take off my eyes..

  14. What is this double role drama… nonsense disgusting

  15. Loved the atharv’s action as a kid and normal also, the pain and love for vividha is speechless. Just loved his performance. But, pls donot drag much. The director please don’t drag much.

  16. I don’t get it, doesn’t bhoomi realise when vipul is not in the room? It’s so easy for him to get out of vividha’s room as they connect through windows which is stupid. No one saw vipul putting sindor in the milk. Wonder if kalindi and bhoomi are also involved and know about atharv and vividha in the house.

  17. Hi keerthi I am also from andhra. There r many telugu here

  18. Today’s episode was so interesting but at the same am getting angry on vividha nowadays. How can she think that Ravish can misbehave with her. Since marriage he did not even touch her and she also recognized that many a times. Really am feeling bad for Ravish. Please make love between Ravish and Vividha. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. How will suman feel when she realises vividha was right and her trust broke as she keeps saying TRUST ME. Writers dragging for no reason. Writers didn’t show ravish checking vipul’s feet, made him think like family can’t do this.

  20. Thought star plus is finally opening up to youth shows…thank u so much for proving me wrong…cant u guys ever take a break from saas bahu shows..smh?

  21. Ravidhaa jodi really awesom love hate relation started plz it is soo boringg

  22. I started watching after shashank vyas enteryyyy really awesommm Lovinggg the character totallyyy dnt dragg the.serial

  23. I think sujata’s guessed ravish’s wed is vividha plus she wasn’t happy when atharv took her name, and as I said it’s easy to go from one room to another like atharv did when sujata was outside the room. But where did he go?

  24. Luv Viks acting when he’s playing Atharv’s character like his normal role, even his facial expressions n eyes speak volume like he’s back to his normal self, like his memory is back, n when he loses his memory again, n reverts bk to his child like persona again you see it happen in front of you. Fab acting by both leading actor/actress, Ravish is good, but not that good ? Can’t wait for the dhamaka that hopefully wil happen soon. That badly behaved person may look like Atharv but he’s not Atharv, havnt liked Vipul from beginning n Ravish’s sidekick is hiding something too, still no sign of Kailash n I think he’s got a hand in wots going on… Anyway unlike everyone on this site I’m from UK not India, nice to hear everyone’s viewpoints tho!

  25. Oh n another serial to watch from Monday, Pardes mein hai mera dil… Another love drama…. ?

  26. Jo bhi ho magar ravish aur vivida ki sadi nahi tutni chaiye kitne achhi jodi he donoki ., jobvi donoko sath main dhekti hun palke nahi jhapakti mari . ….. dono sath main rahe husband aur wife tara ??

  27. Why is no one angry how Vividha is acting? She’s stupid. Cmon she can act like a detective and see what’s really going on. Like for instance she told Ravish about someone behaving badly with her. She should have kept quiet and sniff around to find clues. Also how come artharv talked
    normal with ravish saying don’t talk bad
    about his mom. I don’t get that part. Who is living in sujata house? I think it’s probably Kalish hiding out there. So many lose screws in thus show and a bit
    misleading. Directors get on with it and provide us with some satisfaction. It’s not fair that this new family benefits.

  28. Atharv & Vividha should get together, no matter what. I was right! Most people who want Ravish & Vividha together haven’t watch the serial from the beginning. Atharv’s love s eternal….. So Vitharv should definitely get together. Otherwise, nothing new…. same marriage dominating drama instead of success of true love. Ravish may fallen for Vividha. But Vitharv already deeply love each other so much….

  29. Plz vivida and ravish get together. Ravish is good husband. And vivida love is past.past is past.one wife not become a another person lover that’s not fair. Plz remember guys vivida already married so vivida and ravish get together. Before marriage love but after marriage anyone accept wife or husband that is our culture. Viewers plz think properly and take good decision. Atharav also nice guy .but not become a husband to vivida.vivida ana atharav get good friends

  30. I think Ravish should have told Vividha about the presence of Atharva and Sujata in the house! It is really not good that he should let her think that she is imagining things and getting mad! That’s really despicable of him! Proves that he has no feelings for Vividha!!He is only interested in fulfilling his father’s wish! And the way he scolds her just because she was arguing with Suman proves that his family comes before his wife whatever the issue! Don’t like this character!!

  31. Vividha asalu kilash kuthurena? Serial starting nunchi chustunna kilash family lo kilash tho kalipi andaru okalaga unte vividha mathrame verela vundi like soft nature, eppudu nijam cheppadam etc….. Vividha evaruna army man daughter ayyundochhu. Ravish is like a rama. Ravish cherecter -ve ayye chance ledu. Adharv cherecter -ve ayye chance undi. So Ravidha is ultimate. Not vidharv.

  32. plllzzzz bring vitharv together they r the best..

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