Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv and Vividha asking Kangana to leave. Kangana sees Ravish. She thanks them for everything and says if you need my help, you can call me anytime. She leaves. Vividha thinks of Kangana’s words and thinks Kangana can make me reach that man named K. Sujata asks Vividha what is she saying. Vividha says let me go after Kangana, I have to find that man, we could not find him. Sujata says she is dangerous, you know she lies cleanly. Vividha says she can make us reach that man, please let me go. She sees Kangana at the gate.

Vividha asks Sujata don’t you want to play with your grandson. Sujata says I want, but Kangana said she does not know that man. Vividha says but maybe she is lying and working for that man, if I follow her, we can find that man. Sujata asks

her to ask Atharv. Vividha says he won’t agree. Sujata says talk to him once, maybe he understands. Vividha says this is our only chance, I want your help. Kangana leaves in an auto. Vividha follows her.

Ravish goes to Guddi. He says I think this matter has made you upset. She says I tried to get habitual to get rejected, I understood I should compromise with my bad fate. She cries and says whenever anything good happens with me, my bad fate laughs on me, I lose any good thing. He says we can’t see past in future, whatever is happening is for good, so I have come here. He shows her the ring. Ravish says I did not know my surprise will be this way, I just wanted us to unite forever, I still want this, Shweta Kashyap, will you marry me. She cries and thinks of Ravish and Kangana.

She says Ravish, are you sure, I m not blind, I can see you are affected by Kangana. He says yes, but its that affect which reminds me that I did mistake to trust her, Kangana is a bitter memory, nothing else, trust me. She says I trust your trust. They smile. He makes her wear the ring. She hugs him.

Vividha follows Kangana and talks to Sujata. She says I m following her, I will find something. Atharv comes to Sujata. Sujata worries. He asks why are you worried. She says no, my age is more than worry now. He asks did you see Vividha. Sujata says Vividha went to distribute food. He asks why did she go alone. She says she went with maid.

Kangana gets down the auto. Vividha follows her. She says I think she stays here. Sujata asks her to come back. Kangana sees the house locked. The man says its new lock, it will open when you pay rent. Vividha says she is arguing with some man. Sujata says don’t get into this, maybe she is doing drama. Vividha says no, she does not know I m following her. Kangana says I m applying for job, I will pay rent soon. The man asks her to leave. Kangana leaves.

Madhav asks what’s in this gift. He asks Atharv to play with him. Atharv agrees. Ravish asks Atharv to download the game. Atharv asks Madhav about party. Madhav says I had fun, did Kangana come to take me again. Ravish and Atharv make him busy in game.

The goons stop Kangana. Vividha says some goons are teasing her. Sujata asks her to come back home. Kangana shouts for help. Vividha shouts stop. The goon says we got two girls, great, we will take her also. Vividha slaps him. Vividha and Kangana beat the men. Ravish and Atharv play game. Madhav jumps happily. Ravish says its enough now, your mummy will come and scold us. Atharv says we will play one more game. Ravish downloads another game. They see the live video of Kangana and Vividha beating the goons. They get shocked.

Ravish says its live video, two women are beating goons well, see. Atharv smiles. Madhav says look, its mumma. Ravish and Atharv see Vividha and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow vividha was fighting amazing so brave and madhav sayimg plsssss download plssss he was looking so cute only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  2. Episode was good. Precap was the funniest part Atharv didn’t recognise Vividha and Madhav recognised. This episode was nicely managed, didn’t look like edited even though Vikram’s scenes were shot separately and edited. Today’s Guddish scene was good. I wanted Ravish to propose Guddi when she was alone and it happened. The background music was also of Ravish’s and not of Vitharv’s. But, I don’t think CV’S will want the pairing of Guddish that easily possible, they’re experts in triangle love stories so I still expect the track to be Ravish – Guddi – Tara (Kangana) triangle finally leading to Guddish because Sara Khan is only making a cameo and not full length role as things stand now. We still have to wait for long time to get a look at cute little Vitharv’s daughter. Hope that long time will be arriving soon.

  3. nice one…
    guddish conversation is good…
    ravish’s dialogue “ye b’day nahi blackmail hain” is very funny.. ha ha ha…
    poor sujatha don’t at least how to cover..
    it seems like atharv is more interested to play video game than madhav … ha ha ha????
    vivida became the savior ?????
    vivida is looking good in black….

    1. *don’t know at least how to cover…

    2. Ya atharv was more interested in video games ?

    3. Nikh ???.yes I also felt the father was most interested in video game than son.
      I also think if any fight will happen in the name of video game bw father -son.Bcz our atharv is still very naughty infact atharv is more naughty than Madhav ???

  4. first to comment. i couldnt see the episode but i read the updates. missed guddish scene. hi everyone . hw is sweety
    what live video? can anyone tell me pls ?

  5. Guys, a news. I really think some things are going on behind the doors on the future of the show. Just hoping for good of the show.

    SUNJIV PURI tweet:


    1. @Veer.sorry I didn’t get actual clarification. What news about the show? What about this sunjiv puris tweet?
      If it is related the off air news?oh noooooo

      Pls can u clarify it?

      1. yes xyz it is about off air news only…
        it means he is neither accepting the news nor objecting the news…
        may be he don’t know anything about the news that’s why he tweeted like that.. or else they are waiting for the confirmation from the channel that’s it…

      2. Sunjiv puri said that they haven’t got any information about extention or ending the show. He said STAR PLUS may issue a letter about extention or ending before 9th May.

    2. Veeeeeeeer…….???????i am crying.what to do.what is that ahd happen before 9th.I am not able to understand.pls say me.I don’t want it to go off air.I think our vitharv fans have to trend “jndsd need EXTENTION”then that star plus will come to know how much we love jndsd ???????????

      1. I mailed STAR PLUS about these Off -air thing and I got this reply.

        Thank you for writing to Star.

        As of today, we have not taken any decision to stop the show. Before we reach a decision to conclude a show, we evaluate our stories from a creative lens, consider feedback from various channels, monitor engagement and then take appropriate decisions.

        We appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for the show – its characters and request your continued support.

        Stay connected.

        Warm Regards,
        Shweta Shah
        Consumer Response Cell.

        Maybe they may gift us on the 1st Birthday of JNDSD by slashing the Off-air rumours.

  6. Aliza111

    hi all juz got registered iam aliza .
    hw r u all
    episode superb
    missing sweety ‘s cments

    1. Hiiii aliza…The pic in ur dp was my fav scene.I think up to now i have watched it mor than 150times.it was really amazing ?????

      1. That scene was literally the hallmark of VikramShivani acting abilities. I have tears in my eyes every time I watch that particular scene. This scene should really give them the best jodi award. VikramShivani brought life to Vitharv in that scene.

      2. Aliza111

        ya its mine fav scene . no one is replying me or minding me it was only u and veer who replyed me till this day feeling lonely.
        i have made a new ff but its not yet updated.

  7. wow nice.two lady soper women fighting with goon.but i think its a plan to fool vividha and a plan to separate vitherv.anyway nice bonding of ravish guddi.

  8. Aleya.marzan

    I wish i could be 1st one day in commenting .
    @ viz di

    i told u i’v sent email to star plus . they replied n said that international viewer can’t vote only indian can . did u read what anju done . she provoked all shashu , ib, krpkab so they will no try for shivika . feeling helplss . its like I’m maharana pratap n no one came to help me in haldighati .

    plz……………………. all vithrv fans make 10000 fake id n vote for them i can’t help but pray .

    it’s a humble request to all . plz… reply me as i want to know who r with me in this MISSION VITHARV WIN IN SPA . U PPL REQUEST ALL UR FB, TWITTER , GMAIL, REAL LIFE N ALL KINDS OF FRND TO VOTE FOR VITHARV .



  9. Aam2000

    #ShweRav is so cute….???…I’m loving this Jodi……
    It was an ok ok episode…best part was #ShweRav….
    Missing #ViTharv scenes….??
    Love to see more of ViTharv and ShweRav…

    Guys don’t forget to vote for ViTharv for best Jodi and Atharv for best digital male….even if u r RaVidha fan pls vote for the sake of JNDSD…please it’s a humble request.

  10. RAOne

    http://www.tellyupdates.com/ishaqiya-immortal-lov here is link of my os for [email protected] hope you gonna like it….

    Usha dii I felt….. to hear about your past incidence…… I will be your [email protected] di….

    sorry to everyone for not updating FF i’m busy now days hope to come back soon……

    1. Hi RAOne thanks for updating me… am going to read it right now.

    2. Hi RAOne , I already accept u as my younger brother when u call me ‘di’ at first. Plz convice ur frnds & cousins to vote fr our Vitharv & Atharv. Gud night bhai.

  11. Aleya.marzan

    i HAD sent email to star plus . they replied n said that international viewer can’t vote only indian can . did u read what anju done . she provoked all shashu , ib, krpkab so they will no try for shivika . feeling helplss . its like I’m maharana pratap n no one came to help me in haldighati .

    plz……………………. all vithrv fans make 10000 fake id n vote for them i can’t help but pray .

    it’s a humble request to all . plz… reply me as i want to know who r with me in this MISSION VITHARV WIN IN SPA . U PPL REQUEST ALL UR FB, TWITTER , GMAIL, REAL LIFE N ALL KINDS OF FRND TO VOTE FOR VITHARV .



    i’m commenting this for 2 times so that u ppl take this war seriously

    1. Yes dear we r ready 4r the war and also doing the war.from yesterday I am calling all my frnds and asking 4r vote.one of my frnd asked me” yomi….These many days u did not call me but now u called me 4r what,4r asking me to vote to ur fav.”I felt very sad hearing this and decided not to leave my old frnds they are really very valuable.and also made many ids and voted them still more i will do 4r them.if it is mobile sms voting system means I would have voted them 10000 times but to do 4r this I can’t do that many ids.so I will try my level best dear.say me one thing in which country u r staying????can i know it…

    2. Aleya dear don’t worry u are doing ur max. Effort ….we will surely vote with many ids.relax dear ?

  12. Ye kya bakwas lga rakha h I’m done with this show get lost now…..

  13. Aam2000

    Guys…anyone here know to make vm…..
    Pls make a vm on ShweRav and upload in YouTube…or insta….i would love it….
    Please use the song Humsafar..if possible…

  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ryP9u9kQ-TY
    Vikkus new interview.
    See how handsome and how funny he is.again fallen in love vikkuuuu ?????????

    1. Thnx pinky for sharing it was awesome?????

    2. ???????

    3. Ya pinky .I also watched the funny invw. How sweet is our vikku.when he talked about ghosts I also can’t controle my laughter. He finds fun in ghosts also .our vikku is unreal????

      1. Yes, Vikram is unreal. I have watched all his interviews in YOUTUBE of both JNDSD and Million Dollar Girl and also his chat session on UK radio channel. He’s very settled, humorous and very intelligent. He always gives straight answers, maybe because he did his Masters in Law. He never discloses his personals and never afraid of putting up his views. He’s very open.

        Link for his radio chit chat.

    4. Vikku is really amazing & naughty too. Gud night Pinky dear.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Yessss vikku is very intelligent and awesome……his way of speaking…it’s just superb….

  15. Aleya.marzan

    suman di, Joe di, Karan bhayya, Naveen bhayya,143 di,143K,Xyz di,
    Aailya di,Usha di,Sunanda di,Sweety di,
    nazneen di,Diya di,VizPinky di,Vimala di,Veer,Raone bhayya,Ooshi bhayya,Helly,
    Vismaya di,Linah di,Priyal and all Vitharvians


    n do war

    1. Hi Aleya , don’t worry dear. We will do our best to make our Vitharv & Atharv win. U can convince ur frnds in India to vote fr Vitharv & Atharv. Gud night dear & Sweet dreams.

  16. Oh my god vivi perfect???u beat them that women’s power

  17. Sunanda12345

    Super episode….vivida’s fi8 2 goons is good……
    Ravish and guddi scene is also awesome….?????

  18. Oohooo today’s episode was funny ?
    Atharv-madhav-ravish scenes were good
    Guddish scenes were lovely..guddi frankly asked about his feelings for kangana and ravish’s was also very frank.
    In precap atharv and ravish were enjoying the video but when he ‘ve to knew that it was vivi ..his expression ?..dekho atharv she has empowered a lot..ab tum bachke rehna ?

    1. sandy dear don’t know kise bachke rehena chaiye ??❔
      I mean atharv is angry…. n vivi is also ziddi….let’s see.hmmm bachke toh rehna chaiye kk ko hamari atharv se…

      1. Haaa woh hi sahi hai ?

  19. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTnrLzwBIKT/?taken-by=vikramsingh_chauhan

    Vikram singh chauhan shared his major thorwback and probably our’s too!
    What a show it was!

  20. I noticed the precap more than today’s epsd.And I can’t controle my laughter ????.oh what a precap. I enjoyed Atharv -Ravish conversation in precap alot.And both2 bros facial expressions when they saw 2 women beating goons .Especially atharvs” oh shit” with that expression and ravishs smile that time ?????.
    I can’t believe they didn’t identify vivi &kangana. Even Madhav identified his mom .
    Anyway Mrs Atharv sujatha rocked today.so vividha empowered by atharv .superb.But Mr atharv, don’t u think ur wife empowered a little more .Bcz now she begans to handle goons in road also. So Mr sujatha just go fast and make calm down ur wifey other wise she will do thandav in street.
    Anyway I liked both women beated the goons when all men were stood like statues ???.
    Liked Atharv -Madhav -Ravish trio convsn.
    And guddi -ravish proposal.
    But I really afraid what will be Mr angry
    sujathas response tomorrow when he see Mrs vividha beating goons?
    Bcz vividha should have to discuss the kangana matter with atharv. But she didn’t.
    And sujatha also. So both sas & bahu just get ready for being prays for the anger of Mr hotty sujatha. ??

    1. hiii dear…..superb comment. but I think in this epi we really see star plus’s so-called nayi soch.but I’m scaring….as soon as vitharv’ll find their daughter,they also find kk na….than what??? I mean if jndsd is going to…. end?then…..

      1. Hi dear diya. Thanku so much.
        Yes .Apart from all illogical twists jndsd is the nly srl which defines starplus’s tagline.
        And don’t worry dear if vitharv will find their daughter and kk,then also so many things remains r to reveal in this serial. I mean do u think guddi -ravish will unite easily ? I m sure they will start another triangle when once kangana re-enter vashisht house.
        And I don’t think kk will get his punishment so easily. Bcz we know kk na so may be he can start a new drama by appologising everybody especially towards atharv. I know atharv will never be trap by his drama .But vivi is so sensitive. So she may be ready for giving kk another chance. Then kk can separate our vitharv by creating pblms bw them?. At last our vitharv will struggle and reunite.
        This is my pov.
        But I also don’t want to end jndsd.
        Bcz jndsd is the nly one srl which I watch ?????.
        Anyway waiting for the official announcement. Hope that will be of our favour.

  21. Guys happy news..I don’t know its known early or not..in best serial nomination jndsd is there, in favourite actress vividha is there,in favourite actor atharv is there ?
    But cannot find the area for vote just saw the nominations in star Parivar awards facebook page.

    1. Sandy is it really real.if it is real I will be sooooooo happy 4r that.can u pls share me a link of that

      1. One more question what is difference bw digital male and fav actor pls anyone say me plss

      2. pinkyyyyy I don’t know. but I think digital male denotes this person who able to show the digitalization of the society n best actor just depends on the acting skills.with our atharv kartik,shivaye,raghav….also nominated for digi male.digi male award started from 2015.
        n I’m sure star plus also don’t know the exact difference.they do what they want.

      3. RAOne

        think this means a person is famous digitally or fallowed most of the social sites in insta…. fb, twitter, or search through search medium etc… possibly this could be the meaning till unsure… have good day….

    2. Sandy , is this true. I ‘m so thrilled aftr hearing this. Namuku vote cheyyan pattumo? Entha cheyyendathu ? Santhosham kondenikku irikkan vayye. Njanippo sarikkum thulli chadukayanu . Gud night mole & thank u fr ur good news .

    3. Wow, Sandy. It’s really great to hear the nominations for JNDSD in best serial and Vitharv in favourite actor and actress. They really deserve these nominations. I will be thankful to STAR PLUS if these nominations are true. Atleast STAR PLUS started to recognise JNDSD and it’s actors. If these nominations are real, I don’t think they will end JNDSD any time soon.

    4. Ya I saw it in FB page when I entered for voting but I didn’t see any links for voting.If I get that I will surely share it.

    5. Sunanda12345

      Sandy dear great news about jndsd……happy for it…Guys today maths exam for me…..iam very poor in maths..??????????????

      1. Di maths…its so simple di u can do it …its just a matter of logic problems which we have to face in day today life..so don’t worry …u can do it really well..believe in yourself di…atharv’s words ?

      2. Sunanda12345

        Tq sandy dear

    6. How can I vote there???

      1. I didn’t get the link asana
        I just saw nomination list

  22. Aleya dear am also an international viewer but i voted & it was accepted but only once ive tried other I’ds but its not working. How i would have loved to vote countless times atleast one went through.
    I saw your comment in Chandra nandini page love your spirit dear continue in the same spirit… fight! fight! fight!

  23. Sunanda12345

    Sandy dear great news about jndsd…..iam very very happy…..

    Guys today maths exam for me ?????????

    1. Gud mrning Sunanda sis. Have a great day. Don’t worry , nothihg to fear . Maths is so simple and interesting too when u start loving . Just relax and do well .All the best dear.

      1. Sunanda12345

        Tq Usha dear…..

  24. Sandy. Is it true ? But I didn’t find about it in twitter or insta. Bcz if our crazy vitharv fans will know about this news they were surely celebrate in twitter or insta na.But I didn’t see any.But this news is the happiest for us.I really wish this news to be true.
    Bcz vitharv ie both vikku &shivi deserve these awards.
    Pls God pls make this great news to true &we r dying for voting them ????????????

  25. Sunanda12345


    https://www.instagram.com /p/BRRLjr5h8UF/?r=wa1

    Guys watch this links……very funyyyy?????????

    1. Sunanda12345

      2nd link-https://www.instagram.com/p/BRRLjr5h8UF/?r=wa1

  26. Hi all jaana na dilse door fans
    Good morning Have a good day to you all

    Vivi was so cute in black dress &hair style is superbsuperb
    Anyone noticed that kangana is beat a goon when she is laughed
    And she didn’t pay money to rickshaw puller

    Delhi se rickshaw service mufth (free) hai kya ???????

    1. Sunanda12345

      Asana when kanagana get into auto…I think she gave money…or at the middle of the road…..don’t worry director will give ???????????????

  27. I think kangana planned every thing…now the mahaan vividha will take her home to stay der bcoz in her eyes kangana have no place to live, goons are after her , bechaari kahan jaayega blah blah…..so reentry of kangana to vasisht house. And vividha will tell adharv dat it is to find out their baby etc….and again everything all over again…

    1. Oh if you have nothing else to do other than blaming vividha alwz… Just get lost

  28. @ Dear mallus ,XYZ, Sweety ,Sandy , Vismaya,Mubi , Aailya , minnu etc ,this is a simple request : If any one of u feel head ache or fever , don’t try to ignore that and don’t take any medicine without doctor’s prescription. Take immediate medical treatment and make sure that u r not affected by H1N1 virus. Bcz ,now a days ,this fever bcm a major threat in kerala. Major drow back of spreading of this virus is that most of us r unaware of this and ignoring even if they have symptoms of fever. Another prblm isthat this is just like an ordinary fever and no one can differentiate it without medical check up. So , if u know any one who suffers with fever or having symptoms in ur family , frnds or nbhd , just tell them to go to hospital immediaitely. Bcz this is very dangerous . My neighbouring aunt was died yesterday due to this fever. She has not high fever or some thing like that. Just a head ache ,that’s all. I think u guyz can understand what i ‘m saying . Gud mrning frnds & take care.

    1. Sure usha chechi njangal atu sradhicholam
      Thank u chechi for ur concern and info.
      Take care ?

    2. Hi Usha dear. Ya I know. Nowadays H1N1 is spreading in kerala too much.of course so many people have been suffering with this epidemic and also this disease became the reason for so many people’s death. Yes a simple fever or headach will be the symptoms of this disease but we can’t identify early. So it is better to consult doctor asap. Actually I m personally too lazy to go hospital. Most of the time I take self treatment. But in this case that is nt possible I know. So it is better to stay away ourselves from this disease than after visting doctor by this disease.
      And we should avoid all fast food ,bottle water etc from outside. And we should clean our surroundings by never allow a single hole for entering mosquitoes and drinking boiled water from our own well.
      And it is so sad to hear ur neighbouring aunt’s death by H1N1.but what to do .
      Anyway Thanku for ur love &concern for us . But this is nt nly in the case of kerala but also another state’s ppl should be careful .
      So every my friends of other states also be careful. Remember prevention is better than cure.

      Good morning

      1. U r right da. We should be more careful abt this. me too not interested to go to hospital & always use paracetamole or crosin instead of going hospital. I don’t know more abt the condition of our other frnd’s states .That’s why i only mentioned abt mallus. Srry if i was wrong. Gud aftr noon dear.

    3. Thanku so much chechi for ur love and concern nanai sradicholam chechi

    4. Usha di I am from trivandrum

      1. Hi asana , I don’t know that u r also a mallu.That’s why I forget to mention ur name. Srry dear.Gud aftr noon & Take care.

  29. Guys I am having some doubt pls clarify it 4r me…In twitter and insta i saw many ppl asking international viewer’s to DM them if they have any problem to vote or not able to vote.pls say me what is ment by DM and how to do it.it may be helpful to some of our frnds like aleya,linah ect.,pls say me frnds…

    1. Direct message..In Twitter there is an option to msg directly to ur friends…?. ✉ ? Like this. There we can chat like whatsup..If u want any help ..u can follow me there.in Twitter named Dolly @sskaf98

      1. Thank u sooooooo much dolly.I think aleya will read this and will try to vote in this way.once again thank u sooooooo much

    2. Pinky , I tried a lot aftr reading ur cmnt to get any info. abt this : Searched google , asked my frnds etc. Bt no way dear .Srry.I ‘m helpless dear. There they only mentioned abt international categories. Can u directly ask wih them who tweeted this. May be they can help our Aleya & Linah. Gud aftr noon dear.

      1. Gud afternoon sis.we got ans from dolly.now my doubt is clarified and i think it can help anyone in this page.thank u for ur affords sis.I am still creating ids 4r our vitharv and voting 4r them sis.I am imagining vikku wearing perfect outfit and walking on stage to take award.omg!how nice it is sis.it should happen and star parivar stage should burn with vikkus hotness ????

  30. Aleya.marzan

    @ linah di

    can u share the link through u voted . i also watch chandranandini, udaan,dsdt

  31. Aleya.marzan

    nobody except sandy di linah di usha di n viz di replied abt the war . is there anybody else with me

    1. Aliza111

      iam tooo with u aleya

  32. Guys make more IDs..And make fb accounts also..With that IDs..U can vote from both..Hope u guys are voting..
    Some ravidha fans are making issues..And join with ishqbaaz fans..they also have support from other fandoms like krpkab…
    So guys..We have to do double work for our vitharv…Convince all ur frnds ,relatives,neighbours,friend’s friends,fb friends,WhatsApp,cousins..Etc..Etc.ppl to vote for vitharv..I know u guys are doing..
    Dear malayalis and telugue ppl..U know na jndsd is dubbed and airing in these two languages..So frnds do extra works and convince ur frnds..I am also a half malayali .So many ppl are not aware of nominations and voting system…
    We have to do this for our vitharv..Plzz guys don’t be lazy..
    I don’t think we will get a second spa with vitharv.(.Bt I wish too)
    So guys just assume that this spa will be vitharvs last spa..So we have to doo…So much …(I am not trying to hurt anyone.i am just trying too boost you up)..Hope jndsd will not end soon
    So guys..Come on and just make them win.
    be a proud fan..

    1. Dolly i am doing it but I am deleting ids immediately . But before some time i got some doubt that, will it affect my vote ?pls say me dolly up to now i have done 12 ids and deleted all of them after voting???i am really worried about it ????

      1. I think it will not affect vote.U can remove ids.it is better than deleting…I too have the same doubt and I asked in Twitter and someone replied me like this

  33. it is unbelievable what this serial was and what it has become I seriously wonder about the iq of people who see it

  34. omg what heppen to today’s update??

  35. i don’t know Nikh… have been waiting like forever now.

  36. Aleya dear i got that link from xyz, you can check 30th April comments xyz had given that link. sorry for this late reply i thought Amena will update today’s episode early so i can inform you about it but it seems like today’s updates is caught up in jam somewhere.

  37. me too Nikh.so much late update.

  38. Omg dear frnds what is this.this much late update.I am fed up I am going to sleep.

    Linah dear??????u were right don’t know what happened to anema ji she was sooooo late today.????good n8 all feeling very tiered.

  39. https://t.co/1ywwtVitcw?amp=1

    Linah &Aleya dears what happened? If link is nt available then use this link
    Ya too much late .where is today’s update?

  40. Nikh

    the episode starts with ravish downloaded game but they were watching live video of vivi and kangna fighting with goons they enjoyed the fight as an action movie scene till madhav recognised vivi… after they saw vivi and get shocked and sujata also came there atharv scold sujata for lying to him… sujata said she was helpless…
    atharv and ravish reached the fight scene but in that time the goons ran away and fight scene over …. atharv scolded vivi but vivi showed so much attitude and again vivi brought kangna back to home by convincing atharv and ravi…
    they came to home but every one at home shocked by seeing kangana with them… vivi told them she became homeless helpless blah blah and she convinced everyone she kept kangna in home… vivi saw the ring on guddi’s hand… guddi looks upset…
    in vitharv’s room: atharv asked vivida what happened to you but vivi told kangna is bad but she is madhav’s mother and she gave us madhav she did a lot wrong with our family but at that time she wasn’t in her senses we have to kept here in her bad time at least for the sake of madhav… atharv calmly went out from room…
    in kitcehn: guddi doing something on stove ravi came there and asked what happend to you she said nothing but he asked again did you upset b’coz of kangna’s presence here guddi said no “i believed you our engagement is happened and i trust you .. you will definitely value our relationship always… ” …
    madhav’s room: kangna stealthily came to his room but madhav woke up from sleep and afraid by watching her vivi came to madhav room and told him to go their room and sleep and warned kangna with out my permission you don’t have to do anything in this home.. kangna said ok
    and it’s morning … vivi was working in kitchen alone atharv came there and asked ” why did you wake up so early?” vivi said ” today i have so much work ; dadi and chachi went to temple and achar, papad order cancelled now and i have to send it to factory i don’t know how can i do all these…” atharv says..” don’t worry… i’m here.. i’ll tell you how to do all things…” vivi asks.. ” how?”… atharv came behind from her and hold her 2 hands with his hands and they cut the vegetables together… bgm jndsd song played….

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