Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv being on the way. He recalls Vividha. He thinks my dream is getting true today, I m happy that you are going to come to me, please come Vividha, without any hesitation. He smiles thinking of her. Sujata tells Uma that you did not give chance to Vividha to listen to her heart, Vividha will get free today, because she will listen her heart and she will get helpless to break all bounds and accept Atharv. She says even you will hear Vividha’s heart as I can hear Atharv’s heart. She goes.

Uma recalls Vividha’s words. She asks servant about Vividha. The man says she went out for some work. She thinks whom to ask about Vividha, even Guddi did not come after exam. Guddi asks Chintu to take her fast. Chintu scolds her. She gets shocked and cries. Inspector catches

him in the car. Guddi gets tensed.

Inspector asks them to come out of the car. He asks whats happening early morning. Chintu says nothing, we came on drive. Inspector asks will you drive in stationary car, what will you do in driving car then. Chintu says I will call my dad, you are mistaken. Inspector says you are here, not your dad. Chintu tries to start the car. Inspector stops him and scolds him for trying to act smart. He gets Chintu out. He says I know what youngsters do in stationary car. He asks Guddi whats his age, she does not look college girl, what were you doing with this guy, are you under aged, where do you know, does your parents know you are here with this guy. Guddi says its not like that. Inspector says I can see all that on your face. She cries.

Atharv recalls Vividha. Muskarane ki wajah tum ho………….plays…………. Atharv dreams to meet Vividha. Vividha smiles as he makes her wear the ring. Even Vividha holds his hand and makes him wear the ring. He asks are you happy. She nods. They have an eyelock and smile. He holds her face and gets close to kiss her. Atharv bumps into a rickshaw. The driver asks are you in sleep or are you drink. Atharv says I m dreaming future, sorry. He goes for his meeting. Kailash and Badri come there. Atharv says come Kailash ji, Badri ji, you both would be tired of following me, what will you have, tea or lassi.

Kailash says I heard your factory is getting inaugurated, you are here asking us to have tea and lassie, whats this. Atharv inaugurates Sujata Dairy Farm. Kailash says I don’t see any factory as you challenged, is this your factory. Badri and Kailash laugh. Badri says there is difference is setting factory and working in factory, you are good to do the dairy farm work. Atharv says I know what I m doing, you guys came early in excitement, there is 5 mins left for 11am.

Kailash asks what magic will you do in 5mins that this stable turns into factory, and that land is still vacant. Atharv says I have sold that land on double price, anyways, meet this man Sukhi ji, he was going to village by selling stable and cows, I bought stable and cows together, Sukhi ji gave me discount, I think well and invest in property, I don’t buy anything on anyone’s provoking me. Kailash recalls the land bidding. Atharv says there is new machines inside this old stable, its 1st July today, factory will start, just a ribbon needs to get cut, that’s why, I have done all this infront of you.

Kailash recalls Sujata’s words. Athav says you did not know about this, setting factory and working in it is different. Sukhi says Atharv is a talented guy, Lord bless him, he will succeed. Kailash says you did all this under my nose and I did not get this news, as you were hiding like a rat, this is not challenge, this is cheat.

Atharv asks how cheat, I told you my factory will be ready in 1st July, its ready, I said I was working on it, I was working, your problem is you focused on that land, whatever I do, I do openly, I met your daughter right infront of you, I fell in love with her, I kept marriage condition and gave this challenge, and fulfilled it too, you framed me in false case and got me beaten me by police, you made me leave my house, even then I fulfilled my challenge being right under your nose. Now you think of this as my challenge, dream, or promise, I m standing infront of you as reality, your money and status can’t deny this. Kailash says no, this can’t happen. Atharv says it happened, how will you believe whats going to happen if you can’t believe this. Kailash looks on shocked.

Atharv calls Kailash Sasur ji and asks him not to get angry, you know you won’t get a better son in law than me, Vividha and I are getting engaged in temple today. Kailash says Vividha does not love you. Atharv says if this is the case, then why is your daughter calling me right now. He shows Vividha’s incoming call to Kailash. Kailash gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivika

    wow what a quick update…thanx amena for updates

  2. Nivika

    now uma will also understand that vividha loves atharv

  3. Its a dream as expected by all if us!!!!

  4. Devga

    Dream Dream dream …. hate it … omg …. now as I feared it was a dream……

  5. Devga

    Wow precap let it b confession from vivi ….. tht expression of kailash was apt and should watch …. awesome precap ….

  6. Nivika

    sasurji aab to maan jao na vitharv ki shadi ke liye…ye sasurji na bahut khadoos hai

  7. happy fan :)

    ooh shit…its dream…..ooh noooo but at least it should be Vivi’s dream….
    any way enjoyed engagement…… Muskurane….ki wajah …..my fav song….
    This cheap guddi n chintu is the only -ve in today’s epi……..
    The way Atharv cleared all doubt of Kailash was superb……
    precap was gud….I think she is calling him in order to tell abt guddi….
    I can’t even imagine Atharv being mental depressed ( by seeing his attitude n strong character )after Vividha’s marriage……..wat u guys think….

  8. lol tht was just a dream….by the way viv is nt calling atharv fr engagement i think ,she is calling him as she suspects chintu nw…..
    so she needs help

    hope she calls fr engagement!!!

    1. Nivika

      i also think the same….bcoz of chintu she is calling him…koi baat nhi chintu ki wajah se hi vivi atharv ko call karegi…kuch acha kaam bhi kiye iss chintu ne ..hehe 😛

  9. Anyways engagement shown in dream was very simple. So no regrets of it being a dream.

    Now all excited to see how the engagament will actually happen.

    Btw though it was a dream..enjoyed Vitharvs scene

  10. happy fan :)

    Hey congratzzz Arsh didi …..u got admission in Delhi university right…
    Heyhey ….u know our Atharv was studying in Delhi university…… May u have success like our hero…….

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you so much Ardra??
      Really? I did not know that..wow??

      Did not watch the episode yet so no comments but the precap looks promising. Maybe Vividha will be asking help from Atharv for Guddi..but i am very excited for tomorrow.?

  11. What a tragedy….kailash ji ap ke saamne apke son in law ne sab kuch kiya and ap dekhte rahgaye….atharv you rocks man…..vividha atharv plz get married soon….what a dream atharv….superb kailash your face expresison awesome…..vividha keep calling baby

  12. OmgOmgg! IIt’s a dream any have such a lovely dream. luv u atharv

  13. Atharv acting is simply mind blowing. How he will get engage to vividha when lot of problem in her family. Will they solve their problems n get engaged within 13 hrs

  14. muskare is the film song happy fan.. I am a tamilian. I dont hnow much hindi film songs

    1. Hi Yamini….I’m ur neighbour… from Kerala….
      I haven’t seened the video but it is from the movie citylights…….I only heard the song from my brother’s phone and it became one of my fav…n today by seeing vitharv along with that song I started loving it more…..
      Also it is sung by Arijith Singh…..so wat else is needed for loving it….

  15. Anyone can tell me the repeat telecast timing of JNDSD coz it used to telecast at 3pm but now they telecast ishqbaaz so unable to watch it on it’s real n repeat both..plz tell me if anyone knows about it..

    1. Devga

      10:30 pm ….

  16. It’s a dream…… Oh no yaaar at least its a dream of vividha not atharv….. But its OK nice epi…. Atharv is
    so smart….now chintu will expose for sure….

  17. Hi everyone…..
    I m saloni. May I join your group plz

    1. happy fan :)

      Hai Saloni welcome to JNDSD family…..I’m from Kerala…………
      Neenga eppidi irikka….

  18. I love the song muskurane ki vajah……but not more than jndsd…… Jndsd is one of my favorite song by the way am also from tamilnadu but I only watch Hindi songs….

  19. Vividha will marry someone else…so atharv and vividha wont be together. Atharv will be mental depressed after her marriage and later it will revealed that vividhas husband is atharvs stepbrother.

    i dont like this script….its sad that vividha wont marry atharv..

    1. Guys if viv marry the other guy ,thn the story will surely end soon by untiting atharva and viv in end….

      it should carry on like pyar ka dard he(at least 2yrs) or jamai raja still on continue….hope viv marry atharva only no one else…plz cvs change ur style of writting if u r showing fr us… 🙁

    2. Nivika

      is this real news?????…….if yes then it shld not..i hate this storyline…….love u vitharv

  20. 10:30 PM, 7:00 AM , 11:00 AM are the repeat telecast timings Prthiba

  21. Hey arsh congrats u got admission in DU yaar.
    for mbbs or for bds??
    I don’t know why I am thinking that atharv is using vividha to take revenge from kailash as in today’s precap when atharv is showing his phone to kailash that vividha is calling him.I have seen a fake smile on his face.ho sakta h later on he will realise his true love after shashank’s entry when he will see vividha with him and feel jealous.I think this will be a twist for shashank’s entry.
    bcoz I think vividha is not confessing but she already liking atharv.so if atharv really love vividha then no need of shashanks entry except all that lv triangle drama which is common nowadays.so I don’t think they will copy it like other shows.
    And guys remember the day when atharv confesses his love for vividha I mean suddenly he confesses.before that he don’t even love to talk with vividha.
    I don’t know I am thinking right or wrong.
    How many of u r agree with me???

    1. happy fan :)

      100 percent agree with u Admin..I started watching this serial from day 1…..but I skipped some epizz…..n after some days when I watched I was really shocked to see another Atharv as his attitude towards vivi was really different…I again checked if its JNDSD …..
      Then I read telly updates of missed epiz and I couldn’t digest the fact that Atharv loves vividha…
      I thought in this serial vivi will first realise her love….but I’m really confused abt Atharv…..I too felt a fake smile on his face……
      let’s pray to God that good things will happen

    2. Arshdeep

      Hey Ankita
      Thank you dear
      DU doesnt offers Mbbs or Bds. I took admission in BSc life sciences.
      Actually my exam for mbbs is on 24th july and result on 17th august. So by that time DU admissions will be closed. So just to secure 1 year i took admission here in case i dont get admission in Mbbs.

    3. Arshdeep

      Someone has earlier posted here the spoilers indicating that Atharv is showing fake love to Vividha just to take revenge. I started looking very badly at Atharv thereafter but looking at his intense emotions i dont really feel so.
      There are a number of instances which makes me feel he truly loves her❤
      He beared his insult and his mother’s just because Vividha stopped him.
      He dreams of Vividha and his engagement.
      Why will he lie to his mother who is more than god to him?
      And he isnt that bad who will hurt Vividha’s feelings to take revenge from Kailash.(He tried to protect guddi from chintu so he is a good guy. How can he think of hurting a girl’s emotions for revenge?)

  22. Wow… Admin your too intelligent I can’t even imagine like this I don’t know if it’s right or wrong but if it’s happen for sure it will be superb twist and I love twists in story and am agree with you….

  23. Hello admin im a fan too.

    i understand what you mean…and its right that atharv suddenly confessed his love….but would he lie to his mother about his love? I dont think so…and besides maybe the writers wants a different story…..i dont know.

    but i will very dispointed if viv and atharv wont be together evantually…

    so we will see…

  24. Hi everyone!!!!!
    I m saloni.
    May I join your group plz????

    1. Arshdeep

      Hey Saloni..
      Welcome dear. Keep commenting?

  25. Bt guys, I have read somewhere that Atharv & Shashank will be step brothers..
    After being pressurized by family, Vividha will marry shashank..
    Later out she finds out that Shashank & atharv are step brothers.
    Atharv will be heartbroken & becomes mentally ill..

  26. awesome episode bt pls dnt think negative be positive guys our vitharv should nt be separated

  27. I also think rhe Same atharva is just using viv to take reveng frm kailash

    dont know u guys marked it ir not….uma said sujhata tht atrarv may NT be living viv..bt only got attracted….so thr is some connection of these words with atharv’s fake luv….

    hope ths dosent happen ,if ths happens viv will hate atharva…. 🙁

    1. Sry its NT living its loving…

    2. i said u great on the yesterday’s page because u r trying ur best to be a part of this family and trying ue best to frank with the family members and u r quite successful in this try

      1. i don’t accept this thanks take it back

  28. Yes banu i also have read it on wikipedia. After vividhas marriage atharv will become mentally ill.

    Maybe after vividhas marriage her husband will see that she is not happy…and maybe it would be a hateful marriage….her husband will see that atharv and vividha love each other and wants to get divorced……i dont know.

    we just have wait and watch

  29. Tanq aksa n devga dears

  30. Sachin and Arshdeep for me u r the lead or prominent members of this family so take care of it take care ur self and all family members welcome all new members and try your best to do ur responsibilities towards the family and in ur real lives too i will try my best to be a part of it

  31. episode was nice Atharv’s imagination was the best

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