Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Atharv making a cement paste to get Vividha’s foot marks. He puts the paste on her footmarks and sits there waiting for the cement to get dry. He says Maa says you are like Laxmi and left your impressions in my life, I know you have changed me, you did not come completely in my life and I got completed. He gets the footmarks on the cement platform. He says you gave new meaning to my life, now I will give you a new life, I will surprise you by making you meet yourself.

Kailash is at home and recalls Sujata’s and Atharv’s words. He gets angry and says if Atharv tries to become part of Vividha’s life, then I will ruin his life.

Its morning, Vividha goes to the market. She thinks this can’t be, its right this three things turned true, but I don’t

love him, its nonsense. Atharv is also in market and buys vegs. She thinks I can’t love someone who talks rude to my father, if he comes infront of me, I will tell him that I don’t love him. Atharv sees her. She shouts I don’t…… He thinks she is thinking about me, ii m sure. He comes in her way and smiles. He says you thought about me and I m infront of you. She denies that she was thinking of him and asks him to go. He says I m not any roadside loafer, I m your would be husband. She looks at him and asks him to shut up. He says you are doing new bride’s tantrums. She says I will tell him that I don’t love him. She calls him out. Another guy hears her and goes to her. She says I did not call you. He starts flirting. Atharv gets angry seeing this. She goes.

Uma tells Kailash that Vividha went to college yesterday. He asks then how did she reach there where she should have not reached. Rajendra comes and Kailash leaves Uma. He asks Uma to get snacks for Rajendra. She goes. Rajendra asks Kailash why did you call me, shall I get more people to make you do more of my insult. Kailash asks him to forget everything, tell me how is your son. Rajendra says he is good, he is getting good proposals who find us poor. Kailash says I have to talk about Vividha’s proposal. Rajendra and Uma get shocked.

Atharv stops Vividha by lifting the back wheel of her cycle. She asks him to leave her cycle. He leaves her cycle. She asks him why is he troubling her. He says I thought you are liking all this, what that guy told you. She gets angry and says you are not ashamed to joke. He says you did not get shame to hear it. She says I wished to slap him. He asks her to go then, why is she waiting. She asks what, you don’t know anything else than fighting, my Papa says I should not fight. He says till you wait for your Papa, he will take you away. She asks why did you not do anything. He says your Papa and Ankit will save you being related to you, why will I save you, because I m your would be husband?

Atharv tells her to have courage and not get scared. He says look at him, today he is teasing you, tomorrow he will tease any other girl, just because you did not do anything today. Rajendra tells Kailash that my son won’t agree to marry Vividha now. Kailash says I m not telling about your son, I want to get Vividha married to your son’s boss, who is very rich. Rajendra says you found new way to insult me, Bharadwaj is very rich man, why will he get his son married to your daughter, everyone knows Atharv declared that he will marry Vividha. Kailash says its fine if you don’t want to help me, if you helped me, your son would have got a promotion, if you take world’s best girl for Bharadwaj’s son, Vividha is one in a million.

Vividha gets angry and says that creep…. Atharv says that guy is going, just go before he disrespects someone else. Vividha shouts to stop that guy and goes to him. Atharv looks on. The guy says you came and smiles. Kailash praises Vividha and she does not raise voice and eyes. Vividha raises her hand and slaps that guy. The people look on. Vividha asks the guy to think whom is he talking to, and what is he saying, maybe he can get more solid slap. The guy gets angry. He stops seeing Atharv behind her. The guy goes. Vividha gets glad and turns to Atharv. Tumse milke aisa laga…………… Jaana na dil se door……plays………….. Vividha and Atharv have an eyelock and smile. She says did you see, I slapped him very hard, he got scared and ran away. He asks how are you feeling. She says as if some magic happened. He says magic was caged inside you, you had to open it with the courage key. Atharv leaves. She smiles and leaves.

Vividha tells Kailash that some people think you have caged me. He asks who. She says Atharv. He fumes. Uma scolds Vividha and says Kailash disliked your meeting Atharv, if you take Atharv’s name again, I will not leave you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woooow so nice to see Atharv and Vividhas scenes

    Nice self defence class by Atharv.

    Superb dialogues again ” Oh hello mein
    koyi sadak chap lofer nahi hu. Tumahara honewala pati hu

    ” Paapa paapa paapa..papaapa puran”

    Nice to see a serial that says -everyone has their own individuality

    Superb charaterisation of Atharv- A guy who wants his girlfriend to know herself ans also realise her potential and individuality rather than being dependant on others

    Loved the show from day one for being meaningful and entertaining apart from other senseless saas bahu nonsense.

    Hope it continues to be the same.

  2. hii I’m new …. New to give comments not to the show

    exactly Dailogs are suppeb
    apka micro wave ki tarah garam beta tube light ki tarah confused hai

  3. awesome…. episode

  4. sham tiffany

    wowowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat an epi…….oh god killing!!!!!!! last scene is adorable!!!!!!
    tht moment when tumse milke aisa laga…………its awesOoOoOoOMEEEEE

  5. is it correct that atharv is not the main male lead?

    1. no it’s not who tell u this they r the main lead atharv and vividha

      1. from a source it is told that the another guy whom vividha will marry will b the hero. I dont know is it fake or real. Bt if it is real i can say that nobody will watch the excellent serial. Because nobody can replace atharva.

  6. so many comment for the episode so i want to say 1 thing to writers don’t mess with the serial understand and remember don’t ever mess with it

  7. I really really love this serial it’s nice to watch ….atharv character is really superb hope he will be like this always atharv-vividha scenes r good

  8. My fav. Serial

  9. Atharv ????

  10. atharv n vividha eyelock.. .i can’t get my eyes off from them… one of the best serial ever i ever watch love all the dialogues of atharv and the anger jealousy protection towards vividha so lovely and imprinting vividha footprint so cute love u atharv

  11. atharv-vividha eyelock….i can’t get my eyes from this lovebirds… love all the dialogues of atharv….anger jealousy protection towards vividha so lovely and imprinting vividha’s footprint was so cute…best serial ever watch

  12. Yeah its awesome

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